Tuesday, March 21, 2017

Goddess Rising

I am a spiritual message junkie.

For most of my life, I have been addicted to all things spiritual. My dad was a minister, and for the first thirty five years of my life, my exposure to the Divine was within that belief system. We did believe in receiving messages from Spirit, and truthfully, that is where I learned to connect with the Divine.

It wasn't until my late thirties, early forties, when I received my first experience with the feminine aspect of the Divine, or Goddess. I guess you could say I was a late bloomer. During meditation one day, the Goddess Isis came to me and told me She was going to teach me the tarot. I did not know who she was or if she knew anything about the tarot, and truthfully, at first, I was not interested. She was persistent, however, and, finally, I agreed and thus began my first relationship with a Goddess.

I related that story to tell you about a new book ready to be released soon that is all about the feminine aspect of the Divine called Goddess Rising by Lyn Thurman. In this book, she assists us in connecting with 52 Goddesses, some well known and some more obscure.

It is my belief that there are many aspects and expressions of the Divine, and many are feminine! We have been possibly over exposed to the male aspect of Divinity, and I believe it is time to balance the scales. In this book, you are invited to spend a year connecting with a different Goddess each week. I have already pre-ordered two copies!

Check out Lyn's website, lynthurman.com and get ready to change your perspective on God/Goddess, and all things spiritual!