Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Some Thoughts.........

This morning I was reading some material a friend of mine had sent to me regarding a book she is publishing, and I came across this quote that spoke to me.......

We often make the mistake of thinking we have to know how to do something instead of thinking we are going to do something. Intention creates direction. The what dictates the how. Julia Cameron, The Artists Way.

When I first became interested in shamanism, it was after attending a "circle" where a medium, Terry Rodabaugh, contacted friends and loved ones from the other side. During the circle she mentioned that a family member could benefit from a soul retrieval. I was not familiar with soul retrievals and she said it had to be performed by a shaman. When I got home I got on the internet and ordered some books on shamanism and soul retreavals. While reading the first book I was totally convinced that I knew already what to do and that I could do it. It was instant familiarity. Immediately I began to look for a shaman to teach me, since I felt that I needed some instruction, if for no other reason, to have some sort of credibility. After some research, I found that most of the teachers were far away and expensive, and did not coincide with my schedule at the Post Office. I began practicing on friends and family members, and eventually did find some classes which instructed me in some of the rituals not taught in the books. Eventually I found my own style, and do not always follow the same pattern as outlined in most of the books and instruction I have received. Also, there is no time when a person reaches a certain point where they can say, okay, I have done this much study, I am now a shaman. No.

True shamans are part of a community where the title is bestowed on them by their community, usually a Native American community but not always. There are many tribes in many parts of the world where there is a person in the community who is the medicine man, the healer, the spiritual adviser of that community. That title is normally bestowed on them after they have been mentored for many years by the elders of that community. They have been trained in many things which are not available in suburbia America. No I do not consider myself a shaman. Perhaps in a previous life in a different time there was perhaps an incarnation of myself which enjoyed that title, due to some past life memories and some of the familiarity with this form of healing which I now incorporate into the work that I do for others and the earth.

I guess what I have taken a great deal of time saying is that sometimes you have something inside of you that is just there. This quote that I came across suggests that if you have something inside of you screaming to get out, do not wait to figure out how you are going to manifest it. Just mentally or out loud proclaim the intention that you are going to do it!!!  Go for it. Paint that painting. Write that novel. I know that I can help others find physical and emotional healing and I know that I hear messages from the Angels and I know I can communicate with those who are not in physical form. I don't always know how I am going to use those gifts. But I still go to work everyday at the Post Office. I give love to all my customers and occasionally offer them some sort of tidbit of information which can help them along on their path. And sometimes they do the same for me.

Intention is everything. Just move forward on your path. You don't have to quit your job and sell crystals or make jewelry for a living. Living a spiritual life does not mean you do not live and work in a physical world. Many of us would rather quit our jobs and make jewelry or sell crystals. One time my Angels said to me that we are all like candles in a dark world. The problem with us is that we all want to hang out in the same room!! We are needed in the dark world, not in the room with all the other candles!!

My intention is that I am going to bring light and healing to whomever might need it along my path. I am still going to get up every morning and go to work, until that is no longer necessary or available to me. I am not going to worry about how I am going to get my message out to the world. I am just going to be a candle. What is your intention?

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