Thursday, June 27, 2013

The Energy Since the Solstice

At first I thought it was just me. The morning after the solstice I woke up feeling giggly inside.

The day before during my monthly spiritual growth class at my home here in Winchester, Virginia, my class participants and I had taken part in a solstice ritual to attract the energies of the solstice and to manifest new things in our lives. I was thinking I was still feeling the effects of the ritual.


 I had recently done a card reading for myself using the Cards of Destiny technique. This is a system that uses regular playing cards to predict what energies you will be in line with. The cards change every fifty two days and my card had just changed on the 21st. According to this system, my energy was due to improve, along with my creative sparks and other things. So when I woke up happy and energized, I was sure it was due to the shift in my 52 day cycle.

Then I started to notice that some of my "sensitive" friends and acquaintances were noticing the same thing. I began to realize that in reality something major shifted. I am not sure how long it will last and if it is indeed affecting everyone.

In my meditations the other day I even received a new Power Animal. A white female deer. I have always thought of deer energy as being delicate and soft so I was a bit surprised when she showed up.  However, she showed me many aspects of her energy with which I had not been previously aware and I am excited to have been blessed with her presence.

The new energies have definately made themselves known.

Have you been feeling ecstatic for no apparent reason? Wonderful!! Take advantage of these days of manifesting, creative energies.

 My suggestion to you is this:

Do something out of the ordinary!!

Be creative!

Dance, sing, write, laugh a lot, enjoy times with those you love!!

Sometimes we get so caught up in the business of life that we forget how amazing our lives really are!!

You are an amazing soul and life is waiting just for you to enjoy it!!

 If you have not noticed the new energy shift, I suggest to you that it is time to look outside of the circumstances you are in or the challenges you are facing and know that miracles are waiting for you! Life is waiting for you to celebrate!!

If you have to, write down or record some positive affirmations to remind you to think of possibilities, not challenges. Look for the silver lining, not the clouds. Enjoy waking up, breathing, the ability to love and breathe and enjoy all that life has for you!!

Thank your Higher Powers, Angels, Guides, Power Animals, whatever you want to call your Source, for the ability to enjoy your life and walk on the path you have chosen for yourself. If you don't like the path you are on, then find one you do enjoy!

 It is time to celebrate being alive!!

Monday, June 24, 2013

The Little Girls

A couple of weeks ago I went with my hubby love to an old historic estate and museum in Western Maryland. My husband investigates "other worldly activity", and he was presenting some findings that he and his team had uncovered during a recent investigation into the estate. I tagged along with him, because, although I occasionally accompany him on his investigations, this is not something I do on a regular basis, and I was not a part of the "reveal."

As his meeting with the director of the estate ensued, I wandered around the rooms of the historic estate. This particular estate had once housed slaves, and on the upper floor there were what has been termed "slave quarters" which had once, as the name suggests, housed slaves. This part of the house was not my first destination, but after awhile I felt drawn there.

I have, over time, listened to both sides of the argument for "crossing over" souls. Some say that the souls of those who have died during extreme emotionally disturbing situations will sometimes get "stuck" in a location or time and possibly be unable to cross to the other side upon their death. Some say that the souls actually do cross, but pieces of energy get stuck, pieces attached to the emotion that was felt during their time in a location. Some say that the emotions themselves get attached to the walls, floors, furniture, or other items in a place. I believe that all of these assumptions can be true. Sometimes it is difficult to ascertain which is the case when investigating a possibly "haunted" location. Those who investigate these locations sometimes pick up voices on their recording devices, or other "evidence" which points to an assumption that there may be someone there who is not in their physical body. As a sensitive, I am sometimes able to connect with the souls of some who may be there.

At first I attempted to connect with anyone "nonphysical" the lazy way. I sat in a chair in the middle of the hallway and asked if anyone wanted to talk to me they could come to me there. Nothing. So eventually I meandered down to the slave quarters. This has been one of the "hot" spots where much activity had been documented and I wanted to see if there was anyone I could help. I am not much for just documenting evidence if no help is offered to the energy that is stuck there.

Almost immediately upon sitting down in an old chair that was in one of the rooms in the slave quarters, I felt some presence. I sensed there were some young girls, African American, and one white teenage girl there as well. However, it seemed to me that they were not really comfortable with me. I assumed that it was because I was white. I received the information that the one white teenage girl that was there had often visited and spent time with the young children who lived here, and that she in fact felt more comfortable with the slaves than she did her own "kind." It is not surprising that she would have left some of her energy behind. I was not sure that she needed to be "crossed", if any of them did. However, I called upon my power animal, the Black Panther, to help. I felt that with his help I might be able to connect with these girls, and offer some help, if any was needed.

When "Cal", my Black Panther appeared, the slave children were immediately drawn to his presence. To them he was just a very large black cat. I blended with Cal and asked if any of them needed to cross to the light. Immediately I felt a tingling sensation on my arm and the palm of my left hand. I sensed that there was a small door nearby, not a physical door, but an opening to the other side. The door was small, maybe four feet tall, and when I had asked the question the door appeared and seemed to open. On the other side of the door was a black woman dressed in colorful attire. She had a colorful headdress around her head and was very cheerful and inviting. The children were immediately drawn to her. The white teenage girl had to bend down to fit through the small door but she followed the others. One of the young children turned to me and waved goodbye. I am not sure the woman on the other side of the door was African American. She could have been from the Islands. But she was warm and friendly and told me that she would be assisting me again sometime. She told me to believe in myself and that I was doing a good thing.

I asked my Power Animal Cal why no matter how many times I came to locations like this that there was always someone to cross. It seemed like after awhile there should be none left.  I had visited this same location one other time and crossed a young white woman who had given birth in to a child that was fathered by a slave. She told me she had been visiting family here from somewhere else and had fallen in love with a slave here. Of course this was not permitted and it was a very traumatic experience for her. Cal told me that when I entered into a location, like the slave quarters in this estate, that I could be actually connecting with some who were not at this particular location, but other similar locations. When there was someone to help them, their souls come through, no matter whether they actually spent time in this particular house or not. If the situation was similar, I was actually connecting with the emotions and the energy, not necessarily the people who actually resided at this house in this state. Like attracts like.

I think when people go into places like this, they automatically assume that they are going to connect with people who have resided at these locations, but that is not automatically the case. I once lived in a home that was brand new, never before lived in, but I frequently had experiences of the nonliving being there. Could it be that they came because they hoped I could help them find peace?

A couple of years ago I learned a technique for crossing over souls where I would allow those souls to use my body and my voice to speak out their unspoken issues, so finding peace. Once I had called some close acquaintances to join me in the ritual. The ritual was going to take place in my home, so I was not going somewhere that was "haunted" or anything like that. I had called on the Angels and Guides to bring to the ritual anyone who needed to find resolution or peace. The night before the event I had a dream. My house was completely full! There were wall to wall people waiting for me to come and do the ritual. The dream told me that there were many souls who needed to find peace, and that if I made myself available that they would find me.

Sometimes I have been told that when I cross these souls into the light, it does not mean that they had been completely stuck here. But a piece of them was here. Kind of like a memory gets stuck, or an emotion gets stuck. Did you ever wonder why you've never been able to eat beets or why you are terrified of water or thunderstorms? Maybe a piece of your soul choked on beets in another lifetime. Maybe you were drowned or lost a child to a bad storm. No one knows all of the memories and unresolved emotions that we carry from lifetime to lifetime. It is time for us to find those lost pieces and resolve those old wounds. Sometimes it may be from this lifetime!! I have found pieces of souls that my Guides told me belonged to someone who was still alive!! But that is another story.

Saturday, June 22, 2013

Summer Solstice

The summer solstice is upon us, a time to celebrate summer, long days, the sun shining longer this time of year, and reflect on the first half of the year, making necessary changes or adjusting your goals for the second half of the year. Many people make resolutions or goals at the beginning of the year, but not so many use the solstice to reflect on those goals or make adjustments.

A full moon is a time to really focus on manifesting. The energy of the full moon is good up to three days after, and then after that the energy of the moon is waning and better used for help with releasing things that are no longer helpful for you in your life's journey.

Take this time of year to celebrate with like minded friends and acquaintances. Find rituals that are meaningful for you to honor the earth, the sun, and the moon and thank them for their participation in your life. Here are a few ideas!!

Think about your goals for this year. Have you been working on them or have distractions or obstacles seemed to come against you? Do you even remember what your goals were at the beginning of the year?

 Now is a great time for calling upon the powers of the Universe for help manifesting.

Remember that anything you do with intention has power!!

Everything has a meaning, but only the meaning you attach to it. If I say that when I see a butterfly I think of transformation and the power of going within yourself to bring forth a thing of beauty, that is because that is the meaning I have attached to a butterfly. What if, when you were a child, you had a dream that you were attacked and eaten by a butterfly? You would probably not attach the same meaning to it as I did!  Go within yourself and find meaning in rituals, or certain meaningful objects.

Think of an affirmation that describes what you would like to achieve for the second half of the year and focus on that intention during your ritual. Make sure it is seven words or less (something taught to me by my shamanic mentor, which she learned from her mentor... too many words cause a weakened affirmation.)  You could do something artistic, like write it out on a piece of wood or a rock and place it in a natural setting. Be sure to ask permission from any natural object before using it for a ritual. Many people ask me how to know whether the object has given you permission or not. I get an inside feeling, like yes or no. Sometimes, especially on rocks, I will see a smiley face if it is a yes or a frown if it is a no.

Here are some sample affirmations:

 My life is blessed with abundant prosperity .

I enjoy abundant health.

My relationships are mutually beneficial for all.

I manifest a deeper Divine connection.

I surrender my plans to the Universe.

My path is headed in the right direction.

I now easily manifest.......(you fill in the blanks)

In my spiritual class to be held at my home in Winchester, Virginia, on the solstice, we are going to celebrate using all four elements, water, fire, air and earth, using these elements to increase the power of our intentions. We will seek council from Spirit for adjusting our intentions, and thank the Universe by drumming, dancing, and other powerful rituals. If you would like to join with us as we magnify our intentions by doing them in a group, contact me for directions and instructions.

You can contact me here: or just visit my website

Sunday, June 9, 2013


June is upon us and with it comes the realization that half of this year is gone!

In January when the year began I remember blogging about having a theme for the year.  Did you connect with Spirit and receive any guidance as to what your theme was for this year? And how are you doing with that? Do you even remember what your theme was?

Universally according to numerology we are in a "six" year. This is a year of relationships. In the tarot this theme is also highlighted in the lovers card, also a six.

This card gives you a feeling of the story of Adam and Eve. The lovers card of the tarot is not primarily the card of lovers, per se, but a card about relationships with one another, relationships to our Higher Guidance, and, of course, about making choices based upon our perceptions of those relationships.

Universally, you may find yourself involved in contemplating relationships in general. The relationship between yourself and someone else, the relationship you have with God or your Higher Guidance system, and, of course, your relationship with yourself. In this card we see that Eve also had somewhat of a relationship with the serpent, depicted many times as the devil, or the tempter, but in reality, the serpent made Eve aware of her choices. Until she was made aware that she in fact had a choice, she was basically living in ignorance. 

 Knowledge is our greatest gift and that which sets us free.

 If we don't know we have a choice, then we will continue to live in ignorance. Does this ring true for you? Have you noticed a theme in play relative to choices regarding relationships this year? Of course we all also have individual themes, based upon our own personal numbers, like our birthdate and other factors, but universally relationships is a big one this year. How are we seeing this playing out in our personal lives?

How is your most important relationship.. the one with yourself?

  I received at the beginning of the year the message that my theme for this year was..

 Embrace your power. 

 I did not understand this theme at first. Power is often misunderstood and misused. Power is not necessarily power over others. I was reminded that our biggest fear is often not that we will fail, but that we will succeed!

We are all powerful beyond measure, and most of us don't even know it!

We have become accustomed to striving for more, working hard to achieve a goal. What if we received the revelation that these things were in fact in our grasp, and the only thing stopping us was  our own fears or lack of knowledge in how to embrace what we already possessed?

This theme is  very close to the theme of the lovers card. Eve learned that the choice was hers. Knowledge was in fact in her grasp. She chose knowledge over blind obedience. Is this blasphemy? I think not. Some say that it was in the Divine Plan all along, for Eve to make the choice she made. In the myth she brought upon the earth the need to strive, the need to work and sow and reap and till the earth to produce a harvest. However, her choice also brought about an understanding. Some say knowledge is the supreme goal of life.  

Once we receive the revelation that we are magnificent and powerful creative beings, there is nothing that can stand in our way!

What things are holding you back? Is there sickness, financial lack, relationship problems? You can become a powerful manifesting expert. The first step is to embrace the magnificent soul that you are and expect great things to happen in your life!

Instead of expecting a fight with your ex over money or children, expect that every interaction will be a pleasant one and that all will benefit. Instead of expecting  your demanding boss to grate on your nerves, expect that every time you interact it will be pleasant and beneficial to everyone. Expect your customers to love your work and be excited to give you money for your expertise! Expect a good report at the doctor. Expect to feel good every morning when you wake up! Yes, there might be natural steps you need to take. You might have to stop needless spending or refrain from eating junk food. You might have to make compromises with your ex or your boss. You might have to work your day off once in a while.

You are a powerful soul who incarnated to make a difference in the world and manifest greatness!

Just for today, think about what brings you joy. This is a powerful clue as to why you are here and what is your theme. As we move into this year's summer solstice, a powerful day for manifesting energy, think about what you would like the rest of this year to bring for you.  Is it more money, more love, or increased health? Or would you like to increase your spiritual significance on the earth? Would you like to feel more fulfilled, more joyful, more energetic?

If you feel like you would like some additional guidance from Spirit relating your your theme, or how to achieve your goals, you can receive additional personalized input by contacting me on my website. I offer personal sessions, by phone, email, or in person, to help you tune in to Spirit and receive guidance and also help with tuning in for yourself and walking in your power. Contact me through my website and set up your session today! Let us not waste another day as we move forward in these powerful times!