Friday, January 10, 2014

Today's Message From the Tarot - Two of Wands

Today's card is the two of wands. Here we see a man holding the world in one hand and his staff, or wand in his other hand. Behind him is his other wand secured to a wall behind which he stands as he looks out into the unknown. The sky is blue and he looks over a lush landscape and a beautiful body of water.

This card is all about adventure. This man has everything he needs, but he feels trapped behind a wall of his own making. He is dressed well and from appearances he seems to be doing well for himself. But it is not enough. This man longs for the unknown.

The message for today seems to be to get out of your comfort zone! Do something out of the ordinary! Find adventure! The world is at your fingertips, but don't stand behind a concrete wall of security and familiarity! Do something different!

If you are trying to manifest change in your life, this is a wonderful card to meditate on! Look at how this man is gazing out into a vast, open and inviting landscape. It does not appear that the landscape is overly inhabited. The security of his home and his life that he has built for himself is stifling him. He is ready for something new!

If you are ready for something new, then do something you would not ordinarily do! It can be something simple, like drive to work on a different route than the one you normally take. Eat something different for breakfast. Brush  your teeth after you take your shower instead of before. The Universe will notice the shift and begin to shift other things in  your direction as well!

Then when you get a little braver, then take a bigger step. If you are looking for romance you might join a club, or even an online dating site. If you are looking for a new career you might check out the newspaper or start researching getting some education in a different field. Baby steps. You don't have to quit your job and move to another state right away. Or maybe you do. This card is all about looking beyond what you would normally do, say or be.

Today if you are contemplating change in your life, the Universe is telling you to move beyond what is stable and comfortable and take a risk!

There is an alternative message here that I think is worth mentioning.

I was doing a reading for a woman recently who was trying to choose between two men and this card came up for one of the men. At first I thought that it was a good card for this man, that he was looking beyond what he had always been and trying to do more for himself. But in this particular case it was the man with whom this woman had been married and separated a number of times. I realized that in this particular case this card meant that this man was always going to be looking elsewhere for something new and adventurous. He was never going to be satisfied with what he had, but would always be a wanderer, and that is not very good marriage material. In her case she realized that when they were together, he was not satisfied, that he was unhappy and prone to affairs. But when she would leave him, he was beside himself with ooey gooey lovey dovey remorse, trying to woo her back. Most times she fell for the game and went back. But this card indicated that this man always wanted what he didn't have, so  he would constantly be the one longing for what was out beyond the walls of his life, not appreciating the wealth of love and happiness that was available to him right in his own home.

Maybe you are the one who is itching for adventure, unsatisfied with the life available to you. It seems that when you create something wonderful, for some reason, once you have it, you don't want it anymore. You can't put your finger on why but you are restless.

We all know people who are constantly in and out of relationships. Instead of looking at and appreciating the goodness in the people who are around them, they are constantly finding reasons why they need to look elsewhere, just in case there is someone out there who is "better" than the person they are already with.

Relationships take work. Let me encourage you that if your partner is not abusive and you cannot think of any reason why you are unhappy other than the fact that you are bored then you give it another try! Do something fun and adventurous together! Don't go looking elsewhere just yet!

On the one hand, the two of cups is enticing us to adventure! On the other hand, it is also asking us to appreciate what we already have in our hands! The man in this card is holding the world in his hands, but he is not satisfied. He has all of the things most of us long for: stability, wealth, security, and comfort. And yet there is something missing in his life. Is that missing piece a simple case of ingratitude to the Universe for what has already been provided? Or has he reached a stage in his life where he needs to let go of what he knows, and set out on something new and previously uncharted?

Only you can decide what this card means for you today.

Just for today, be thankful for all of the blessings in your life. Be present in the things you have already manifested. Look inside your heart to know if that twinge of unsettled longing is perhaps the call of Spirit to branch out into new territory, or if it is simply your own boredom causing you to forget the blessings that are right at your own fingertips.

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  1. Love this message today.

  2. "Look inside your heart to know if that twinge of unsettled longing is perhaps the call of Spirit to branch out into new territory,' That is EXACTLY what I needed to hear today!

    1. So glad the message spoke to you Dominee!! Thanks for reading!!