Thursday, October 27, 2011


In my previous blog I wrote about a soul retrieval which I  embarked on initially for myself and ended up rescuing soul parts for two others while I was there. Here are a few questions I imagine that people may be asking. How do I know if pieces of my soul are missing? Will I feel different when they come back?

We as souls have lived many lives. My perception of soul loss is that in this life or other lifetimes, we have experienced as human beings many traumatic experiences. These events have left imprints on our souls. As a healer when someone comes to me with a pain in their stomach, I can focus reiki healing energy into their physical body, but what if the pain is an imprint of some sort of emotional damage that took place long ago, either in this life or some other lifetime? I have encountered experiences in which those I have journeyed for were experiencing fears or pains in this lifetime that directly related to occurrences that happened in previous lifetimes. When the root cause was discovered, the fear or pain in this lifetime disappeared. Why does the fear or pain occur seemingly out of nowhere? I can't explain that. It is possible that when a person reaches a certain age that their cells suddenly remember the occurrences that traumatized them and the pain or fear suddenly triggers. I remember soon after my second marriage having an unfounded fear of my husband dying. I never had this fear with my first husband. After several months of reoccurring panic attacks I contacted the part of my soul that was fearful and told her that the occurrence I was fearful of had already happened in a previous lifetime and there was no reason to be afraid in this lifetime. I also had to contact my husband's soul and remind him that his time to go was not yet. It is possible for our souls to repeat tragic occurrences in multiple lifetimes when the issue is not resolved in that lifetime. It was important for my soul to come to terms with this loss to prevent it from happening again. Several years later I found the fear coming back for a short time and I realized that this time I had to give permission to my husband's soul to do whatever was best for his soul's growth and purpose. This was extremely difficult but when I did the fear dissipated.

What if I do a profound journey for someone and they notice no changes? Every soul of every person has to choose whether or not to accept major changes in their psyche. Sometimes soul retrievals are such a major change that the person has trouble assimilating the new soul into their current body. If this is the case the part of their soul may return to its hiding place. Sometimes change is difficult. We may have become accustomed to living our lives with a particular pain in our body or a specific fear. It may be more fearful to our current incarnated soul to live without the malady than it is to heal. Sometimes we become accustomed to our weaknesses and to live without them means we have to make some major changes that may be difficult. Our minds may not know how to live any other way. However, if we have desired a change, then eventually the healing will come, in one form or another.

Can we request a soul retrieval on behalf of someone else? This is possible, but if the person is not aware of the soul retrieval, even though their higher self has given permission for the journey, the changes may be slower to see as an outside person looking on. I have done soul retrievals for people by contacting their higher selves, but success is never guaranteed. Once a parent asked me to do a soul retrieval for his son who had been missing for six months or so. The very day that I did the journey and reunited his higher self with several missing soul parts, his physical self decided to contact his parents. Once I did a journey for a man in a coma, and although he woke up soon after I did the journey, eventually his soul decided to part this lifetime anyway. We can never cross free will, and I will never do a journey for someone if I don't have permission from the person or at least their higher self.

I may initially attempt a soul retrieval for someone and soon discover that the issue this person's guides or angels have in mind is completely different. I always ask the person's guides and angels to accompany me on the journey and I always ask for the most important information for that person to come forth. If the person wants something in particular, then of course I focus on the issue the person has in mind. Otherwise I leave it to my guides and the other person's for the greatest good to come of the session.

Some may question whether the shamanic practitioner is actually consulting with the Highest Source of All Good or not. My answer to that is that if good comes from these techniques and healings take place then they could not be coming from a bad place. Our perceptions of what is good and what is evil have been much influenced by our upbringing and our culture. Obviously there is more than one way to skin a cat, so to speak. If good things are happening from practicing these techniques, then there is no reason to question their source. I applaud any way of believing and thinking that brings healing and promotes love and the experience of joy in a person's life.

We as souls are much more than what we see when we look in the mirror. We are multi-faceted beings, having lived for much longer than the few years we have spent on the earth in this particular incarnation. The reason I believe this is because of the evidence I have encountered while doing the non physical journeys. I have seen amazing changes after bringing a soul from another lifetime back to the person for whom I was journeying. I want all the pieces of myself with me in this lifetime as I experience all life has to offer. Thanks to all my guides and angels as they assist me in this endeavor.

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