Monday, September 19, 2011

Message from Spirit

Okay so this is the blog I was supposed to write when I decided to write the one about the fan. Earlier that day I was talking to Spirit and I commented that I would like to post a blog but I had not had any time to get my recent messages typed up or even time to get some of my thoughts together. I made the comment to Spirit that if They had a message for me to get out there then they would have to give me some time to contemplate and write. It was just  a passing comment and I promptly forgot about it. A couple of hours later the opportunity presented itself. I was surprised at such a quick answer to my "prayer" (my belief is that everything we think is a prayer, whether we intend it to be or not). I was given the opportunity to have some moments with my thoughts and even time to transcribe a message directly from Spirit. However, I was a bit hesitant to publish it. I don't know why. So later when another opportunity to get alone with Spirit presented itself, I guess I thought, maybe They will tell me something else. Maybe I need some time to "test" this message to make sure it is a legitimate message from Spirit. After I relay the message I was given I will give a couple of "tests"  that I put out there and how they fared. Anyway, the second time I got alone with myself and Spirit, that is when the "fan" message came through. And I think the reason I had a bit of a hard time that particular time is because They had already given me a message. I just wanted something else. Something light. Something easy. Nevertheless, here is the message I got earlier in the day, directly transcribed as I heard it from Spirit. It has to do with my thought that I had just mentioned to Them in passing that I would like a little quiet time to get my thoughts together relating to writing a blog and within a couple of hours my schedule changed and I was offered the opportunity for a quieter atmosphere.

"Time indeed seems to be speeding up. In the past you made a request and then waited patiently for weeks or even years to see the seeds of your requests grow up and manifest. By that time a lot of the "prayers" had long been forgotten. It is not so now. You will notice it to be more commonplace to make a request of Spirit and see the manifestation of that request within a few days or even hours. Be careful what you ask for!! Of course, make sure your requests are not selfish in nature and that they do not hurt anyone else in the process or even infringe on someone else's free will. These requests are never honored. Come to Us in humility. Your requests may not alter the natural course of your existence or that of others in a negative way or interfere with your life's purpose or calling. You will notice that those with a pure heart and self-less motives will see answers appear much more quickly than others. But yes, although time does not exist for Us, it does for you and We have noticed that you as a collective group of souls have been learning how to change the course of history through your collective agreements on the soul level. That creative spark within you all is changing the course of history!! It is time now to make sure your heart is pure and your desires reflect the best interests of everyone around you. The key when making requests of Spirit is that your desires reflect your vibration. When the two match then the desires manifest. The reason in the past that your desires seem to take so long is that you would ask for things that did not match the things you were thinking about the other twenty three hours a day. Make sure you are thinking about the desires and that you can see them come to pass. And then they will do so quickly. And so it is."

This was a little scary to me to share. What if we all started making requests of Spirit and started seeing the answers come within a few days or hours? Pandemonium!! But Spirit assured me that the reason for the quick answers to requests is because we were learning how to line our own vibrations up with the vibrations of the things that we desire. So I made a couple of test requests. I asked that I would sell a book that day. My book has the ability to enhance others lives so I did not consider this to be a selfish request. No book sale occurred. Maybe this was a bit selfish. But then I made the half- hearted request that it start raining five minutes before I closed up shop so I could close on time and miss all those last minute customers. Hmmm. A bit selfish I guess but it wasn't made with the intent to hurt anyone. Well that request backfired a bit. Yes it did start raining five minutes exactly before I closed but I already had a customer who ended up staying five minutes past my closing time. So I think Spirit was saying okay the weather itself did not hurt anyone- in fact it is actually a good thing, but We are just going to show her that it is a bit selfish to want to keep away your last minute customers so we are going to give her one anyway.

I think the key to this message being relevant to us today is that it is imperative to have a relationship with Spirit and tune in to make sure our requests are the best for everyone concerned. Of course world peace will probably not occur in a day or two. But if we can bring peace to one person each day then we are taking steps toward world peace. Let us make our requests with the intent to bring love and healing to each person we come into contact with each day. Let us find our most difficult encounters be opportunities to shine our love and light to those who need it most. Let us make our requests in humility.

The message? Yes the answers are there. Just be aware of your motives. Don't ask selfishly. The Angels want to answer our requests. Tune in to Spirit and be sure your requests are in line with the side of good.It is important to make sure we are guarding our thoughts and matching our thoughts with our desires. Let's create a world of love and peace, and we can do it. Let's love one person and one city or neighborhood at a time. The Higher Realms want to help us. All we have to do is ask!!

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