Thursday, October 27, 2011


In my previous blog I wrote about a soul retrieval which I  embarked on initially for myself and ended up rescuing soul parts for two others while I was there. Here are a few questions I imagine that people may be asking. How do I know if pieces of my soul are missing? Will I feel different when they come back?

We as souls have lived many lives. My perception of soul loss is that in this life or other lifetimes, we have experienced as human beings many traumatic experiences. These events have left imprints on our souls. As a healer when someone comes to me with a pain in their stomach, I can focus reiki healing energy into their physical body, but what if the pain is an imprint of some sort of emotional damage that took place long ago, either in this life or some other lifetime? I have encountered experiences in which those I have journeyed for were experiencing fears or pains in this lifetime that directly related to occurrences that happened in previous lifetimes. When the root cause was discovered, the fear or pain in this lifetime disappeared. Why does the fear or pain occur seemingly out of nowhere? I can't explain that. It is possible that when a person reaches a certain age that their cells suddenly remember the occurrences that traumatized them and the pain or fear suddenly triggers. I remember soon after my second marriage having an unfounded fear of my husband dying. I never had this fear with my first husband. After several months of reoccurring panic attacks I contacted the part of my soul that was fearful and told her that the occurrence I was fearful of had already happened in a previous lifetime and there was no reason to be afraid in this lifetime. I also had to contact my husband's soul and remind him that his time to go was not yet. It is possible for our souls to repeat tragic occurrences in multiple lifetimes when the issue is not resolved in that lifetime. It was important for my soul to come to terms with this loss to prevent it from happening again. Several years later I found the fear coming back for a short time and I realized that this time I had to give permission to my husband's soul to do whatever was best for his soul's growth and purpose. This was extremely difficult but when I did the fear dissipated.

What if I do a profound journey for someone and they notice no changes? Every soul of every person has to choose whether or not to accept major changes in their psyche. Sometimes soul retrievals are such a major change that the person has trouble assimilating the new soul into their current body. If this is the case the part of their soul may return to its hiding place. Sometimes change is difficult. We may have become accustomed to living our lives with a particular pain in our body or a specific fear. It may be more fearful to our current incarnated soul to live without the malady than it is to heal. Sometimes we become accustomed to our weaknesses and to live without them means we have to make some major changes that may be difficult. Our minds may not know how to live any other way. However, if we have desired a change, then eventually the healing will come, in one form or another.

Can we request a soul retrieval on behalf of someone else? This is possible, but if the person is not aware of the soul retrieval, even though their higher self has given permission for the journey, the changes may be slower to see as an outside person looking on. I have done soul retrievals for people by contacting their higher selves, but success is never guaranteed. Once a parent asked me to do a soul retrieval for his son who had been missing for six months or so. The very day that I did the journey and reunited his higher self with several missing soul parts, his physical self decided to contact his parents. Once I did a journey for a man in a coma, and although he woke up soon after I did the journey, eventually his soul decided to part this lifetime anyway. We can never cross free will, and I will never do a journey for someone if I don't have permission from the person or at least their higher self.

I may initially attempt a soul retrieval for someone and soon discover that the issue this person's guides or angels have in mind is completely different. I always ask the person's guides and angels to accompany me on the journey and I always ask for the most important information for that person to come forth. If the person wants something in particular, then of course I focus on the issue the person has in mind. Otherwise I leave it to my guides and the other person's for the greatest good to come of the session.

Some may question whether the shamanic practitioner is actually consulting with the Highest Source of All Good or not. My answer to that is that if good comes from these techniques and healings take place then they could not be coming from a bad place. Our perceptions of what is good and what is evil have been much influenced by our upbringing and our culture. Obviously there is more than one way to skin a cat, so to speak. If good things are happening from practicing these techniques, then there is no reason to question their source. I applaud any way of believing and thinking that brings healing and promotes love and the experience of joy in a person's life.

We as souls are much more than what we see when we look in the mirror. We are multi-faceted beings, having lived for much longer than the few years we have spent on the earth in this particular incarnation. The reason I believe this is because of the evidence I have encountered while doing the non physical journeys. I have seen amazing changes after bringing a soul from another lifetime back to the person for whom I was journeying. I want all the pieces of myself with me in this lifetime as I experience all life has to offer. Thanks to all my guides and angels as they assist me in this endeavor.

Monday, October 24, 2011

The Dagger

Recently I was doing my workout routine and I seemed to strain a muscle in my back. For the first few hours I could barely function normally. A couple of Advils later, I was still feeling the effects. I went ahead and went to work, and luckily was able to perform my tasks without too much pain. I wasn't thinking about the soreness being anything other than just a strained muscle from my workout routine. I am such an exercise enthusiast, however, so the next morning I decided that I would just take it easy and walk or run on my treadmill. For some reason I seem to have difficulty connecting with my guides on my treadmill, even though I have some amazing encounters when I run outside. At first they were not cooperating with my attempts to contact them. I completed my workout and began to slow the treadmill down to cool down. I decided to send some healing energy into my back and I had a flash of a dagger sent into my energy field that landed in my back.

My guides revealed to me that yes, a psychic attack had occurred. I thought I would share a little about a psychic attack because I have not always been convinced that they exist. Usually I am a very positive person and try to surround myself always with love and light. Most of the time this shields me from any negative energy that comes my way. The more I have surrounded myself with love and have focused on loving everyone who comes into my life, whether they are there just for a moment or for an extended period of time, I have found that usually the energy from negative people never affects me.

Years ago when I believed in the devil and demons and all that stuff, and I was always praying them away or believing that the bad things that happened to me were the work of an unseen enemy, it seemed that my life was more of a battle than it is now. Oh, yes there are challenges, but I choose to always look on the bright side and avoid seeing any challenges as an attack. But my guides told me that this pain in my back was a psychic attack. So I could not ignore it.

Sometimes a psychic attack will occur when someone thinks or says something bad about you. They may or may not be consciously sending the "dagger" with the intent to harm you, but thoughts and words are like prayers, and the energy of those thoughts and words has power. I think where I opened the door to the dagger being allowed into my energy field is when I posted a recent blog and had the thought and maybe even said that some who read it may think I am crazy when I post some of my journeys. Some may even "pray" that things will happen to stop my words from being read or my healing work to continue. I guess the reason my thoughts went in this direction is because of  my background in a certain religion who now would most likely frown upon my chosen path. As soon as I thought the thought that some may think I was crazy, then I opened the door for that to occur. When I realized this then I shut the door and sent love and light to anyone reading my blogs and asked the Angels to only allow those who would benefit from them to be allowed to read them.

However, I still had to remove the dagger. I contacted my Angels and guides and asked for the Spiritual Surgeons to come and gently remove the dagger. I focused love and light on the painful area and visualized the Angels removing the dagger and giving it to  the Mother Goddess. I also sent love to the sender of the dagger and visualized the door closing which allowed the dagger to pass into my energy field. I imagine whoever sent it did not do it intentionally.

Within a couple of minutes the pain in my back decreased dramatically and now there is just a twinge when I turn a certain way. I am convinced of the power of psychic healing.

Sometimes when we have pain or a sickness, it is just because we live on the earth and we dwell in a physical body. But sometimes there is a spiritual or emotional cause. Contact with our Angels and guides will determine the cause and healing can come when the answer is revealed. They will not cross our predetermined path, however. Sometimes it just has to run its course. Sometimes there is a lesson in it for us. Thanks to the Angels and guides for their participation in my life and for the lessons they are teaching me. Thanks for letting me know where I opened the door and then assisting me in closing it. And thanks that my back feels better and I am off to the next adventure!!

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Travels Into the Other Realms..

As a shamanic practitioner I often visit the nonphysical realms to find out information for a client or rescue parts of their souls that have gotten stuck in other places. Sometimes I get information about the reason those pieces of their souls are stuck and sometimes I just see the missing soul parts hiding out in dark corners, closets, caves, or other places where those soul parts may feel safe. Sometimes the pieces of a soul look like the person I am journeying for, and sometimes they just look like sparks of light.

Today I had decided to journey for myself. I love to journey when I am running, and it was a perfect day. I put on my favorite running shoes and out the door I went. The sun was shining but not to the point of discomfort. There was a cool breeze blowing and immediately I felt that giddy feeling that I get when I know I am going to have a good experience. I contacted my angels and guides and asked them to accompany me to the astral planes to see if there were any missing soul parts that were ready to come back. No matter how spiritually mature we think we are and no matter how wonderful our life seems to be, there always seems to be room for improvement. I knew that I had some soul parts that were ready to come home because I had been made aware of some common symptoms of soul loss that I had been noticing for some time. Some of these "symptoms" include memory loss, feeling "spacey", having a desire to be someplace other than the earth realm, and aches and pains that do not have a natural physical explanation. There are many other tell tale signs, but these are the ones that I had noticed recently.

I had been noticing an ache in my left knee for a little while, and yes, I know that this is common for a runner, but one day during a self healing session on my knee, I had seen a very large man with a very ancient weapon that looked like a baseball bat with a large heavy metal ball on the end containing sharp points. I didn't feel like this man was attacking me but that he was me, or I was him in another lifetime. I saw some sort of altercation and I saw this large weapon hit the inside of my knee. So it was no surprise when this man showed up first when I asked to reclaim some lost soul parts. This is how it occurred.

I reached the astral plane and I saw a mirror. I looked into the mirror and saw another version of myself. My guides told me to walk through the mirror. As I did the image I saw in the mirror joined me in my body. She said in this plane her name was Deborah, after the warrior judge in the Old Testament who ruled Israel for a time. She took me to a lifetime very long ago and showed me that man who I had seen before when I was doing a healing on my knee. His name was Rolf. He was very large and very strong. And there was that weapon that I had seen before. I asked him if he would like to rejoin me in this lifetime. I asked him why he had stayed behind. And then I saw two women. He pointed to them and told me that he had stayed to look after them and he was not leaving without them. I recognized them at once as two close family members. They were living in a large dwelling and Rolf told me that they were enslaved there. He told me that we had to rescue them if we were to leave that place. Of course I never rescue souls without their permission so I asked their higher selves for permission to rescue them from this large dwelling where they were enslaved. They both agreed. One of them was sitting at her desk at the office where she works in real life and the other was resting at home. So off we went to save their enslaved souls.

I noticed that they had a sort of shackle on their ankles to keep them from escaping but the shackles were not attached to anything. It was revealed to me that they had been enslaved for so long that now they were free to come and go but had made no attempt to escape. The hardest thing would be to convince them that they were free to go. Eventually I was successful in getting them out of the dwelling where they lived but the psychic bonds were a little more difficult to remove. I was able to release them from the shackles around their ankles with a key that was given to me by the Angels. Then psychically I was able to see that there were also shackles on one of the girls wrists, on her head, and on her female parts. As I put the key in the lock that held them in place, they immediately opened and fell off. Then out of the shackles rose this very large entity the likes of whom I had never seen in any sort of reality. He was gooey and large and green. I asked the Angels to escort him away from the young girl and eventually he agreed. I acknowledged that he had completed whatever assignment he had taken and was now released into the hands of the Angels. I made sure he was gone and then I had to clean the goo off of the girl and wash her from head to toe with this sort of spiritual soap.

Rolf now agreed to rejoin me in this lifetime. We came back into my body that was still out running on this beautiful day. At first it was a little strange because immediately my body felt so much larger than it is in this lifetime. I felt like I was running carrying a large coat of armour. I told Rolf that I did not need this armour in this lifetime nor did I really need this  large body. I would like to keep the body I had, thank you very much. Immediately I once again felt at home in my body, but with more strength than before.

I am hoping my two family members feel the effects of this rescue as well, although I have no yet communicated with either of them. I thought I would share this experience so that someone interested in a journey could get a feel for what to expect. A person does not have to be present with me as I journey for them, as you can see by this story. I get a lot of good information while I am running and my clients would have a hard time accompanying me on those particular visits to the unseen realms. However, I also gather a lot of good information with the client present with me. Both experiences are healing and liberating to many people.

I am happy to welcome this lost soul part home to this body in this lifetime. We need all the parts of our souls to completely experience our lives to the fullest and complete whatever our highest selves have determined our purpose is for this lifetime. Welcome home, Rolf. On the next adventure!!

Friday, October 14, 2011

Welcoming in My Higher Self

Yesterday evening I did a meditation I had read about that welcomes my highest self or oversoul, as some call it, into my physical body to accompany me as I live my day to day life. Even though I feel pretty together most of the time, after reading about this meditation I thought, sounds interesting, I think I will try it.

After relaxing my body and concentrating on my breath for a few moments, I imagined myself traveling into the astral plane. To me this looked like traveling into the higher realms to a place of love and light. It was bright there with lots of colors flying about. I asked to meet my higher self and when she appeared it surprised me that I had seen her before! She looked very much like the angel I described in a previous blog that looked purple and I had decided to call Amelia. I said to her, I didn't know you were my higher self, I thought you were an angel!! She just laughed and didn't say anything. I asked her if she would like to join me in my body and she agreed. I imagined her coming into my body and then traveling back to the physical plane. The meditation didn't last but a few minutes, but it was very powerful. I thought I would share it because this was not the end of the story.

Last night after doing the meditation I had a dream. In the dream my husband Clay and I had bought a house.  We were going home one evening when it had snowed and the weather was bad. The road to the house was treacherous but we finally arrived. Upon going into the house, we discovered that the old owners of the house had come back and had taken the refrigerator, the toilet, the stove, and some other key items. I was a bit upset to think that I had assumed these items came with the house but now they were gone. However, when I went into another room, I saw that the previous owner had replaced the old refrigerator, toilet, etc. with brand new items but had not yet installed them or put them where they belonged. I realized that these items were brand spanking new and seemed to be technologically advanced far beyond the old items that he had taken away. I even looked inside the refrigerator and it was full of food!

When I awoke I realized this dream was significant in relation to my meditation the night before. When we dream of houses it often represents our soul. The dream signified that my soul was entering a "new" phase with the presence now of my higher self and some of my old "plumbing" was now being replaced with brand spanking new technology. The fact that the items had not yet been installed may indicate that there is still some work to be done. My husband being with me in the dream represents the message that we are in this journey together. It possibly could also mean that there are some new things in store for us together. The treacherous road to the house represented that the path to this place has not always been easy but we made it here safely.

I would recommend this meditation for anyone wishing to raise up to a higher level in their spiritual walk. I am looking forward to more surprises on the horizon as my higher self and I walk this path together. If you decide to do this meditation, be sure to ask your Angels and Guides to accompany you and when your higher self appears, you should recognize her(or him). She should look something like you or seem familiar to you. Ask him or her to join you as you walk your path in this physical realm. If he or she says no, then that means there is some other healing work that needs to happen first. If you need help with the other healing work, you can contact me or another trusted healer for help. Best wishes on your path!!

Sunday, October 9, 2011

Thank You

I am thinking of a favorite song of mine by Alanis Morrisette....I think it is called Thank You....

I haven't thought of this song in several years but there for awhile it was my theme song. The singer thanks all the bad things that have happened to her in her life because it brought her so much enlightenment, at least this is my interpretation. "Thank you terror, thank you disillusionment, thank you frailty, thank you consequence, thank you silence....." of my favorite lines......" how 'bout me not blaming you for everything, how bout me enjoying a moment for once.."

Yesterday I was in a class and we had to go around in a circle and tell each other a little bit about ourselves and what brought us to where we are today. This class was a class where I received my certificate of Reiki Master Practitioner. I was thinking of how I got to where I am today. I think the turning point in my life was the day I realized that the messages I was receiving from Spirit were not being listened to or appreciated.  I felt betrayed by those who taught me to hear from Spirit in the first place. I felt betrayed by the Holy Spirit who was giving me the messages that seemed to be always getting me in trouble. I felt completely miserable in my relationships and in the religion that had always given my life meaning and purpose. That day I completely lost my identity. And it would be many years before I found out who I really was but if I had not lost the person who I thought I was, I never would have found the person I have become.

But back to those words in the song. How bout me not blaming you for everything......who did I blame? I blamed the religion that taught me how to hear from Spirit and then did not like the messages I received. I blamed my first husband for the depression and despair. And then one day I realized that I was the one who created those experiences. And if I had not experienced the despair I would not have searched for something else. My ex did not make me depressed. I did that to myself. That was my soul crying out that there was something more out there that I had not discovered yet. Without the despair I would not have searched for something more. Without the disillusionment in one belief system I would not have searched for something else.

So thank you, disillusionment. Thank you silence. When there is silence I search within for my answers. Thank you frailty. That is when I find the strength within myself........."How bout how good it feels to finally forgive you?" 

Today I think the Angels reminded me of those dark days many years ago because maybe there are those out there who are disillusioned. Don't allow the disillusionment to make you bitter. Instead allow it to be a stepping stone for whatever is next. It might take awhile before you find it. But thank the silence, thank the terror, thank the disillusionment. One day you will look back and see those days as the days that completely changed your life. And then you will say thank you.. thank you...

I am who I am today because one day many years ago I was disillusioned. I was sad. I was betrayed. And yes, maybe I felt sorry for myself for awhile but then I got up and I started looking. I looked for something better. I looked for love. And I found it within myself. And yes. Sometimes I love and it appears that I am taken advantage of. But if I don't consider myself to be taken advantage of then it doesn't matter, does it? And one day the Angels started talking again. Or maybe I just started listening again.

What do you think you will find when you start thanking the events that have tormented you? Thank those who have hurt you, who have betrayed you, who have taken advantage of you. For those are the events that cause you to look within for all the love, all the joy you can handle. Stop blaming and start's time.