Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Halloween Spells

A good friend of mine a long time ago once told me that in her belief system, any spell cast on Halloween was guaranteed to come to pass. The energies, she told me, were greater that day than any other. I hadn't thought about that for years but this morning it came to my mind. Of course I don't propose that we all go out and start casting spells, unless of course they follow the cardinal rule "DO NO HARM."  But let us think about this for a moment.

Yesterday I was supposed to officiate at a wedding in Virginia Beach, but decided to err on the side of caution and request it be postponed, due to the hurricane. So I ended up with a day to myself, since my original plans had been cancelled. I was walking into the grocery store, not really thinking about anything in particular, when my guides told me that I really had to watch my words, because words that came out of my mouth were very powerful and had the capability of changing worlds.

This kind of coincides with this morning's thought about casting spells on Halloween. Now casting spells kind of has an evil connotation, with all the media and movies that have glamorized the practice and the tendency for religion to demonize the practice, but really, it is no different than saying a prayer. A long time ago my guides told me that every thought I thought was a prayer. Every intention or every affirmation I repeated is a kind of spell that I am casting for something that I expect to manifest in my life. Anything that any of us do with intention has power to bring about change in our lives.

So what if my friend has a valid point? What if any spell we cast on Halloween has extra power? Why not use this to our advantage? Let us all spend a moment today to send out prayers, intentions, thoughts of love and light, or whatever you want to call your prayers, out to those in harm's way? To all those affected by the storm, let us send out our intentions that the ability to reclaim their losses will be intensified, that their hearts will be comforted in their losses. Let us send out the intention to the political candidates that the best man for the job will win, that whatever is best for our country and for all those that live here and call it our home will manifest, that whatever the outcome that we may all learn to love and accept one another no matter our differences of opinion, that all may have equal opportunities to live life according to their heart, and that we not blame the government or anyone outside of ourselves for our situations. Let us set aside our judgements and our thoughts of what is right and wrong, and simply love one another.

Some may call it casting a spell and some may call it saying a prayer. Some may light candles to intensify their prayers and some may do other rituals, but as long as no living thing is harmed in the process, what difference does it make what the ritual is or to whom the prayer is addressed? I believe our Source and the Creator of all that is has bigger things to think about than how He/She is addressed and what rituals are performed to request assistance.The bottom line is that it is our intention with which we perform our rituals or pray our prayers that has the real power.

May our intentions be of the highest order, that all may be blessed and that no one be harmed as we all celebrate Halloween in our own way. Do not judge others in their beliefs, whether they be similar to yours or different, as long as no harm is caused or intended. Blessed be!!

Tuesday, October 23, 2012


This morning I was blessed to have brunch with a very dear friend of mine. Though our belief systems are not exactly the same, we each have a love and acceptance for the other. I am always anticipating what will be our topic of conversation, as Spirit often has a message somehow wrapped up in our time together. Today was no exception. Despite my agenda for today, I had to rush home and try to write down the message for today.

We started out by talking about her recent decision to claim back all the things she felt had been stolen from her life and the lives of her loved ones. She talked about years stolen due to her fears. She talked about an autographed picture of Marilyn Monroe. I related how unknowingly we steal parts of the souls of our loved ones or even enemies through intense emotions and how it was possible that pieces of her soul were possibly in the energy field of those she had dreams about or thought about frequently. We both talked about the things we wanted to accomplish in this lifetime, but sometimes felt that our time was stolen due to everyday obligations.

Here are a few things that Spirit wanted us to know, regarding pieces of our lives that we felt had been stolen from us. The main thing that Spirit let us know is that there is no entity (like the devil or his cohorts) out there specifically targeting us to steal from us. We, by our acknowledging that we felt stolen from, were creating the idea in our mind that we had lost something that needed to be returned. The idea is, that when we felt the loss of something, that we would engage our Divine creative ability to manifest that which we felt we had lost. Instead of focusing on what had been stolen, why not instead create in our intentions that which we would instead like to manifest? If we have lost a picture of Marilyn Monroe, for example, then, instead of focusing on getting it back from someone who stole it, why not create a vision of that picture in our minds and focus on having it or something better, hanging on our wall? I have for awhile believed in the mantra, "what you focus on grows." Instead of focusing on the thief, or on that which is stolen, instead focus on creating the possession of that which we have lost. If we have lost a home, or a job, or any number of things, we can recreate what we have lost in our lives by our intention.

By the same token, however, there is the seemingly contradictory message from Spirit, that at times, we need to come to a place of surrender of that which we wish to manifest. If we find ourselves in the position of having meditated, visualized, and intended for something to manifest, and, after a period of time, have still not seen the thing for which we are focused come to pass, there is a point in which it is necessary to surrender to the Divine Higher Wisdom in our lives that for which we have been intending. At this point in our conversation I almost felt that I was channeling Jesus, who told us that when he incarnated on the earth, He knew that his Divine purpose was to teach mankind about love and forgiveness. He said that he was accomplishing that to a degree, but it wasn't until He gave up His right to what was His, that the true manifestation of that purpose came to pass. He gave up his life of ministry, allowed himself to lose it all, and then the manifestation of that purpose was reborn. There comes a time in our lives, especially those to whom is given a calling to be of service, that what burns in our hearts has to be relinquished, so that it can die a death to what we think it has to be or how it has to be accomplished, so that Spirit or the Divine Plan can unfold.

Most of the time we will agree that the major turning points in our lives came while we were busy doing something else. It is only in retrospect that we recognize those times in our lives when we crossed major thresholds that led us in a particular direction. So I say, yes, decide to create something positive in your life. State your intentions. Meditate. Make specific steps that lead you toward your goal. But, at the same time, be aware of the fact that it is only through surrender of all our plans and the ability to change directions if Spirit leads us, that our true calling and purpose can ultimately come into our lives.

So, just for the record, my intention is to be a force of healing to all those with whom I come into contact. I would like to spread love and light to every person I meet. If Spirit allows me to do this through delivering spiritual messages or shamanic healing, then so be it. However, if there is a different plan, I am open to that too.

Use my example of my intention to create your own message to the Universe. Create your intention, but be open to a change in plans. Know that we are the creators of our lives. But surrender to the idea that there might be a bigger force at work, making the wheels turn or stop. And it is all okay.

Sunday, October 21, 2012

The Silence

I have noticed that frequently after a time of intense and frequent contact with Spirit that often what follows is a time of intense silence. This is what has been occurring with me this month. In September, as you know, I posted a message every day derived from the cards of the tarot. I really enjoyed the interaction with Spirit and the time of really connecting with the cards. This month however, I have noticed that most of the month there has been a great deal of silence. My daily meditation time has been met with interruptions or difficulty concentrating. I wanted to share this for those of you that have had this occurring as well.

Not that there have been no interactions with Spirit. The other day while meditating I could hear in the "fake" tree that I have beside me in my healing room a sound like the rustling of leaves. I was meditating so I ignored the sound at first. The second time I acknowledged the sound and let it go. There was no movement of air, like a fan or a heat vent that could have caused the sound. I imagined that possibly it was Spirit making contact. After a few minutes of hearing the rustling of the leaves, I gave in and opened my eyes. There on the tree was a praying mantis! I acknowledged his presence and thanked him for joining in my meditation time. My husband and I proceeded to catch him and put him outside. Later when I looked up the praying mantis in my animal messages book, I learned that the praying mantis represents stillness and going within. I thought it appropriate that he had showed up while I was meditating. I imagine he was telling me that more stillness was necessary. Sometimes we have to be still and silent for a period of time before the next stage of the game can proceed. This is apparently where I find myself.

Another interaction with Spirit occurred when a hawk flew directly in front of my car as I pulled in the driveway last weekend. I live in a neighborhood, not too far out of town, so this is not a common occurrence. I knew that hawk was sending me a message. Hawks represent having prophetic sight and seeing things that most will miss. It is a fact that if you hold a dime on one side of a football field and there is a hawk on the opposite end, that the hawk can see the details on the dime. Maybe Spirit is telling me that it is time to access hawk energy and see more clearly.  I am looking forward to connecting with these new earth energies and accessing their knowledge.

So if it is few days or even a few weeks between messages on my blog, know that I am still around. I am getting in touch with Spirit. Maybe they are just giving me a rest. Maybe my system needs to be rebooted. When you reboot a computer, you have to turn it off to get the benefits of whatever system you have installed or upgraded. If you find yourself in a period of silence from the Higher Realms, take heart. Maybe you are just being upgraded and Spirit found it necessary to reboot your system, making it necessary for a stage of turning off your internal computer for a period of time. Take the time to rest and reboot, knowing that soon you will be back, better than ever.

Sunday, October 14, 2012

Piggyback Messages

Piggyback messages is a term I have invented for messages from Spirit that are aimed at one person but another person receives and benefits from them. Spirit often does this. It is okay.

Sometimes I write a blog and I get several people who message me to tell me that they were sure this particular message was meant for them. I am happy that Spirit likes to help more than one person at a time.

Sometimes I have been in a room where a medium or an intuitive is giving messages to individuals and although I have not been the recipient of a message, I went away with a message anyway, because I felt Spirit was directing a message to me, even though the intuitive was talking to someone else.

I have also been the recipient of a message that was directed at me, but I felt that the message was really for someone else. I once received a message that I would be moving and that a very tumultuous year was ahead for me. At the time I had no intention of moving, and for several months I was a bit stressed, wondering when the ball was going to drop, so to speak. It ended up I had several messages from intuitives and from my tarot cards about a stressful change in my life. At the end of that year I looked back and realized that all of the messages were in fact directed at my daughter, who ended up being the one who moved and had a stressful year. How do I explain this? At that time my daughter's energy and mine were very closely enmeshed, and I think the intuitives were picking up on her energy because of the piece of her soul I was carrying around with me. I was worried about her in her stressful situation and through this worry had unknowingly taken a piece of her soul and was carrying it around with me. When I was able to separate her soul from mine and give her back her soul part, it freed up my energy from feeling responsible to fix her life, and allowed her the freedom to experience her own challenges and work through them herself. When I saw the same intuitive a year later, she asked me what had happened. She told me my energy was completely different than it had been a year before. That is why it is so important to give back pieces of other people's souls and walk around in our own energy field. This is an extreme example of a piggyback message, but worth mentioning.

I have had people complain to me that when they get messages from intuitives, they often get messages for loved ones and that the messages are not primarily about them. This is because it is so easy to become entwined in the energy of our loved ones. Our guides will use whatever methods that are available to get messages to us. If one of our loved ones is not in the atmosphere to receive a message from Spirit, their guides will often jump into our session because there is something important they need to tell them. Don't worry. When there is an important message from Spirit for you, your Guides will try again and again until you get the message.

If you find yourself hearing the same thing over and over then take the hint that it might be a message from Spirit for you. If you have dreams that occur over and over, it is definitely a message from Spirit for you. Don't feel bad if someone else is getting a message and you think it is for you. Spirit obviously thought that the message was important enough to have you be in the listening area so that you could get the message. Our guides will go to extreme lengths to get us to listen.

In the next couple of days, pay attention to messages that occur over and over. It could be a song on the radio. It could be something you read or something you hear someone else talking about. If we pay attention, messages are all around us. Piggyback messages are just one way Spirit has to communicate with us. Let us let go of the idea that our communications with Spirit can only come one way. It only stands to reason that there may be more than one person going through a particular circumstance at one time. Piggyback messages save our guides time when they can get a message out to more than one person at a time.

When you are ready to hear a message, then it will come to you. One way or another. Open your heart and listen.

Friday, October 12, 2012

Soul Thievery

Today I want to talk a little bit about how we unknowingly and most of the time unconsciously steal a portion of a soul that belongs to someone else.

Have you ever heard someone say, "I have never been the same since I lost my heart to .........." or " and so stole my heart." or some similar saying? I know that what these people are saying is meant to be a metaphor, but in the nonphysical realm, it is true. It is easy to have portions of the souls of our loved ones. Either they willingly give us a piece of their soul, or we subconsciously steal it. We may have the deep feeling that we cannot survive without a certain someone in our life. Subconsciously we are stealing a portion of their soul. There is an invisible bond that occurs that ties us to that individual, whether or not both souls are in agreement. Also if you hold a grudge against someone, technically you have stolen a piece of their soul. You have a part of them trapped in your heart, even though you dislike them. Any very strong emotion directed at another person has the potential of grabbing a piece of their soul and taking it into your energy field. This is not healthy for either individual. Many times we can even unknowingly have pieces of the souls of famous people. One reason why celebrities often have such emotional problems is because they do not understand how to protect themselves from soul loss. Earlier in the year when I was writing a message a day on my blog, at one time about half way through I started to feel drained and lethargic. My guides showed me that I was harboring pieces of the souls of many of my readers. It was necessary for me to cut the invisible cords that tied me to many people I did not even know.

Last night I dreamed that a person who I know had a relative held prisoner in her basement. She had her tied up in a cage and was contemplating killing her. I was trying to convince her that this was not a good plan and would change her life forever. At one point in the dream she had moved her to her couch, although still tied up and unable to leave. I woke from the dream and immediately knew that she, through her grudge in real life, had stolen a piece of this woman's soul.

This is why it is so important to watch our words and our thoughts. Even our thoughts toward someone can have an effect on that person. Remember that everything is energy. Subconsciously we feel the thoughts and words of others, even if on a conscious level we have no knowledge of it.

Is there someone who, even though perhaps you haven't had any contact with this person for some time, you often find yourself thinking or dreaming about? The thoughts and words can be either loving or not so loving. Any strong thoughts or emotions can trigger soul theft. It is very important to have all the pieces of our souls in our own energy field so that we can be whole.

How is this remedied? I like to wake every morning and call back any pieces of my soul that have been separated from me. If there has been severe trauma or emotions, sometimes it takes the work of a shamanic practitioner to get these pieces back. The shamanic practitioner, like myself, will travel into the non physical world and retrieve the parts of our souls that have been lost or stolen. Sometimes pieces of our souls have been gone so long that when they come back, the world suddenly seems brighter. Immediately we feel like we have been on a long trip, and suddenly have come back to a new world, brighter and more intense than before. 

If you think you may have a piece of someone else's soul, it is also important to give that piece back. You can meditate and imagine that person in front of you. Imagine yourself holding a ball of light and then give it back to the person to whom it belongs. Sometimes you can imagine the piece of that person's soul going into an object and then give that object to the person. You will feel free and light when you give pieces of other souls back to their owners. Someone else's energy is never good in your energy field.

Let go of any grudges, any unresolved issues, any unrequited love. Give the souls of others back to themselves. In the same token, ask Spirit to help you get back any pieces of yourself that have been stolen by others or that you have given away or lost. Let us get on with the business of enjoying life, and move forward in our quest for living life in its fullest.

Monday, October 1, 2012

Some Thoughts about Soul Growth

Once a month at my home here in Winchester Virginia, I have a class on various subjects of interest for those of us pursuing a spiritual path. Most of these classes contain wisdom given to my by my guides, as well as insights and techniques that I have learned over the years in my spiritual pursuits. This month's class we did a meditation to rid our souls of energy that was no longer helpful to us on our paths. It was an interesting experience, to say the least. The meditation was given to me directly from my guides, and during the meditation my guides would give me little tidbits of information about energy that we hold onto, many times unconsciously. Evidently it was a very important session, because it seemed that a lot of my normal monthly participants ran into difficultly attending. My intention was that those who were meant to experience this important session would be there, and we still had a good turnout. I wanted to share a little of the information given to me by my guides.

One of the things my guides told me was that when we are about to cross a major spiritual threshold, and shed our energy field of blocks that we have been carrying around for many years, maybe even many lifetimes, we may experience some interference from our subconscious. This is because even if we are suffering, we have become accustomed to the suffering. Our limited thinking and our limited viewpoints and the imprints our beliefs have attached to have become a part of our identity. For this reason it is sometimes difficult to shed energies that we have long ago outgrown. When an opportunity arrives to shed our limited thinking and embrace new energies, many times we will find obstacles popping up to divert our attention or take us away from a much needed healing or transformation. This is a familiar message to me. I have many times been told that our souls heal gradually. It is very rare to jump right from the pit of hell to the heights of ecstasy. If we could rate our souls growth from one to ten, we very rarely jump from a one, the bottom of the scale, to a ten, the top of the scale. It is a process. But every time we take a step, we grow.

My guides were able to bring into awareness many things that we carry over from lifetime to lifetime, that cause us grief, and we were able to shed those energies. No worries, our souls will not present us with a healing modality that we are unable to acclimate our selves to. And we may or may not feel different right away. It takes a while before our bodies become accustomed to our new energies. But change is inevitable. Remember that whatever we are experiencing in our lives, that we can use it as an opportunity to grow.

The other sign to us that our energies are changing is the interesting experience of having things break or stop working temporarily. This is a sign that our energy has changed and our household items have to re-acclimate to our new energy field. Take heart, this experience is usually temporary. Some have experienced light bulbs bursting or electronic devices acting strange or having to be rebooted. Give yourself and your possessions time to adjust. This will pass.

Every day, take time to connect with the energy of your soul. Tell your soul that you are open to change and growth. You are open to new experiences and new insights into things you have always believed. The most important thing to remember is that what you know is all you know. But everything is subject to change. There is nothing set in stone. We all are living our lives with limited thinking and limited beliefs that have made us who we are. As we love our souls and are open to growth, our lives will change. The change may not be what you have expected. But if you are in touch with your soul and what is best for your path through this life and the purpose that you came here to fulfill, then the change will be for the best for everyone concerned. Rest assured that it is all good. If you feel right now like all you have believed and all of the identity with which you have associated yourself is changing, celebrate!! You are finally becoming your authentic self. And it is good.