Friday, December 16, 2011

Are You Still There?

I would assume that those who read my blogs consistently are at least remotely interested in connecting with the unseen world, whether it be Angels, Guides, Ascended Masters, Power Animals, or God. We all at times go through our day to day existence and wonder what is the purpose for all the things we experience, and whether anyone out there is watching over us or helping us out in times of need. This is a recurring theme in why we participate in a spiritual practice, whether it be the observance of a particular religion, or a specific ritual, or whether we just like to tune into nature and commune with the plants and animals. Frequently I get up to go to work, and go through my day, and I come home, relax a bit and go to bed and wonder, did I make a difference today? Did I make anyone's life a little better, did I commune with the unseen world today, did I spread any love today? Did Anyone Out There remember I was here?

This morning I got up and went to the gym, got on my favorite machine, the elliptical, and dove right into the unseen world. I went through a cave with my power animal, the black panther, whose name is Cal, and we traveled to Norway and met up with some of my ancestors. There was my Shaman guide, and my Reiki guide, and some others who I did not recognize, and we performed a ritual in the snow, dancing on the ice, symbolically breaking ice that had formed over a part of our Mother Earth's heart. The ritual thanked our Mother Earth for Her participation in allowing us to habitate on her body, and her endless patience with our ignorance. It was a powerful ritual.

When I came back to the seen world, got off the elliptical machine, and was walking toward the locker room, a thought passed through my consciousness. What if I am just making all this up in my head? And I heard a Voice immediately who said to me, "Joy, so what if you are? Whenever you think of Us, we are there. Whatever you conceive of, think about, meditate on, it all has energy. You spend a great deal of time thinking about Us. We feel it, and we immediately respond. Don't worry so much about whether you are making it up or not. We are here. Isn't that what you are asking?"

When I came home, the message was repeated to me in a facebook status, which I will repeat here, because I love it. Just know, the Angels are here. They are near you when you think of them, when you ask them to help, when you yearn for their presence. Just know this. They want you to know that They are here, and never feel alone.

"Pooh!" whispered Piglet. "Yes, Piglet?" said Pooh. "Oh, nothing." said Piglet. "I was just making sure of you." ~ Sometimes we don't have anything to ask our Angels/Spirit, we just want to know that are still there. You are not alone! ~Christina Lunden ♥


  1. There are several different kinds of abdominal exercise machines as well as treadmills. Some of these machines are really high tech and include things like iPod hook ups, LED screens, cooling fans and much more.

  2. thanks for reading, Suzie. The treadmills and ellipticals I use at my gym have all these gadgets. I just like to connect with my Higher Powers while exercising and find the gadgets distracting. Normally I listen to some high impact exercise music on my phone while I am exercising and as long as the music is mostly nonverbal, I can connect with my guides and Angels and go on nonphysical journeys into the spirit realm while my body is busy working out.