Thursday, November 10, 2011

"Ghost Hunting"

Last weekend my husband Clay's spirit investigation team hosted Ghost Hunter's Dustin Pari for an event. Now you will notice in my blogs I don't write much about hunting for spirits because it really isn't my thing. Usually I don't go along with him on his investigations but I had accompanied him on two occasions to the Wayside Inn where this event occurred. I was joined by my good friend and psychic medium Susan Lynne on both of those occasions. We were taken to various rooms to see what we picked up in the various rooms without knowing the history or the stories. This is kind of fun and occasionally I am able to help a spirit if they ask for help.

My view on spirit investigations is that there is indeed residual energy left behind in the earth realm once a person's spirit has passed. Sometimes we who are sensitive can pick up on that energy especially if there is a great deal of emotional energy that occurred in a specific place. In the work that I do with shamanic practice I often go into non physical reality and retrieve lost pieces of my client's souls that detached either in this life or a previous life due to some sort of trauma usually. Or it may be that a person's soul was very happy in a particular time or place and a piece of themselves stayed behind for that reason. Nevertheless, we need all of our soul parts in this lifetime and especially during this particular phase in our evolution in order to complete our soul's purpose for this time in our existence.

So I guess what I believe about spirit investigations is that there is indeed another realm of existence beyond what we can see and hear and sometimes we can tap into that other realm and capture pieces of that on certain types of equipment. What is picked up can be the energy of people's emotions that has been left behind in a place or it could be just a bleed through from another time period. Time is layered one layer on top of another and sometimes other times bleed through. Intelligent hauntings where spirits communicate with those of us asking questions? Sure, sometimes spirits can come back and forth from the other side when we call on them, just like when we ask for our Higher Powers or Angels to come and join us, also people who have lived and died in a particular spot can surely come and go. Are there spirits that are stuck in a particular location? Sure, I don't doubt that possibility. I have assisted many spirits in the task of crossing over, but on reflection of those events, I sometimes wonder if their whole soul was stuck in a place or time, or just a piece of themselves, and all I did was assist that piece of their souls in reuniting with the other part of themselves that already went to the light and was either on the other side or already reincarnated into another body in another place and time. Who knows? I do know that on the times that I assisted a soul in crossing over, I noticed a definite change in the energy in the room. I have entered rooms where I immediately felt a sadness attached to either the place or an object in a room and upon connecting with the energy I found a non living person who had suffered trauma and was grieving there. When I connected with them and helped them come to terms with the events they were able to see the light and I felt the emotions in the rooms lift and I heard many times a "thank you". So I don't doubt that there are souls that need help in moving their energy to the next place. However, I also believe that we who are in our bodies have the ability to create. The Law of Attraction states that we create our own reality. What if we go into a place where we have heard there are spirits and we really want to experience the things we have heard about? Sometimes just by our intention we can pull back spirits into a place simply by our desires and our talking and thinking about them. On numerous occasions I have connected with those who have passed who have told me that they have had trouble going on to the light because the people who are living who are grieving them keep pulling them back due to their grief and their constant thinking about them. That is why it is so important to allow our loved ones permission to move on to the next phase of their existence. I have also encountered spirits while on these "ghost walks" in places like Gettysburg where the spirits there told me that their energy was continually drawn back simply because these tour guides talk about them several times a day and every time a group went through their energy was drawn back into the location. So sometimes I believe that it is our own fault that places seem to remain haunted.

I was pleasantly surprised this weekend while listening to the lecture by Dustin Pari of the Ghost Hunters that he shared many of my beliefs. Sometimes I am unimpressed with these shows I see on TV and I am glad that there is at least one of these "ghost hunters" who respects the dead and has no desire to use them for his own gain. Sometime in a subsequent blog I will recount the stories that the spirits I have encountered in the Wayside Inn told me and how I was able to help.

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