Friday, October 14, 2011

Welcoming in My Higher Self

Yesterday evening I did a meditation I had read about that welcomes my highest self or oversoul, as some call it, into my physical body to accompany me as I live my day to day life. Even though I feel pretty together most of the time, after reading about this meditation I thought, sounds interesting, I think I will try it.

After relaxing my body and concentrating on my breath for a few moments, I imagined myself traveling into the astral plane. To me this looked like traveling into the higher realms to a place of love and light. It was bright there with lots of colors flying about. I asked to meet my higher self and when she appeared it surprised me that I had seen her before! She looked very much like the angel I described in a previous blog that looked purple and I had decided to call Amelia. I said to her, I didn't know you were my higher self, I thought you were an angel!! She just laughed and didn't say anything. I asked her if she would like to join me in my body and she agreed. I imagined her coming into my body and then traveling back to the physical plane. The meditation didn't last but a few minutes, but it was very powerful. I thought I would share it because this was not the end of the story.

Last night after doing the meditation I had a dream. In the dream my husband Clay and I had bought a house.  We were going home one evening when it had snowed and the weather was bad. The road to the house was treacherous but we finally arrived. Upon going into the house, we discovered that the old owners of the house had come back and had taken the refrigerator, the toilet, the stove, and some other key items. I was a bit upset to think that I had assumed these items came with the house but now they were gone. However, when I went into another room, I saw that the previous owner had replaced the old refrigerator, toilet, etc. with brand new items but had not yet installed them or put them where they belonged. I realized that these items were brand spanking new and seemed to be technologically advanced far beyond the old items that he had taken away. I even looked inside the refrigerator and it was full of food!

When I awoke I realized this dream was significant in relation to my meditation the night before. When we dream of houses it often represents our soul. The dream signified that my soul was entering a "new" phase with the presence now of my higher self and some of my old "plumbing" was now being replaced with brand spanking new technology. The fact that the items had not yet been installed may indicate that there is still some work to be done. My husband being with me in the dream represents the message that we are in this journey together. It possibly could also mean that there are some new things in store for us together. The treacherous road to the house represented that the path to this place has not always been easy but we made it here safely.

I would recommend this meditation for anyone wishing to raise up to a higher level in their spiritual walk. I am looking forward to more surprises on the horizon as my higher self and I walk this path together. If you decide to do this meditation, be sure to ask your Angels and Guides to accompany you and when your higher self appears, you should recognize her(or him). She should look something like you or seem familiar to you. Ask him or her to join you as you walk your path in this physical realm. If he or she says no, then that means there is some other healing work that needs to happen first. If you need help with the other healing work, you can contact me or another trusted healer for help. Best wishes on your path!!

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