Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Forgiveness for our Ancestors

Yesterday I was with a client and I was doing a non physical journey for him. His intention for the journey was that he wanted to break a pattern of feeling taken advantage of. He felt that his value was not appreciated and he always gave more than what he received back in relationships. Almost immediatedly after entering the non physical realm I journeyed back to a time in a previous life when this young man was a prince in his tribe in Africa. He was well valued, and he had the heart of a lion, bold and unafraid. Then, without warning, he was abducted into slavery by slave traders and brought to America. I found his soul on a slave ship crossing the ocean, broken and disheartened. He lost his fearlessness, his sense of purpose, and instead, shackled and wounded, his heart had lost the will to go on. I sensed that his soul had preordained for this to happen, so that he would learn that although his body was taken into slavery, his soul could never be bound. However, his soul had forgotten its purpose for creating this event, and instead, a portion of himself was still on that slave ship, feeling taken advantage of and abandoned. Upon relating this revelation to this young man, at first he failed to see the significance of a past life event on the present. I reminded him that all events in our lives, present and past, are ingrained into our soul memory, and continue to haunt us until they are resolved. I encouraged him to release the souls of his perpetrators for the wrongs they had done, because forgiving them would release his soul from bondage. And also in this life, those who had taken advantage of him needed to be released from the judgements he held against them, so that his soul could be freed.

This experience revealed an even more amazing truth. We can release the perpetrators of past events from the responsibility for wrongs done to our ancestors, releasing us as well from the bondage of the events. I realized that I could stand in for my ancestors, apologizing for the wrongs done, and releasing those who have done wrongs to them as well. This breaks the hold that judgements carry on past events and releases both the perpetrator and the victim of the event. I know it is commonplace in our culture to demand justice for wrongdoing, and yes, I believe that criminals should be found and punished, but the weight that the families of victims carry with them through unforgiveness could be eliminated through forgiveness and the release of the hold that the wrong doing has had on the family.

I remember when one of the Popes went to a country where in centuries past the Catholic church had rampaged and killed many, and he apologized for the sins of the Church in centuries past. In the nonphysical realm there was great rejoicing and a shift occurred in the heavens. We can also bring about shifts and raise the energy of our planet by releasing the sins of the past. There is no way we can repay the victims of the horrific sins of the holocaust or the centuries of pain bestowed upon minorities but we can raise our energy and the energy around us by releasing those who are responsible from our judgements of them. This does not mean that they get away with their sins. There is always Divine justice. It releases us from the position of judge and allows the Divine to bestow justice or mercy according to the Divine plan.

Forgiveness releases us. The wrongdoers still have their own work to do on their own issues. Whether they come to terms with their sins is not our responsibility. In the big scheme of things there is always justice. We may not see it. But releasing the anger and the bitterness releases us from the prisons we have made for ourselves. In the case of my young client, he does not remember in his conscious mind being abducted and sold into slavery. But in his day to day experience in this lifetime he is experiencing the feeling of being taken advantage of. As he releases those who abducted him in centuries past, and takes responsibility for himself and regains his personal power, he will realize that his soul can never be enslaved unless he allows it. Yes, on occasion he may be treated unfairly, as we all experience from time to time. But if our souls are free, these events do not occur as frequently, or if they do, we may not even notice.

After this journey into the non physical realm, I have decided to go into the Spirit realm and apologize for any wrong doings that happened as a result of the actions of my ancestors. To all the victims of crimes that I am not aware of, I am sorry. I also release any judgements carried over from my ancestors as a result of crimes of which they were the victims.

I remember once years ago I felt it necessary to apologize to the land upon which I discerned there had been great bloodshed as a result of war. In this instance it was the result of wars before the white man even came into this country. I felt the blood of Native Americans crying out to me from the land. In the present there is a church and before I apologized to the land it seemed that the church had suffered many splits where a group of the members of the church would leave and some would stay. I felt that this was a result of the energy of the land which carried with it the bloodstains of fighting. I am not sure whether my apologies to the land resulted in any peace within the walls of the church, but I imagine that if the land is at peace, whatever is placed upon it would also be at peace.

Today I encourage you to look at life in a new way. Release any judgements you may hold for crimes of the past. Remember that we are all victims and we are all perpetrators in some way.

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Don't Look Back

Last night I dreamed that an acquaintance of mine had died. It wasn't a person I normally associate with on a daily basis, just someone I know. When I awoke I heard the words of a song repeating themselves over and over in my head... don't look back... don't look back..

Years ago I read a book about dream interpretation and I learned a few different ways of interpreting dreams. One way is to imagine the characters in the dream after you awake and ask them what they are trying to tell you. Most of the time dreams are given to us to teach us something about ourselves. I don't think this dream was telling me that someone was about to die, although it is possible.

The message I got from the person in the dream is that every morning when I wake up make sure I appreciate all the people in my life and enjoy every moment as if it is my last. I have a tendency to always be planning ahead so much that I forget to enjoy the moment. Moments pass so quickly, and it is so important to appreciate and enjoy all of them.

The words of the song.. don't look back.. don't look back.... it is not a normal tendency of mine to rehash the past. I am thinking perhaps something is getting ready to change and the dream is telling me not to look back, to keep moving forward. Dreams about death don't always mean something bad, sometimes it can mean that the old is passing away and something new is about to arrive on the scene.

I am looking forward to whatever is in store and I am enjoying every moment as if it is my last. I am going to enjoy every person I wait on at the Post Office, I am going to enjoy all the time I spend with my loved ones, I am going to appreciate each person I meet as if it is the last time I will see them. Yes the old is passing away and the new is on its way!

Thursday, November 11, 2010

What's in Store for Me?

I like reading those messages that various people channel from the Higher Realms and they tell us what to expect in the coming month or maybe the coming year. Some tell us what planets are lined up and what each planet means based on its position. Sometimes it's nice to know that the reason my appliances are acting up is maybe because of a particular planet that is wrecking havoc with electrical appliances or maybe it is because my vibration is changing and I need to realign my energy with the energy in my house. I know that when my Angels and Guides are around my washing machine likes to announce their presence with continual beeping.

So today I was talking to my Guides and I asked them to give me one of those kind of messages that could tell people who read my blog what to expect in the coming weeks or months. This is the answer that I got....I wrote it down exactly as it was coming to me so I refer to myself as the recipient of the message.

Joy, you know that every individual walking on the planet has a slightly different vibration. All of the things that make each person unique also makes their experience unique. Yes, sometimes the planets and other factors may make circumstances favorable for certain events to affect a large amount of people, but this does not necessarily have to be the case. Just because Venus is in retrograde doesn't mean that every individual is going to experience problems with their relationships. The potential is there, but each person's vibration and each person's focus play a role in what they experience. If all a person thinks about is how much they love and appreciate all their primary relationships, it is doubtful that they will experience much in the area of relationship problems, whether Venus is in retrograde or not. Remember that what you focus on grows.

In other words, if you want to experience love, then eat and drink and think about love. Don't think about how much you want it or think you need it or especially not about how much you aren't experiencing it. Instead, focus on the things in life there is to love. Love the toaster. Love your breath. Love the cat. Love all the things that touch your life. And love is what you will experience.

The same thing works for money, or a new house or a new car. Non physical things even work better, like peace, happiness, or comfort. See yourself enjoying those things that you want.

So this was my message from the Universe, decide what you want, and then create it. And what if there is something you don't want? Release it. Are you experiencing chaos or turmoil of some kind? Speak out of your mouth that you walk in peace. See all your relationships as peaceful. See your work environment as peaceful.

Do you need money or a job? Find a quarter, or a dollar bill. Carry it around in your pocket. Many times during the day, hold the coin in your hand and love it. Feel the energy of love go into the coin and say either out loud or silently that you love that money. Imagine yourself jumping around in a pile of hundred dollar bills. Imagine yourself working at a job that appreciates you, that you enjoy and that pays you well.

Create the life you want. And enjoy the one you have. After you have made a list of the things you want to create and you have visualized them and you have said how much you love those things, then make a plan. Put feet to your prayers. Don't just sit back and wait for diamonds to drop out of the sky.

I guess my Angels aren't the ones that like to float around on the clouds. They are the ones creating the clouds that others sit on.

Sunday, November 7, 2010


This week I had the opportunity to be in a lot of different social situations. I had been paying attention to my emotions lately due to the previous messages I had received from the Angels dealing with emotions. I was allowing myself to feel the emotions that came up in different situations and then releasing them. In some cases the emotions did not flow out of my experience without some work on my part. I realized that I had some emotions that had evidently been hiding out for awhile and had been waiting for the right opportunity to present themselves. Being somewhat empathic did not help matters because sometimes I wonder if the emotions I am feeling are mine or someone else's. At times I pick up on different emotions that others are feeling and I mistake them for my own. Most of the time I am able to discern if they are mine or someone eles's simply by noticing if my feelings suddenly change when I am around a particular person or location and if they dissipate once I change locations or get distance from the person I am picking up on.

So this evening I was driving home from an event that I had enjoyed and it just so happened that one of the attendees had fixed for everyone this amazing soup. Upon asking my Angels to give me some wisdom concerning the differences in the emotions surrounding the different events I had attended, the Angels gave me the analogy of soup. This evening I had left this particular event feeling good. I remembered the soup and the Angels told me that the energy of everyone in the room of the event I had attended were like ingredients in a soup. Each had their own particular flavor, and each added a different taste to the soup that our energies had created. In the previous events that I had attended during the week, each person in attendance was also an ingredient in that particular soup that made up the event. The Angels made sure I understood that no particular soup is better than another kind. It is just different. It is like comparing chili to chicken vegetable soup. They are both good, but they taste completely different. Now some people may love chili but hate chicken vegetable and some may prefer corn chowder. If someone who loves being an ingredient in chili suddenly finds themselves part of a corn chowder, they may feel a bit out of sorts. How do you make conversation with an ingredient in corn chowder when you have only been exposed to chili?

I think it is good to expose yourself to all different kinds of soup. How do you know if you love only chili if you have never had chicken vegetable? Yes it may feel a bit uncomfortable at first. But maybe you are the very ingredient the chicken vegetable has been missing. Each ingredient in the soup has its own flavor and its own part in the unique combination of flavors. Imagine yourself as maybe the onion that flavors both the vegetable and the chili soup. Imagine either soup without the onion. The energies that each of us bring to the social situations we find ourselves in make the particular flavors that make up the unique combinations that eventually combine into a flavorful soup. One ingredient more or less will make a difference in the taste of the soup.

Sometimes we will go home from a social occasion and it will take some time for the combinations of ingredients we have interacted with to wear off so that we feel like ourselves again. That's okay. We will find that our energies will come back to us and we will once again remember who we are. And that person is always changing. Maybe we will one day find that even though for years we loved chili, one day we will wake up and find that we have a taste for chicken vegetable. And chili just doesn't taste like it used to. That means that we are growing, we are changing, and that is good.

To all my chili friends and to all my chicken vegetable friends, I love you all........

Monday, November 1, 2010


Previously I mentioned how I like to play a game with my Angels. I will look at something in the room that I am in or I will think of something arbitrary and ask the Angels for a message relating to the object I have observed or thought about. The Angels are really good at this game and they like to play.

Recently the word that came to my mind was balloons. I saw a hot air balloon rising up into the sky and the fire that makes it rise. Immediately I had a message from the Angels about balloons. I am no expert in science but I know that hot air rises. I imagine this is because warm air is lighter than cool air. Lighter air will rise higher and heavier, cooler air will remain low. The message to my soul was that if I wanted to connect with the higher realms, I had to raise my vibration to a lighter, warmer energy level. The closer I am to this earth experience the denser and cooler my frequency will be.

How do you feel when you are in love, or when you are happy? You feel warm, you feel light. You feel like you are dancing on air. And, adversely, when you are depressed or sad you feel heavy, the weight of the world is on your shoulders. Now I know that I wrote previously about allowing yourself permission to feel all your emotions, not just the "good" ones. But the key is to consciously feel those emotions, and then let them flow out of your experience. It is when you deny those feelings or stuff them down that they become toxic. However, what if you can't seem to get past an emotion, when it hangs on and greets you in the morning when you wake up and is still there when you lay your head on your pillow at night, then it is time to take some drastic measures. Breathe into the emotion. Consciously put all your attention on how it feels, and then imagine love surrounding that emotion. Imagine love placing that emotion in a hot air balloon and the fire of love heating the atmosphere around it until it begins to float higher and higher. Before long, that heavy, sad, fearful or angry emotion is floating away from your experience and is replaced with the feelings of love and joy. Imagine love filling your heart and surrounding your cells. You will find that when you imagine your cells filling up with love and light that your vibration will soon rise to a higher level. The veil between you and the world of the Higher Beings of Love and Light will become very thin.

The Angels once told me that the language of the Angels is laughter. When we laugh we are talking their language. We are raising our vibration. We are connecting to the higher realms.

Imagine that hot air balloon as your self and that fire that lifts the balloon off the ground is your soul. Imagine flying high into the sky and connecting with the Angels. Imagine that the veil between your world and the world of the Angels becoming thin, so that you can see into the other realm. You see the Higher Beings of Love and Light and they are dancing around and laughing and singing. Then they see you. They invite you in to play. You might see a favorite pet who has passed or maybe a relative who loves you and just wants to say hi. After connecting for awhile, you say goodbye and slowly see your energy becoming a little heavier again. You slowly descend back into the earth realm. Upon your arrival back into your earthly experience, you notice that everything looks just a little brighter. The grass is greener, the sky is bluer. The chaos is less chaotic. The drama is less dramatic. You have been forever changed.

Last night I had the opportunity to help a soul who had not crossed over yet feel the emotion of anger which had kept him stuck. He was about seventeen and was stomping around holding a baseball bat. I helped him to feel those emotions and then release them. I felt the energy in the room lift as he faced those difficult emotions and then felt him surrounded by the Angels. I lost the connection before I was able to tell whether or not he had crossed over but I felt that he did. When we release difficult emotions our spirits are able to rise up like a balloon above our circumstances and raise us up to a new level in our earth experience.

If you are having a hard time releasing difficult emotions, imagine them surrounded by the fire of your soul and placed in a hot air balloon Imagine those emotions rising up high into the sky where they are transformed. Imagine them floating out of your experience and love and joy replacing the anger, or fear, or sadness. Life is meant to be enjoyed. Like a ride in a hot air balloon!!