Tuesday, May 31, 2011

The Pack of Coyotes

A few nights ago I had a dream. I dreamed I was in my house getting ready to go on a journey. As I looked outside there was a pack of coyotes in my yard preventing me from leaving my house. As I contemplated how I would leave my house, within a few minutes someone came and rounded up the coyotes, putting them on leashes so that they could not prevent me from going wherever I was planning to go. I noticed there was one coyote in particular that was not put on a leash right away. He wandered over to the screen door where I was standing watching what was going on and his eyes met mine. Immediately I loved this particular coyote. I contemplated keeping him and bringing him into the house, but before I could open the door, those that were rounding up the animals came over and got him and took him away. I felt sad that he was leaving, but I knew it was for my own good. I knew that now it was safe for me to leave my house and embark on my journey.

Most of the time dreams that we dream are personal and the meanings are relevant only to the dreamer. Sometimes, however, there are lessons in our dreams that can be shared with others. When I get a dream like this I feel is important to share. Sometimes others may benefit from the particular messages that I sometimes get from my dreams.

In this case I have been contemplating what beliefs, long stored up into my subconscious,could be limiting me or holding me back from achieving my soul purpose. In the dream, my message was that the Angels are rounding up all the limiting beliefs and removing them so that I can move forward on the journey for which I am about to undertake. I have expressed a desire to the Universe to move forward and whatever obstacles remain in my path for them to be removed.

Notice that I do not interpret the coyotes to represent any particular people or circumstances in my life outside of myself. The only thing that holds me back from achieving my purpose in life is myself. By giving power to people or circumstances outside of my self, I am giving away my personal power. So the coyotes must represent something within myself.

The trick is that there is at least one obstacle to my moving forward that I apparently have become attached to. But, with my permission, the Angels are removing even that which I would like to keep if it is hindering my progress.As I think back on the dream I can remember the eyes of that coyote meeting mine and how I loved him. I wanted to bring him in the house and tell the Angels that they could have all the other animals but I was keeping this one. But before I could speak the Angels rounded him up too and took him away. I felt sad at the loss of this animal. But I knew that now I could embark upon my journey.

Sometimes the things we love the most are some of the things that keep us from achieving our purpose in life. Remember again that these are things within ourselves. These are limiting beliefs.

Just for today, think about what beliefs you may hold within yourself that could be holding you back from achieving your highest purpose or embarking upon your highest path. Could it be that you believe that you cannot possibly achieve that which is your heart's desire because... (you fill in the blanks). Just for today, let's ask the Angels to round up all those limiting beliefs and take them away so that you can open up the screen door to your life and come outside!! 

Thursday, May 26, 2011

Communicating with Spirit

Tonight I was driving home from an event and I felt compelled to put in a cd that I had not listened to in awhile. Listening to this particular cd reminded me of a time in my not so recent past when I frequently received messages from songs on the radio. It has been awhile since I received a message this way but I was reminded of other ways that Spirit over the years has chosen to speak to me.

I have written about times in my past when I received messages from movies. I was warned of the true intentions of a person who was supposed to be a friend but had ill intentions from a movie. The cartoon movie, "Toy Story" taught me a lesson in how to be a true leader when I was in charge of a group at church many years ago. It also spoke to me of the importance of having a sense of purpose and the possible implications when that sense of purpose was taken away. Not too long after that my whole world was turned upside down when my sense of purpose was pulled out from under me. I learned how to speak to the souls of those with whom I had unfinished business from the movie The Sixth Sense.

Now Spirit has a myriad of ways in which to speak to us. Driving through a series of green lights that seem to magically turn green just as I arrive at them speak to me of going in the right direction on my path while a series of red lights could signify a need to change direction or perhaps just slow down. The important thing is to listen to that inner voice and make sure I am listening correctly or if I am just trying to fish a message out of an ordinary event. It has occurred to me that the Divine lives within me and the more time I spend just connecting with that Source of guidance, with no expectations, the more I can expect for that guidance to come through when I really need it. The thought occurs to me that when we get a phone call from a friend or family member we recognize their voice because we have spent time with them. It is important to spend time with Spirit so that we recognize the Voice from whom we are expecting to receive guidance and direction.

All of us can learn to receive messages from Spirit. The important thing to realize is that Spirit messages will always be given to us to help us along on our path. Spirit never tries to control us or convince us to do something that is not in the best interests of everyone concerned. Spirit will never try to flatter us or make us feel superior to others or try to get us to hurt anyone. Spirit is never out to get anyone. Spirit never favors one group of people over another.

Remember if you think you are getting messages from Spirit that our ability to hear messages is directly related to the frequency that we hang out in the most. We will most likely hear messages that are similar to our own vibration. If we are in a depressed state or a fearful state we will not likely hear many messages from the Higher Angelic realms because They can't get through to us. However, we are somewhat likely to hear messages from those in spirit that are at a similar frequency to our own emotional state. There are many levels of spirits and their ability to communicate with us is directly related to our state of mind and what we are open to hearing and seeing. If you want to hear messages from the Angels then I recommend that you raise your emotional frequency as high as you can get it. Do things that make you happy. If you are depressed do not attempt to contact the Other Side. Who do you think will get through?

I remember years ago when I was in a low point in my life the only message I would get is..Everything is going to be all right. I rarely got anything else. I was not attempting to contact spirit and if they were trying to contact me this is all that came through. This was the highest message that could get through to me at that time. The more I spent time sitting with Spirit the higher my emotional state became and the clearer the messages came through. We can all choose to raise our vibration, even if we are depressed. Spirit is always there to comfort. Just change your focus off yourself and onto higher thoughts.

Just for today, think about the time when you were the happiest you can remember being in your life. Then focus on how you felt, what you were thinking about. Sit with that feeling for awhile. Then see what comes through. Spirit wants to communicate.

Sunday, May 22, 2011

The Tunnel at Paw Paw

Today my husband and I took a road trip to Paw Paw West Virginia. I love nature and I love to hike, and my husband loves to go places where there might be some spirits that are no longer in body, so this was a place we could both find what we were looking for. In Paw Paw there is a tunnel that was built in the mid 1800's. It is long and very dark. It looks like a place where the dead might hang out. We were not to be disappointed.

I had not read any of the signage before entering the tunnel so I was not aware of the time period in which the tunnel was built. When we first got to the tunnel there were not any other people (live ones anyway) walking through so we took some time to try to see if there were any spirits around. After a few minutes I connected with a young man, around nineteen, he told me. He told me that his left hand had been injured and that he had lost a finger on his left hand from a large hammer- like tool coming down onto his knuckles. Clay asked him what year it was and I heard 1846. I wasn't quite sure though so I did not speak it out loud (sometimes I am not sure). I asked if he stayed in the tunnel a lot and he told me he wandered around a lot but seemed to come to the tunnel frequently. So I did ask him wouldn't he like to cross over and he seemed to indicate that he was afraid. I asked the Angels to bring his mother to greet him and asked what her name was. He told me his mother's name was Elsie (the same as my mother). After a few minutes I did feel that he crossed over.

I was able to connect with two other souls in the tunnel and helped to cross them over as well. On the way back I felt I connected with the Spirit of the Tunnel. He told me that He would have preferred if I had asked His permission to connect with the souls there. I apologized of course and thanked him for not interfering with the crossing over of the souls there. He told me that there was a portal close by and many souls came and went through the tunnel. He told me that next time I came if I asked him he would bring the souls to me.

Later as we were walking we passed a couple who mentioned that they had taken a path over the tunnel and had gotten lost but had come upon a place where cool air came up from between the rocks. They said it felt really great sitting on the rocks and feeling the cool air come up through the rocks. I thought maybe this was the portal that the Spirit of the Tunnel told me about. Clay said the cool air could be explained scientifically but I maintained that just because it could be explained does not mean there was no portal there. I felt like it was Spirit validating the message I had received.

It was an interesting day and I felt good when I felt the souls crossing over. Sometimes I wonder what keeps them here. The one man I connected with told me that his blood, sweat and tears were in that tunnel. I imagine that when there is a great deal of emotion involved when a person dies, maybe the light is not visible to them. I still have a lot to learn.

Saturday, May 14, 2011

The Portraits of the Presidents

In the recent past I was given a rare opportunity to tour the White House. Now I have really never been really politically active, but I have an awareness of what goes on in the government. It was interesting to see some of the rooms that I have seen on television, where there are news conferences and where dignitaries are known to walk the floors and carry on the business of running the country and making history.

I was particularly intrigued by the portraits of the Presidents and First Ladies. Some of them I was familiar with and some I was not. I could almost feel the energy of their personalities coming out through the portraits hanging on the walls of the White House.   It was interesting to me that I seemed to be able to connect with their souls by connecting with their portraits hanging on the walls.

I guess the portrait that spoke to me the most was the portrait of Ronald Reagan. Now I can't really say that I have an opinion of his administration one way or the other. Maybe he could sense that I was completely unopinionated and that is why he spoke to me. Or perhaps he sensed that I could hear him.. who knows.  However, as I passed his portrait his eyes seemed to grab me. I attempted to walk on by, and I could hear him saying, hey, where are you going? Come back here! So I walked back over to the portrait and I seemed to connect with his spirit. Across from him was a portrait of John F Kennedy, so the first thing I asked him was if many of the spirits of Presidents who have passed hung out in the White House and if they had learned to tolerate each other or if they had heated discussions. I heard President Reagan kind of chuckle and say that they often came around to visit from the other side and sometimes they bantered each other and sometimes they just compared notes. President Reagan told me that some of his happiest memories of his life were in the White House and that he tremendously enjoyed being President.  However, he did tell me that the way time is constructed they could all be in the White House at the same time and sometimes not even run into each other.

After talking a bit to President Reagan, I did try to connect with the portrait across from him, the one of John F Kennedy. No success. Not even a smidge of energy came to me. Interesting. However, I did feel a great deal of female presence while I was there and felt really connected to some of the portraits of the First Ladies. My time was limited, but sometime I may feel compelled to do a little more investigating on the lives of some of the First Ladies. I noticed that I felt a concentrated headache in a certain area of the White House and would like to find out if one of the First Ladies suffered from headaches. I am sure with all the pressure that possibly many of them did. I did learn recently however that headaches that come and go seemingly within seconds indicates the presence of spirits. It could be that I was not picking up on a spirit that suffered from headaches but rather just the presence of a spirit that was attempting to make contact.

The thought that sometimes a piece of our soul stays with a picture of us is not a new one. I am thinking that our souls are much more multi demensional than we can imagine. I know that when I am asleep my soul wanders to other worlds and has great adventures. I can imagine that once we pass on that we can travel to many places, perhaps simultaneously. It is not beyond my comprehension that just because I was communicating with a part of Ronald Reagan's soul that another part of him could have been somewhere else.

The world of Spirit never ceases to amaze me. Thanks, President Reagan, for taking time to interact with me.

Spirits of the Land

Recently I was made aware of the idea that each geographical locality has its own spirit. I guess I have always felt this in a way but had never heard it expressed in such a way. I know that when I travel to different towns each town or city or area seems to have its own energy, its own feel. I am sure you have traveled to localities where you instantly felt at home, and then, on the other hand, have also traveled to locations where you instantly felt ill at ease. This is the idea that there are spirits of the land for different areas of the earth. The idea that I was made aware of was that it might be a good idea to become acquainted with the spirits that rule the area where you call home.

I have lived in my home with my husband for about eight years now. When my husband and I were looking for a home, we instantly felt welcome in this place. We are blessed with a beautiful backyard and eleven trees, even though we live in a neighborhood and the yard is rather small. Immediately upon moving in, I felt compelled to build a small fish pond and apparently the spirits of the land have accepted us and welcome our energy. However, I have lived in our hometown for almost thirty years and had never really felt compelled to connect with the energy of our town as a whole until I was made aware of this ritual recently.

Not one to pass up an opportunity to connect with Spirit, I immediately felt compelled to connect with the spirit of our town while visiting our local park with my husband. While he wandered off to explore a garden nearby, I had decided to take one last run around the paved trail that was familiar to many avid exercise enthusiasts. While running, I asked if the Spirit of the area would make itself known to me. I was a bit surprised when I was contacted by the spirit of a Native American woman, a shaman, who had lived in this area well before the white men came to town. Our town is known for its history, and especially the time around the Civil War, but she apparently was here long before that time. I asked if I could merge with her spirit for a moment, and feel the energy of the area before the town was inhabited by white men. I felt her connection with the land and her delight in connecting with me.

I asked her if she felt sorrow for how things have turned out and if she missed her life all those many years ago. She just chuckled and reminded me that all of life is like a wheel. The wheel of time goes around and around and so is life. At times things are at the top of that wheel and then time goes on and the wheel goes down. Eventually, she reminded me, it goes back up again. She reminded me not to get too attached to any particular turn of the wheel, for change is inevitable and the wheel keeps on turning.

Sometime, if you feel compelled, you might try connecting with the spirits that have lived on the land you walk or drive on every day. You might be surprised at who shows up.

Wednesday, May 11, 2011


Years ago I had a cat I named Blessings. We lived out in the country and I needed a good mouser. Yes she was a blessing to me by keeping the mice out of the house but I so named her so that every time I called out for her in the spirit realm I would be calling in Blessings to my house. Even years ago I realized the power of our words and our intentions.

Sometimes over the years we forget. Recently I was reading a book and in this book I was reminded of speaking blessings over our lives, our circumstances, the people we love and the people we love not so much. Almost every day I call my dad and almost every day before we get off the phone he speaks blessings over me and all the things that affect my life, my family, my job, my home. Sometimes this gets a little tiresome to me, especially if I need to get off the phone, but I forget what my dad has not forgotten. It is important to speak blessings out into the Spirit realm.

What about speaking out blessings toward those who have challenged our sense of well being? How about a difficult boss or a health challenge that has been mis handled by professionals? Would it be better to fight back or to bless? Always bless!! What about a messy divorce or a child custody battle? The answer is the same. Always bless!! Imagine that person with whom you are having difficulty with a bright white light surrounding them and their Angels and Guides with a clear channel going back and forth between them. Imagine love surrounding them. They probably need it more than you think.

Remember when you bless others you can't help but get blessings all over yourself. Your own vibration lifts higher and you feel better than if you are cursing them. Battles are hard to fight if there is no one fighting back.

Just for today, imagine the person you are having the most difficulty with right now. Now imagine a stream of love and light coming down to them from above and washing away any grievances or hurts or angers or fears. How do you feel? You see you can't send out love and light without getting some of it back. Remember that what you focus on grows. Just for today, focus on love. Focus on forgiveness. We are all one in the big picture. No that person who you don't like doesn't have to become your best friend. But at least agree within yourself to be at peace. You will feel so much better.

Remember your words and your thoughts are energy and they create the life you are living. Remember to bless. You will notice a difference.