Thursday, November 24, 2011

Not Necessarily a Thanksgiving Blog........

Anyone who reads my blogs understands that I am one who is open to nontraditional ways of communicating with the unseen realms. I take journeys into the nonphysical world through the avenue of shamanism, I communicate with Angels, Guides, Power Animals, even the plants and animals who cohabitate with me around my home. I have communicated with those who no longer walk the physical realm, such as loved ones and even people I don't know. I never guarantee that anyone will show up for me, such as when people ask me to contact their loved ones who have passed. Sometimes I can get contact and sometimes not. Recently I have been reading and learning about some of the Gods, Goddesses and Ascended Masters of other religions and cultures and also of nature spirits, and I thought I would tell a couple of short stories.

There is a Norse god named Forseti who I read about recently. Apparently he is the one to contact with issues regarding relationships, legal matters, and just basically people getting along with other people. I have had the need to call upon him recently regarding that very thing!! Imagine that he just showed up when I needed him!! When I anticipated a possible need for some help in the relationship area, I just called his name and asked for his help....amazing results......

Today my husband and I went to the park to our favorite spot for communicating with those who are unseen and I felt the presence of a nature spirit. The word that came to my mind was a leprechaun but in my mind they only live in Ireland. Anyway I seemed to connect with him and asked him his name. He told me the name that most closely resembled his name in my language was Timmy. I asked him if he lived at the park and he said yes. He said he also had some of his kind that lived in my backyard and really like what I had done with it. I guess the reason I wanted to share this was that at this point in our conversation I began to doubt myself. I wondered if I was imagining him or maybe my imagination was a bit too active today so I asked him to give me a sign I was not just making this up in my head and immediately the connection disappeared. The lesson I learned was that doubt is the biggest disconnect in our communication with the other realms. We have to believe that the communication is not only possible but that the other realms desire to communicate with us. We have to have pure motives, however, and the nature spirits can read us like an open book. They know who to trust and who they can reveal themselves to. I will try again to contact Timmy and I hope he will show himself again.

A day or two before my second grandchild was born, who I mentioned in my previous blog, her soul came to me and made contact. I wanted to make sure she knew that we welcomed her into the family and that she was safe. I knew that she really wanted to be born and was looking forward to connecting with us, especially her mom, my daughter. I was present at the birth and when I held her she looked at me through those deep eyes, and we connected. I knew that we had connected before and she knew that everything was okay. They say that newborns do not smile, but I do not believe it. My grandson smiled at me when he was born and now she did the same thing. I felt both times that their souls were on a mission, and birth was the first step in that process.  I had contacted Mary, the mother of Jesus, to be present at the birth and to watch over both her and her brother, their relationship with each other and the relationship with all those who are involved in the family dynamics. I also asked Forseti to assist with the healing of past relationship issues, and so far the family seems to be settling in nicely.

It is comforting to know that we have a great cloud of unseen help available to us, and They will show themselves to us when we need them. If we are not aware of their particular names or their specialties, They wanted me to let you know that you can just call on the Highest Available Being of Love and Light who specializes in.... (you name what you need help with)........and they will come. Come in humility and never ask for things selfishly.  Never ask for things that will interfere with the life choices of other people. Always ask for whatever is best for the good of everyone concerned.

I can't close without saying thank you to all the Highest Beings of Love and Light: for their presence in my life and for their help. Thank you to Timmy who taught me today to believe in myself and to Forseti and Mother Mary for your recent help. There are some more Ascended Masters who I will write about later in another blog. And thanks to the turkey who gave its life for my meal as well as all the vegetables and grains. On to the next!!!

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