Friday, November 11, 2011


Okay so I am going to jump on the bandwagon and talk a little bit about the significance of this day. I have been reading a lot of the posts out there about the significance of today in our evolution and many say it is a portal to a higher realm of existence. It is important today to get quiet sometime during the day and connect with your Higher Power and really accept the energetic frequencies that apparently are more available today with the significance of the number 11 being repeated three times. Eleven is a high spiritual number as is the number three and to have the number eleven repeated three times is apparently significant. I am not sure if there is really a portal opening today that will usher us into a higher realm. I am not sure if our DNA is being altered like some say. I am not sure if there are all those dimensions that I have been reading about and I am not sure if the messages apparently channeled by these people are authentic. I have never met any of these people but the messages seem to be similar.

This is what I know. There are a lot of people out there who are taking today to connect with their Higher Self and their Higher Powers, whether they be Angels, Gods, Goddesses, Ascended Masters, or just their Higher Self. I do believe in the power of Collective Consciousness. This is to say that when a group of people connect with each other for a common goal, then the power of that group is stronger than the power of just one. Today, whether or not you believe in the power of 11-11-11 or whether or not you believe that today is different from any other day, or if you believe in the power of the full moon, which is also today, I believe that it would be advantageous to find a quiet place today and just connect with your soul or your Higher Power, just because the energy of today is expected to be higher. And that expectation creates the reality of it being just that. I believe that the collective belief that today is a high spiritual day makes it so. I believe that when we call upon the Angels and Guides then they come. Today we believe that it is a significant day. Many people have called upon their Higher Powers to visit them today and to affect their souls in a positive way. I believe that our thoughts and prayers are heard and answered.

How is this different from the day that the year turned over to 2000 and many believed it was the end of the world? Many people stocked up on food and water and alternate energy supplies and hunkered down for a meltdown of our computer systems, which, as we all know, did not occur. Yes, this is different because we believe something positive is going to occur, not something negative. Yes, I do believe that if we all believe something hard enough we end up creating it at some level. And many people believed that the world was going to change in some way on January 1, 2000, and nothing happened. But who knows. Something may have occurred on an energetic level that we are not consciously aware of. And who knows. Maybe today, if enough people open their hearts and think of love then we can create a greater manifestation of love in the world. There is no harm in thinking that if we all think about love, then we will create a manifestation of it at some level on our earth. We all could use more love.

Just for today, I choose not to think about others in a harsh or judgemental way, no matter what they have done. I choose to send out the energy of love to everyone, those who deserve it in my eyes and those who do not. Everyone needs love. I also send out the energy of love to my Higher Powers and to myself as well. I create the energy of love even when I think loving thoughts about my houseplants, my breakfast, my warm bed covers which I was able to snuggle up to a little longer today since I did not have to go to work. Oh and we can't forget those news stories which have us all up in arms. Yes, send love to doctors who are maybe unethical in their practice of medicine when it comes to a certain celebrity.... to presidential candidates who we may or may not like and who may or may not be champions of integrity..........yes and even to football coaches......hard as it may be to some of us to send love.......yes.........send love.....unconditional........and know that unconditional love does not condone bad behavior but it shows that sometimes karma does not need our help to work.........

Okay so the tv is on while I am writing and I had to insert that..........

All we need is love......All we need is love.....All we need is love......Love is all we need.......

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