Monday, September 26, 2011

Angel Messages

Messages come in all shapes and sizes. Usually if I get a message and I am not paying attention, it will happen again and again until I take notice. Sometimes I have to do some research to discover what the message means.

Recently I have been seeing the number 222 a lot. I look at the clock and it is 2:22. A customer will purchase postage that comes to 2.22. My odometer will read 222. I will see a route number as I am driving. Yesterday I was showing someone a picture on my phone and I noticed I had 222 pictures in my phone.

Luckily I have a book written by Doreen Virtue on the Angelic meanings of certain numbers. I looked this one up and it said.. you can stop worrying about your family members . The Angels are watching out for them and they are going to be all right. Well I am not going to go into detail about why this was significant for me but this is not the end of the story.

Soon after I had looked up the meaning of this particular number I was waiting on a customer at work. Now I usually don't share my "stuff" with my customers. Usually if  I get a message for a customer I will just put it into the context of regular conversation or I will just silently send them love and light. This particular time this customer was mailing a large box and the postage came to $22.22. After other transactions he gave me his money and the change came to $2.22. I commented on the coincidence of the numbers and he agreed that it must have some significance. He said he was not one to play the lottery and wondered what it might mean. Okay so I just couldn't keep my mouth shut (my husband says I frequently have this problem). So I just threw caution to the wind and told him that I had a book at home that gave all of the Angelic meanings of numbers and it just so happened that I had recently looked this particular number up in my book and would he like to know what it meant? He seemed very interested. When I related to him the message, he responded immediately.

"Would you like to know what is in this box I am mailing?" he asked.

"If you would like to tell me, sure." I responded.

"This package contains some scrapbooks that I have made of my family members. I am sending it to a relative to let them know that my family is doing okay."

He thanked me for the message and went his way. I don't know if the significance of the message blew him away like it did me, but I learned something. Sometimes when we get a message that we assume is personal, it probably is. But chances are one day you will come across someone who needs the same message. You will know when and if the other person is receptive to hearing the message. If they are then go ahead and tell them. The Angels want them to have this message and know that they are being looked after.

Sometimes I hear different people assign different meanings to numbers. Someone else might say that this number means something else. It doesn't matter. The Angels gave me this meaning for this number and it meant something to me and it meant something to someone else.

We can all be light to the people we come into contact with every day. All you have to do is ask to be of service. The Angels will take care of the rest.

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