Monday, December 27, 2010

More About Signs

I was driving to work the other morning, my usual route, when one of my Guides said to me, "what if you were driving in Japan and couldn't read the signs because they were all in Japanese?" What a thought! Sometimes my Guides do that. They just throw something out there to me and let me chew on it awhile...And these are the thoughts I had........

We have universal road signs with pictures that mean the same in every language. It is the same with the signs that come from our Guides and Angels. There are universal signs that pretty much mean the same thing to everyone, but then there are signs that may mean something different to me than they would to you. I have read at least ten different interpretations of the significance of the lunar eclipse a few days ago, and everyone has a different way of looking at the significance of Christmas. So who is right? All of us!! We are all living together on this planet but we are each having an individual experience. Our reasons for incarnating might be different as well as the lessons we are learning from this Earth school. Some say we are not here to learn lessons. We are just here to experience what we cannot experience on the other side. Hmmm. Maybe that is true for some. And some are here to learn lessons. Some may be here to help others learn their lessons. So our Guides are here to sometimes throw a sign out there to lead us in the right direction. Do you think your Guide will send you a sign you cannot read? Do you think he will send you a sign written in Japanese if you can only speak English? I don't think so. In the same way our Guides know when something is significant enough to deserve a sign, then we will be able to read the sign and understand it.

Sometimes we have to do a little investigating to find out what messages our Guides are sending us. I am sure they send us plenty of signs that we miss. So they send them again. And again. That is why sometimes we find the same things keep happening to us over and over.

Then there are people who can help us interpret our signs. The best person to interpret a sign is always yourself, but if you are stumped, there is help. What is significant to me may mean something totally different to you. I was connecting with the loved ones of a client the other day and happened to mention that I could see him driving around in a red convertible on the Other Side. I thought it meant he was happy and having fun. The mother's eyes got huge and remarked that he had a red convertible while in this life. I think it was a sign to show his mom that he really was communicating with us and that he had indeed made it to the Other Side and was okay.

I think my Guides were just telling me that I needed to let people know that they will always send signs that they understand. Sometimes we may feel that our signs are written in Japanese but if that is the case then our Guides will send us an interpreter. Trust in the signs you receive and trust yourself that you will get the message.

Thursday, December 23, 2010

What's in Your Closet?

I am of the belief that our outer life reflects our inner life. Very often I can read a person just by the way they live their lives and the things going on with them. Certain pains in certain areas of our bodies symbolize issues we may be struggling with in our emotions or in our relationships. Even the way we keep house or the condition of our car says something about us.

Last week a friend called and asked me to send her healing energy because she was having severe pain in her left breast. I asked her if she was having any problems with her daughter or another female. Our left side is our female side and our breasts represent the nurturing part of ourselves. She said no but after a little while she later told me that after we got off the phone her daughter called and they got into a huge argument. Hmmmm...

My husband loves to drive his car with little or no gas in it. Of course he doesn't see this as symbolic but it reminds me of the fact that he is always running, always busy busy busy and frequently seems exhausted, with good reason. Running low on gas could represent the fact that he is not taking enough time to fill himself back up. He could use some "me" time.

One of his pet peeves about me is that I frequently leave closet doors open and lights on. When I really want to annoy him, I will go through the house and open all the doors and turn on all the lights. The other day he was complaining about this and I told him that it was a good thing. There are no secrets hidden in my closets, I am an open book. The lights always being on represent to me that there is always light around me, my Higher Guidance system, in the form of Angels, Guides, etc. Our house is always full.

Yes the closet doors are frequently left open but they are all very full. I imagine that there are things I could let go of that are no longer useful to me. The other day I began to clean out a closet and ended up throwing away three bags of old outdated food articles. I am sure some of the other closets could use a cleaning as well. At this point in time I am sending the message out into the Universe that I am ready to release all those things that are outdated and no longer useful to my journey.

With the recent full moon, winter solstice, and lunar eclipse all happening on the same day, I believe the Universe is giving us a chance to magnify our intentions and start in a new direction. It could be as simple as losing five pounds, or quitting smoking, or it could be selling a house or leaving a toxic relationship. Let us contemplate the symbolism being offered to us by the shadow of the earth crossing the moon. The earth (our souls) are casting a shadow on the moon (in astrology the moon represents our shadow self). In other words there are things our soul needs to release. It is not too late to set an intention.

Are there things that keep popping up in your life that may be a message from the Universe? Ask your Guides what the messages mean. You may be surprised at what things are waiting for your attention.

Friday, December 17, 2010

Spread Some Joy

This blog is for those of us who are having a bad day, or a bad week. This morning I woke to find that my thumb is twice its normal size and quite infected. I have to miss an hour or so of work to probably have it cut open and drained. Then I went to the kitchen to fix myself some chai and I used my last tea bag which promptly burst and all the little tea leaves dispersed into my cup. Due to lack of sleep revolving around my throbbing thumb, I have not made it to the gym in several days. Previously I had attempted to do my weight routine at home and inadvertently dropped a fifteen pound weight on my head. No I don't seem to be any smarter.

So this morning I got an email from a friend with a cute little story of Santa's bad day. All his reindeer ran away, his elves got sick, they hid his secret stash of cider, and on and on. Then a little Angel appeared at the door bringing him a Christmas tree. I replied to my friend.. thanks for being my Angel.

I guess my point for this little story is that we don't know what our friends or family or even a stranger on the street is going through. Perhaps they stubbed their toe this morning, woke up late, lost their keys, their coffee was cold, or their car would not start. We can be that little Angel that brightens their day. Just a smile, a friendly word, or even just holding the door open for someone with their hands full could chase away the disaster fairies.

Do you ever feel like chaos accumulates? One bad thing sets your day off wrong and the rest of the day seems like a snowball of monstrous events? Perhaps it is our thoughts starting off in a bad direction and it is hard to break away from the direction of those thought processes. But then an Angel appears and does something nice for us and it breaks the cycle. We realize that it is not such a bad day after all and there are people in the world who love us and at least I still have a thumb. There are people who don't.

Thanks to all my wonderful friends who send me sweet emails and tell me how much they love me when I am feeling out of sorts. Thanks to my daughter who cleaned out the driveway of snow accumulation last evening when I came home from work. Thanks to my hubby who picked up my grandson from school when it closed and my daughter and I did not have to leave work to get him.

Today think about being the Angel for someone having a bad day. At this time of year there are many who are stretched thin from the stress of the holidays, work, money worries, or maybe someone who they loved has passed, or maybe they have recently been diagnosed with an illness. We don't know what is going on in the lives of those around us. Let's spread some love and joy to our fellow man.

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

The Christmas Story

It’s Christmastime and this time of year there is a lot of emphasis on the birth of Jesus. Now we really don’t know if Jesus was born in December but centuries ago someone decided to celebrate his birth in conjunction with the celebration of the winter solstice. If you investigate the major religions you will find a lot of similarities in their stories and it really doesn’t matter whether Jesus was actually born in December or not. I think the point is that at some point several centuries ago there was a child born who was destined to change the course of history. Over the years my interpretation of the event has changed in conjunction to my viewpoint of the whole premise surrounding the life of Jesus and the birth of Christianity due to his life and death. During my childhood and early adulthood, I was surrounded by the belief in a Saviour of mankind and of my own soul and spent a great deal of time in the pursuit of salvation.

At some point I had the profound revelation that Jesus was not going to show up and solve all my problems. I prayed and prayed and yet I was miserable and bad things continued to happen. One day I realized that Jesus did not come to solve all my problems. His message was one of love and empowerment. He wanted me to grow up and solve my own problems. For awhile I was mad at Jesus and Christianity because I thought that Jesus had let me down. I eventually got myself out of the mess I had created for myself and I thought that I had thought of all the solutions to my problems on my own. I had immersed myself in self help books and tapes and had learned that my thinking is what creates my reality. It is not the job of Jesus or any other Diety to override our decisions and come and rescue us from ourselves.

At this point in my journey of enlightenment, it is my belief that our lives are our own creation. There is an abundance of Help from the Unseen Realms available to us if we will ask, but none of the Higher Powers are going to make our problems go away with no involvement on our part. I think the story of the birth of Jesus is a parable we can all learn from. There is a Benevolent Force who loves us enough to send us the opportunity to birth a new life in the midst of a life of struggle. In the story Mary receives a message from an Angel that she will bring forth a Son who will bring salvation to many. I believe that within us all is the potential to bring hope and life and salvation to someone else and also to ourselves. We may have a message of hope and life to bring to someone else. In the story we may be the shepherds who also received the message of new life and hope and brought the message to others. We may be the wise men who brought gifts from far away. We may be the inn keeper who gave the birth a place to happen, even though it was not where most births happened.

I have found that even though my belief system has changed somewhat and I do not believe that Jesus came to save me from my sins, I have found in the story of the birth of Jesus a lesson I can take to heart. At some point in our lives we all are walking around in a dark place and all of a sudden, we receive an inspiration that there is hope. The birth of a child represents the beginning of new life. There is a hope that new life is available and all we have to do is birth it into our lives. That seed of hope is planted and while that seed grows within us we begin to notice that our perspective has changed. If we believe that we contain within the womb of our selves the potential for a new life, then circumstances begin to change. Wise men start coming to visit us with gifts. Shepherds start coming to visit and spread the news of cheer and good will to all. The only thing that has changed is our belief that within us is the seed for our salvation.

The gift of the story of Christmas is that new life is available to us all. When the light turns on inside of us and we realize that salvation comes to the inside of us, not the outside, then the message Jesus was trying to tell us is heard. Even some of Jesus disciples thought that Jesus had come to overthrow the government, and Jesus said no… salvation comes from the inside out. When we have peace and love within our hearts then we have heard the message.

Saturday, December 11, 2010

Some Quick Thoughts........

Previously I wrote about how we can ask forgiveness from those who we may have harmed in previous lives or in this life and how also we can forgive those who may have hurt us in this life or a previous life and how it releases us from the wounds we have suffered. I wanted to point out that we don't have to remember those events or even know who may have harmed us.

About a week ago I was up early getting ready for work when I felt a stabbing pain in my back. Twice. I have had instances in the past when I have suffered from back issues that put me in the bed for a week or more and each time I have asked the Universe to reveal to me the emotional cause for my pain. Sometimes I have felt like the Universe had to put me out of motion to get my attention and give me messages. I tend to overextend myself at times. This time it felt like an actual knife would feel going into my back. Immediately the thought came to me that I was being stabbed in the back. Refusing to give into the pain, I went off to work. I told my back that I was not going to stay home this time because I was scheduled for a book signing that day and I was not canceling it. However, remembering my previous blog, I spoke out into the Universe that if someone was trying to stab me in the back, I forgave them and released them from the guilt of it, whether it was this life or a previous life. I did not need to know the details. I did not have time to delve into my psyche and discover who was doing the stabbing. I just released them. Within an hour my back felt better.

Just a couple of days ago I was doing my exercise routine with a fifteen pound dumbbell. While I had the weight over my head it slipped out of my hand and hit me on the head. OUCH! I almost passed out. This has never happened in all the years I have worked out with weights. Of course I asked for the message. The wound was somewhat self inflicted although it obviously was an accident. Nothing. My husband says, Joy, sometimes there is no message. Sometimes things just happen. This is not really in my field of thought. To me everything is a message. I will keep you posted if I get a message from it. I just said that perhaps the Universe is having trouble getting through to me and felt I needed some sense knocked into me. Nevertheless I am reorganizing to try to have some more time to spend getting in tune and writing down my messages. I have been getting a lot of messages lately but have had no time to write them down. By the time I sit at the computer or even sit quietly with pen and paper, there is nothing. I can't remember all those great messages. Maybe the Universe is saying... JOY.... stop running yourself so ragged and sit down with ME.......