Friday, May 31, 2013

Gratitude Journal

This is a great idea and I thought I would share it.

I know that for many people May has been a difficult month. The energies of the month vibrationally were challenging, and this has been the case for many people. I for one am very excited that we are about to transition into June. Numerologically speaking, May was the vibration of 2, which many find challenging. It is the energy of polar opposites, so you may have had things going up and down and up and down. You may have felt like you were trudging through mud, as I did. I was hearing a lot about people breaking commitments or not following through with obligations. This seemed to be affecting a lot of people.  Your individual birth date may have had a different vibration, but universally this was the energy. I was hearing this from a lot of people, so I realized that this energy was affecting many of you.

Now we are about to shift into a new vibration when June hits us on Saturday. This is the energy of 3. This is a much more fun number, with the emphasis being on socializing, but it also has a very spiritual connotation as well. Many find 3 to be a powerful manifesting number, unless you are trying to attract a relationship, then it is not such a good number ( you know that old saying.. three's a crowd.. appropriate here)..

 I am choosing to focus on the manifesting aspect of the 3 energy. It is also the number of expression. We have all heard of journaling, but this concept includes the aspect of expression as well as multiplying the effects due to the way it changes our focus and multiplies our creative, manifesting energy. I thought that beginning in June I would do this, and it might resonate with some of you so I am suggesting you do it too!

Start a gratitude journal. In this journal write down every single time something good happens to you. It could be as small as finding a penny on the floor. We humans have to tendency to notice every time something goes out of our life: money, relationships, or whatever, and we seem to have no trouble expressing our dismay when these things happen. How about if we change our focus and write it down or express in some way that you have noticed when something good comes your way? I suggest having some sort of focus, like my money gratitude journal or my love gratitude journal. Think about what you are desiring to manifest.

You may wake up in the morning feeling good instead of groggy.. write it down! Someone may let you in line at the grocery store ahead of them.. write it down! You may be doing laundry and find money in the washing machine.. you get the idea!

As we focus on the good things that happen to us, we may not notice as much when things are difficult.

The new moon in June is on the 8th ( coincidentally my favorite number). New moons symbolize starting a new phase. So if we are going to start our journal with the help of the Universe and planets and the moon we may want to start our journal on June 9th. Up until that time, you may want to think about things you want to release. Right now we are going from a full moon to a new moon, which means the moon is waning. Symbolically this represents letting go. Are there patterns or habits you would like to be rid of?  Why not do a ritual symbolic of letting go of those things? Since three is the number of manifestation, it might be a good idea to do this ritual three times before the actual new moon.

What do I mean by ritual? You might write on a piece of paper something you would like to release and then find some sort of ritual which symbolizes this for you. Some people may burn the paper upon which their items they would like to release are written. Some may bury them in the ground while some may have some other meaningful ritual. The most important thing is that what you do has to mean something to you!

Wording is important!

Don't say:" I don't want .... anymore."  Instead, say:" I am now releasing.... "  Or "I release the need to....."

Be creative!! 

When we include powerful emotions in our rituals, it increases the effect!

You might want to dance or sing or laugh or cry as you do your ritual. You may want to call upon your Higher Powers to increase the vibration. I grew up Pentecostal, so we always engaged in powerful emotional triggers to our religious rituals. I still have fond memories of dancing around the church in expression of faith and devotion! This counts for your gratitude journal and your releasing ritual.

Get excited when something wonderful happens! As you raise your personal vibrations, miracles happen!

I am looking forward to the amazing effects of our collective energy raised up to the Universe as we release the no longer useful things and celebrate the good stuff in our lives!!

If you need some personal attention to ridding your life of negative patterns and moving on to the good stuff, help is available! You can contact me through my website and we can work on a personal plan of action! Feel free to contact me and let's work on moving forward!

Thursday, May 30, 2013

Visit From An Old Friend

The past few days have been a bit of a struggle for me. It started out promising. I joined a community of fellow bloggers and I had hopes of expanding my viewership. Then it happened. I started reading the other blogs. Oh my were they good!! My old friend self doubt started to creep in. I thought I had banished him for good but he started reading those blogs over my shoulder and guess what he said?

"You are not a writer at all! These girls really have it going on!"

"Who do you think you are even thinking that anyone wants to read your blogs?"

"These girls are so much younger than you and yet they really know how to express themselves!"

"You need to just give up blogging and just go to work at the Post Office and forget all this other stuff! No one is interested in what you do! People who know you know that you are nothing but a Post Office clerk!"

I could go on. He had been talking to me since I understood language so we have been very well acquainted over the years. I thought we had parted company. I had him banished, so I thought. But his voice had changed over the years, and I guess I didn't recognize him at first.

It didn't help that my tarot card for yesterday was the "star"

The star card of the tarot is the card of.. "you will eventually get what you want, but not today.."

It is a card of hope. It is still night, but this card tells you to keep going. Keep watering your plants. Like the magi who followed the star to the Messiah, the star tells you to follow your dreams, but it is still sometime in the future before you will get what you want. The last time I drew this card was the day I was going to West Virginia to get my license to perform wedding ceremonies there. I pulled the star and I knew it was not going to happen that day. But soon.

However, when self doubt is already talking to me in his disguised voice, the star card was just telling me that "it ain't gonna happen today, honey."

So last night in my pile of pity poop, I was having second thoughts. My old bedfellow self doubt had me almost convinced that I had nothing to offer the world. It sure would be a whole lot easier just to get up everyday and just go to work and come home. Go to the gym, come home, drink my glass of wine and go to bed.

Yes, I allowed myself to wallow for just a bit. And then, laying in my bed, it occurred to me. This is my life and I get to decide! I have every right to just throw in the towel, go to bed, forget all the "stuff" I do, all the "stuff" I hear, all the "stuff" I want to do. Wouldn't my old friend self doubt just love me then! Of course, then his job would be done. If I am never trying to do anything, there is nothing to doubt myself about. If I never try then I don't have to worry about will I ever get there!

So this morning I got up and my card was the magician..

I have done a study of how the tarot and your birthdate correlate to one another and this is my birth card. This card is all about manifesting. In this card we have references to all the other cards. Within this card is the ability to create anything you desire. So essentially, my Tarot Guides were telling me..

"Yes Joy, you get to decide. You can create a life just going to your regular job and  you will be okay. But is that what is going to bring you joy?"

"It is time for you to decide what you want and stop looking at who is already doing it and whether or not they are doing it better than you. Stop comparing yourself to others. Get up off your pity party ass and get back to work!"

So once again, I have banished my old friend self doubt. I am sure he will peek back in from time to time. Apparently according to my astrology chart he is in for the long haul. But I have remembered my purpose and I am once again in the drivers seat. I am the creator of my life.

This somewhat long blog is my confession about my battles with an old friend/enemy: self-doubt. I call him my friend because he is my teacher. I learn about myself when I notice him whispering in my ear. I don't think he really means me harm. He is just trying to protect me from my other friend/slash enemy "rejection"... yes we are friends from way back too.

Just for today, make friends with your enemies. Allow them to show you what you don't want so you can go after what you do want. Recognize that they really are just trying to protect you. They will not go away without some action on your part. The neat thing is, you get to decide. You are the magician of  your life as well. What have you decided to create?

Here are some links to a few of those amazing blogs that blew me away...

My discovery and remembrance is that there is enough abundance in the Universe that all of us can express our own most wonderful versions of our lives and our experiences with Spirit  and that there will always be enough abundance left to go around! We are each responsible for creating the life that we desire and just because there is someone out there who is doing something wonderful, and maybe better than you, is no reason to doubt yourself or your dreams! Keep going forward!! We are all in this together!

I want to start with my BFF's blog for all of you animal lovers out there and then from there the blogs from the recent group I just joined. I hope I got you all.. if not then I will get to your link on the next go round...

Saturday, May 25, 2013


Has anyone ever watched the cable series Supernatural? My hubby-love has recently become a fan. It is a fantasy show about ghosts, hauntings, possessions, anything that could be considered out of the normal. Although it is mostly just fantasy, every now and again a show has a theme or a message for me. Recently my hubby-love was watching the show and actually came up with a message from the show which he in turn suggested I turn into a blog. He is my sometimes muse.

In the television show, there was a man who had been shot in the head and was in a coma. The grim reaper had come for him and he kept trying to run away. In his dreamlike state he kept going through doors that led him to places in his past in which he had unresolved emotions. At first he would realize where he was in his past and run back out of the door he had gone into. He had a sort of guide with him who suggested to him that in order to get out of his predicament and overcome the grim reaper he had to go through those doors and face the scenes that were being played out there.

This message was an interesting one because only the night before I  had done a session with a woman who was attempting to overcome a phobia. I had attempted to get to the source of this phobia by taking her through a "journey" to the source of the phobia. I took her to a door in which she was to go through to discover the origin of the phobia. However when we got to the door, she was unable to go through the door. Instead I decided that the next best plan of action was to take her by baby steps to a more peaceful place. I am hoping in future sessions to eventually get through the door.

Are there recurring issues in your life that are holding you back from moving forward? Are there fears or phobias which keep you from enjoying life to the fullest? Is there perhaps a recurring theme that you would like to break free from? Or possibly a recurring illness that is unexplained by doctors that could possibly have a root somewhere in the past? Maybe you have a tendency to attract relationships in your life which at first seem to thrive, but after awhile you notice that you are attracting similar patterns or similar personality types into your life? Has anyone said to you that your mate is just like .... so and so.. a relative or someone in your past...?

Perhaps the answer is facing that door that opens into a place in your past in which there are unresolved emotions. In my hubby-love's work in the paranormal field, I have occasionally gone with him and felt emotions trapped in homes, in walls, in basements, even in dishes or furniture. When I have traveled telepathically to the soul of the emotions that were trapped there, I have sometimes been able to release those trapped emotions by helping the soul connected with those emotions face those events which precipitated the emotions and release them or resolve them. I say sometimes because not always are people and souls ready to face those events which elicited those powerful emotions!

Maybe you are one who is ready to go through the door. Hurray for you!! I admonish you to go for it!! The past cannot hurt you unless you allow it to hamper your present and your future!! Face that door. You may require a qualified therapist or it may be something that I can assist you in resolving. Either way, I encourage you to face those doors that are keeping you from moving forward in your life.

It is a new day!! Hurray for you for going through those doors and putting to rest all those things that are holding you back!

Saturday, May 18, 2013


I was given a dream last night that I knew was significant in some way because upon awakening I remembered every detail. Most of the time when I dream I wake up and within minutes the dream is gone. I have asked the Angels and Guides to help me remember more of the significant things that happen when I sleep because sometimes I feel like I do as much spiritual work in my sleep as I do in my waking times. And who is to say which of the worlds are real? Maybe my sleeping self is my real self and my waking self is the dream!

In the dream I was at work at the Post Office when a man came up to me and asked about a former coworker and friend who had in years past moved out of the state. I told him where she had moved and then I seemed to be transported telepathically to the place where she had moved. In the dream she was working in a quaint old building which had been turned into a restaurant or bed and breakfast of some kind. He had come to see her and she was happy to see him. They exchanged pleasantries and then he was gone. She came to my telepathic self that was watching the scene and thanked me for reconnecting them. Then the dream was over.

My reason for sharing is that I wanted to share some secrets about dreams.

First of all, when you have a dream about someone, it doesn't always mean the dream is about the person in the dream. Usually the dream is about you. However, there are some ways to detect that this dream was not just about me.  I was just the person connecting two people to one another. I was the link. (this is frequently my role in my practice). I could interpret this dream to say that one of my roles in life is to connect people to one another. When I read a client's energy, I often am asked to link to another person and tell them about their relationship. In the dream, this is what I was doing. So in  a sense, this dream could have been telling me that one of my purposes in life is to link people to one another, or to a guide, which is one of the interpretations I received on the identity of the man in the dream. I also connect people to their guides, and this could have been a guide who wished to connect to this individual.

Another thing to remember is that details are important. If this dream was meant for this individual, then all the details of the dream will enable her to connect the dots and figure out who the person is who is attempting to connect to her. I told her when telling her about the dream that this could be a number of people. This could be a person whose soul is attempting to connect to her. This could be a guide. It could also be someone who has passed who is using me as a link just to say hi. The details of the dream are important clues as to who this person is and how they are connected.

Another reason for me sharing this dream is the notion of piggy back messages. I wrote a blog on this in the past but I have experienced receiving a message for one individual and another individual saying to me.. that is my message!!  I have also been the recipient of messages directed at other people but I knew in my heart the message was for me. So I share this in the hopes that maybe someone else will resonate with the details of the dream and recognize the scenario and say, hey, that is me and I know who is trying to connect! If you feel in your heart you recognize the scenario and you feel like someone may be trying to connect to you, then they probably are!!

The message of today's blog is that we are all connected. I may get a dream or a message and I may think it means something or is meant for someone in particular and it may resonate with someone else and that is totally okay!! We who are given the task of giving messages need to remember to only share what we are given. Sometimes our biggest mistakes are in the interpretation of the messages!! I strive to give the messages straight, and leave the interpretations to the recipients. If I say.. I am seeing a pear tree.. and that means nothing to me... but the recipient may say.. oh yes.. that is my grandfather connecting to me.. he had pear trees in his yard and that is always the symbol I get from him...( this actually occurred). I could have thought.. oh my what does a pear tree represent... etc etc.. instead I just gave it straight and the recipient knew what it meant...

So here I am giving it straight. I dreamed of a person contacting me to connect to someone else. There was an old building that appeared to have been renovated into a very quaint old restaurant or bed and breakfast of some type. It appeared to be someone who knew this other person when they were much younger and there was no ulterior motive other than to just say hi and reconnect. And the reunion was a happy one.

Sunday, May 12, 2013

What is Shamanism?

It has been my recent experience that many who I have come into contact with are not familiar with the term "shamanism" and so I thought I would share a short explanation of the term. I shared this on my facebook page but I thought it worth sharing here as well.

Shamanism is a term used to describe the oldest belief system known to man. It is an earth based belief system that dates back 100,000 years. Before our concept of what we now term "God", we humans have always had a knowledge that there was something greater than ourselves. When we lived close to the earth and in relatively small communities with few conveniences, our hearts were closer to our Creator or the Source of all that is. Our now familiar way to communicate with God is through prayer or meditation, but in the beginning of our concept of a Higher Power or Powers, we communicated through the ritual of "journeying", which is, through the repetitive beat of a drum, we would go into an altered state of consciousness and connect with our Spirit Helpers.

Don't be afraid of that term, going into an altered state of consciousness. We do this all the time. Have you ever been driving and arrived somewhere with no memory of the process of getting there? Every time you pray or meditate you alter your state of consciousness. This is not anything to worry about or be afraid of. Many times people have had fear of negative energies dissuade them from engaging in this way of communicating with our Higher Powers, but the fact is that as long as you have an intention of connecting with the Highest Powers, there is no danger in attracting negative influences.

One of the beliefs in shamanism is that we are all one. We are one with the plants and animals, with the earth which gives us life and food, and that everything has consciousness. It is possible to communicate with the energies of these brothers and sisters on our earth and receive wisdom for our daily lives. That is how ancient peoples knew which plants had healing properties and which ones to stay away from. We are all in this life together and we can all work together to make earth a happy and pleasant experience for all of us.

Wednesday, May 8, 2013

The Grandmothers

Sometime in the past I have written about my experience with the Grandmothers, a circle of five Native American Spirit Helpers who come to me appearing as wise older women. Recently I was channeling for a client, and the Grandmothers wanted to make contact with her. It was an amazing experience, and I thought that I would share, with the client's permission, some of the wisdom that came forth from this group of Spirit Helpers affectionately called the Grandmothers.

I led my client into a "journey" to the Grandmothers, and invited her to see herself in their presence. I told her to familiarize herself with their appearance, and the details surrounding them. When connecting with Spirit, everything has a meaning. I told her that the Grandmothers would present her with a gift. I asked her to describe the gift each of them gave her. She was given five gifts, from each of the grandmothers. The first gave her a feather, the second a rock, the third gave her sand, the fourth gave her sinew, and the fifth gave her the heart of a small animal.

The grandmothers told me to tell my client that each of these gifts had a meaning. The feather was a message that the Angels were around her, as well as to tell her to take things lightly (light as a feather). The rock told her to stay grounded on the earth, and to remember that everything has spirit, including the rocks. The sand was a message to remember not to hold on too tightly to anything. Just as you cannot hold sand in your hands if you squeeze too tightly, the sand was a message to hold on to life with a loose grip, and remember that there is nothing permanent. Everything is like sand in our hands, here for awhile, but soon it has run through our fingers. The sinew was a message that she would be like a seamstress in the spirit, sewing here a little and there a little, and that the weaving of her life was her own creation. She was the one who gets to decide what pieces to sew together that form the tapestry of her life. And the heart of the animal was a message that everything comes with a price. Just as an animal had to give its life in order to be a gift to her from the Grandmothers, so never think that anything in life is free. Everything you are given has a cost. It may or may not be money, but when something or someone gives you their heart, or you give them theirs, that gift has a cost. Nothing you ever get in life that is worth anything will come to you without some sort of energy exchange.

We can take wisdom from this communication with the Spirits of the Grandmothers.

When we are feeling weighed down by the responsibilities of life we can remember to take life like a feather, and "lighten up."

When we are feeling superior to the other life on the planet we can remember that even the rocks have spirit, and that in the spirit we are all equal.

When we are feeling disconnected from life, we can connect with nature, sit on a rock, and come back to the earth, grounding ourselves in our life here on earth.

When we are faced with life changes, we can remember that all of our life is like sand in our hands, and be grateful for the times we have together, for soon they will pass.

When we are tempted to blame our circumstances, our past, our jobs, our government for the situations we find ourselves in, we can remember that we are the  weavers of our own lives. We may  not always choose every patch that we sew into our lives, but we can make a beautiful tapestry despite the challenges.

When we are tempted to take life for granted, we can remember that the life we are given has cost someone something. Our ancestors gave their lives so that we could have the life we now live. Our loved ones have given us their hearts, that gift has cost them something. We should not take that for granted. We should be willing to give and receive and remember that anything that is valuable has cost someone something.

Thanks to the Grandmothers for this timeless wisdom. Thanks to my client for allowing me to share. Blessings to all as we each travel our own paths and find our own way.