Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Message Number Seventeen

I think I mentioned in one of my previous messages that sometimes, the Angels told me, my message for the day would be for someone in particular. I think today is such a day. I just got back from the gym. I spent the last forty five minutes on the elliptical machine. Not only is it my favorite form of exercise, the Angels must like it too, because it is the easiest way for me to get messages.

So I asked the Angels what is the message for today. I had one that I had started last night, but it wasn't flowing, so I had the feeling maybe it was for another day, and I was not wrong. This one came to me out of the blue.

The Angels told me that there was someone who was going to be reading my blog that was contemplating selling a horse. They had enjoyed a close relationship with this horse and was grieving the thought of selling him(?) (they didn't tell me if the horse was male or female). Over time things had changed and this person was finding less and less time to spend with the horse. The Angels wanted me to tell you that it is okay to sell the horse. The soul of the horse understands the evolution of the human heart and wants you to know that there is someone else who will benefit from being in relationship with him (or her). The Angels have already picked out a buyer for the horse and it will not be difficult to sell once you make up your mind to do it. 

Humans don't always understand that everything is energy. When our energy changes then the things around us often change as well. Things that we once loved no longer carry the same attraction as they once did. We sometimes grieve over the loss of what we once had or enjoyed. The Universe, the Angels, our Divine Source, whatever you want to call our Divine Guidance system, understands this better than we do. They would say to this person, it is time to start a new chapter. This horse will be okay.

They also told me this may or may not have anything to do with a horse........

Monday, January 30, 2012

Message Number Sixteen

Yesterday the message I received from the Angels was derived from the movie The Help. I wanted to continue on that theme today because there was one particular scene in that movie that touched me and I was sure that the Angels wanted me to share my thoughts on this particular scene in the movie.

In the movie, there was an African American woman who was a maid for a young, possibly well off white woman. This maid was the most important person in the life of the young toddler of the family, an adorable little blond haired, blue eyed darling whose mother looked at her with disdain. In the eyes of the mother, this child did not measure up to her ideals. The woman who was the maid in the family was treated poorly and yet she took it upon herself to be the one positive influence in the life of this small white girl. There was a scene in the movie where she told her that she was strong and beautiful and smart because she was those things on the inside, and that is what mattered. She told this small child not to believe anything else but always know that she was beautiful and special.

I know I have probably said this before, but know this. You never know what you are to someone else. You never know if you may be the one person who believes in someone who no one else believes in. What if there is someone who you smile at or speak to every day and that is the only time that person gets a smile in their whole day? What if there is someone out there who has never been told that they are beautiful? Or that they are special? A lot of times we are out there looking for our special purpose. We want to do great things. We want to make a mark on the world. What if the mark you are to make on the world is to be that one special person to one small child? Or what if you tell someone that they can do anything they put their minds to do and they have never been told that before?

I think it was Mother Teresa who said, If you cannot do great things then do small things in a great way. Be that person who smiles at those who no one else smiles at. Be that person who believes in those who no one else believes in. Be that person who sees the best in everyone and knows that everyone you meet is a special person and has great potential.

Years ago when I delivered mail down in the city I had one woman who lived on the last street on my route. Every day she met me at the mail box with a homemade cookie or baked bread. After awhile I began to take my ten minute break at her house because I soon realized that no one else on the street spoke to her and she was all alone. I realized I was the one human contact she had all day. The last day I delivered mail to her house before I got transferred to another office I told her I was leaving and she cried. She wanted to give me a gift but all she could find was a pair of socks. I treasured the socks because she gave them to me from her heart. I received Christmas cards from her for several years after I transferred out of the area.

Every day look for at least one person who you can be a blessing to and just smile at them or say a kind word. Or maybe there is someone in your life who you can help steer them in the right direction. Never stop believing that those you love can do well and shine in their own special way. You may be the only person who believes it. You never know what good you are doing.

Everything you do, do in a great way, no matter how small....Remember that you are someone's angel.

Sunday, January 29, 2012

Message Number Fifteen

Yes, today is the halfway point in my message a day for thirty days commitment I made to the Angels to post a message every day for thirty days. And today here it is late in the day. Yes I have heard a couple of messages late last night and today but the words have not been flowing like they do when I am just taking dictation from the Angels. This time they gave me a thought and I am trying to put it to words and say something worthwhile. The message is related to a movie I watched last night. After watching the movie I knew that I had a couple of messages, but I wasn't quite sure whether they were just for me or something I needed to publish. The movie was entitled, The Help. Yes I know that most people have already seen the movie. And it was wonderful. But my life is busy. And I seldom get the time to sit down and enjoy a movie.

Years ago I actually wrote a book (one that I never published) on messages that I received from the Angels while watching movies or from other stories. It included unconventional messages from fairy tales and Bible stories as well. Maybe one day I will revive some of those old messages if I can remember them. It used to be a favorite tool of mine for receiving messages from the Angels. I would ask them to have me think of a familiar story and then give me a message related to whatever story came to my mind. Or I would go to a movie and drive whoever I was with nuts because I would get inspired and start explaining the significance of the story. Maybe that is why I stopped going to the movies. There was a point in my life when the messages stopped and going to the movies was a reminder to me of what used to be. But I digress.

Okay so most people know that the movie.. The Help... is about African American women in the sixties who made their living as maids and a young white girl who decided to write a book about their experiences. The most obvious message to me was that we should never be afraid to pursue our dreams no matter what obstacles seem to present themselves. In the movie, this young girl and the women who she interviewed for their stories helped change a lot of people's perceptions about African Americans. Now we can look at life in America and say that if a few people had not stood up for the injustices being done to a whole race of people then life would not be as it is today. Someone has to be the pioneer. Someone has to be the person who sees an injustice and says, "This is enough."

Maybe this message today is for just one person who reads this blog. My Angels have been telling me that sometimes the message will only be for one person. And that is okay. So, perhaps there is someone out there who sees an injustice and there are mountains of people who see things differently than you do. And the Angels would say, Now is the time to stand up and say.. no more. And you will face difficulty. And you will not see change overnight. But one day, years to come, someone will say, "if it was not for you, my life would not be as it is today." It is time to speak up about something that is important. Just because a large group of people think in  a particular way does not mean that it is right. Back in the sixties there were thousands of people who thought that African Americans were second class citizens and it was okay to treat them that way because they were not really as good as white people. And someone said, no more.  And guess what? Some of those African Americans had to be convinced that it was okay to think of themselves as just as good as white people. Because if you tell someone long enough that they are no good, and especially if you tell them that from the time they are born, it will take a while to get that belief out of their head.

Maybe you are the person who has been told all your life that you are no good. The Angels are here to say, this is not the case. Maybe you are the one who sees an injustice and has the ability to speak up. The Angels would say, Now is the time to speak up. And know this. Just because what you feel in your heart and what everyone else believes is not the same does not mean you are wrong...

Saturday, January 28, 2012

Breaking the Pattern of Abandonment

This message came to me some time ago but now I am feeling like it is time to publish it. It kind of goes along with the message from yesterday about relationships. This one is about the fear of abandonment which often has its roots in childhood.

Feelings of abandonment can be detected when a person, either yourself or someone you know, attaches themselves to you in such a way that is seems to suck the life right out of you. When you are around this person, you feel suffocated. The person who suffers from issues of abandonment will want to be around you all the time. They may continually find reasons for you to be connected with them. This is because they are afraid of being alone. They are afraid of not being in a relationship. They may find difficulty forming long term relationships because of the unhealthy attachments they form immediately, even after having just met the person their soul has decided to attach to.

If you or someone you know has trouble being alone, jumps into friendships or romantic relationships with both feet, spending all of their time and attention on being with the other person, then you or that person you know may be suffering from abandonment issues. This may stem from not getting enough attention when they were children, or from past life issues, or from some event that caused them to feel abandoned in this life, like a divorce or death.

What can you do if you suffer from feelings of abandonment? First of all, it is important to recognize that no person outside of yourself will ever make you feel like a whole person. I don't like the phrase... he or she completes me. You should feel whole and complete as a person yourself before you attempt to be in a relationship with someone else. In my experience in dealing with abandonment issues of my own, it seemed that the more comfortable I became with my own company, the less I needed affirmation from others. This takes much time and work. Yes, it is healthy to have close relationships with others. It is not healthy if you feel like you can't live without constant contact with others or constant affirmation from others.

If you find yourself in a position of attracting relationships with others who have issues with boundaries or if you feel sometimes smothered by a relationship with someone, you may be dealing with someone else who has abandonment issues. If this person is a close friend or relative, you may have to visit their soul and establish boundaries in the non physical realm before confronting them in the physical realm. At times you may have to set up boundaries in the conscious world as well.

I remember at one point in my life I was having dreams every night of a person from my past. I had not had any contact with this person in the physical realm for several years, and had no desire for any contact. But the person was contacting me in my sleep. After two weeks of dreaming of this person every night, I finally had to set up a boundary in the non physical realm. I imagined a wall between us that separated our souls and I commanded his soul to stay on the other side of the wall. I imagined any cords that connected us being severed and I sent back any energy that was his that had attached itself to me. Now that I have gotten more knowledge, I usually think to do this before I have dreamed of a person for two weeks. Recently I dreamed of someone and immediately knew upon awakening that an unhealthy soul tie had connected us. I severed the soul tie in the spirit realm and never mentioned anything to anyone about it. This person I have continuous contact with but I noticed an immediate change in our relationship. I did not have to confront this person in the physical realm. Their soul knew that a boundary had been established.

Healthy relationships are those in which neither person depends on the other for survival or completion. Each person is safe in his or her own skin. People with healthy self esteem can feel good while in a relationship but without the fear of the loss of that person. Sure, when we end a relationship there is always a period of adjustment. We will always grieve over the loss of someone we love. But when there is an unhealthy attachment, the strong person feels drained by the weak person's energy. This may cause one of the individuals to find reasons to not be around the other. As you can imagine, this will cause the person who is draining the energy of the other to become even more aggressive, unless steps are taken to end the unhealthy attachment.

Let us make every effort to find comfort in our own skin and not put unhealthy expectations on one another. Yes we are all connected. But we each have to learn to carry our own load. Remember to connect with others through your heart but also remember that your relationship with yourself is the most important one you can nurture. When you feel good about yourself then you have healthier relationships with others and with your Divine Source.

Friday, January 27, 2012

Message Number Thirteen

This message has been coming to me over the past day or so and I am trying to find the right words to express the thoughts that Spirit is giving me. It has to do with the way that we relate to one another.

We all have people in our lives who are very important to us, whether they be husbands, wives, children, parents, significant others, or just very close friends and relatives. We have connections with these people that some call soul ties and some call cords. These are like invisible links that connect us. It is like having an invisible umbilical cord between you and each person in your life that you are in relationship with. These soul ties can be good and healthy connections and sometimes they can be unhealthy. Even connections that are healthy most of the time can at times be unhealthy. Sometimes people that you love can seem like they drain you and adversely, sometimes you may drain them. Sometimes you just don't really want to be around certain people, even though you love them.

I will give you an example. My dad lives in Florida and my daughter lives a couple hours away. I call them both almost every day. Most days I enjoy the calls. Some days I really don't feel like being sociable. Maybe I am tired or busy with other things. But usually I will call anyway, whether I feel like it or not. Why do I do this? At some level I  know that sometimes I call only because I feel obligated to do so or because if I don't I feel guilty. This is when the connection between us becomes unhealthy. I have allowed feelings of guilt or obligation be my reason for connecting with them.

Sometimes if things get out of hand your energy becomes enmeshed with the energy of those that you love. The boundaries between you and others become gray. When this happens you may frequently put aside your own needs to accommodate the needs of others. Sometimes this is called co dependency. Someone needs you and you need to be needed. Or you allow guilt or obligation to steer your decisions and the way you treat others. You allow your own needs to become subject to the needs of someone else. This is when the unhealthy cords get so strong that your energy is being drained out.

As I learned to cut the unhealthy attachments between myself and others I learned the necessity of establishing healthy attachments with the same people. I realized that I am not expected to call every day and it was myself who put the unreasonable expectation out there on myself. After I discovered this, my Angels told me before I had an interaction with someone, to focus on the interaction being one that came out of my heart. I silently sent out a cord of love from my heart to the other person before I called or before I interacted with them. I asked that the interaction be mutually beneficial. I made the contract with myself that I never made another obligatory phone call. I changed my mental attitude about the phone call from something I felt obligated to do to something that I wanted to do.

This applies to all our relationships. We all sometimes do things for people that we love even though we really don't want to. It only becomes a problem when it starts happening frequently and we lose our sense of self or do not speak up and say that we need some time or space for ourselves. If we do things for people that we love our acts of selflessness should come from our heart and not from some sense of guilt or obligation. It also should not come from a fear of rejection or abandonment. If we are in fear of the loss of the relationship, then that also is an unhealthy soul tie. It is fairly easy to detect when we are doing things out of love or out of fear.

My Angels wanted me to add that this also applies to our relationship with Spirit. I grew up in organized religion and it was common practice to use fear of some sort of judgement from God to illicit certain behaviors out of the followers of said religion. I remember so many of my fellow church buddies saying they were afraid of what would happen if they didn't come to church every week or didn't pay their tithes to the church. I guess they thought God would come out of the sky and strike them or their finances or their health. My Angels said that it is so important to base your relationship on your Divine Source on love, not on fear, duty, obligation, or any other motive. This also applies to my daily messages, They told me. Sometimes, since I have started this commitment to Spirit to write a message a day for thirty days, I have gotten in tune with Spirit out of duty to fulfill this obligation I made to myself, my Guides, and my readers and have forgotten to connect out of love. This is so important. It is so important for all our connections with each other and with Spirit to be based in love.

Just for today, pay attention to the things you do for others. Pay attention to whether you are doing them out of love or out of fear. If you are doing them out of fear, make the commitment to yourself to always act out of love instead. It will make all the difference in your interactions with others.

Thursday, January 26, 2012

Message Number Twelve

Recently I was reading some posts about acquaintances either looking for jobs or having career path changes or challenges. I wanted to offer some encouragement other than the generic, "I will be praying for you, or I will be focusing positive energy toward you." I immediately asked the Angels for some guidance to offer these "acquaintances". (my husband calls them my "imaginary" friends, because they are friends I have online, and most of them I do not actually know).

The Angels reminded me of a meditation I recently learned that was initiated by someone in Hawaii who evidently was a doctor who used this meditation on his patients, all of whom apparently recovered. I am recounting this second hand so I have not actually investigated any of this on my own. However, I was privileged to have been taught this meditation, which I have used several times on my own and also taught it to others with amazing results!!

This meditation is good, not just for career path issues, but relationship issues, health issues, or whatever challenges you are facing. It takes the focus off of yourself and onto the higher consciousness. I had a friend at work who was facing disciplinary action, and I suggested this meditation, which she did, with positive results.

So anyway, the theory is that we are all connected through what is called the Collective Unconscious and when we do this meditation we are sending out the energy into the earth and our atmosphere into the Unseen realms. How does this help people looking for jobs or facing other challenges? I will have to say I don't really know. All I know is that in some way, the energy shifts.

Here it is. Four little sentences.

I'm sorry.
Please forgive me.
Thank you.
I love you.

Try it. It does not matter what faith you associate with. It does not matter if you even believe in God or any type of non physical reality. Say it over and over and something shifts. Say it to yourself . Or to God. Or to people you have wronged ... or who have wronged you. Say it to the dog. to the cat. to the mailman. Say it to the stars. And see what happens.

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Message Number Eleven

Today I think my Spirit Guide wants me to address the small comment I made on my last message that we can never own a piece of land, a person, an animal, even a plant. Everything that is in existence has its own spirit. Yes we are all connected. Yes we are one with one another in the big scheme of things. And yet we each are on an individual path and those paths come together for specific periods of times and purposes.

Recently I was made aware of the respect that comes from asking permission of the spirits of the land before embarking upon any project, any ceremony, or any endeavor. What if we asked our Mother Earth before we drilled for oil, or built a house or a shopping center? I was a bit surprised recently when I connected with the spirit of the land upon which my gym resides and the spirit there told me that it enjoyed the comings and goings of the different people there. I had always thought that the land probably resented our modern ways of life, especially pavement and shopping centers, but this particular spirit enjoyed it. I felt the land told me that it understood that everything was temporary, and that this eventually would pass. It had survived eons of different scenarios, and each one was unique in its own way.

It is a matter of respect to one another to honor the fact that each of us are on a different path. And it is all temporary. We come together for a short time and we connect and we accomplish certain things. Hopefully we enjoy at least some of the time that we are here. Problems arise when we start to think that we own something or someone or that we have a right to it. The only thing we really have a right to is our own destiny.

My aunt once gave me a plant and I began to say thank you and she said it was bad luck to say thank you for a plant. I thought at the time it was just one of those silly superstitions, but now that I think of it, how can we thank a person for a plant? We should be thanking the plant for giving itself for a short time to us, to pleasure us, to enhance the energy in our home or around the place we call home? What about thanking the land upon which our homes stand? Or our places of business?

And what about our relationships? Do we have the right to one another? I remember when my husband first proposed he said to me," I will never ask you to be my wife but I would ask if I can be your husband? Because I will never own you or consider you my property." One of the reasons I kept my last name when I married was for this reason. I never want to be considered someone else's property.

Let us respect one another and let us respect every thing that has a spirit. Remember that everything has a spirit so that means we must respect everything!! Let us respect one another. Let us respect the land upon which we walk every day. Let us respect the animals that give their lives so that we may eat and even the vegetables too!! Yes I do consume meat but I try to remember to thank the animals for giving their lives for me and ask their spirit to live on in some way in my body. Yes I do think that animals are treated badly when they are raised for mass consumption but fruits and vegetables also give their lives for me to eat. Water gives up its energy to live on in my body as well. In some way the life of whatever I put in my body lives on for a time within me.

Message Number Eleven.....let us respect all that touches our lives. Let us not think that we have a right to anything. In truth we can never really own anything. And nothing can own us. Thanks to all that touches our lives in every small or large way.

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Message Number Ten

I want to talk a little today about a non physical journey into the other realms I took today. While doing a meditation, I was taken to a period of time several hundred years ago. I was taken into the outskirts of a Native American village, where I saw a young boy of about twelve or thirteen running toward his village. This boy was known to be gifted even at his young age, for hearing from the Spirit world. As I watched him in the Spirit realm, he ran toward his village and then into a gathering of the adult men of the village. The white men had begun to show themselves in the territory and the men of this village were gathering to decide what to do to retaliate for this infringement on their land. They were contemplating attacking the settlements and the young boy was trying to get them to change their minds. I remember while watching the young boy was trying to tell them that no one "owns" any land, that it is all borrowed from our Mother Earth, and that we are only given guardianship of it for a short time. He had seen in the Spirit that if the men of the village indeed attacked the white men, that there would be retaliation and that the village would eventually be no more. He told the men that there was nothing that they could do to stop the white men and killing and war were never the answer in regards to peace. Of course the men of the village did not listen, and in my vision I saw that no one in the village listened to the young boy. Eventually the village was burned to the ground in retaliation for the attack, and the young boy was the only one to escape alive. I wasn't shown how long he lived after that or what happened to him, but my Spirit guide the crow told me that he lived with guilt the rest of his life for surviving and yet he made a vow to shut down his gift because of the pain he endured from no one in the village believing him.

I am not sure if this message will speak to anyone else who reads my blogs or not but the message to me was that even if no one believes you, it is important to speak your truth. And if you do speak up and no one acknowledges your words, then do not stop speaking or shut down the voices that speak.

The other message in this story is indeed that no one owns any land. We are all given gifts from our Mother Earth and the responsibility to take care of the land we are fortunate enough to live on for only a short time. It is important before undertaking any project, to ask permission of the land and the spirits of the land for what you have in mind. Do not think that anything really belongs to you. You cannot own any piece of land, really, any more than you can own a person or an animal. Everything has a spirit of its own and we just co-habitate with each other for the time we are given. Let us make every effort to live in peace with one another. We all are given gifts that we can bless each other with, and there is no reason to fight with one another. War never brings peace. The more we give love, the more love is given back to us.

Yes in our history is much war and much bloodshed, no matter what race we are, no matter what heritage we call our own. We have all made mistakes. We have all thought that we were separate from our enemies, but in truth we are all the same. Let us stop fighting with one another and learn to live together in peace.

Monday, January 23, 2012

Message Number Nine

Saturday morning at work I was walking through the back of the Post Office, not thinking about anything in particular when I passed the radio. There was a song playing, a song I had heard frequently in the past but never once payed attention to the words until this particular moment. The words that rang out to me were, "Everything's gonna be all right..." I don't remember the name of the song or the singer or any of the other words to the song, or even, at this point, I don't even remember the tune. Just those words.

It took me back to a time in my life when I frequently needed to hear those words. It seemed my life was much more challenging than it is today and I would often call out to my Higher Powers for a message to give me some hope. I remember so many times a song would come on the radio, a different song than the one I heard that morning, but the words were the same, "Everything's gonna be all right..." It seems that song would always come on at a time when I needed to hear those words. It was obviously a message from my Angels. It would encourage me to keep going and give me strength to move forward.

Our Angels know exactly what we need. They hear us when we call to them for help, even when we don't voice the words out loud. They feel our emotions. They feel our tears, our joys, our sorrows, our fears. Very often they send us messages. Are we open to hear what they are trying to relay to us? The signs they give us to let us know they are there for us are as individual as we are. For me it was that song on the radio. Sometimes it was as  simple as walking down the grocery store aisle and hearing a conversation in the next row over and needing to hear whatever was being said. Sometimes I would ask the Mother Goddess for a flower, just to let me know She was there and hadn't forgotten about me. One day I went into the grocery store right after voicing this request, and the clerk who checked me out went over to the flowers that were sitting next to the relay belt and handed me a flower. I asked her what that was for and she just said it looked like I could use a flower. Once I came home from work after asking for a flower and out of the blue my husband had bought me a bouquet of flowers, something he is not in the habit of doing.

I guess the song on the radio Saturday morning reminded me of how things have changed. Years ago I asked for a message and this song with these words would come to me at just the right time when I needed to hear them. I rarely hear these words anymore. Is it because everything is not going to be all right? No. I think it is because everything is all right. I don't need that reassurance as often anymore. The Angels at that moment were telling me......remember these words? Remember when you needed reassurance and we would always give to you? See how far you have come? Didn't we tell you, Everything is going to be all right?

Sunday, January 22, 2012

Message Number Eight

I was just sitting here eating my bowl of cereal contemplating what my message for today would be.  I noticed on facebook that a friend had posted that he felt like pond scum. I began to relate to him a story from my past that I have written about before and is actually a chapter in my book, but it is a story about pond scum, and I am going to repeat it here with a little different twist to the original message the Angels gave me at the time of the original writing.

Years ago I attempted to build my first pond. I was poor, and couldn't afford all the things that go into making a successful pond, so I dug a hole, bought a cheap swimming pool liner, filled it with water and about fourteen fish. I was uneducated about the need for a pump and plants to create a healthy environment for the fish, but it was getting cooler and winter would be coming soon. Within a few days most of the fish had been eaten by cats or other predators. Then winter came and the pond froze over. I assumed that the remaining fish had frozen to death and in the spring when the ice melted the water began to turn murky and green. With little money to reassemble the pond properly, I decided to drain the pond. At some point I realized that there were two remaining fish living in the pond. Always the rescuer, I "fished" them out and gave them a spanking new bowl with fresh, clean water. I went back outside to work on draining the pond. In about a half hour I came back inside and both fish were belly up in the bowl. I was devastated. They had lived all winter in a frozen pond and all spring in this green goop and seemed to be thriving. Then I rescued them and they died.

The fact was that the pond scum was creating an environment that was feeding the fish and protecting them from predators. They were thriving until, in my self proclaimed wisdom, I decided to rescue them. A friend of mine told me that the fish had grown accustomed to the pond scum and I had shocked them to death. He said I should have taken them and put them in a bowl with mostly pond scum and a little clean water. Every day, he said, replace some of the pond scum with a little more clean water. Eventually they will be accustomed to a cleaner environment.

The message for today is, if you feel yourself to be pond scum, then be the best pond scum you can be! Remember that you are feeding the fish who live in your pond and you are protecting them from predators, and possibly even rescuers, like me. Every day, replace some of the goop that makes up your pond with a little clean water. In other words, every day, replace a limiting belief like.. I am pond scum.... with a more positive belief, like... I am really good pond scum....then the next day..... maybe your belief could be......I am replacing my old goop with some better goop.... and the next day.....hey, I can see to the bottom of the pond and there is less goop than there was a few days ago.... and the fish seem to be okay.........and now I can see that there are a couple of frogs who have taken up residence as well.....

You can't jump out of the green goopy pond straight into a fresh new bowl of sparkling clean water.  But you can raise your beliefs, one at a time, until you believe that there is no pond scum better than you are and everything in life has a purpose, including pond scum.....

Saturday, January 21, 2012

Message Number Seven

I have a friend who said to me recently, "I make more money by accident than most people do on purpose." I know this is a strange first sentence for a message from the Angels but the moment he said this to me I realize that he was working from an inner belief that he was meant to prosper. The Angels want me to talk to you a little about inner beliefs. What belief do you have, conscious  or unconscious, that drives you, that you hear when you wake up in the morning? This is your inner belief. It can be good or it can be unhealthy. This is what we need to think about when we think about what we want to change in our lives.

I sometimes think about when I was very young my mother told me that there was something special I was meant to do. I spent most of my life searching for what was that special thing? She probably only said it once, and who knows what she meant when she said it, but it stuck with me. It is because it resonated with what I already knew. Now if she had told me I was supposed to be a tight rope walker, I would have dismissed it immediately, because that has not resonated with my soul purpose.

Just for today, think about what is that inner belief that drives you? It could be "You will never amount to anything." I have an acquaintance who has struggled with that little tidbit his whole life, also from his parents. That obviously is one which needs to be replaced. It could have to do with your  weight, or your ability to function in this life, or how other people treat you. If you have time, get quiet today and ask yourself what is that inner belief and how can you change it? It is as easy as replacing it with a more productive belief. Now if you have believed it for a very long time, it will take some practice, but it can be done. Every time that belief pops into your head, just say, "thank you for sharing, but I am now replacing you with this belief instead...." and name your new belief.

Let's get started!!

Friday, January 20, 2012

Message Number Six

So far the messages I am receiving seem to be connected. My first post talked about a conversation with the spirit of the land upon which my gym resides and the second message was similar in talking about a connection with the spirit of the land upon which a local business resides and the message was about how connected we all are and how healing of one promotes the healing of all. This message is a little similar to that in that it talks about the connection of us all.

For several months I have been nursing a sore knee associated with my obsession with exercise. Some days are worse than others but recently I began to wear one of those knee pads on occasion when it was acting up. Recently I wore the knee pad to the gym and was working out at my normal pace when I happened to engage in conversation with one of the owners of the gym. He asked me about my knee and I told him that I had not been to the doctor, I just wore the knee pad because my knee hurt sometimes and it seemed to make it feel better. He suggested that sometimes injuries occur because the muscles around the sore muscle are not as strong as they should be. He suggested doing some squats and other exercises to strengthen the muscles around my knee. Sure enough, the pain in my knee has subsided after a week or two of some leg strengthening exercises.

I am of the belief that nothing happens by accident and that many times our bodies give us messages about what is going on inside of us. I asked my Angels and Guides if there was a message in this for me. They indicated that one sure way of making sure I was walking my path without pain was to make sure that others connected to me were strong as well. Many times I have the tendency to take on the pain of others and carry it around with me as if it were my own. My Guides told me that it was important that others that are close to me find their own strength and that this would ease my pain as well. How do you help strengthen others around you without intruding on their free will? My Guides told me that my knee had been carrying around the weight for other muscles around it and that this was causing pain and that by helping others to grow strong on their own without my intervention it was causing them to be strong and allowing me to be strong and free of pain myself. Sometimes carrying all the weight for someone else is not good for them or for me.  A part of one of the messages I recently received was that when one soul is healed then we all benefit and this message is similar in a different way. Sometimes the way to heal is to allow those you love to grow strong as well. And sometimes the way to do that is to not carry all that weight yourself. Yes, give encouragement. Yes, offer help when asked. But do not carry the weight of others life lessons around in your soul. Do not agonize if they make what seems to you to be wrong choices.

I find it interesting that this message comes to me on my mother's birthday. She was one of those who gave of herself constantly even up to the hours before her death. I remember telling her once that I felt like the cancer from which she suffered was the manifestation of years of allowing her service to others to drain her energy, her life blood. She continually gave of herself even when she was so weak she could barely make it out of bed. From her hospital bed she was calling others who were sick to check on them.  There is a fine line between giving of yourself in service to others and allowing others to drain you until there is nothing left.

This applies to my healing sessions as well. I offer help to others by retrieving parts of their souls and reuniting them to lost pieces of themselves. I administer reiki and send love and healing energy to wounded hearts and hurting bodies. However, the healing process is an individual thing and I cannot take responsibility if someone does not get better. I cannot doubt myself and wonder if I did everything I could have done. We all must walk our own path. I have no healing power of my own. It is all from my Source and I am only a hollow conduit through which the healing energy passes. This is an important lesson for anyone who feels called to help with the healing path of others.

Message Number Six: sometimes your own healing is related to allowing others in your life to grow strong on their own. You cannot carry the weight of everyone around you. When others around you are learning to be strong, then you are strong as well.

Thursday, January 19, 2012

Message Number Five

In my time of meditation in listening for the message for today I was reminded that five in numerology is the number of change and surprise. We are in a universal year of change according to numerology which is found by adding all the numbers together in the current year. So 2012= 2 + 0 + 1 + 2  = 5. Some think of the number five as a challenging number because change can be good and it could also be bad but I am looking forward to this year. When calculating my personal numbers they are the same as the universal numbers so personally I am in a 5 year as well, a fact that the Universe has not let escape my attention. I have been seeing fives everywhere. So today my Source told me that one of the things that needed to change was my issue of control versus trust. I am a person who likes to have everything under control. I plan Thanksgiving dinner a month ahead and start bugging people about who is coming and what time and where people will sit etc etc etc. (Drives my husband nuts, completely nuts!!) So when I received the message from the Angels that I was to give a message every day for thirty days, I was hesitant due to my tendency to plan ahead . I wanted at least four or five messages ahead of time. What if one day I don't have time to sit still and get a message? What if I do get still and NO ONE shows up with a message for me? (I don't make these messages up, I just mostly take dictation.. or sometimes I get an idea in my head and I just expound on the idea.) So it is not by accident that the only word I got for today's message was .... TRUST.......and this is a big change for me: the control freak.

Obviously this message is for me but I am writing it down in case anyone else has issues with trust. Our Divine Source wants us to know that we can lay down our control at the feet of the Universe and just trust that everything is going to be okay. In my case, I am learning by this exercise in a message a day that every day I can wake up assured that I will get a message today. It is okay if I get it a day ahead of time but this will not always happen. Sometimes I am just going to have to trust that the Universe would not have given me this assignment if He/She was not going to come through. For anyone reading this, rest assured that if you believe you have received some direction from the Universe, God, Source, the Angels, whatever you call your Divine Guidance System, then rest assured that They are not going to leave you high and dry. Just trust that everything is going to be okay. This may be a big change for you, not having everything in control at all times.  That is what is so cool about Divine Guidance.

Today it is all about Trust. Give it a try.

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Message Number Four

Today the message is about "prayers" for others. In the traditional sense of the word, prayers are words or thoughts we send out to a Divine Source, usually petitioning that Divine Source for guidance or intervention in our lives or the lives of others. There are, of course, prayers of thanksgiving, which are important and much welcomed by the Divine, but that is not the subject of today's message.

When I was an active participant in a religious group in the past, I was what was called an intercessor. I was one who interceded to God in behalf of others. I was in charge of a group of intercessors and we met weekly to pray for the needs of participants in our church organization and for others for whom we were made aware. Sometimes we made road trips, in which we would drive around our town and pray for the town and for certain areas in town, like the rough neighborhoods or the jails and hospitals. If I remember correctly, we usually would pray for healing for those who were sick, for those who were involved in crimes we would pray for a positive outcome, and for the perpetrators to find God. We would always leave the outcome to God.

Since I have gotten away from a structured religious setting, I have gotten away from the term prayer, but I like to send thoughts of love and light and the best possible outcomes for those with whom I come into contact. I was told years ago by my Guides that every thought I think is a prayer. That is why it is so important to watch our thoughts. That is also why if we become obsessed with worrying about our health or perhaps our finances, we create the reality of perpetually having issues in those areas. It is important to guard our thoughts and create the emotions around having the things that we need and desire, and not create scenarios in our heads of not having those things. But I digress.

What if we "pray" for particular outcomes for individuals that we perhaps do not know? How about praying for presidential candidates or even football players? Is is possible to pray a particular outcome for a football game? How about when we hear a story on the news about a child who has been abducted and we pray for that child to be found? How about when we pray for someone who is sick to be healed? Are the prayers we pray that are against the highest good of someone just thrown out by the Divine Source?

Once a woman in the church that I attended suffered a stroke. We all loved this woman and prayed hard for her recovery. I remember spending a great deal of time on my knees crying out for the restoration of this woman's health. In record time, it seemed to me, this woman was recovered and back in church. We were all sure that our prayers had brought her back, and it still seems to me even today that our prayers had some effect on this woman's recovery. However, a few months later, this woman died in her sleep. My Angels told me that this woman's soul wanted to cross over, but couldn't because of the prayers of the people who loved her. It was therefore necessary for her to die quickly during the night hours so that we who loved her did not have time to pray her back to health.

I remember when my mom was ill and suffering from cancer, it seemed she spent a great deal of time in pain, and we all loved her and continually prayed for her. She hung on despite the pain, and one day I received a message that I needed to give her permission to die. I contacted her soul while she was asleep and told her that we loved her but if it was time for her to go, we would all be all right. She died less than a month later. So it seems we are all connected. Yes, those who we love are held here by our prayers. But is it healthy to pray for particular outcomes?

My rule of thumb is to never pray for someone or send them energy without their permission to do so. We can always pray love and light and the best possible outcome for everyone concerned but we cannot know what that best outcome is. It is possible to contact that person's soul and request permission to send healing energy or to do healing work for them but despite the fact that we often think we know what is best for another person, we do not know what soul contracts that person made to live out in this lifetime. Sometimes a child dies because the death of that child catapults the parent of that child into a life of advocacy for other children who have perhaps died a similar death and then many families benefit from the one death of the one child. We are connected. It is not our job to decide what is right and wrong for someone else. We cannot say that others are making the wrong choices and pray for their minds to be changed or their behavior to be stopped. We can only pray for the best possible outcome for everyone concerned. I believe that when we decide that we know what is best for someone else and pray for specific outcomes without that person's permission, then we open the door to be manipulated in some way by others.

Message Number Four: Remember that your thoughts and words have power and that every thought is a prayer. When you think bad thoughts about others you are sending energy out into the universe that is bound to come back to you in some way. Always "pray" or send thoughts that are healing and loving and expect the best possible outcomes to occur. This leaves the specifics to the Divine Source who knows what is best anyway.

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Message Number Three

Well I had another message set to come out today for message number three but this one seemed to jump out at me this morning so I decided that that the other one must be meant for another day....I got this message for a particular person which I emailed to them this morning but as I wrote I realized that there may be someone else who may benefit from this message..... straight from the Angels.......

. this short inspiration is exactly the message I got for you early this morning while I was still in half awake, half dream state. Imagine the life that you desire, feel it, visualize it, verbalize it. Raise those emotions to the highest level possible and keep them there no matter what curveball is thrown your way. The Universe will see those feelings of excitement, pleasure, hope and fulfillment and go out of its way to bring you those things!! This is an exciting year for you.. a year of new beginnings, new possibilities. It is not a year of endings. That was last year. Don't allow doubt or fear to dominate you. That will extinguish your dreams. When you are feeling low, breathe in, breathe out. Feel that place inside of you that is strong, that is full of possibilities, that is hope. Feel love and feel that light that dwells within you. And know that the Universe is conspiring to fulfill all your dreams, but can only do so with your permission. And your permission is the emotions you allow your soul to experience. Yes if you are angry. Be angry. But don't dwell on it. Get angry and then move up to the next better emotion. And then the next one and the next one.............until you reach that place of bliss...

With love..

Monday, January 16, 2012

Message Number Two

Okay here is the second of thirty messages which my Angels have assured me that I would be receiving over the next thirty days. My hopes are that each of the messages reaches the person or persons for whom it was intended and that the messages speaks to that person's heart and helps them along the way.

This message is about honoring the spirit that inhabits the land. Do you know that every location has a spirit that watches over that particular location? Our Mother Earth holds us all in Her hand and the imprint of acts in history make their mark on certain locations. That is why certain locations are considered holy and it seems like these locations are holy for centuries and it is also why other locations seem to hold "bad" energy as well. Have you ever noticed that there are certain locations where it seems that no business stays open for long or even certain houses are always up for sale. They will sell and then before you know it, they are up for sale again and again. This is because the spirit of that particular piece of land is not at rest. It may be that centuries ago there was a battle on that piece of land or possibly a murder or some other very emotional event.

Recently I was in a business and I felt led to connect with the spirit of the land upon which this store stood. It had been the location of a battle during the civil war. After connecting with the spirit of the land, I thanked the land for its contribution to our history and asked forgiveness for all the sadness and bloodshed that had occurred there.  Immediately I felt the blood that was still in the land under where this store stood. I felt the sadness and confusion of some of the spirits that still roamed the land. I felt that I needed to open up the gates to the other side and invite any who were still present to cross over if they so chose. I asked my Angels to open the portal to the other side and I felt that some did indeed cross over. Then I felt that the blood in the land needed to cross and be reunited with the soul of the person that it had been a part of. This was a new concept to me. I felt contacted by a man who told me that his soul had crossed over when he passed during this battle and that he was reincarnated in present time but that he was dealing with a lot of anger. He felt that it was because a portion of him still lay embedded in the land here and that he still held a lot of the emotions of the intensity of the killing and death that had occurred here. A part of him still held to the philosophy that he was fed for the reasons for the war but a part of him was tortured by the men he had killed and the lives he had watch perish as a result of his gun. I asked him if he would like to connect with the souls of those he had killed during this battle if they were willing and find resolution and he indicated that he would like that. I felt like a connection occurred and that there was resolution and a lot of the guilt and anger and intensity of emotion was healed in that moment.

I believe that we are all connected in a very real way and that what affects one affects us all. When there is healing for one soul then there is healing for us all, including the land upon which the atrocities occurred. After this connection occurred I asked the spirit of the land if it would be willing to allow healing to occur on this land from this time forward. I asked that from this point forward, that this business would be a place of healing and that the products on the shelves would promote a sense of well being for all who purchased them. I also asked that all who came into the store would feel the healing energy. Those who are connected with the store would all be blessed and be walking in their highest path.

I am happy to say that I felt the agreement of the land and I felt joy from the souls who found resolution from their centuries old hurts and traumas. Thanks to all the High and Loving Spirits and Guides who assisted me in the healing process.

Sunday, January 15, 2012

A Message A Day

Last month near the end of the year, I had received a message that I was to post a message a day on my blog for the month of January, a message which I promptly ignored, as you who read my blogs can see. The first part of this month is a bit of a blur for me spiritually. I was receiving not much communication from the Higher Realms and I was glad that I had ignored the message, because what if I had posted my intention, and then no messages came through? And I wonder if people would actually check my blog every day for thirty days to read a message? Today while on the elliptical machine my Guides reminded me of the message, and I said to them, "Yes but it is too late. It is already the middle of January. I was supposed to start on January first, and obviously I did not do that." My Guides told me that in the Spirit it is never too late. Well okay. Today is January 15th so I am going to step out on a limb here and say that according to my Guides I am going to receive a message a day for the next thirty days. They will not be long messages, as some of my blogs tend to be, but nevertheless I have been told it is time to step out on a limb and do this. And here is the first of thirty messages...........

The message I got for today is in regards to all the talk about this year, 2012. I am not one who ascribes to the belief that the world is going to end this year, nor that we are going to go through some cosmic rapture into another dimension. Today I was connecting with the spirit of the land in which the shopping center where my gym is located inhabits. I was thanking this spirit for its participation in my life just by being the location where I exercise and also the place where I receive many of my messages, since the repetitive motion of the elliptical machine is for some reason conducive to a trance-like state where the Other Realms seem to be able to get through to me. I asked the spirit of the land if it minded being the location where a shopping center had been built. I felt the spirit of the land laugh at me. He reminded me that he did not live in time like I did. Relative to all the millenia he had been inhabiting that location, the shopping center was just a drop in the bucket of time. He helped me to understand that he enjoyed this particular drop in time. He felt the energy of those who came to exercise and it was a welcome change to him. He told me that asphalt and cinder blocks that made up the shopping center were not offensive to him. It was like all the people that come and go are like his children and he loves them all. He told me that just as I love my child no matter what age she is, but the love is different when she was two than it is now that she is twenty six, it is the same for him and the other High Guides that watch over mankind. Some of the children are two in their evolution and some are very old, but They love all their children no matter what stage of life they are in. It is the same, he told me, with all the talk of 2012. Some are predicting disasters and some are predicting rapture and some are disinterested in the whole concept. It is because all of Their children are in different stages of their development, and each would experience the year in exactly the way they should. Some may experience disaster, some may find enlightenment, and many will find themselves somewhere in between. The important thing, he told me, is to embrace whatever place you may find yourself. Enjoy the journey, he said to me. This year was to be a year of great change. Some may find it to their liking, and some not so much, and some may not see much change at all in their everyday lives, but everyone would be exactly where they should be. And that is because there are no "shoulds".

This was a good message for me. It shows me that there is no reason to judge anyone on the stage of evolution in which they find themselves. Just like a child who is two likes to have temper tantrums and that is somewhat expected but not necessarily embraced, it becomes a different matter if the same soul is still having temper tantrums at fifteen or twenty. But still in the cosmic picture, this is still just a drop in the bucket of time. Eventually the temper tantrums will stop and all of us souls will figure things out.

So come on, 2012. I am ready for whatever you have for me.

Sunday, January 8, 2012


I just learned that January 6th is actually an observed holiday called the Day of Epiphany. I had a customer come up to me and after our Postal interaction, she said to me, Happy Epiphany Day. I had no idea there was such a day. Curious, I found out that indeed this is a recognized holiday. I was very excited and looked forward to receiving some sort of epiphany. Nothing. Of course, to my Angels and Guides defense, lately I have been in a bit of a non- receptive state of mind. Some days you just want to disconnect and spend the day in bed. I have had a few days of having to force myself out of bed and into society.

January 7. Okay so my epiphany came a day late but it did come, nonetheless. I went through my normal day at the Post Office, and after coming home my husband surprised me by informing me that we would be spending the evening out with some friends. He did not inform me that this was to be my evening of epiphany.

After a pleasant dinner, we were headed home. We had ventured out to eat in a neighboring town where I happened to have been born and raised. I was chatting away, telling a couple of what I thought were humorous anecdotes of life in a small town. I was not prepared for the comedic renditions of my stories being ripped to pieces by my friends.

Although this was all in fun, as this was happening I had a flash of my early childhood, perhaps before the age of 6, when my stories were not believed. I remember as a child I had very vivid experiences of entities in our home as well as a memory of an experience that my mother later convinced me was a dream. I have related the story in previous blog of a woman trapped in a well, and upon attempting to obtain help for her from my parents, my mother belittled my stories and convinced me I was imagining things. I remember the feeling of not being believed. At that young age I formulated the bitter root judgement that the experiences I had and my perception of things would not be believed. At the moment of my ride home with my husband and friends, I had an epiphany. That deep seated belief was still intact. I was in fact, recreating the feeling of relating an experience that was not believed. I realized that it was my belief and I was the one creating the experience of not feeling validated.

My epiphany is that I am in fact the author of a book of messages which I have received from Angels and Guides. This is not a book of science or math equations. I have always struggled with some of the messages that I have received and whether I would be deemed a lunatic for writing them down. This is where that thought came from!!! Sorry mom. I know you believe me now, but you didn't then and I never forgot it.

So what next? Well when you tighten a screw into a hole the way to get the screw out is to twist it the opposite way, right? That is how you undo a limiting belief about yourself. So I re-imagined the experience I had as a child relating stories to my parents. I imagined that my mom believed me. I fast forwarded to every time up to the present when I related stories or messages or epiphanies that were not received and imagined that the messages were believed and appreciated. And then I said to myself, I believe you. And I created the affirmation that the messages that I receive are well received and I am surrounded by those who believe my stories and messages.

I tell this story because we all have limiting beliefs that were formulated at a young age. When we can recognize these beliefs and turn them around then we have made a huge step forward in our path. We can ask our Angels and Guides to help arouse within us the memories of those events and facilitate the healing of those memories which haunt us. One less scar. One less emotional wound. One less hurt. One step toward a joyful life experience. And isn't that what we are all striving for? More joy........more love,.....more contentment with ourselves and our life.

Here's to all those events in our past which we are recognizing and healing now.....thanks to those who facilitate the healing. Even if it is by making fun of me and my stories.