Friday, September 30, 2011

Me and Jesus in Greece

Yesterday I was sent an email from a reader of my blogs asking me how she could know that believing in Spirit Guides was not evil or sinful. She wanted to connect with her guides and it seems that they were trying to make contact, but a part of her was hesitant.

I am familiar with the belief system that says that anything other than Jesus is from the devil or evil. I was raised in a Christian home and lived a very Christian life for my first thirty five years. I went to church three to five times a week, prayed sometimes for hours a day. I felt very connected to Jesus, and never explored any other belief systems. However, I was almost always depressed. I didn't know I was depressed because I had never felt any other way. It was inconceivable to me that I could be a Christian and be depressed. Isn't knowing Jesus supposed to be the way out of a miserable life? I know that for many it is, and I am happy that they have found a belief system that works for them. But inside of me I was not content. Sometimes I wondered how other people believed but it was taught to me that I didn't need to know any other way of thinking or believing. But how could I know that Christianity was right for me if I didn't know what any other belief system taught or believed?

One night I had a dream. I was standing in line to be baptized. It was a long long line and I had a while before I would get my turn. I was patiently standing in line when suddenly Jesus was standing beside me.

"What are you doing here?" Jesus said to me.

"I am waiting in line to be baptized," was my reply.

Jesus then said something that surprised me. "You can stay here if you want to, but I am going to Greece," he said.

Well of course I got out of line and followed Jesus. Upon awakening I wondered why Jesus was going to Greece. At first I thought I need to go to Greece. But then I remembered that in the Bible when Paul went to Greece it was there that he was unable to get many converts because the people there loved to study different philosophies and Christianity to them was just another belief system to consider. I soon realized that Jesus was saying to me that it was okay with Him if I studied other belief systems, in fact, He was going there whether I chose to or not.

Looking back, I had that dream a couple of years before I decided to leave the church and explore other ways of thinking. My belief system has changed and evolved over the years and Jesus is still an important part of my life. This morning while I was running my Power Animal the crow was the one who told me that Jesus wanted to talk to me. I am sure all of our Helping Spirits are connected with each other and there is no competition between them. Jesus does not consider Crow to be evil or sinful. Jesus reminded me this morning that He was the one who went into Samaria to minister to those who his family the Jews did not associate with. He hung out with drunks and prostitutes and spent a great deal of time challenging the dominant belief system of his day. He told me he did not understand how he could be so misunderstood. People think that in His name it is okay to wage war on other groups of people who do not share their philosophies. This is so unacceptable to Him. He wants us all to love each other and forgive each other and stop fighting.

I remember once a Christian friend of mine said to me that we ought to just go over to Iraq and kill them all off because they were the ones that were against Israel in the Old Testament and the Israelites should have just killed them all off then and we wouldn't be having these problems. OH REALLY.  Does that sounds like something Jesus would say? I don't think so.

Let us challenge the things we are taught and the things we believe. If they are not loving and kind, then throw them out the window!! I have many more examples Jesus gave me this morning, but they will come to print in time. For now Jesus just wants us to love each other. Stop fighting and thinking that if someone is not exactly like you then they are wrong. Let us all be kind and gentle with one another, loving one another ........

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