Wednesday, November 2, 2011

The House on the Hill

Recently I dreamed I was out driving in my car, with no particular destination, that I could ascertain, but just out for a drive along some pleasant country roads. At some point it started raining, just a light mist, and after driving for quite sometime, I started to wonder where I was. I saw a beautiful expansive mansion to the right with a large covered parking lot, so I decided to stop. It looked like it could be some sort of museum, or one of those historical sites that are open to the public. I wandered in and began to stroll through the large, beautifully decorated rooms, with ornate wall hangings and exquisite antiques embellishing every room.  At some point I sat on one of the lush Victorian couches, when I was approached by a doting older couple, who struck a conversation with me and even took me through the house, pointing out to me some of the highlights of the decor. At some point in the dream I began to realize that this house seemed to belong to this older couple, and that it possibly was not at all one of those estates that are open to the public. When I asked them they agreed, that, yes, this was their house. I asked why they had not escorted me out or even asked me why I had just come into their home uninvited and began looking around. They just smiled and said that it looked like I had been driving awhile and could use a little respite from my journeys. I was completely embarrassed that I had just barged into a private home and quickly began to leave, but the couple was so entertaining and friendly, and made sure I knew my way back home. I assured them that I did, and made my way out the door. I knew that I had my GPS on my phone and could easily find my way home, so it wasn't one of those dreams where I am in my car and lost with no idea where I am or how to get home, which I used to dream frequently years ago.

Upon awakening I contemplated what this dream could mean. In the past when I have dreamt of  being in my car and wandering aimlessly, I am lost and am usually quite beside myself with grief trying to find my way, but in this dream I was perfectly content and calm, with no thought of anxiety or panic. I thought that possibly the older couple could be Angels, who intersected my journeys through this life with a little piece of heaven and friendly conversation, just to let me know that while I journey through life, there will be places of rest and comfort that will be offered to me where I can recharge, before embarking on my path home. This could also be one of those astro traveling dreams, where my soul actually traveled to a physical place and visited an actual couple, either living or dead, and engaged in conversation with them. At this point my Angels have not revealed to me who they were or why I had the dream.

Sometimes when we are traveling through life it is nice to just be able to stop and rest, get recharged, and be sent on our way. Our dreams are one way the Angels choose to accomplish this task. Thanks, Angels, or whoever you were, for your hospitality and pleasant conversation. Maybe we will see each other again.

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