Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Playing to a Different Audience

I was brought up believing that we could expect direct communication with God, the Holy Spirit and Jesus. It was not uncommon to ask for direction and messages from the Higher Realms. However, we were also taught that those who received communications and messages from any sources that were not recognized to be that of God, were, by default, coming from the opposite source, the Devil. All psychics, mediums, "fortune tellers", or anyone who claimed prophetic powers outside of the confines of the church were labeled sinful and we were instructed to stay away from those types of people.

Fast forward several years to adulthood. I became pretty proficient at receiving messages from the Higher Realms, both personal messages to individuals and also those messages that were directed at larger groups of people. Sometimes my messages were embraced, and sometimes not so much. After I was informed that my messages were no longer welcome in the church that I attended, I went through a period of silence, when I assumed my gift had been taken away due to my detachment from organized religion. Also, since I had no relationship with any group of people, I felt like I had no one to tell my messages to anyway.

Eventually I learned that my gift had not been taken away. I began to receive messages again which I wrote down and made public via the internet. I became aware that my messages were coming from the same place deep down inside my spirit like before but because of my detachment from organized religion, I didn't necessarily tell people that the messages were from God Himself. I began to ask these Voices who they were and all I received was that they were Higher Beings of Love and Light. This could interpret to mean Jesus and the Holy Spirit, or it may not. They told me  it didn't really matter who I said the messages were from. I could say that they were from the dog next door if I wanted to as long as the message got out and someone benefited from it. I then realized that we humans are the ones who like to use labels. We like to say I received a message from Jesus or maybe the Ganesha ( a Hindu God) or the Great Spirit, or the Archangel Gabriel. The actual Higher Beings are not so much concerned with labels. Over time I have realized that there is spirit within all of us and that it is all One Spirit. We are connected to the Higher Beings, to the frogs in the pond, to the bats and the squirrels and the crow. Spirit can use anything to give us a message if we will only listen. The Higher Beings told me that tuning into Spirit is like tuning into a radio signal. Some like to tune into country music, some pop, some bluegrass. They can tailor the messages They want to get out to appeal to the audience They want it to be sent out to.

Recently I remembered a message I had given many years ago to a good friend who is also a talented musician. At that time he had been somewhat discouraged because he had been given so many wonderful lyrics to popular songs, but many people in the church did not like the songs he was playing. I had told him he was playing to the wrong audience. He had been given lyrics to popular songs because those songs would be recognized and appreciated by those outside of the four walls of a church. The thought came to me that the same was true for me. I had been receiving messages while I was in the confines of a particular religion. That religion was taken away. When I began to receive messages again I knew that the messages were coming from the same Place in the Higher Realms, but I felt uncomfortable saying I was getting them from Jesus Himself or even the Holy Spirit. Instead I said that I was receiving them from the Angels. Who knows. Maybe I was receiving the messages from the Angels all the time. Maybe it was always Jesus. Sometimes I still see Jesus when I am visiting the Other Realms. I no longer think he is mad at me. However, I also no longer think that if I don't give Jesus credit for being the Source of my messages, that I am going to burn in hell. Now I believe that if I feel love and joy when I am receiving my messages, that it is coming from a good place. It occurs to me that I am like that friend the musician who is playing for a different audience. His songs are still coming from his heart. My messages are coming from the Higher Realms, just like before. I am playing for a different audience now. I have changed the wording a little. I am more in tune with the energy of love and light now than before. I am not afraid of the Devil anymore.

So if I say I got a message from the frog in my backyard or if I say that I stood face to face with Jesus, know that both messages are coming from a place of love. And it is all good.

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