Wednesday, June 3, 2015

Questions and Answers About Soul Retrieval

Shamanic journeying is going into the unseen realms of Spirit looking for answers. Not unlike delving into a small hole or cavern, the possibilities are endless as to what I may find when I take the plunge into the Spirit world.

Sometimes I may not find what my clients were hoping for. But I will find what they need, according to Spirit. I am never in control of the journeys. I leave that up to my Spirit Guides.

I wanted to cover a few questions and answers about journeying and soul retrieval.

How do I know if I could benefit from a soul retrieval?

It is my opinion that almost all of us could benefit from a soul retrieval. We all live our lives on this earth. No one has lived in the perfect environment, with the perfect parents, the perfect situation their entire lives. Even if they had, their interpretation of that perfect life I am sure included some hurts and wounds to their soul.

As we grow as human beings and evolve in our journey to our self, sometimes pieces of our soul which were lost come back on their own. Sometimes we may have an "aha" moment and we will realize the truth of an experience that brought us pain. At that moment of revelation, the lost soul piece will come back. We may have been lied to from one parent about another. When I left my first husband, he convinced my daughter that I had abandoned her. I remember when my mom passed my daughter and I took a trip to Florida. She was looking at some old photo albums of her childhood, and I saw this look in her eye. She realized that I was not the neglectful mom she had perceived me to be. I believe at that moment a piece of her soul came back, without any ritual, without any drumming, without any shaman calling it back. 

However, sometimes the pieces are not so easy to find. We may not have noticed when they left. They may have been (unconsciously) stolen away from us by another person. We may  not remember the original event. In some cases, the soul loss may have not yet occurred. (Yes I once did a soul retrieval for a person and the pieces I got back she had  not lost yet.)

Why do soul retrievals cost so much?

Ha this is one I hear a lot.

When I first became acquainted with soul retrieval, and even to this day, I have not found a shaman or practitioner who will perform a soul retrieval for less than $200 and most charge more. I think it is because a shamanic practitioner pays a great deal for training and years of practice. Kind of like I guess why do doctors charge so much. The  other reason is that people tend to value things that cost them something. Bottom line, there is an exchange of energy. You will not benefit from a session which has cost you nothing. The exchange of energy is out of whack and the soul retrieval will not be as good as it could have been had the exchange of energy been more equal. My current fee is $100 and that is negotiable depending on the situation.
You can probably find students of shamanism who will perform soul retrievals for a reduced price or for free. Kind of like going to the beauty school for a haircut. You are paying for experience. I have some wonderful students who are now doing soul retrievals and I don't ask them what they charge.

I sometimes will do soul retrievals for a reduced price if Spirit leads me. I do not want someone to go around without their soul parts just because they cannot pay to get them back. Usually there is some sort of barter involved. I don't want the recipient to be indebted to me or to Spirit. 

Do I have to be in your presence to get my soul pieces back?

You will hear different information from different practitioners on this one. The woman who trained me taught me that absolutely you have to be in the person's presence. However, before I trained with her check her out here I had been doing soul retrievals on my own for friends, family, and friends of friends for several years free of charge for the most part. I had done some in person, but many I had done long distance, with verifiable results. I like to call myself the "no rules healer" in that I believe that there are no hard fast rules to anything. I recently did a soul retrieval for a client in Texas (I live in Virginia) and I blew her soul parts back into her body over the phone. Spirit does not live in time and space and so I am open to whatever my Guides tell me.

What will I feel after the soul retrieval?

Let me be the first to tell you that the after affects are as numerous as the stars in the sky.

Sometimes you feel nothing at first. A few weeks or months later you might notice that something that used to push your button no longer bothers you.

One of my clients lost twenty pounds immediately.

When my shaman teacher performed a soul retrieval on me, I swear that the grass was greener, the sky was bluer, the sun shone brighter.

When I got my soul back from Jesus, read about it here, I was an angry little bitch for at least two days.

I have had clients feel depressed for a period of time. Remember that when the soul left the body that piece of your soul left for a reason. Sometimes you will re-experience emotions that you were experiencing when you lost the soul piece to begin with.

I am always available to talk through with you the emotions you feel after the session is over. I recommend that you revisit the emotions you were feeling when the soul piece left. Welcome that part of yourself back into your body. Send him or her lots of love love love. Remind that part of yourself that the hurt is in the past and now things are better. Release with love any perpetrators or soul stealers. Accept the event as a part of your past but no longer necessary for your experience. 

Of course the ultimate goal is JOY. I want you to be in your body, with all your soul pieces intact, enjoying life on this earth realm in your body. When I discovered that I  had no where to go, no where to be, nothing to accomplish really except for JOY..I reclaimed a big piece of my soul which I had always projected into the future... someday, when this happens, I will be fulfilled...
When I brought that part of my soul back into my body and said, all I need to do is experience joy now... WOW. The pressure was off! I was free!

In no way am I suggesting you have to get a soul retrieval from ME. I want you to find the healer that connects best with your soul. However, if you would like to work with me, you can contact me HERE.

Blessings to you as you embark upon the most important adventure of your life, your journey to your soul.