Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Shake Off Those Blues!!

In my previous blog I wrote how I was having a little problem with disillusionment. The word disillusionment should give me a hint to how to overcome it. Life is basically an illusion. The things we dream about and hope for ourselves are our illusions. When they seem to take their time coming to pass we can become disillusioned. I wrote about how a dream told me one of the ways to overcome disillusionment is to notice all the things around us that are there for us to notice and enjoy.  Put that disappointment on the shelf for a little while and just enjoy the moment we are in.

I have a friend who recently went through a similar problem. She had moved into a new location and was full of anticipation as to what that move had in store for her. She had received what seemed like clear direction from her guides that this move was to be beneficial to her. Upon her arrival at her new location, she began to have second thoughts. Things were not exactly as she had anticipated. The water was not as good as her old home, there were other problems or obstacles that made her question her decision to move. I remember I got a message for her that she had indeed made the right decision and that if she just remembered the messages she had gotten from spirit regarding her move, she would forget about her second thoughts. The last time I heard from her things had greatly improved.

Sometimes we receive what we feel is clear direction from spirit, but the walking out of the message is not as clear cut as the message seemed to indicate. Time may pass and we do not see the manifestation of what we had believed for right away. We may question the messages we thought we heard. We may become disillusioned. I am here to say that it is so important to pick ourselves up and move forward anyway. Remember that old saying that the darkest moment is just before the dawn? Sometimes our greatest obstacle is our greatest gift.

The day I wrote the blog about the dream, I remember going before my guides and asking for some kind of message of encouragement. My guides told me that I had picked up some negative energy from somewhere (they were not specific as to where it had come from), and that I needed to ask Archangel Michael to remove it. They also told me to cut the invisible cords of discouragement that were holding me back. They let me know that all was well and there was nothing to get discouraged about. That very day I sold two books and had a successful past life regression session with a new acquaintance. I also received a wonderful email of encouragement from one of my blog's readers.

All of  us have those days when we feel less than spectacular. Shake off those blues and get up!! Send love and gratitude to all the Angels and Guides who are constantly there, encouraging us and working on our behalf. Life is out there waiting.

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