Saturday, July 31, 2010


Recently I have been thinking about who I really am. Why? Well it all has come about since I decided to publish a book containing some of the stories I have posted on my blog and some stories not previously made public. I have had the opportunity to visit the non-physical realms and go on journeys for others who may need assistance in recovering pieces of themselves they had lost or forgotten about. So as these events have transpired, my husband has been creating for me a website where I could offer these services and also promote my book.

And then there comes a point where I have to write something about myself so people will come to understand who I am. And I am stumped.

So I begin to visit other websites and read the "About Me" sections and I realize that most of the people with websites that I have visited have a long list of credentials, who they have studied under or with and maybe what degrees they possess or what gives them the "right" to offer services.

And I don't have any of that. All I have is the messages themselves. And yes, I do have mentors. But I have no degrees and I am not a fifth generation anything. I just get messages and I write them down.

About Me--- I get messages and I write them down. Sometimes I get them while I am running or on the elliptical machine. Sometimes I am asleep. Sometimes I am beating on my drum or listening to drumming. Sometimes I am driving. Sometimes I am at work. Yes I have a regular job.

I guess my message for today is that Spirit talks to regular people like me. No credentials necessary.

Wednesday, July 28, 2010


Last night I dreamed I was sitting in a large crowd of people, as if waiting for a parade to start. In the street in front of me I saw an old friend, who I haven't seen in many years. In the dream she was running down the street, and one of her children was in a flying machine, and he was flying. It seemed that this child was just taking off into flight, and she was running behind, making sure he was going to be all right, but also very proud. I am thinking it was her son, because I am thinking in the dream the person in the flying machine was a boy. Since in reality I haven't seen her or her children for many years, her children are grown now and probably have children of their own, but the boy in the flying machine in my dream was relatively young. I realize that in our dreams people can appear to be a different age than they are in reality, so this dream could have been her son, even though he is older now, or it could have been a grandson, I am not sure. Anyway, I was just an onlooker and it seemed that many people were around and observing this as well.

I felt that this dream meant that one of her children or maybe her grandson was getting ready to take off into something big, and although she was proud, she was also a bit worried, as we can get over our children and grandchildren when they take big steps. In my dream I felt he was going to be all right, and that she would be very proud. At first I wanted to write this in my blog because I have no way to get in touch with this woman to tell her the dream and if the Higher Realms want to relay this message to her, then They will have her read my blog. Then it occurred to me that just because in the dream the woman was an old friend with whom I no longer keep in touch, it does not necessarily mean that the dream was about her. In my journey through life I often come across many people, and there is another woman whose son is about to take off into a new adventure and I am sure she is feeling the same way. Maybe this message is for you. I am happy for your son and I know you are proud and everything is going to be all right.

Monday, July 26, 2010

Just Wanna See You Smile

This morning I was on the elliptical machine and I was going through my routine of attempting to contact the Higher Realms while my body was engaged in exercise. Many times I am able to take non physical journeys while my body is busy with other activities. It seems I am especially perceptive while on the elliptical machine, particularly if I have my headphones on with some music with a good beat. Today as I attempted to contact the higher realms, I felt like I was being taken up high in an elevator up into the higher realms and when I got there I saw all my usual companions that often accompany me on my journeys. I asked the Angels who we were journeying for today. Often I journey for people who I come into contact with and recently I had come into contact with several people who I felt might benefit from a journey. I have learned that if I contact their Higher Self in the journey and ask their permission, then I am not crossing any lines as far as sending energy where it has not been requested. This time however, my Guides told me my journey was for me. The music I had on my headphones was particularly upbeat today, and it made me want to dance. So in my journey I began to dance and when I looked around, I was surprised to find my Angels and Guides also dancing. I have many Guides from many different realms, and sometimes it amazes me that they get along so well, despite the fact that they are from different time periods and different realms. My Shaman guide began to dance to the electronica music I was listening to and I remarked to myself that I didn't think that he would be able to relate to such modern music and he just laughed and said that on the Other Side time is not linear like it is here and he did enjoy music from other "time" periods. Then I saw my Angels also join in the dance and even the Ascended Masters began to dance too!! I particularly noticed that Jesus seemed to be having a great time! I hesitated putting this in writing for fear of what some might think who read my blogs but Jesus reprimanded me and said He would not have participated if it was inappropriate. The "place" where we were began to fill up with all kinds of individuals from the past and present and all began to dance. I kind of lost track of time as we all danced and enjoyed this time together. I wondered to myself what kind of healing work I was accomplishing. All I seemed to be doing in this journey was dancing and having fun.

Then towards the end of this particular journey a song came on my headphones and the words just kept repeating.... I just wanna see you smile.... I just wanna see you smile....and I realized that this is what the Higher Realms wanted me to know today. All that matters is that we smile and enjoy our lives and the rest will work itself out. Every day I meet people who need encouragement and healing energy and maybe a message from the Gods. I want to help all these people and give them back parts of themselves that may be missing. In order to do that I must be filled with the love and joy of Higher Realms. Today I think I got my mojo back.......

Monday, July 19, 2010

The Clock

Yesterday my husband Clay and I went to a winery in Haymarket Va. called La Grange. It dates back to around Civil War times and has a lot of history associated with it. The first time we were in attendance we were in the company of a woman who can connect with those who are no longer living and one of her proteges. It was interesting to me as I followed her around that I could feel some of the energies she was describing. She had remarked to my husband that she knew I was sensitive but she didn't want to "out" me.

This time the spirit activity was a lot lighter. I connected with a woman in one of the rooms who "looks out" for the place but other than that I didn't feel any major disturbances. However, in one of the rooms my husband and I were attracted to a very old clock. At first we were not sure whether the clock was an actual antique or a replica but after giving it a closer look, I was convinced it was an actual antique. Of course there is no way to know its history, but I have been practicing with a technique of touching old objects and trying to sense the energy surrounding them and maybe pick up on some message or some history surrounding the object.

I put my hands on the clock and seemed to be whisked back to a period of time in the past where the clock may have been set on a mantle in a large room where there was ball room dancing. Now this may have been reminiscent of an actual event or it may have been the Angels giving me a message through the clock. I observed the people in the room enjoying themselves and dancing about, dressed in clothing dating back to the 1800's. Then the scene changed and I saw the clock fall off the mantle where it sat. This was not an easy task since the clock was quite heavy. I sensed danger and fear in this scene I was being shown. There was much commotion and the energy seemed filled with chaos. There were people running about here and there and it seemed that there may have been gunshots and crying.

The message that I felt the clock was trying to relate to me was that time moves on. I sensed the hands on the clock continuing on their course around the numbers even as the people surrounding the clock were in grave danger and seemed to be running about in fear for their lives. And then the room was empty. There was debris laying about and I saw someone come to the clock laying on the ground and pick it up. They placed it back on the mantle as they cleaned up the debris laying around.

I guess the message that I am trying to relate is this. Time moves on. It doesn't stop when there is a life changing event. When things are good and everyone around is having fun and dancing and laughing, time moves on. And then the hands on the clock continue their course around the circle of time and maybe the next things those hands see is not so pleasant. And time moves on. And maybe something happens in our lives and we think it is the end of time as we know it. Nothing in our lives is ever the same again. And we think that time should stop but it does not. The sun comes up. The sun goes down. The hands on the clock continue on their course around the circle of numbers. And yes I realize that old clocks had to be wound and sometimes no one was there to wind them up and make them work but time did not stop. Eventually someone picked up the old clock. And someone wound it up. But even if no one did, time did not stop.

Our lives are filled with the passing of the clock. Some of the events our clocks witness are happy and filled with laughter and joy. And sometimes time moves on and the passage of time is not so pleasant. But this too will pass. And sometimes there are pieces of our souls that get off the passing of time and stay stuck in a period of our lives. And we don't know or maybe we do. We feel we have lost a piece of ourselves or that time has stopped at a tragedy or a major event. But time did not stop. We did. And it is important to realize that we only have a certain time period in this life to experience all the things we have come here to experience. And if we get off the circle of time at a certain junction then there are things we are missing.

If there are pieces of ourselves that have jumped off the circle of time and have stayed in time periods that were pivotal in our lives, it is important to get those pieces of ourselves back. Time stops for no one.

Thursday, July 15, 2010

Snapping Turtles and Ducks

Recently a friend of mine told me a story about a tragedy that occurred while she watched in the pond behind her house. A duck got caught in the grips of a snapping turtle. I think what may have happened is that while the duck put its head under the water to get a drink or maybe go for a fish, the snapping turtle grabbed its neck and held it under water until it drowned. My friend saw her duck in distress and started wading out into the pond to save the duck but could not get there fast enough. She helplessly watched as the duck lost the fight to the turtle.

My first thought was to wonder what would have happened to my friend if this incident had happened in a more shallow part of the pond where she could have interceded on the duck’s behalf. Would she have allowed herself to be bitten by the turtle in the attempt to save the duck? I knew in this story there was a lesson for all of us about trying to remedy situations that are beyond our control.

I believe that there are those of us who always seem to be the ones saving the day, rescuing the perishing, putting our own sanity, emotional health, and even maybe our finances at risk for the ones who always seem to be needing to be saved. We are the ones wading out into the pond, maybe in our dress clothes and our high heel shoes even, because there is a helpless duck out there, splashing about, panicked and flapping its wings, helplessly flailing about, to no avail, as the fearless snapping turtle is just holding steady, calmly watching as the life drains out of the helpless duck.
And then we find that the duck perishes anyway. If we are able to save it from this snapping turtle, the next day or the day after, that poor duck falls prey to some other horrible event. And then we blame ourselves because we were not there to save the day.

At some point those of us who consider ourselves the “rescuers” of the downtrodden need to realize that some things are just out of our control. There are always going to be snapping turtles. There are always going to be helpless ducks. Sometimes we just have to step back and allow nature to take its course. If we always insist on “saving the day”, someday we may find ourselves at the other end of the snapping turtle’s grip.

This reminds me of that universal law called “detachment from the outcome.” It is probably called something else but this is what I call it. In other words, the grass doesn’t try to grow, it just grows. The trees don’t struggle to produce leaves every spring. Somehow those leaves just pop out without the tree even thinking about what steps it needs to take to make sure those leaves grow. We humans get a lot more stressed out about making things happen or not happen than the world of nature does. We grieve a lot longer than we should. We can’t make someone love us, we can’t make a family member or a pet live longer than they are supposed to. I think Jesus said we can’t make one hair on our head grow or make ourselves one inch taller. At some point we just have to allow nature to take its course. If we are always rescuing a beloved family member from disaster then there will always be a “next time.”

When I first built my pond and filled it with fish, I was always going out there and checking up on them, chasing away the cats and any other predators that happened along while I was on watch. When I noticed I had frogs I did the same. Then I would worry if I didn’t see a frog for a day or two. Now that I have had my pond for seven years and I still have one of my original fish I realize that I can never be there twenty four hours a day protecting those fish. I have to go to work. I have to go to bed at night. I am forced to give over control of my pond to a Higher Power and say, ” Can you please watch over my fish while I sleep?” And if the fish get eaten or my frogs don’t show up one day, I have to give up that control and realize it is the circle of life. One fish dies and then suddenly I have several baby fish swimming around. It is the natural cycle of life.

I guess my message for today is that sometimes things happen that we would not prefer. We have to be thankful for everything, the good stuff and the not so good and realize that it is all a part of life. Sometimes it is just time to let go. Some things are just out of our control.

Tuesday, July 13, 2010


In the past week or so my home was invaded by ants. Not just one or two but armies of them. I can't say they didn't warn me. For weeks I had seen rows of them marching across my front porch and around my outside water nozzle. But they were outside, and I always try to live in peace with my fellow critters on the earth. More than once I attempted to connect with them and let them know that I meant them no harm, but I had to draw the line at the house. I told them they were welcome to inhabit the outside area but please don't come in the house.

The first one or two that I saw in the kitchen I reminded them of our deal. As I wiped them away with a washcloth I apologized for having to end their lives prematurely but, as I was quick to defend myself, they were the ones that were trespassing. I always tried to be respectful of my boundaries while outside and if I happened upon a nest, I apologized and left them to their labors.

As their numbers increased, so did our inevitable battle as we marked our territory. First I tried the humane approach. I had heard cayenne pepper would repel them. Then black pepper. Then pennyroyal leaf. They laughed at me and kept on coming, stronger now, and with resolve.

Okay so today I had to bring out the big guns. I called a pest removal company and they came and in one visit completely eliminated them as a contender for master of their domain. Although I felt I gave them fair warning, it was only a matter of time until the conflict would have to be resolved.

Usually I am able to send the energy of love to the animal and insect kingdom and live in harmony with my fellow creatures on the earth. I do not find satisfaction in knowing that I have completely eliminated a colony of ants from existing. If only they would have stayed outside we could have cohabited this small piece of Mother Earth together in peace.

However I also believe that run-ins with nature are often subtle messages from Spirit so I could not resist the urge to look up and see what those experts in animal symbolism had to say about the ant. The first meaning for the ant is that ants symbolize cooperation with others. I couldn't help but laugh because I did try to cooperate with them. They were the invaders, not me. However, the second meaning seemed to be a significant option. Ants can represent the accomplishment of a great goal. With my book only weeks away from being published I can't help but feel that I have crossed a major threshold in my life. I am about to be a published author!! Could it be that Spirit placed the ants in my life to symbolize in the natural world what has just been accomplished in the spirit? Oh I am not saying that my book is going to change the course of history, but it marks a great accomplishment for me. I have struggled with getting my messages out there, wondering if my words will be well received and if they have value for the readers. I have battled with self doubts and have won!

I know most people will laugh and say, Joy, they are just ants! A lot of people are having issues with them this time of year. Not everything contains a message. And to them I say, Yes, you are right. But to those of us listening to the still small voice of Spirit, everything has a meaning. Nothing is an accident. And there are messages out there for us, big and small. We just have to be listening, watching, and waiting for those messages to unfold. Not everyone is paying attention to the messages out there. So maybe that is why I am here.

Friday, July 9, 2010

We are All Connected

The past few days I have been thinking about how our thoughts and attitudes towards others affect those people. Years ago I realized that every thought we think is a prayer. We are creating our lives by the thoughts that we think and the Ultimate Creative Force does not differentiate between what we want and what we don't want. It is all energy. But are we affected by the thoughts of others? And can we affect other people by the thoughts that we are thinking?

There seems to be a lot of controversy on this subject. I guess the mainstream of thought would be to say no, I cannot harm another person by wishing it upon them unless that person also has a similar thought frequency and picks up on the energy I am sending out. I guess for the most part this is true, or after my divorce several years ago I would have been found floating in a lake somewhere devoured by flesh eating fish.

However, I also know that if I wait on a customer who walks up to me angry and spouts off to me, even though I am a very happy peaceful person, sometimes it is difficult to reciprocate with love. So on some levels I think our attitudes and energy is communicable. How about if someone is sending attitudes towards us that we don't necessarily know about?

This is where the answer is a little more shady. I asked my Angels this recently due to my lines of communication that seemed to be blocked for reasons unknown to me. I think for most people at most times the person sending out the attitudes or "prayers" towards us is by far more affected than we are, but I still think on some levels, our souls know and can feel it, especially if we are sensitive in the Spirit realm. Recently I had a sharp pain in my back that came and left suddenly. Immediately I heard in my Spirit that I was being stabbed in the back. Was someone talking about me or sending me negative "vibes"? I don't know. Was it my own fear or insecurity? Again I don't know. However, I can't discount the whispers from inside me. I was able to put up my Spiritual wall of defense and imagine a force field of light and love covering me and I sent out waves of love and light to anyone who might have reason to think negatively about me and then went about my business, but I still have lingering thoughts about just how much are we connected?

There are certain people to whom I cannot send out waves of love and light. When I do it seems their energy recognizes where it is coming from and attaches to me, draining my energy. But I can build a force field of energy around me and tell their energy to stay away. Sometimes we have to do this. When we get the feeling like we are being drained or we get feelings that are not our own, it is important to build up those walls of defense. Send out love and light into the Universe and ask that we be safe inside the walls of love. Ask the Source that all energy allowed into our space is full of love and light.

Until I understand more about this, whenever I feel drained or blocked or angry for no reason, I imagine waves of love and light around me. My energy always lifts. If I sense that I am feeling the energy of someone else, I will send that energy out into the Universe to be absorbed by the energy of love. I don't normally send it back to the person who sent it out because evidently they have enough problems if their energy was so bad that I felt the effects of it.

Normally in my day to day walk, I am not affected by the energy of others. If I am comfortable in my own skin, if I am in tune with myself and my energy, I can easily detect if I am being psychically attacked. But sometimes due to sickness or hormones or fatigue, I think it is possible to absorb the thoughts and attitudes or maybe even the unconscious "prayers" of others directed our way. Sometimes it may take some time to realize where the energy is coming from, but if we are in tune with ourselves and have done our spiritual exercises, we can easily protect ourselves from any unwanted energy. It is so important to watch our thoughts and attitudes and always make a commitment to walk in love. Love is the force field that always protects us and keeps us safe.

Monday, July 5, 2010

Wondering About the Silence

For the last two weeks since I contracted an illness that left me without a voice and swollen eyes the Voices that normally speak to me on a regular basis have been silent. The sickness went away after a few days but the Silence remained. A few days after the sickness subsided I took a much needed vacation to the beach. I have heard and read that psychic abilities are enhanced by large bodies of water so I was anxious to see if I could reconnect while at the beach. Nothing.

Also within the last two weeks I have submitted many of my blogs into book form which will be published in a few months. It is like a dream come true. I have been visualizing this book for months and working on it nonstop. I was thinking that maybe at the accomplishment of such a large goal, there is a part of me that is thinking, now what could possibly be next? I am wondering if it is not unlike what Christopher Columbus must have felt after he discovered the new world. What could possibly top this? And then the messages stopped.

During this time the only thought that came to me was that possibly there are some things that I have written about which, if read by some people in my past, they might have reason to think that the publishing of such things might not be in their best interests. Is it possible, I thought, that there might be prayers heading in my direction to stop the communications? Is it possible that these possible prayers might be affecting my line of communication? It's a long shot, but I guess it is possible.

I have never used names in relating stories from the past and I don't hold any resentment over anything that has happened in any of my stories. I have the belief that everything that happens to us happens for a reason, and I have learned lessons and gotten stronger from the experiencing of all the things in my past. The only possible reason anyone would want the stories not to be told is fear. Fear of loss of control maybe. My feeling is that probably no one who walks in the circles that I walked in the past would have reason to read my book and so the two paths are not likely to cross.

In any event, I imagined an energy field of light covering me and protecting me from any prayers that may be sent my way to stop my messages from coming through. I also sent a telepathic message to anyone from my past who may not want my stories to be told that I have no intent of exposing anything or causing any harm. I sent them all love and light and wished them all the best in their journey. It is my belief that it doesn't matter what belief system we choose to embrace as long as that belief system brings growth, healing, and comfort. It is when a person's belief system causes grief or fear or harm to ourselves or another that I believe it is time to reconsider what we believe and why. As long as love is our goal and our focus then no harm can come from that.

To all those whose paths have crossed mine during this walk through life, my message for today is that I mean no harm. I wish everyone the best during their journey through life and I hope that each of us learns to love ourselves and one another while we are on this earth and then beyond that as well. That is why we are here. If things happen that cause grief, then let's move beyond these things and choose love. If there is fear that something that I have written may cause someone harm in some way, know that it was never my intent. My stories are written from my perspective and there are always more than one way of looking at things. I also know that what I say is not always what someone hears and I recognize that this may also be the case.

I am reminded of a movie from years ago called The Edge where a millionaire was taken out in the woods by his protege with the intent of killing him so that he could have his wife. Circumstances changed during the movie and the millionaire ended up living and the assistant ended up dying. At the end of the movie the millionaire claimed that the assistant had died saving his life. This movie spoke to me at the time of looking at our obstacles in life in a different way and thanking them for the lessons that they teach us. It also taught me that those who appear to be our friends may not have our best interests at heart, and so I learned to keep my eyes open for false agendas. However, the things in life that we may think are there to cause us harm can turn out to be our greatest teachers.

So after doing this meditation, I feel a weight lifted and the line of communication has returned. There are a lot of things I don't know. I've always believed that it is not possible for prayers to be effective if they are not in the best interests of the person for whom the prayers are directed. Evidently I still have a lot to learn in this area.