Monday, October 24, 2011

The Dagger

Recently I was doing my workout routine and I seemed to strain a muscle in my back. For the first few hours I could barely function normally. A couple of Advils later, I was still feeling the effects. I went ahead and went to work, and luckily was able to perform my tasks without too much pain. I wasn't thinking about the soreness being anything other than just a strained muscle from my workout routine. I am such an exercise enthusiast, however, so the next morning I decided that I would just take it easy and walk or run on my treadmill. For some reason I seem to have difficulty connecting with my guides on my treadmill, even though I have some amazing encounters when I run outside. At first they were not cooperating with my attempts to contact them. I completed my workout and began to slow the treadmill down to cool down. I decided to send some healing energy into my back and I had a flash of a dagger sent into my energy field that landed in my back.

My guides revealed to me that yes, a psychic attack had occurred. I thought I would share a little about a psychic attack because I have not always been convinced that they exist. Usually I am a very positive person and try to surround myself always with love and light. Most of the time this shields me from any negative energy that comes my way. The more I have surrounded myself with love and have focused on loving everyone who comes into my life, whether they are there just for a moment or for an extended period of time, I have found that usually the energy from negative people never affects me.

Years ago when I believed in the devil and demons and all that stuff, and I was always praying them away or believing that the bad things that happened to me were the work of an unseen enemy, it seemed that my life was more of a battle than it is now. Oh, yes there are challenges, but I choose to always look on the bright side and avoid seeing any challenges as an attack. But my guides told me that this pain in my back was a psychic attack. So I could not ignore it.

Sometimes a psychic attack will occur when someone thinks or says something bad about you. They may or may not be consciously sending the "dagger" with the intent to harm you, but thoughts and words are like prayers, and the energy of those thoughts and words has power. I think where I opened the door to the dagger being allowed into my energy field is when I posted a recent blog and had the thought and maybe even said that some who read it may think I am crazy when I post some of my journeys. Some may even "pray" that things will happen to stop my words from being read or my healing work to continue. I guess the reason my thoughts went in this direction is because of  my background in a certain religion who now would most likely frown upon my chosen path. As soon as I thought the thought that some may think I was crazy, then I opened the door for that to occur. When I realized this then I shut the door and sent love and light to anyone reading my blogs and asked the Angels to only allow those who would benefit from them to be allowed to read them.

However, I still had to remove the dagger. I contacted my Angels and guides and asked for the Spiritual Surgeons to come and gently remove the dagger. I focused love and light on the painful area and visualized the Angels removing the dagger and giving it to  the Mother Goddess. I also sent love to the sender of the dagger and visualized the door closing which allowed the dagger to pass into my energy field. I imagine whoever sent it did not do it intentionally.

Within a couple of minutes the pain in my back decreased dramatically and now there is just a twinge when I turn a certain way. I am convinced of the power of psychic healing.

Sometimes when we have pain or a sickness, it is just because we live on the earth and we dwell in a physical body. But sometimes there is a spiritual or emotional cause. Contact with our Angels and guides will determine the cause and healing can come when the answer is revealed. They will not cross our predetermined path, however. Sometimes it just has to run its course. Sometimes there is a lesson in it for us. Thanks to the Angels and guides for their participation in my life and for the lessons they are teaching me. Thanks for letting me know where I opened the door and then assisting me in closing it. And thanks that my back feels better and I am off to the next adventure!!

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