Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Shake Off Those Blues!!

In my previous blog I wrote how I was having a little problem with disillusionment. The word disillusionment should give me a hint to how to overcome it. Life is basically an illusion. The things we dream about and hope for ourselves are our illusions. When they seem to take their time coming to pass we can become disillusioned. I wrote about how a dream told me one of the ways to overcome disillusionment is to notice all the things around us that are there for us to notice and enjoy.  Put that disappointment on the shelf for a little while and just enjoy the moment we are in.

I have a friend who recently went through a similar problem. She had moved into a new location and was full of anticipation as to what that move had in store for her. She had received what seemed like clear direction from her guides that this move was to be beneficial to her. Upon her arrival at her new location, she began to have second thoughts. Things were not exactly as she had anticipated. The water was not as good as her old home, there were other problems or obstacles that made her question her decision to move. I remember I got a message for her that she had indeed made the right decision and that if she just remembered the messages she had gotten from spirit regarding her move, she would forget about her second thoughts. The last time I heard from her things had greatly improved.

Sometimes we receive what we feel is clear direction from spirit, but the walking out of the message is not as clear cut as the message seemed to indicate. Time may pass and we do not see the manifestation of what we had believed for right away. We may question the messages we thought we heard. We may become disillusioned. I am here to say that it is so important to pick ourselves up and move forward anyway. Remember that old saying that the darkest moment is just before the dawn? Sometimes our greatest obstacle is our greatest gift.

The day I wrote the blog about the dream, I remember going before my guides and asking for some kind of message of encouragement. My guides told me that I had picked up some negative energy from somewhere (they were not specific as to where it had come from), and that I needed to ask Archangel Michael to remove it. They also told me to cut the invisible cords of discouragement that were holding me back. They let me know that all was well and there was nothing to get discouraged about. That very day I sold two books and had a successful past life regression session with a new acquaintance. I also received a wonderful email of encouragement from one of my blog's readers.

All of  us have those days when we feel less than spectacular. Shake off those blues and get up!! Send love and gratitude to all the Angels and Guides who are constantly there, encouraging us and working on our behalf. Life is out there waiting.

Dreams of Disillusionment

The holidays are about over, and we are about to embark upon a new year. This time of year brings anticipation for a new start, but sometimes there is sadness or maybe regret over the past year, what we did not accomplish, what relationships may have ended or changed, those resolutions we never finished, or possibly disillusionment with a goal that never manifested in the way we thought it should have.

A night or two ago I had a dream. I dreamed I had traveled a long way in the pouring rain to go to an insurance agent to file a claim. When I finally reached the building it was very large and impressive. Inside there were multiple levels with many attractions: stores, bars, restaurants, which I noticed in passing as I approached the office for which I had come. I had come a long way and had traveled in adverse weather conditions just to see this insurance agent. I went into the office to file the claim and there was only one person ahead of me and I waited. And waited. And waited. Eventually it would be my turn, I remember thinking. I waited a very long time. (I am not a patient person by nature.) After a very long time I decided I had waited long enough and I turned to leave. Just as I was about to leave, a man called me over and began talking to me about my claim but I did not get the answer I was hoping for and it seemed a long and arduous process. Disillusioned, I left. I just wanted to go home. I passed by all the shops with interesting wares and the quaint restaurants and decided just to browse a little before leaving. I woke up from the dream very sad. It seemed like it was so familiar to me. I guess I felt like sometimes I try and try so hard to get somewhere and then I wait and wait and I never seem to reach the goal for which I had set out in the first place. I realized that this is probably a common problem for many people this time of year. The year is ending, we look back on the year and what we hoped to accomplish, and have not attained to what we had dreamed of. Sometimes we just want to go home and stop the madness. But then our attention is drawn to some interesting things on our quest to go home.

I asked the Angels why it was so hard to shake off this dream and get back to my normally positive and perky self. Normally if I am hit by a sad emotion, I can quickly offset it with a happy thought or a choice to just be happy anyway. Gratitude is also a wonderful antidote for the blues. I did not want to share this dream because someone might realize that I am not always on top of things. I am not always the happy guru and sometimes I get grouchy. But then I realized that others might need to know the antidote for the blues. It may not be a dream that got you in the doldrums, but a goal not realized, a relationship gone bad, a realization that something that you thought was important was not so very important anymore. I remember years ago realizing that the belief system that I had held my whole life was no longer holding water anymore and it took several years to get over that life changing moment. What to do?

The dream held the answer. On our quest to go home, there are many interesting shops and quaint restaurants to notice on the way to the car to take you home. Life has within it so many things to enjoy. Maybe the dream was telling me I was trying too hard. Life is meant to be enjoyed. Stop and look in the shops. Notice the things along the way that grab your attention. Sometimes when we are consumed with a problem we do not notice the things along the way that are there calling out for our attention. Yes, life has disappointments. Things do not always go the way we had hoped. But there is always an alternative. There is always the choice to pick ourselves up and move forward. Usually it is so easy for me to be happy and positive and I think this dream showed me how sometimes it is just hard to shake the blues. When you are in a low place, you just have to make one step forward to a better place. Choose to feel one degree better than you do right now. You don't have to be dancing a jig right away. Just take one step up from where you are right now. And then one more. And then one more. Soon you will forget about what upset you in the first place.

Remember your emotions are your guidance system to let you know how far on or off track you are. It is time to get back on track. There is no judgement if you are not completely on track at the moment. Experience the emotion and then choose to feel one degree better. Get out and take a walk or go shopping or play golf or whatever makes you feel better. If things are not exactly what you had seen for yourself a year ago, that is okay. A new year is coming and a new chance to live life to the fullest. Be thankful that you have experienced another year and you have learned and you have grown. You have loved, you have laughed, you have cried. You have written another chapter in your book of the  human experience. And no one lived it quite like you did.

Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Gifts We Give Ourselves

It's Christmas time and I know other years I have received messages from the Angels and Guides relating to things that I experience or feel this time of year. This year it has been rather quiet. Of course I could write about how the whole story of Christmas can relate to our own personal life experience. How the birth of the Christ child can symbolize the birth of something new in our lives. I have actually had two dreams in the past week about pregnancy and I told the person I dreamed them about that it doesn't necessarily mean that she is going to have another child. It could mean the birth of a new time in her life (or mine, since I am the one who had the dream, even though it was not me who was pregnant), or it could be a warning dream, to make sure if she does not want another child she needs to use some preventive measures, or it could mean that at this time of year we are all collectively thinking about the birth of a Savior, one who for centuries we have hoped would save us from our sins. Now that I look at the story objectively, as one who is kind of looking at the story from a distance, instead of one locked into a certain belief system, I realize that the whole story is the story of hope. A culture who was in a way enslaved by the Roman government was hoping for a way out, but when Jesus grew up and began preaching, he repeatedly said that salvation came from the inside out, and that he was not here to overthrow any governments, but only to show us that no one could enslave us as long as we were free in our hearts.

So how does this relate to our story today? There are those who claim that the government is responsible for all our ills, just as they did when Jesus was born. However, if we are to believe the message, we are all free or enslaved only by ourselves, by our loving hearts or our bitter hearts, respectively. By forgiving ourselves and those who we perceive to be at fault for our predicaments, we free ourselves from the slavery of blame and guilt. Just as the wise men and the shepherds came to give gifts to the Christ child, in the same way, if the Christ Consciousness resides in our hearts, we can give gifts to the Christ child by loving ourselves. This is the gift we give ourselves.

Friday, December 16, 2011

Are You Still There?

I would assume that those who read my blogs consistently are at least remotely interested in connecting with the unseen world, whether it be Angels, Guides, Ascended Masters, Power Animals, or God. We all at times go through our day to day existence and wonder what is the purpose for all the things we experience, and whether anyone out there is watching over us or helping us out in times of need. This is a recurring theme in why we participate in a spiritual practice, whether it be the observance of a particular religion, or a specific ritual, or whether we just like to tune into nature and commune with the plants and animals. Frequently I get up to go to work, and go through my day, and I come home, relax a bit and go to bed and wonder, did I make a difference today? Did I make anyone's life a little better, did I commune with the unseen world today, did I spread any love today? Did Anyone Out There remember I was here?

This morning I got up and went to the gym, got on my favorite machine, the elliptical, and dove right into the unseen world. I went through a cave with my power animal, the black panther, whose name is Cal, and we traveled to Norway and met up with some of my ancestors. There was my Shaman guide, and my Reiki guide, and some others who I did not recognize, and we performed a ritual in the snow, dancing on the ice, symbolically breaking ice that had formed over a part of our Mother Earth's heart. The ritual thanked our Mother Earth for Her participation in allowing us to habitate on her body, and her endless patience with our ignorance. It was a powerful ritual.

When I came back to the seen world, got off the elliptical machine, and was walking toward the locker room, a thought passed through my consciousness. What if I am just making all this up in my head? And I heard a Voice immediately who said to me, "Joy, so what if you are? Whenever you think of Us, we are there. Whatever you conceive of, think about, meditate on, it all has energy. You spend a great deal of time thinking about Us. We feel it, and we immediately respond. Don't worry so much about whether you are making it up or not. We are here. Isn't that what you are asking?"

When I came home, the message was repeated to me in a facebook status, which I will repeat here, because I love it. Just know, the Angels are here. They are near you when you think of them, when you ask them to help, when you yearn for their presence. Just know this. They want you to know that They are here, and never feel alone.

"Pooh!" whispered Piglet. "Yes, Piglet?" said Pooh. "Oh, nothing." said Piglet. "I was just making sure of you." ~ Sometimes we don't have anything to ask our Angels/Spirit, we just want to know that are still there. You are not alone! ~Christina Lunden ♥

Monday, December 12, 2011

The Brick in the Wall

This morning, a chilly 19 degrees outside, and no weather for running outside, I decided to get up and go to the gym. I got on the treadmill and put my headphones on, as is my custom. Usually my routine when running on the treadmill is to focus on an object in front of me and meditate while running. In front of this particular treadmill was nothing but a brick wall. Of course every treadmill is equipped with a television, but I prefer to connect with the higher realms while exercising, or at least get my meditation time in. After programming the treadmill, I was on my way.

In front of me, as I mentioned was a brick wall. I decided to focus on one of the bricks, and just think about my breathing. After a minute or so, I decided to access the part inside of me that is pure love and focus love coming from inside of me into the brick. Now, you may ask me, why waste time sending love to a brick? Why not, I say? I am on the treadmill; I could be just watching the television so easily accessible in front of me. Would it not be better to send out love than to zone out on the news?  After a few minutes of sending love to the brick, I noticed love coming back to me. It seeemed to ooze into my aura and just fill me up with the feelings of ecstacy. Some may say that I was experiencing runner's high, but I had not been running for that long yet. Just a few minutes. What I was shown next was that the love that I had sent into the brick was not just stored up in that one brick. I focused on the little holes that are inherent in the bricks, and I seemed to noticed a smile form from the little dots contained within the brick. I say everything has a spirit, even a brick, and everyone and everything can benefit from love. Then I felt the spirit of the brick taking the love that it needed, and then passing the overflow to the other bricks that made up the wall in front of me.

I smiled and continued my run, returning my focus to my breathing. Then I noticed a change in the brick and the small holes contained in the brick seemed to form into what looked like the head of a horse. Now I know that everyone has done this. Take an object, or even look at the clouds, and see what appears to you, or what the shapes look like. To me this was the spirit of the brick coming alive to give me a message. Now I have a person in my life whose power animal is a horse, and it seemed that this person's power animal was appearing to me to ask me to send him some loving energy, which I did. For awhile this brick appeared as the face of the horse, and as long as it appeared that way to me, I continued to send love to the person through his power animal.

In a split second as I gazed at the brick, it once again shapeshifted into what appeared to me to be the face of the Ganesha, a Hindu god who often appears to me. I welcomed his presence into my meditation, and asked if he had a message for me. He said he just wanted me to know that he was there and was removing any obstacles that I needed to be removed so that I could move forward into the next stage of my path. I expressed my gratitude, and continued to send love to the brick that now appeared to me as the Ganesha. I felt the energy of the Ganesha enter my body as I ran, and felt stronger now, and more love seemed to enter into my energy field.

No there were no world changing revelations. No message for the world. Just a feeling of love and gratitude. And isn't love life changing? Could we not all benefit from more love? So this is my world changing, life altering revelation. Everything and everyone needs love. When we choose to access that place inside of us that is pure love, and send it to whomever or whatever crosses your path, whether it appears to need love or not, guess what!! Love is returned, pressed down, shaken together and running over. Messages from the higher realms appear. Other opportunities to send love appear. And we are left feeling nothing but ecstasy. Try it today. Access that place inside of you that is pure love. It is there. We all have it. When you have enjoyed the presence of love, do not just keep it inside of you. Give it away. You may be amazed at what happens next.

Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Some Thoughts.........

This morning I was reading some material a friend of mine had sent to me regarding a book she is publishing, and I came across this quote that spoke to me.......

We often make the mistake of thinking we have to know how to do something instead of thinking we are going to do something. Intention creates direction. The what dictates the how. Julia Cameron, The Artists Way.

When I first became interested in shamanism, it was after attending a "circle" where a medium, Terry Rodabaugh, contacted friends and loved ones from the other side. During the circle she mentioned that a family member could benefit from a soul retrieval. I was not familiar with soul retrievals and she said it had to be performed by a shaman. When I got home I got on the internet and ordered some books on shamanism and soul retreavals. While reading the first book I was totally convinced that I knew already what to do and that I could do it. It was instant familiarity. Immediately I began to look for a shaman to teach me, since I felt that I needed some instruction, if for no other reason, to have some sort of credibility. After some research, I found that most of the teachers were far away and expensive, and did not coincide with my schedule at the Post Office. I began practicing on friends and family members, and eventually did find some classes which instructed me in some of the rituals not taught in the books. Eventually I found my own style, and do not always follow the same pattern as outlined in most of the books and instruction I have received. Also, there is no time when a person reaches a certain point where they can say, okay, I have done this much study, I am now a shaman. No.

True shamans are part of a community where the title is bestowed on them by their community, usually a Native American community but not always. There are many tribes in many parts of the world where there is a person in the community who is the medicine man, the healer, the spiritual adviser of that community. That title is normally bestowed on them after they have been mentored for many years by the elders of that community. They have been trained in many things which are not available in suburbia America. No I do not consider myself a shaman. Perhaps in a previous life in a different time there was perhaps an incarnation of myself which enjoyed that title, due to some past life memories and some of the familiarity with this form of healing which I now incorporate into the work that I do for others and the earth.

I guess what I have taken a great deal of time saying is that sometimes you have something inside of you that is just there. This quote that I came across suggests that if you have something inside of you screaming to get out, do not wait to figure out how you are going to manifest it. Just mentally or out loud proclaim the intention that you are going to do it!!!  Go for it. Paint that painting. Write that novel. I know that I can help others find physical and emotional healing and I know that I hear messages from the Angels and I know I can communicate with those who are not in physical form. I don't always know how I am going to use those gifts. But I still go to work everyday at the Post Office. I give love to all my customers and occasionally offer them some sort of tidbit of information which can help them along on their path. And sometimes they do the same for me.

Intention is everything. Just move forward on your path. You don't have to quit your job and sell crystals or make jewelry for a living. Living a spiritual life does not mean you do not live and work in a physical world. Many of us would rather quit our jobs and make jewelry or sell crystals. One time my Angels said to me that we are all like candles in a dark world. The problem with us is that we all want to hang out in the same room!! We are needed in the dark world, not in the room with all the other candles!!

My intention is that I am going to bring light and healing to whomever might need it along my path. I am still going to get up every morning and go to work, until that is no longer necessary or available to me. I am not going to worry about how I am going to get my message out to the world. I am just going to be a candle. What is your intention?

Thursday, November 24, 2011


A few days ago I went outside and began the task of pulling up some dead flowers and raking up and discarding some dead leaves. This is not an easy task since there are eleven trees in my backyard. I don't try to get them all, but I wanted to tidy up around the main part of the house. Very often my connection with the outdoors is conducive to receiving messages, I guess because of my proximity to the earth and its energy, and this day was no exception.

I guess my Unseen Support System knows that this is not my favorite time of year. I am a spring and summer girl. I love warm weather and sunshine. I love working in my yard, planting flowers, watering them, watching them grow and watching the fish and the frogs in my pond. I love being outside and I do not like being cold. So when the days get shorter and the leaves start to turn, it is beautiful, yes, but it is a reminder that soon I will be wearing more clothing and struggling to keep warm. This particular day was pleasant and I was enjoying my outdoor tasks of gathering and discarding the old dead foliage.

So my Guides decided it was a good time to address my aversion to winter. And this is the message I received.

"Do you think that the trees start to worry or be upset when their leaves begin to fall off? Do you think the flowers grieve the loss of their beauty?

"What if the trees began to wonder if they would ever get leaves again? Here they are, bare and standing out in the cold, and they are not the least bit worried!! They are not upset that they are not producing leaves and the plants are not upset they they are not blooming!! They know that the time will come when the leaves will grow back and the flowers will once again bloom. Even those flowers that do not return the next season are satisfied with the knowledge that they will just change form and go back into the earth, making the soil rich for whatever comes after them.

"You, Joy, need to be like the trees. Embrace the winter season of your life. Embrace every season. What you resist, persists. When you are not producing, you are growing stronger roots, you are growing deeper within yourself. Do not be upset when you go a few days or a week and do not see any results. Do not be upset if you go a few days or weeks with no apparent messages. You do not need to be producing all the time.

"All it takes is a small change in your focus. Don't focus on the cold and how much you prefer warmth. Embrace the cold. Be one with the season in which you find yourself. There is a whole world out there to enjoy. Don't limit yourself to only those places that are warm. When you only find pleasure in one particular season of your life, you are missing out on all the rest. Those times in your life which you would look back and consider winter seasons are those in which you became stronger and deeper. Winter is all about going within, finding your strength within yourself. There will be plenty of time to enjoy summer. Don't wish away your life wishing or thinking about what you would rather be doing. Enjoy the present, whatever season you find yourself in."

So my message for today is......enjoy the season of your life you find yourself in today. Do not mourn the past or pine away for some time in the future when things will be different from how they are today. Enjoy today.  Today is a gift. That is why it is called the present.

Not Necessarily a Thanksgiving Blog........

Anyone who reads my blogs understands that I am one who is open to nontraditional ways of communicating with the unseen realms. I take journeys into the nonphysical world through the avenue of shamanism, I communicate with Angels, Guides, Power Animals, even the plants and animals who cohabitate with me around my home. I have communicated with those who no longer walk the physical realm, such as loved ones and even people I don't know. I never guarantee that anyone will show up for me, such as when people ask me to contact their loved ones who have passed. Sometimes I can get contact and sometimes not. Recently I have been reading and learning about some of the Gods, Goddesses and Ascended Masters of other religions and cultures and also of nature spirits, and I thought I would tell a couple of short stories.

There is a Norse god named Forseti who I read about recently. Apparently he is the one to contact with issues regarding relationships, legal matters, and just basically people getting along with other people. I have had the need to call upon him recently regarding that very thing!! Imagine that he just showed up when I needed him!! When I anticipated a possible need for some help in the relationship area, I just called his name and asked for his help....amazing results......

Today my husband and I went to the park to our favorite spot for communicating with those who are unseen and I felt the presence of a nature spirit. The word that came to my mind was a leprechaun but in my mind they only live in Ireland. Anyway I seemed to connect with him and asked him his name. He told me the name that most closely resembled his name in my language was Timmy. I asked him if he lived at the park and he said yes. He said he also had some of his kind that lived in my backyard and really like what I had done with it. I guess the reason I wanted to share this was that at this point in our conversation I began to doubt myself. I wondered if I was imagining him or maybe my imagination was a bit too active today so I asked him to give me a sign I was not just making this up in my head and immediately the connection disappeared. The lesson I learned was that doubt is the biggest disconnect in our communication with the other realms. We have to believe that the communication is not only possible but that the other realms desire to communicate with us. We have to have pure motives, however, and the nature spirits can read us like an open book. They know who to trust and who they can reveal themselves to. I will try again to contact Timmy and I hope he will show himself again.

A day or two before my second grandchild was born, who I mentioned in my previous blog, her soul came to me and made contact. I wanted to make sure she knew that we welcomed her into the family and that she was safe. I knew that she really wanted to be born and was looking forward to connecting with us, especially her mom, my daughter. I was present at the birth and when I held her she looked at me through those deep eyes, and we connected. I knew that we had connected before and she knew that everything was okay. They say that newborns do not smile, but I do not believe it. My grandson smiled at me when he was born and now she did the same thing. I felt both times that their souls were on a mission, and birth was the first step in that process.  I had contacted Mary, the mother of Jesus, to be present at the birth and to watch over both her and her brother, their relationship with each other and the relationship with all those who are involved in the family dynamics. I also asked Forseti to assist with the healing of past relationship issues, and so far the family seems to be settling in nicely.

It is comforting to know that we have a great cloud of unseen help available to us, and They will show themselves to us when we need them. If we are not aware of their particular names or their specialties, They wanted me to let you know that you can just call on the Highest Available Being of Love and Light who specializes in.... (you name what you need help with)........and they will come. Come in humility and never ask for things selfishly.  Never ask for things that will interfere with the life choices of other people. Always ask for whatever is best for the good of everyone concerned.

I can't close without saying thank you to all the Highest Beings of Love and Light: for their presence in my life and for their help. Thank you to Timmy who taught me today to believe in myself and to Forseti and Mother Mary for your recent help. There are some more Ascended Masters who I will write about later in another blog. And thanks to the turkey who gave its life for my meal as well as all the vegetables and grains. On to the next!!!

Friday, November 11, 2011

Short Thought

Okay, so blogs are supposed to be short thoughts and I know my blogs are sometimes long because it takes me awhile to make my point. Here is a short thought (at least I think it is going to be short).

I am talking to my daughter via text messaging and facebook messaging and I am also at the same time browsing my facebook friends status updates. My daughter is about ready to give birth and the circumstances surrounding the pregnancy and birth are less than ideal but despite this we are welcoming the new life into the world with open arms. However, Felicia has been having a great deal of pain for much of the latter part of the pregnancy and today was no exception. We are speaking of this and along comes a post from one of my favorite mediums, James Van Praagh.

He says, "Fear stops energy from flowing...it creates restrictions and eventually pain. Love is the only energy which can open up the restrictions and bring healing to the pain."

OH good one. So I copy and paste and send it along to Felicia who responds, "So what are you suggesting?"

My reply," So send love to Trinity (unborn child... so far), send love to your living situation and your body and the father of the child (and this does not mean you have to be in agreement with all of this stuff), and to yourself and all of the events that have led up to this point in your life. You can't love your future until you love your present."

I am sure the Angels told me this stuff. I am not that good......That's really good stuff!!

It reminds me of the past when I was a miserable person living a miserable life and my spiritual advisor, at that time a pastor, told me the exact same thing. I remember going into my tiny little cinder block house whose walls were covered in mold, periodically infested with mice and ants and sometimes fleas, in an unhappy marriage, poor, sometimes sitting on lawn furniture because that is all we had, eating peanut butter and jelly sandwiches because that is all we could afford, and I remember walking through that house and loving every inch of it: yes the mold on the walls, the lack of furniture, the critters, the one heat grate that sat in the middle of the floor that heated the whole house, the husband, the child, the cars that sometimes worked enough to carry me to work and sometimes did not, and I loved it all.

And no, the next day I did not wake up in a new life. But eventually I did. And the life that I had was not so hard to bear. And when people would say things that were sympathetic to my plight, I almost did not know what they were talking about. And one day I woke up and I was living a new life, and the old one felt almost like it had happened to someone else.

That is what love does.


Okay so I am going to jump on the bandwagon and talk a little bit about the significance of this day. I have been reading a lot of the posts out there about the significance of today in our evolution and many say it is a portal to a higher realm of existence. It is important today to get quiet sometime during the day and connect with your Higher Power and really accept the energetic frequencies that apparently are more available today with the significance of the number 11 being repeated three times. Eleven is a high spiritual number as is the number three and to have the number eleven repeated three times is apparently significant. I am not sure if there is really a portal opening today that will usher us into a higher realm. I am not sure if our DNA is being altered like some say. I am not sure if there are all those dimensions that I have been reading about and I am not sure if the messages apparently channeled by these people are authentic. I have never met any of these people but the messages seem to be similar.

This is what I know. There are a lot of people out there who are taking today to connect with their Higher Self and their Higher Powers, whether they be Angels, Gods, Goddesses, Ascended Masters, or just their Higher Self. I do believe in the power of Collective Consciousness. This is to say that when a group of people connect with each other for a common goal, then the power of that group is stronger than the power of just one. Today, whether or not you believe in the power of 11-11-11 or whether or not you believe that today is different from any other day, or if you believe in the power of the full moon, which is also today, I believe that it would be advantageous to find a quiet place today and just connect with your soul or your Higher Power, just because the energy of today is expected to be higher. And that expectation creates the reality of it being just that. I believe that the collective belief that today is a high spiritual day makes it so. I believe that when we call upon the Angels and Guides then they come. Today we believe that it is a significant day. Many people have called upon their Higher Powers to visit them today and to affect their souls in a positive way. I believe that our thoughts and prayers are heard and answered.

How is this different from the day that the year turned over to 2000 and many believed it was the end of the world? Many people stocked up on food and water and alternate energy supplies and hunkered down for a meltdown of our computer systems, which, as we all know, did not occur. Yes, this is different because we believe something positive is going to occur, not something negative. Yes, I do believe that if we all believe something hard enough we end up creating it at some level. And many people believed that the world was going to change in some way on January 1, 2000, and nothing happened. But who knows. Something may have occurred on an energetic level that we are not consciously aware of. And who knows. Maybe today, if enough people open their hearts and think of love then we can create a greater manifestation of love in the world. There is no harm in thinking that if we all think about love, then we will create a manifestation of it at some level on our earth. We all could use more love.

Just for today, I choose not to think about others in a harsh or judgemental way, no matter what they have done. I choose to send out the energy of love to everyone, those who deserve it in my eyes and those who do not. Everyone needs love. I also send out the energy of love to my Higher Powers and to myself as well. I create the energy of love even when I think loving thoughts about my houseplants, my breakfast, my warm bed covers which I was able to snuggle up to a little longer today since I did not have to go to work. Oh and we can't forget those news stories which have us all up in arms. Yes, send love to doctors who are maybe unethical in their practice of medicine when it comes to a certain celebrity.... to presidential candidates who we may or may not like and who may or may not be champions of integrity..........yes and even to football coaches......hard as it may be to some of us to send love.......yes.........send love.....unconditional........and know that unconditional love does not condone bad behavior but it shows that sometimes karma does not need our help to work.........

Okay so the tv is on while I am writing and I had to insert that..........

All we need is love......All we need is love.....All we need is love......Love is all we need.......

Thursday, November 10, 2011

"Ghost Hunting"

Last weekend my husband Clay's spirit investigation team hosted Ghost Hunter's Dustin Pari for an event. Now you will notice in my blogs I don't write much about hunting for spirits because it really isn't my thing. Usually I don't go along with him on his investigations but I had accompanied him on two occasions to the Wayside Inn where this event occurred. I was joined by my good friend and psychic medium Susan Lynne on both of those occasions. We were taken to various rooms to see what we picked up in the various rooms without knowing the history or the stories. This is kind of fun and occasionally I am able to help a spirit if they ask for help.

My view on spirit investigations is that there is indeed residual energy left behind in the earth realm once a person's spirit has passed. Sometimes we who are sensitive can pick up on that energy especially if there is a great deal of emotional energy that occurred in a specific place. In the work that I do with shamanic practice I often go into non physical reality and retrieve lost pieces of my client's souls that detached either in this life or a previous life due to some sort of trauma usually. Or it may be that a person's soul was very happy in a particular time or place and a piece of themselves stayed behind for that reason. Nevertheless, we need all of our soul parts in this lifetime and especially during this particular phase in our evolution in order to complete our soul's purpose for this time in our existence.

So I guess what I believe about spirit investigations is that there is indeed another realm of existence beyond what we can see and hear and sometimes we can tap into that other realm and capture pieces of that on certain types of equipment. What is picked up can be the energy of people's emotions that has been left behind in a place or it could be just a bleed through from another time period. Time is layered one layer on top of another and sometimes other times bleed through. Intelligent hauntings where spirits communicate with those of us asking questions? Sure, sometimes spirits can come back and forth from the other side when we call on them, just like when we ask for our Higher Powers or Angels to come and join us, also people who have lived and died in a particular spot can surely come and go. Are there spirits that are stuck in a particular location? Sure, I don't doubt that possibility. I have assisted many spirits in the task of crossing over, but on reflection of those events, I sometimes wonder if their whole soul was stuck in a place or time, or just a piece of themselves, and all I did was assist that piece of their souls in reuniting with the other part of themselves that already went to the light and was either on the other side or already reincarnated into another body in another place and time. Who knows? I do know that on the times that I assisted a soul in crossing over, I noticed a definite change in the energy in the room. I have entered rooms where I immediately felt a sadness attached to either the place or an object in a room and upon connecting with the energy I found a non living person who had suffered trauma and was grieving there. When I connected with them and helped them come to terms with the events they were able to see the light and I felt the emotions in the rooms lift and I heard many times a "thank you". So I don't doubt that there are souls that need help in moving their energy to the next place. However, I also believe that we who are in our bodies have the ability to create. The Law of Attraction states that we create our own reality. What if we go into a place where we have heard there are spirits and we really want to experience the things we have heard about? Sometimes just by our intention we can pull back spirits into a place simply by our desires and our talking and thinking about them. On numerous occasions I have connected with those who have passed who have told me that they have had trouble going on to the light because the people who are living who are grieving them keep pulling them back due to their grief and their constant thinking about them. That is why it is so important to allow our loved ones permission to move on to the next phase of their existence. I have also encountered spirits while on these "ghost walks" in places like Gettysburg where the spirits there told me that their energy was continually drawn back simply because these tour guides talk about them several times a day and every time a group went through their energy was drawn back into the location. So sometimes I believe that it is our own fault that places seem to remain haunted.

I was pleasantly surprised this weekend while listening to the lecture by Dustin Pari of the Ghost Hunters that he shared many of my beliefs. Sometimes I am unimpressed with these shows I see on TV and I am glad that there is at least one of these "ghost hunters" who respects the dead and has no desire to use them for his own gain. Sometime in a subsequent blog I will recount the stories that the spirits I have encountered in the Wayside Inn told me and how I was able to help.

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

The House on the Hill

Recently I dreamed I was out driving in my car, with no particular destination, that I could ascertain, but just out for a drive along some pleasant country roads. At some point it started raining, just a light mist, and after driving for quite sometime, I started to wonder where I was. I saw a beautiful expansive mansion to the right with a large covered parking lot, so I decided to stop. It looked like it could be some sort of museum, or one of those historical sites that are open to the public. I wandered in and began to stroll through the large, beautifully decorated rooms, with ornate wall hangings and exquisite antiques embellishing every room.  At some point I sat on one of the lush Victorian couches, when I was approached by a doting older couple, who struck a conversation with me and even took me through the house, pointing out to me some of the highlights of the decor. At some point in the dream I began to realize that this house seemed to belong to this older couple, and that it possibly was not at all one of those estates that are open to the public. When I asked them they agreed, that, yes, this was their house. I asked why they had not escorted me out or even asked me why I had just come into their home uninvited and began looking around. They just smiled and said that it looked like I had been driving awhile and could use a little respite from my journeys. I was completely embarrassed that I had just barged into a private home and quickly began to leave, but the couple was so entertaining and friendly, and made sure I knew my way back home. I assured them that I did, and made my way out the door. I knew that I had my GPS on my phone and could easily find my way home, so it wasn't one of those dreams where I am in my car and lost with no idea where I am or how to get home, which I used to dream frequently years ago.

Upon awakening I contemplated what this dream could mean. In the past when I have dreamt of  being in my car and wandering aimlessly, I am lost and am usually quite beside myself with grief trying to find my way, but in this dream I was perfectly content and calm, with no thought of anxiety or panic. I thought that possibly the older couple could be Angels, who intersected my journeys through this life with a little piece of heaven and friendly conversation, just to let me know that while I journey through life, there will be places of rest and comfort that will be offered to me where I can recharge, before embarking on my path home. This could also be one of those astro traveling dreams, where my soul actually traveled to a physical place and visited an actual couple, either living or dead, and engaged in conversation with them. At this point my Angels have not revealed to me who they were or why I had the dream.

Sometimes when we are traveling through life it is nice to just be able to stop and rest, get recharged, and be sent on our way. Our dreams are one way the Angels choose to accomplish this task. Thanks, Angels, or whoever you were, for your hospitality and pleasant conversation. Maybe we will see each other again.

Thursday, October 27, 2011


In my previous blog I wrote about a soul retrieval which I  embarked on initially for myself and ended up rescuing soul parts for two others while I was there. Here are a few questions I imagine that people may be asking. How do I know if pieces of my soul are missing? Will I feel different when they come back?

We as souls have lived many lives. My perception of soul loss is that in this life or other lifetimes, we have experienced as human beings many traumatic experiences. These events have left imprints on our souls. As a healer when someone comes to me with a pain in their stomach, I can focus reiki healing energy into their physical body, but what if the pain is an imprint of some sort of emotional damage that took place long ago, either in this life or some other lifetime? I have encountered experiences in which those I have journeyed for were experiencing fears or pains in this lifetime that directly related to occurrences that happened in previous lifetimes. When the root cause was discovered, the fear or pain in this lifetime disappeared. Why does the fear or pain occur seemingly out of nowhere? I can't explain that. It is possible that when a person reaches a certain age that their cells suddenly remember the occurrences that traumatized them and the pain or fear suddenly triggers. I remember soon after my second marriage having an unfounded fear of my husband dying. I never had this fear with my first husband. After several months of reoccurring panic attacks I contacted the part of my soul that was fearful and told her that the occurrence I was fearful of had already happened in a previous lifetime and there was no reason to be afraid in this lifetime. I also had to contact my husband's soul and remind him that his time to go was not yet. It is possible for our souls to repeat tragic occurrences in multiple lifetimes when the issue is not resolved in that lifetime. It was important for my soul to come to terms with this loss to prevent it from happening again. Several years later I found the fear coming back for a short time and I realized that this time I had to give permission to my husband's soul to do whatever was best for his soul's growth and purpose. This was extremely difficult but when I did the fear dissipated.

What if I do a profound journey for someone and they notice no changes? Every soul of every person has to choose whether or not to accept major changes in their psyche. Sometimes soul retrievals are such a major change that the person has trouble assimilating the new soul into their current body. If this is the case the part of their soul may return to its hiding place. Sometimes change is difficult. We may have become accustomed to living our lives with a particular pain in our body or a specific fear. It may be more fearful to our current incarnated soul to live without the malady than it is to heal. Sometimes we become accustomed to our weaknesses and to live without them means we have to make some major changes that may be difficult. Our minds may not know how to live any other way. However, if we have desired a change, then eventually the healing will come, in one form or another.

Can we request a soul retrieval on behalf of someone else? This is possible, but if the person is not aware of the soul retrieval, even though their higher self has given permission for the journey, the changes may be slower to see as an outside person looking on. I have done soul retrievals for people by contacting their higher selves, but success is never guaranteed. Once a parent asked me to do a soul retrieval for his son who had been missing for six months or so. The very day that I did the journey and reunited his higher self with several missing soul parts, his physical self decided to contact his parents. Once I did a journey for a man in a coma, and although he woke up soon after I did the journey, eventually his soul decided to part this lifetime anyway. We can never cross free will, and I will never do a journey for someone if I don't have permission from the person or at least their higher self.

I may initially attempt a soul retrieval for someone and soon discover that the issue this person's guides or angels have in mind is completely different. I always ask the person's guides and angels to accompany me on the journey and I always ask for the most important information for that person to come forth. If the person wants something in particular, then of course I focus on the issue the person has in mind. Otherwise I leave it to my guides and the other person's for the greatest good to come of the session.

Some may question whether the shamanic practitioner is actually consulting with the Highest Source of All Good or not. My answer to that is that if good comes from these techniques and healings take place then they could not be coming from a bad place. Our perceptions of what is good and what is evil have been much influenced by our upbringing and our culture. Obviously there is more than one way to skin a cat, so to speak. If good things are happening from practicing these techniques, then there is no reason to question their source. I applaud any way of believing and thinking that brings healing and promotes love and the experience of joy in a person's life.

We as souls are much more than what we see when we look in the mirror. We are multi-faceted beings, having lived for much longer than the few years we have spent on the earth in this particular incarnation. The reason I believe this is because of the evidence I have encountered while doing the non physical journeys. I have seen amazing changes after bringing a soul from another lifetime back to the person for whom I was journeying. I want all the pieces of myself with me in this lifetime as I experience all life has to offer. Thanks to all my guides and angels as they assist me in this endeavor.

Monday, October 24, 2011

The Dagger

Recently I was doing my workout routine and I seemed to strain a muscle in my back. For the first few hours I could barely function normally. A couple of Advils later, I was still feeling the effects. I went ahead and went to work, and luckily was able to perform my tasks without too much pain. I wasn't thinking about the soreness being anything other than just a strained muscle from my workout routine. I am such an exercise enthusiast, however, so the next morning I decided that I would just take it easy and walk or run on my treadmill. For some reason I seem to have difficulty connecting with my guides on my treadmill, even though I have some amazing encounters when I run outside. At first they were not cooperating with my attempts to contact them. I completed my workout and began to slow the treadmill down to cool down. I decided to send some healing energy into my back and I had a flash of a dagger sent into my energy field that landed in my back.

My guides revealed to me that yes, a psychic attack had occurred. I thought I would share a little about a psychic attack because I have not always been convinced that they exist. Usually I am a very positive person and try to surround myself always with love and light. Most of the time this shields me from any negative energy that comes my way. The more I have surrounded myself with love and have focused on loving everyone who comes into my life, whether they are there just for a moment or for an extended period of time, I have found that usually the energy from negative people never affects me.

Years ago when I believed in the devil and demons and all that stuff, and I was always praying them away or believing that the bad things that happened to me were the work of an unseen enemy, it seemed that my life was more of a battle than it is now. Oh, yes there are challenges, but I choose to always look on the bright side and avoid seeing any challenges as an attack. But my guides told me that this pain in my back was a psychic attack. So I could not ignore it.

Sometimes a psychic attack will occur when someone thinks or says something bad about you. They may or may not be consciously sending the "dagger" with the intent to harm you, but thoughts and words are like prayers, and the energy of those thoughts and words has power. I think where I opened the door to the dagger being allowed into my energy field is when I posted a recent blog and had the thought and maybe even said that some who read it may think I am crazy when I post some of my journeys. Some may even "pray" that things will happen to stop my words from being read or my healing work to continue. I guess the reason my thoughts went in this direction is because of  my background in a certain religion who now would most likely frown upon my chosen path. As soon as I thought the thought that some may think I was crazy, then I opened the door for that to occur. When I realized this then I shut the door and sent love and light to anyone reading my blogs and asked the Angels to only allow those who would benefit from them to be allowed to read them.

However, I still had to remove the dagger. I contacted my Angels and guides and asked for the Spiritual Surgeons to come and gently remove the dagger. I focused love and light on the painful area and visualized the Angels removing the dagger and giving it to  the Mother Goddess. I also sent love to the sender of the dagger and visualized the door closing which allowed the dagger to pass into my energy field. I imagine whoever sent it did not do it intentionally.

Within a couple of minutes the pain in my back decreased dramatically and now there is just a twinge when I turn a certain way. I am convinced of the power of psychic healing.

Sometimes when we have pain or a sickness, it is just because we live on the earth and we dwell in a physical body. But sometimes there is a spiritual or emotional cause. Contact with our Angels and guides will determine the cause and healing can come when the answer is revealed. They will not cross our predetermined path, however. Sometimes it just has to run its course. Sometimes there is a lesson in it for us. Thanks to the Angels and guides for their participation in my life and for the lessons they are teaching me. Thanks for letting me know where I opened the door and then assisting me in closing it. And thanks that my back feels better and I am off to the next adventure!!

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Travels Into the Other Realms..

As a shamanic practitioner I often visit the nonphysical realms to find out information for a client or rescue parts of their souls that have gotten stuck in other places. Sometimes I get information about the reason those pieces of their souls are stuck and sometimes I just see the missing soul parts hiding out in dark corners, closets, caves, or other places where those soul parts may feel safe. Sometimes the pieces of a soul look like the person I am journeying for, and sometimes they just look like sparks of light.

Today I had decided to journey for myself. I love to journey when I am running, and it was a perfect day. I put on my favorite running shoes and out the door I went. The sun was shining but not to the point of discomfort. There was a cool breeze blowing and immediately I felt that giddy feeling that I get when I know I am going to have a good experience. I contacted my angels and guides and asked them to accompany me to the astral planes to see if there were any missing soul parts that were ready to come back. No matter how spiritually mature we think we are and no matter how wonderful our life seems to be, there always seems to be room for improvement. I knew that I had some soul parts that were ready to come home because I had been made aware of some common symptoms of soul loss that I had been noticing for some time. Some of these "symptoms" include memory loss, feeling "spacey", having a desire to be someplace other than the earth realm, and aches and pains that do not have a natural physical explanation. There are many other tell tale signs, but these are the ones that I had noticed recently.

I had been noticing an ache in my left knee for a little while, and yes, I know that this is common for a runner, but one day during a self healing session on my knee, I had seen a very large man with a very ancient weapon that looked like a baseball bat with a large heavy metal ball on the end containing sharp points. I didn't feel like this man was attacking me but that he was me, or I was him in another lifetime. I saw some sort of altercation and I saw this large weapon hit the inside of my knee. So it was no surprise when this man showed up first when I asked to reclaim some lost soul parts. This is how it occurred.

I reached the astral plane and I saw a mirror. I looked into the mirror and saw another version of myself. My guides told me to walk through the mirror. As I did the image I saw in the mirror joined me in my body. She said in this plane her name was Deborah, after the warrior judge in the Old Testament who ruled Israel for a time. She took me to a lifetime very long ago and showed me that man who I had seen before when I was doing a healing on my knee. His name was Rolf. He was very large and very strong. And there was that weapon that I had seen before. I asked him if he would like to rejoin me in this lifetime. I asked him why he had stayed behind. And then I saw two women. He pointed to them and told me that he had stayed to look after them and he was not leaving without them. I recognized them at once as two close family members. They were living in a large dwelling and Rolf told me that they were enslaved there. He told me that we had to rescue them if we were to leave that place. Of course I never rescue souls without their permission so I asked their higher selves for permission to rescue them from this large dwelling where they were enslaved. They both agreed. One of them was sitting at her desk at the office where she works in real life and the other was resting at home. So off we went to save their enslaved souls.

I noticed that they had a sort of shackle on their ankles to keep them from escaping but the shackles were not attached to anything. It was revealed to me that they had been enslaved for so long that now they were free to come and go but had made no attempt to escape. The hardest thing would be to convince them that they were free to go. Eventually I was successful in getting them out of the dwelling where they lived but the psychic bonds were a little more difficult to remove. I was able to release them from the shackles around their ankles with a key that was given to me by the Angels. Then psychically I was able to see that there were also shackles on one of the girls wrists, on her head, and on her female parts. As I put the key in the lock that held them in place, they immediately opened and fell off. Then out of the shackles rose this very large entity the likes of whom I had never seen in any sort of reality. He was gooey and large and green. I asked the Angels to escort him away from the young girl and eventually he agreed. I acknowledged that he had completed whatever assignment he had taken and was now released into the hands of the Angels. I made sure he was gone and then I had to clean the goo off of the girl and wash her from head to toe with this sort of spiritual soap.

Rolf now agreed to rejoin me in this lifetime. We came back into my body that was still out running on this beautiful day. At first it was a little strange because immediately my body felt so much larger than it is in this lifetime. I felt like I was running carrying a large coat of armour. I told Rolf that I did not need this armour in this lifetime nor did I really need this  large body. I would like to keep the body I had, thank you very much. Immediately I once again felt at home in my body, but with more strength than before.

I am hoping my two family members feel the effects of this rescue as well, although I have no yet communicated with either of them. I thought I would share this experience so that someone interested in a journey could get a feel for what to expect. A person does not have to be present with me as I journey for them, as you can see by this story. I get a lot of good information while I am running and my clients would have a hard time accompanying me on those particular visits to the unseen realms. However, I also gather a lot of good information with the client present with me. Both experiences are healing and liberating to many people.

I am happy to welcome this lost soul part home to this body in this lifetime. We need all the parts of our souls to completely experience our lives to the fullest and complete whatever our highest selves have determined our purpose is for this lifetime. Welcome home, Rolf. On the next adventure!!

Friday, October 14, 2011

Welcoming in My Higher Self

Yesterday evening I did a meditation I had read about that welcomes my highest self or oversoul, as some call it, into my physical body to accompany me as I live my day to day life. Even though I feel pretty together most of the time, after reading about this meditation I thought, sounds interesting, I think I will try it.

After relaxing my body and concentrating on my breath for a few moments, I imagined myself traveling into the astral plane. To me this looked like traveling into the higher realms to a place of love and light. It was bright there with lots of colors flying about. I asked to meet my higher self and when she appeared it surprised me that I had seen her before! She looked very much like the angel I described in a previous blog that looked purple and I had decided to call Amelia. I said to her, I didn't know you were my higher self, I thought you were an angel!! She just laughed and didn't say anything. I asked her if she would like to join me in my body and she agreed. I imagined her coming into my body and then traveling back to the physical plane. The meditation didn't last but a few minutes, but it was very powerful. I thought I would share it because this was not the end of the story.

Last night after doing the meditation I had a dream. In the dream my husband Clay and I had bought a house.  We were going home one evening when it had snowed and the weather was bad. The road to the house was treacherous but we finally arrived. Upon going into the house, we discovered that the old owners of the house had come back and had taken the refrigerator, the toilet, the stove, and some other key items. I was a bit upset to think that I had assumed these items came with the house but now they were gone. However, when I went into another room, I saw that the previous owner had replaced the old refrigerator, toilet, etc. with brand new items but had not yet installed them or put them where they belonged. I realized that these items were brand spanking new and seemed to be technologically advanced far beyond the old items that he had taken away. I even looked inside the refrigerator and it was full of food!

When I awoke I realized this dream was significant in relation to my meditation the night before. When we dream of houses it often represents our soul. The dream signified that my soul was entering a "new" phase with the presence now of my higher self and some of my old "plumbing" was now being replaced with brand spanking new technology. The fact that the items had not yet been installed may indicate that there is still some work to be done. My husband being with me in the dream represents the message that we are in this journey together. It possibly could also mean that there are some new things in store for us together. The treacherous road to the house represented that the path to this place has not always been easy but we made it here safely.

I would recommend this meditation for anyone wishing to raise up to a higher level in their spiritual walk. I am looking forward to more surprises on the horizon as my higher self and I walk this path together. If you decide to do this meditation, be sure to ask your Angels and Guides to accompany you and when your higher self appears, you should recognize her(or him). She should look something like you or seem familiar to you. Ask him or her to join you as you walk your path in this physical realm. If he or she says no, then that means there is some other healing work that needs to happen first. If you need help with the other healing work, you can contact me or another trusted healer for help. Best wishes on your path!!

Sunday, October 9, 2011

Thank You

I am thinking of a favorite song of mine by Alanis Morrisette....I think it is called Thank You....

I haven't thought of this song in several years but there for awhile it was my theme song. The singer thanks all the bad things that have happened to her in her life because it brought her so much enlightenment, at least this is my interpretation. "Thank you terror, thank you disillusionment, thank you frailty, thank you consequence, thank you silence....." ........one of my favorite lines......" how 'bout me not blaming you for everything, how bout me enjoying a moment for once.."

Yesterday I was in a class and we had to go around in a circle and tell each other a little bit about ourselves and what brought us to where we are today. This class was a class where I received my certificate of Reiki Master Practitioner. I was thinking of how I got to where I am today. I think the turning point in my life was the day I realized that the messages I was receiving from Spirit were not being listened to or appreciated.  I felt betrayed by those who taught me to hear from Spirit in the first place. I felt betrayed by the Holy Spirit who was giving me the messages that seemed to be always getting me in trouble. I felt completely miserable in my relationships and in the religion that had always given my life meaning and purpose. That day I completely lost my identity. And it would be many years before I found out who I really was but if I had not lost the person who I thought I was, I never would have found the person I have become.

But back to those words in the song. How bout me not blaming you for everything......who did I blame? I blamed the religion that taught me how to hear from Spirit and then did not like the messages I received. I blamed my first husband for the depression and despair. And then one day I realized that I was the one who created those experiences. And if I had not experienced the despair I would not have searched for something else. My ex did not make me depressed. I did that to myself. That was my soul crying out that there was something more out there that I had not discovered yet. Without the despair I would not have searched for something more. Without the disillusionment in one belief system I would not have searched for something else.

So thank you, disillusionment. Thank you silence. When there is silence I search within for my answers. Thank you frailty. That is when I find the strength within myself........."How bout how good it feels to finally forgive you?" 

Today I think the Angels reminded me of those dark days many years ago because maybe there are those out there who are disillusioned. Don't allow the disillusionment to make you bitter. Instead allow it to be a stepping stone for whatever is next. It might take awhile before you find it. But thank the silence, thank the terror, thank the disillusionment. One day you will look back and see those days as the days that completely changed your life. And then you will say thank you.. thank you...

I am who I am today because one day many years ago I was disillusioned. I was sad. I was betrayed. And yes, maybe I felt sorry for myself for awhile but then I got up and I started looking. I looked for something better. I looked for love. And I found it within myself. And yes. Sometimes I love and it appears that I am taken advantage of. But if I don't consider myself to be taken advantage of then it doesn't matter, does it? And one day the Angels started talking again. Or maybe I just started listening again.

What do you think you will find when you start thanking the events that have tormented you? Thank those who have hurt you, who have betrayed you, who have taken advantage of you. For those are the events that cause you to look within for all the love, all the joy you can handle. Stop blaming and start living.......it's time.

Friday, September 30, 2011

Me and Jesus in Greece

Yesterday I was sent an email from a reader of my blogs asking me how she could know that believing in Spirit Guides was not evil or sinful. She wanted to connect with her guides and it seems that they were trying to make contact, but a part of her was hesitant.

I am familiar with the belief system that says that anything other than Jesus is from the devil or evil. I was raised in a Christian home and lived a very Christian life for my first thirty five years. I went to church three to five times a week, prayed sometimes for hours a day. I felt very connected to Jesus, and never explored any other belief systems. However, I was almost always depressed. I didn't know I was depressed because I had never felt any other way. It was inconceivable to me that I could be a Christian and be depressed. Isn't knowing Jesus supposed to be the way out of a miserable life? I know that for many it is, and I am happy that they have found a belief system that works for them. But inside of me I was not content. Sometimes I wondered how other people believed but it was taught to me that I didn't need to know any other way of thinking or believing. But how could I know that Christianity was right for me if I didn't know what any other belief system taught or believed?

One night I had a dream. I was standing in line to be baptized. It was a long long line and I had a while before I would get my turn. I was patiently standing in line when suddenly Jesus was standing beside me.

"What are you doing here?" Jesus said to me.

"I am waiting in line to be baptized," was my reply.

Jesus then said something that surprised me. "You can stay here if you want to, but I am going to Greece," he said.

Well of course I got out of line and followed Jesus. Upon awakening I wondered why Jesus was going to Greece. At first I thought I need to go to Greece. But then I remembered that in the Bible when Paul went to Greece it was there that he was unable to get many converts because the people there loved to study different philosophies and Christianity to them was just another belief system to consider. I soon realized that Jesus was saying to me that it was okay with Him if I studied other belief systems, in fact, He was going there whether I chose to or not.

Looking back, I had that dream a couple of years before I decided to leave the church and explore other ways of thinking. My belief system has changed and evolved over the years and Jesus is still an important part of my life. This morning while I was running my Power Animal the crow was the one who told me that Jesus wanted to talk to me. I am sure all of our Helping Spirits are connected with each other and there is no competition between them. Jesus does not consider Crow to be evil or sinful. Jesus reminded me this morning that He was the one who went into Samaria to minister to those who his family the Jews did not associate with. He hung out with drunks and prostitutes and spent a great deal of time challenging the dominant belief system of his day. He told me he did not understand how he could be so misunderstood. People think that in His name it is okay to wage war on other groups of people who do not share their philosophies. This is so unacceptable to Him. He wants us all to love each other and forgive each other and stop fighting.

I remember once a Christian friend of mine said to me that we ought to just go over to Iraq and kill them all off because they were the ones that were against Israel in the Old Testament and the Israelites should have just killed them all off then and we wouldn't be having these problems. OH REALLY.  Does that sounds like something Jesus would say? I don't think so.

Let us challenge the things we are taught and the things we believe. If they are not loving and kind, then throw them out the window!! I have many more examples Jesus gave me this morning, but they will come to print in time. For now Jesus just wants us to love each other. Stop fighting and thinking that if someone is not exactly like you then they are wrong. Let us all be kind and gentle with one another, loving one another ........

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Angel Names

I find it fascinating when reading material about Angels all the exotic names attributed to the Angels. When I am communicating with my Guides and Angels I never have been able to get names like other people seem to get. A lot of times what I see is just forms of light, not bodies with wings, not male or female. Sometimes They will take form, but They always tell me that they can take any form they want to, and usually they just take a form that I will be comfortable with, or one that I will relate to. When I communicate with Jesus He usually looks like what I am used to seeing, but sometimes He appears to me in jeans and a leather jacket riding a motorcycle. I remember I once asked the Ganesha ( a Hindu God with whom I have developed a relationship) if He really had the head of an elephant and all those arms. He just laughed and told me He appeared that way so that I would recognize Him. I think that is what names do. They help us recognize Deities. In truth all is one. I am one with the Dieties and they are one with me. They say when one reaches enlightenment is when one recognizes that there is no separation, that we are all one. Most of us still believe that we are separate. When we recognize that the feeling of being separate is just an illusion, then we will have obtained enlightenment. In the meantime, I find that I can imagine myself as being one with the blade of grass and one with the squirrels and the fish, and even one with the Angels, but somehow it seems blasphemous to think of myself as one with God. But we are.

But I digress. When I communicate with my guides, They tell me that they have no names. They are just beings of love and light. And that is okay with me, most of the time. I just say out loud, would the beings of love and light please join me as I find lost soul parts or ask for messages for those who come to me. Usually I can feel their presence and know which ones have joined me just by the feeling. It seems They all have a particular frequency.

Recently I had a client who came to me wanting to connect with an Archangel. She wanted to know who her Archangel was and what was his name. The first message I got was.. how many more helpers do you want? The room was already full of her helpers. They told me that a lot of times our egos want to be able to say that we are connected with Archangel Michael or Gabriel or so forth. Sometimes the help that we get just tells us that they are Archangel Michael or Gabriel or whoever just so that we will listen. How many people are going to listen to an Angel named Joe? So we decided that we would call her Angel Joe. That does not make him less of an Angel. That just honors his request that we not get satisfaction out of having our personal Angel be a famous Angel. There are multitudes of Angelic help out there. Why limit ourselves to the famous five or six that we know of?

So a couple of days ago I was at a gathering. As soon as we began our meditation to start the meeting, I noticed that I had a different Angel standing behind me that I had never seen before. She was dressed all in purple and had long flowing white hair but even the tips of her hair was purple. She had no wings that I could see and I wasn't really even sure she was an Angel, but I knew she was a Divine Presence. She stayed with me the entire day and I could feel her power surge through me as we came to the part of the gathering where we flowed healing energy to another person at the gathering. It felt good feeling her healing energy come through my hands into the next person. But she never gave me a name. After telling a friend we decided she would like to be called Amelia.

So I guess what I wanted to say is that we have all kinds of help. Why limit ourselves to the ones we are familiar with? As long as we feel safe and good in Their presence, then they mean us no harm. What if we all just called upon the spirit of  Love? That covers it all.I am sure if we call Jesus by a different name, He is still Jesus. And I don't think He would mind. He may even prefer it. There is a particular feeling that we get when we call upon Jesus. There are all of our preconceived ideas of who He is and what He is about. And it is the same for the Angels or any other Dieties with whom we are familiar. Let us all walk in love and do our best to do good to others and we are doing the work of the Angels. And whether we call them Joe or Michael or Love it is all the same. And that is the message for today.

Monday, September 26, 2011

Angel Messages

Messages come in all shapes and sizes. Usually if I get a message and I am not paying attention, it will happen again and again until I take notice. Sometimes I have to do some research to discover what the message means.

Recently I have been seeing the number 222 a lot. I look at the clock and it is 2:22. A customer will purchase postage that comes to 2.22. My odometer will read 222. I will see a route number as I am driving. Yesterday I was showing someone a picture on my phone and I noticed I had 222 pictures in my phone.

Luckily I have a book written by Doreen Virtue on the Angelic meanings of certain numbers. I looked this one up and it said.. you can stop worrying about your family members . The Angels are watching out for them and they are going to be all right. Well I am not going to go into detail about why this was significant for me but this is not the end of the story.

Soon after I had looked up the meaning of this particular number I was waiting on a customer at work. Now I usually don't share my "stuff" with my customers. Usually if  I get a message for a customer I will just put it into the context of regular conversation or I will just silently send them love and light. This particular time this customer was mailing a large box and the postage came to $22.22. After other transactions he gave me his money and the change came to $2.22. I commented on the coincidence of the numbers and he agreed that it must have some significance. He said he was not one to play the lottery and wondered what it might mean. Okay so I just couldn't keep my mouth shut (my husband says I frequently have this problem). So I just threw caution to the wind and told him that I had a book at home that gave all of the Angelic meanings of numbers and it just so happened that I had recently looked this particular number up in my book and would he like to know what it meant? He seemed very interested. When I related to him the message, he responded immediately.

"Would you like to know what is in this box I am mailing?" he asked.

"If you would like to tell me, sure." I responded.

"This package contains some scrapbooks that I have made of my family members. I am sending it to a relative to let them know that my family is doing okay."

He thanked me for the message and went his way. I don't know if the significance of the message blew him away like it did me, but I learned something. Sometimes when we get a message that we assume is personal, it probably is. But chances are one day you will come across someone who needs the same message. You will know when and if the other person is receptive to hearing the message. If they are then go ahead and tell them. The Angels want them to have this message and know that they are being looked after.

Sometimes I hear different people assign different meanings to numbers. Someone else might say that this number means something else. It doesn't matter. The Angels gave me this meaning for this number and it meant something to me and it meant something to someone else.

We can all be light to the people we come into contact with every day. All you have to do is ask to be of service. The Angels will take care of the rest.

Monday, September 19, 2011

Message from Spirit

Okay so this is the blog I was supposed to write when I decided to write the one about the fan. Earlier that day I was talking to Spirit and I commented that I would like to post a blog but I had not had any time to get my recent messages typed up or even time to get some of my thoughts together. I made the comment to Spirit that if They had a message for me to get out there then they would have to give me some time to contemplate and write. It was just  a passing comment and I promptly forgot about it. A couple of hours later the opportunity presented itself. I was surprised at such a quick answer to my "prayer" (my belief is that everything we think is a prayer, whether we intend it to be or not). I was given the opportunity to have some moments with my thoughts and even time to transcribe a message directly from Spirit. However, I was a bit hesitant to publish it. I don't know why. So later when another opportunity to get alone with Spirit presented itself, I guess I thought, maybe They will tell me something else. Maybe I need some time to "test" this message to make sure it is a legitimate message from Spirit. After I relay the message I was given I will give a couple of "tests"  that I put out there and how they fared. Anyway, the second time I got alone with myself and Spirit, that is when the "fan" message came through. And I think the reason I had a bit of a hard time that particular time is because They had already given me a message. I just wanted something else. Something light. Something easy. Nevertheless, here is the message I got earlier in the day, directly transcribed as I heard it from Spirit. It has to do with my thought that I had just mentioned to Them in passing that I would like a little quiet time to get my thoughts together relating to writing a blog and within a couple of hours my schedule changed and I was offered the opportunity for a quieter atmosphere.

"Time indeed seems to be speeding up. In the past you made a request and then waited patiently for weeks or even years to see the seeds of your requests grow up and manifest. By that time a lot of the "prayers" had long been forgotten. It is not so now. You will notice it to be more commonplace to make a request of Spirit and see the manifestation of that request within a few days or even hours. Be careful what you ask for!! Of course, make sure your requests are not selfish in nature and that they do not hurt anyone else in the process or even infringe on someone else's free will. These requests are never honored. Come to Us in humility. Your requests may not alter the natural course of your existence or that of others in a negative way or interfere with your life's purpose or calling. You will notice that those with a pure heart and self-less motives will see answers appear much more quickly than others. But yes, although time does not exist for Us, it does for you and We have noticed that you as a collective group of souls have been learning how to change the course of history through your collective agreements on the soul level. That creative spark within you all is changing the course of history!! It is time now to make sure your heart is pure and your desires reflect the best interests of everyone around you. The key when making requests of Spirit is that your desires reflect your vibration. When the two match then the desires manifest. The reason in the past that your desires seem to take so long is that you would ask for things that did not match the things you were thinking about the other twenty three hours a day. Make sure you are thinking about the desires and that you can see them come to pass. And then they will do so quickly. And so it is."

This was a little scary to me to share. What if we all started making requests of Spirit and started seeing the answers come within a few days or hours? Pandemonium!! But Spirit assured me that the reason for the quick answers to requests is because we were learning how to line our own vibrations up with the vibrations of the things that we desire. So I made a couple of test requests. I asked that I would sell a book that day. My book has the ability to enhance others lives so I did not consider this to be a selfish request. No book sale occurred. Maybe this was a bit selfish. But then I made the half- hearted request that it start raining five minutes before I closed up shop so I could close on time and miss all those last minute customers. Hmmm. A bit selfish I guess but it wasn't made with the intent to hurt anyone. Well that request backfired a bit. Yes it did start raining five minutes exactly before I closed but I already had a customer who ended up staying five minutes past my closing time. So I think Spirit was saying okay the weather itself did not hurt anyone- in fact it is actually a good thing, but We are just going to show her that it is a bit selfish to want to keep away your last minute customers so we are going to give her one anyway.

I think the key to this message being relevant to us today is that it is imperative to have a relationship with Spirit and tune in to make sure our requests are the best for everyone concerned. Of course world peace will probably not occur in a day or two. But if we can bring peace to one person each day then we are taking steps toward world peace. Let us make our requests with the intent to bring love and healing to each person we come into contact with each day. Let us find our most difficult encounters be opportunities to shine our love and light to those who need it most. Let us make our requests in humility.

The message? Yes the answers are there. Just be aware of your motives. Don't ask selfishly. The Angels want to answer our requests. Tune in to Spirit and be sure your requests are in line with the side of good.It is important to make sure we are guarding our thoughts and matching our thoughts with our desires. Let's create a world of love and peace, and we can do it. Let's love one person and one city or neighborhood at a time. The Higher Realms want to help us. All we have to do is ask!!

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

The Fan

Yes I know I haven't posted a blog in a couple of weeks. It is not because Spirit has not been communicating with me. Sometimes I think the communications have been stronger. Most of the time, recently, however, the messages have been for particular people who have come across my path. Sometimes these people are alive and sometimes not. Interestingly enough, yes, I have gotten messages for the nonliving that I have come into contact with as well.

So this evening I found myself alone in my house and I thought to myself, this is the perfect opportunity to meditate and listen and see if there is anything that Spirit wishes to communicate through my blog. After about twenty minutes I found myself drifting off to sleep, despite all my anti- sleep tactics that I have incorporated into my meditation times. So I opened my eyes, disappointed that no interactions with the Higher Realms had occurred. Upon opening my eyes, the first thing that came into my field of vision was my floor fan that I have in my healing room. Nothing spectacular. But I remembered a little game that I have played with Spirit in the past. I look at the first thing that comes into my field of vision and ask Spirit for a message relating to that object. Okay, so nothing else seems to be working. Let's try that.

The floor fan was not plugged up. Just sitting there. The first message was that in order for the wind of the Spirit to blow, I must make sure I am plugged up. I thought I was, I responded. Okay, the Voice of Spirit responded, then just pretend that you weren't and imagine yourself plugging into the wall socket of the Spirit Realm. So I did that. I imagined my spirit plugging into the Spirit world. The next thing I noticed was that my floor fan has four buttons. One is off, one is slow speed, one is medium speed and one is high speed. The Voice of Spirit said that just like the floor fan there are different buttons for different vibrations. I have to make sure that the vibration I am tuned into is the same vibration for the Higher Spiritual Beings I want to connect with. I have written about this before, I said. I know these things. I have not felt disconnected, I have not felt out of vibrational attunement. So the last thing Spirit told me is that sometimes I just don't need the fan on. Sometimes I just need to disconnect. I don't think I can do that, I responded. I don't have an off button. That is why sometimes We disconnect for you, the Voice of Spirit responded. We know you don't have an off button. So We turn off to give you a break.

So this is the message. Spirit is like a floor fan. Sometimes it is plugged up and running, and sometimes it is not. If you want to feel the wind of Spirit blowing in your life, make sure you are plugged up. But you don't have to be plugged up and running all the time.

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

This I Know....

I am thinking today about things you automatically know and things you don't. Things that you may think everyone should automatically just know are things that are a part of you and probably have been for most of your life. Some people are born nurturers. They just know that people and animals need love and touch. They know that when they touch their children or their animals that the touch communicates love and a sense of belonging. We who have been brought up with loving touches automatically know when we are touched whether or not it is a loving touch or not. Those who are born mothers know this also. But not everyone knows this. I remember when I was a young mother I tried staying at home for a short period of time, babysitting for extra money. There was this one baby that I sat for that would not stop crying unless I placed her in the infant swing and set it to automatically swing. She did not like to be touched. Most babies when held will cuddle right up to you. Not this infant. It was like holding a porcelain doll. I hope that someone at some point in this soul's life took the time to introduce her to loving touches. I am not sure that I automatically knew the value of loving touches. This is something I had to learn. I remember that sometimes all of the babies (there were two besides my own) would get hungry at the same time, so I would line them up on the couch and prop their bottles into their mouths. I didn't realize the value of sending loving energy to the babies as they fed. Sometimes I wonder how a mother of multiple babies is able to send loving energy to the souls of each child. Those few months that I babysat in order to earn enough money to stay home with my child taught me that just because I was at home with my child did not necessarily mean I was spending quality time with her. Because I had two other infants in my care, each additional child took away from the time I was able to spend with any of them individually. Their physical needs were met, however, I am not so sure their emotional needs were always addressed. Somehow now my older wiser self thinks that I should have automatically known that the souls of these children needed nurturing just as much as their physical bodies did.

Now recently I have been made aware of the emotional needs of folks and I try not to assume that people know things that I seem to automatically know. Sometimes my husband reminds me that just because I work at the Post Office that I should not automatically assume that my customers know the same things I know about mailing packages. It is easy to assume that if I know something then other people around me automatically know these things too.

Recently I have become aware of the need of our Mother Earth to feel love and appreciation from her inhabitants. We as human beings have ravaged her land, drilled for her oil,  and dug holes to bury our trash. How many of us have said "Thank you" to her for her patience with us? Many of us think nothing of dropping our trash along the side of the road or flicking our cigarette butts into the dry brush along our highways. No wonder She has responded with many recent weather changes. I am thinking that many of us do not automatically think of saying thank you to the Soul of the land which perpetuates our existence.

This weekend I was blessed to get a trip to the beach. Granted, it was a beachy area somewhat inland from the actual ocean, but there was sand and there was water. I felt compelled to connect with the land and say to Mother Earth, "I am sorry for our sins against You. Please forgive us. Thank you for your gifts to us. I love you." We cannot  assume our Mother Earth knows that we love Her. It is important to tell her. It is important to apologize for our sins against her. It is important to send the energy of love into Her earth, whether we are at the beach or in the woods or even in the concrete city. Perhaps she needs to know we love Her even more in the city where we have removed most reminders of Her Presence.

Just as a new mother I had to be taught the value of emotional bonding when other new mothers automatically knew this, I am guessing that many of us as children of the Earth have not considered telling our Mother Earth that we love her. Also in our actions it is important to show her that we value her gifts to us, by recycling, cutting down on our waste, and using our energy wisely. This is not something that many of us automatically know.

In your day to day interaction with the other inhabitants of the planet, think about things you know and remember that not everyone automatically knows the same things you do. It may cause you to interact with more compassion.

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Playing to a Different Audience

I was brought up believing that we could expect direct communication with God, the Holy Spirit and Jesus. It was not uncommon to ask for direction and messages from the Higher Realms. However, we were also taught that those who received communications and messages from any sources that were not recognized to be that of God, were, by default, coming from the opposite source, the Devil. All psychics, mediums, "fortune tellers", or anyone who claimed prophetic powers outside of the confines of the church were labeled sinful and we were instructed to stay away from those types of people.

Fast forward several years to adulthood. I became pretty proficient at receiving messages from the Higher Realms, both personal messages to individuals and also those messages that were directed at larger groups of people. Sometimes my messages were embraced, and sometimes not so much. After I was informed that my messages were no longer welcome in the church that I attended, I went through a period of silence, when I assumed my gift had been taken away due to my detachment from organized religion. Also, since I had no relationship with any group of people, I felt like I had no one to tell my messages to anyway.

Eventually I learned that my gift had not been taken away. I began to receive messages again which I wrote down and made public via the internet. I became aware that my messages were coming from the same place deep down inside my spirit like before but because of my detachment from organized religion, I didn't necessarily tell people that the messages were from God Himself. I began to ask these Voices who they were and all I received was that they were Higher Beings of Love and Light. This could interpret to mean Jesus and the Holy Spirit, or it may not. They told me  it didn't really matter who I said the messages were from. I could say that they were from the dog next door if I wanted to as long as the message got out and someone benefited from it. I then realized that we humans are the ones who like to use labels. We like to say I received a message from Jesus or maybe the Ganesha ( a Hindu God) or the Great Spirit, or the Archangel Gabriel. The actual Higher Beings are not so much concerned with labels. Over time I have realized that there is spirit within all of us and that it is all One Spirit. We are connected to the Higher Beings, to the frogs in the pond, to the bats and the squirrels and the crow. Spirit can use anything to give us a message if we will only listen. The Higher Beings told me that tuning into Spirit is like tuning into a radio signal. Some like to tune into country music, some pop, some bluegrass. They can tailor the messages They want to get out to appeal to the audience They want it to be sent out to.

Recently I remembered a message I had given many years ago to a good friend who is also a talented musician. At that time he had been somewhat discouraged because he had been given so many wonderful lyrics to popular songs, but many people in the church did not like the songs he was playing. I had told him he was playing to the wrong audience. He had been given lyrics to popular songs because those songs would be recognized and appreciated by those outside of the four walls of a church. The thought came to me that the same was true for me. I had been receiving messages while I was in the confines of a particular religion. That religion was taken away. When I began to receive messages again I knew that the messages were coming from the same Place in the Higher Realms, but I felt uncomfortable saying I was getting them from Jesus Himself or even the Holy Spirit. Instead I said that I was receiving them from the Angels. Who knows. Maybe I was receiving the messages from the Angels all the time. Maybe it was always Jesus. Sometimes I still see Jesus when I am visiting the Other Realms. I no longer think he is mad at me. However, I also no longer think that if I don't give Jesus credit for being the Source of my messages, that I am going to burn in hell. Now I believe that if I feel love and joy when I am receiving my messages, that it is coming from a good place. It occurs to me that I am like that friend the musician who is playing for a different audience. His songs are still coming from his heart. My messages are coming from the Higher Realms, just like before. I am playing for a different audience now. I have changed the wording a little. I am more in tune with the energy of love and light now than before. I am not afraid of the Devil anymore.

So if I say I got a message from the frog in my backyard or if I say that I stood face to face with Jesus, know that both messages are coming from a place of love. And it is all good.