Sunday, March 27, 2011

An Interesting Excursion

Recently I accompanied my husband on a paranormal investigation of a house reported to be haunted. I am not normally with him on these investigations, but he invited me and it gave me a chance to connect with a medium he had invited on the investigation.

Anyone who knows me knows that I normally prefer contacting Angels and Spirit Guides rather than "ghosts", but on occasion I will have an experience worth writing about. On this occasion the medium that accompanied us on this investigation, Laine Crosby, had a cast on her foot. At one point I asked her if I could access some healing energy and send it into her foot. I was able to pick up that in two previous lives she had broken the same foot. I saw in one life that she was Native American and while running she had stepped her foot into a trap of some sort and in the other life she was climbing on some rocks near a large body of water and had stepped into a hole between the rocks. The medium was able to see the scenes I described and almost finished my sentences.

This was interesting on its own but later we were in a particular room in the house and she asked me what I was picking up. At that moment my leg began to hurt and I knew that I was being contacted by someone who had hurt his leg. I sensed that he was a farmer of some sort who had fallen off or gotten caught somehow under his tractor. Laine immediately was able to connect and said that he had come because he had seen me sending healing energy into her leg and wanted some similar help. I was able to connect with his energy and send some healing energy. Then I saw a scene of him being sucked backwards out of the room and immediately I then saw him laying in a hospital bed. I became aware that the person I had seen was his soul and that his soul had come for help because his body was not dead, but injured somewhere and laying in a hospital bed.

Of course there is no way to locate this person and find out if he recovered from his accident. I write this because many who like to do paranormal investigations assume that those who they contact are dead. They may also assume their souls are possibly stuck here in the earth realm and have been unable to cross over. This is not always the case. While on this particular investigation I picked up not only on spirits in the house but also the Spirit Guides of some of those who happened to be in the house at the time. Many times when we become aware of paranormal energy what we are actually picking up on is our guides or our loved ones who have passed that may just be checking in on us. I was made aware on this trip of my grandmothers who were looking in on me. I don't remember either of my grandmothers but it appears that they both showed up on this particular occasion just to say hi.

There is a world out there that exists just on the outer edge of our ability to see it. I am sure that some of the intelligent energy wishes to connect with us and some of it does not. If I can be of assistance or if there is a message that needs to be conveyed then I welcome the opportunity to connect. I am sure that my Guides and Angels are always there to keep me safe. It is my belief that if we are walking in the Light of Love, then any entity that is more comfortable in darkness will not bother me.

Thanks to all our Guides and Angels who are always accompanying us and allow us to be in just the right place at the right time to offer assistance to souls in need. I hope the man injured by his tractor is recovering comfortably somewhere in this lifetime, and maybe one day I will learn of his fate. Sending out love and light to all my fellow earth travelers, whether seen or unseen.

Thursday, March 24, 2011

The Angels and the Parking Spot

I want to write a little bit about a technique my Angels recently reminded me of lately that I have been using in the area of relationships. Most of us can say that on occasion we may find ourselves involved with people that we find difficult. If we live in this world we will find that there are those who challenge us. This technique works in those situations but also in various other situations that may seem trivial but important to us.

Sometimes I struggle a bit with the delicate balance between asking my Higher Powers for things that benefit myself but I am not sure if they benefit others around me. My Angels reminded me of this technique the other day when I, of all things, was stopped at a traffic light that seemed to be stuck red. I was close to work and I was asking the Angels for a good parking spot close to the back door of the Post Office. I was reminded of my husband's comment once that if the Angels gave me a good parking spot, then They were taking it away from someone else who might need it worse than me. I have two good legs, why do I need to bother the Angels for a good parking spot? So as I sat at the traffic light for a very LONG time, I might add, I added a condition to my prayer. "Please, Angels, I would like a good parking spot, but not at the expense of anyone else. Whatever is best for everyone concerned." Immediately, the stuck red light turned green! I knew it was a message from the Angels that when we have it in our hearts to harm no one, to ask for whatever benefits others around us, then our prayers are heard and all are blessed!

I remember years ago learning this principle when going through my divorce. It was difficult for everyone and I had decided I was not going to fight for any "stuff". I was content in my little nearly empty apartment and the "stuff" seemed important to my ex, so I signed it all over to him. I confessed every day during the divorce that whatever was best for everyone concerned would manifest. It was still difficult for everyone involved, and I did not take personal responsibility for the way that the other parties handled their side of the argument. I just decided I would not fight.

Years later I remembered this principle. Sitting at a traffic light, waiting for the light to turn green and praying for a parking spot, I remembered. Now I try, in all my dealings with others, to always ask my Source for whatever is most beneficial for everyone concerned. And I think they like that.

Monday, March 21, 2011

The Earthquake

I had posted recently that I had a dry spell in which I was not receiving messages. Then the influx of messages returned. I started having some very vivid dreams. In my last blog I posted about a recent dream of visitors that came in through my closet. At first I tried to spiritualize the dream and see if there was a message in it for me. It could represent that I could be receiving guidance from different sources and that they had been trying to make contact for six weeks. In the dream, however, I insisted that they were there uninvited and compelled them to leave. Upon awakening I was contemplating the dream and decided that they were probably actual entities that maybe did not know that they were dead and that possibly there was a portal for the spirits to travel through in my closet. This is often the case. No I did not close the portal in my closet but I asked the Angels to guard it and only allow those in and out that I could help or that meant no harm.

The next night after that I had a dream in which I was in a room with another woman and it seemed to be a waiting room. It had large glass windows in the front of the room which looked out into another room. I don't know what we were waiting for. While we were there the ground began to shake and I immediately knew that we were involved in an earthquake. Now this dream may have been a subconscious reference to the recent events in Japan but I took it as a personal message. In the dream as the ground beneath us shook, all the lights went out and we were in complete darkness, but only for a moment. Inside the room we were in I could hear a backup generator start up and the lights inside the room came back on, but I looked out of the large windows and noticed that the lights had not come back on anywhere else. In the dream I did not converse with the other woman in the room, and I can only guess who she might have been. She may have been my guardian Angel, or she may have been a fellow traveler through this lifetime, but she was not someone I knew.

This message said to me that even though I may find myself in uncertain times, and sometimes I may find myself in a position to feel like the earth underneath my feet is shaking, I could remain calm knowing that my Source has a backup generator, and the lights will never go out for me. Even when all around me is darkness, and I cannot see out from the room I am in into the rest of the world around me, I could know and trust that I will be okay.

This dream unnerved me a bit, because I had received a recent message conveying that I had a challenge coming up in my near future, but that I would be okay. This seemed to be a re-wording of the same message. I guess I write about this because I am sure that there are many of my readers out there who are facing challenges. I want to assure you that as long as you remain connected to your Source, you will be okay. There are all kinds of Benevolent Forces out there looking out for us, giving us back up generators so that we are never in the dark. We may feel as if the ground under our feet is shaking, but remain calm and know that the lights will come back on.

Sunday, March 13, 2011

Visitors in the Closet

A couple of nights ago I dreamed that I had gone into one of our bedrooms and noticed some movement. Before long I had noticed an Hispanic woman. When she saw me she started to run away but I was able to overcome her. I took her to the door to show her out and noticed that she had a short sleeved top on and felt sorry to throw her out in the cold. After giving her a sweater it became clear to me that there were six visitors in my house. There was the Hispanic woman who spoke no English, then there was a husband and wife, and three other females, who seemed to be together. Other than the fact that they all showed up at my house at the same time, there seemed to be no connection between the group of visitors. One woman seemed to be the spokesperson for the group. I asked her why were they in my house and she replied that they had learned a new way of travel in and out of closets. They had gotten to my house through my closet. I remarked that as full as my closet was I didn't know how they had all fit into my closet. She said that sometimes they came into the basement as well. She explained that they could go in and out of physical locations through entry ways in people's closets.

I remembered reading a book recently which spoke of the doorways to the other realms were often closets, doorways, and hallways. This is why when people catch glimpses of the dead, this is often where they see them. I replied to the woman that they were not welcome in my house and would have to find another house to travel through. In my waking life I mentioned in a previous blog that I had been covering my house, my husband, and myself with bubbles of light and love and forbidding anything other than love or light from inhabiting our spaces. I realize that these people were not of the dark, they were just probably innocent travelers who may have suffered a tragic death simultaneously and happened to find themselves traveling through time and space together. Maybe I should have directed them to the light. I do remember asking them how long they had been in the house and they said they had been there for six weeks. Now I have been told that the dead do not have a very good sense of time, so this may be off. I can't say that I have sensed entities in the house for six weeks because for several weeks my spiritual antennae seemed to be out of kilter.

It had occurred to me in the dream that since the six visitors in the house seemed to be together but not necessarily acquainted with one another, that it was possible that they had all died in some sort of accident that threw them all together, like a bus accident. Later on that evening upon sharing the dream with my husband, I suggested maybe we should do a search on bus accidents. Coincidentally, my husband did find a bus accident that had happened early Saturday morning in New York, which was the same time period I had my dream. I am not sure if it was the same bus accident or not, probably not. They did say they had been in my house for six weeks. They seemed to be traveling to and from different locations through closets.

It is an interesting concept that the dead travel in and out of portals in our closets. I may want to clean up my closet a little bit. I did not realize it was a "bus station" for the dead.

Thursday, March 10, 2011


Anyone who has been a regular reader of my blogs may have noticed that the messages have come less frequently lately. Until very recently I had just assumed that my lack of contact from the Other Realms had been due to my increasingly busy lifestyle. I work a full time job, I have a husband and my daughter and her son had moved in for a few months. It seemed the house was full and there was always someone or something needing my attention. I had not established proper boundaries to allow some quiet time for myself in order to maintain my channel to the other side.

About a month ago my daughter married and suddenly there were two less people in the house. I reestablished my exercise routine and once again began meditating. The connection was not immediately reestablished and I began to worry. I still was able to enter the realm of the unconscious during shamanic journeying and rescue a few lost soul parts but even then the effects of the journeys on my clients was not immediately recognizable as before and I worried that I had lost my "mojo".

After a couple of days of covering my house and my soul and my husband's soul with a bubble of light and demanding that any energy that was not of the light be removed, I felt a little better. So this morning I got on my treadmill. If you have read my blogs you know that I most easily connect with the Other Side while exercising. I climbed up the metaphysical stairs into the Higher Realms and knocked on the door. The Gatekeeper was there and I heard him say, "Joy, where have you been?" I replied that I had been trying and trying to get through but it seemed that there was a brick wall between me and the Other Side. He told me that the energies had been very thick lately and I was not the only one who had been having trouble getting through. He told me that I had become distracted with many things and that I had slipped a great distance from the entrance to the Higher Realms. He also told me that when I became alarmed at my inability to connect, it made the connection even more difficult to achieve. All it took was tweaking my frequency like a radio dial, and the connection was reestablished. I asked if the connection was hindered by lower level entities blocking my connection and He told me that when I gave attention to that possibility, then it became an issue. He told me I needed a spiritual bath and welcomed me into the Light. I was led to a large pool of water fed by a huge waterfall. The Angels led me to enter the pool of water and stand directly under the force of the waterfall so that the water fell on my crown chakra and washed all down through my body. I felt the water open my chakras and all debris and hindrances wash away like small stones. At one point a huge boulder seemed to be removed from deep inside me and fall into the pool of water. Then I felt the fire from deep inside Mother Earth come up through my feet and burn out all remaining debris. I emerged from the waterfall refreshed and ecstatic. My low level depression had vanished and I immediately felt if I tried I could probably fly. The Angels brought me back to the physical plane and immediately I was back on the treadmill.

When I came to myself I looked at the numbers on the treadmill and the miles said "2.22". My book of numbers says that the message of the 222 is that all is well and it is okay to relinquish worry over family members. Then I noticed that the number "444" popped onto the display, which is the number that indicates that Angels are nearby. I thanked the Angels for the message and finished my workout.

Later that morning, out of the blue, one of my customers asked me if I had ever heard the song, "Turn the Page" by some famous singer who I can't recall. I had not, but the question was so out of the ordinary and had nothing to do with our conversation, and he said, he didn't know why he just thought of it. I took it as a message from the Universe that a page had turned and all was well.

I share this because I am sure there are others out there who may feel the pressure of the energies of the earth realm. It may feel like the Higher Powers have deserted you and that you are alone. I encourage you to imagine yourself climbing those stairs to the Higher Realms and let the Angels give you a bath. Imagine that water falling inside of you through an "imaginary" opening in the top of your head and washing all that debris out that gets accumulated just from living life on the earth. Imagine that the fire from the center of Mother Earth comes up through your feet and burns out any remaining debris. Be sure to thank the Angels for the bath and notice any messages that come to you that seem out of the ordinary that day.

Today I "turned the page"...can't wait to see what's next.......

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Dad's New Refrigerator

Tonight while I was speaking with my dad on the phone he told me a story about his new refrigerator. He told me that after his new refrigerator was delivered he had prayed over it and declared that the Angels had watched over it even during its construction in the factory, knowing that eventually it would belong to him. This refrigerator was destined to be his and it would function efficiently and beyond the normal lifespan of a refrigerator. It made me think about how many things touch us in our lives that the Angels watch over, knowing that eventually they will touch our lives. Who but my dad thinks about praying over a refrigerator?

The first part of this story is that his previous refrigerator had stopped functioning and dad prayed over it and it seemingly had begun working again for a period of time. Eventually it was time to replace it. Living on a fixed income and being naturally frugal, he had failed to mention to his daughters that his refrigerator was not functioning. When we found out that he had a nonfuncioning refrigerator in his house, we convinced him that a new refrigerator did not have to be a major expense. I was not expecting to get a lesson in life from the purchase of a new refrigerator, but here it is.

How many of us would think of praying into the past and blessing all those who had a hand in the construction of a new appliance? My dad did. How many of us would send Angels into the past to watch over the construction of an appliance that was now sitting in our kitchen? It spoke to me of the power we actually have over our lives and everything that touches our lives. I have journeyed into the past many times for friends and clients and found lost pieces of their souls stuck in other lifetimes and even stuck in past events in current lives. For some reason I had never thought of journeying into the past to bless an appliance. Now the lesson I learned from this was that even though my dad and I see things a little differently in the way of philosophy and spiritual beliefs, basically we believe the same thing. We both believe that there is an Energy that holds everything together, and that Energy is not limited by time or space. We do hold the power to send loving energy, call it prayer or whatever, into the past and even into the future to change events or the results of events. Can we send prayers into the past and cause events that happened not to happen? I have not reached that level of mastery yet, but I do believe that we can send loving energy into the past and cause the results of events to change. In other words, if something happened in the past that caused a great deal of trauma to someone, we can send healing energy into the past to heal the wounds that were caused by events that occurred. We may not change the actual events, but we can heal the wounds that were a result of the event. When the original trauma heals,the person involved will experience an enormous shift in their current life.

It is a little different praying over an appliance in the past and praying over a living human being with free will. What is the protocol for journeying for a person without their knowledge? I have gotten requests from concerned family members who wish me to do journeys into the past for loved ones. My first attempt was for a young man who was seemingly missing. He had made no contact with his family for a number of months and his family was distraught. I told them I would try but I had never journeyed for someone without their consent. It could go either way. I did a journey and found this young man sleeping in his bed. I saw his soul raise up out of his body and I asked his soul permission to journey for him and retrieve lost pieces of himself. His soul gave me permission. That morning when the young man awoke he contacted his family. This showed me that it is possible to journey for someone as long as I have permission from his soul. However, I have consequently done journeys for other family members and had similar results in my journeys, with no visible results in their waking life. All I can say is that everyone has free will. Even though their souls gave me permission in the non physical realm, if in their conscious life they are not connected with their soul, they may take longer to respond to such treatment.

It is my belief that everything in this life has some sort of consciousness. Even dad's new refrigerator. I am sure in the consciousness of that refrigerator, at some level it knows and appreciates dad's attention to it and its part in his life. Dad's appreciation of it and the interconnectivity of the life of the refrigerator and the everyday life of dad has not gone unnoticed in the non physical realms. It is my belief that just because dad took the time to appreciate and bless his new appliance will go far to extend its life and its efficiency. How many things in our everyday lives could we bless and find that our relationship to it changes? How much more could this extend to our relationships with our loved ones, our pets, our plants?

Thanks, Dad for the valuable lesson. I will never look at my refrigerator the same way again.