Friday, February 28, 2014

New Moon Saturday!

Well, it is March 1st, the first day of a  new month, and also a new moon today! In numerology we are in a seven year, and if you add three to that (the number of March) you get ten, and if you add the one and the zero of the ten you get a one! One is the number of new beginnings and the number ten in the tarot is the wheel of fortune, and the number one is the magician. Whew!!What a mouthful!

What does that all mean? It means, dear soul, that March is geared up to be a month of new beginnings!! Yay! We all need new beginnings don't we? The wheel of fortune says that things are getting ready to change.. and I don't know about you, but I am ready for some change!

I guess it must have been sometime in the past week or so since the quarter moon waning towards new that Spirit gave me the message that for the week up to the new moon I was to let things go in preparation for allowing new things in.

 I cleaned out the refrigerator, and said the mantra that I was letting go of things that used to feed me that no longer do..

As I scrubbed the shower and swept up the dust on the floor I said.. "I am releasing all the crud and buildup that is hiding there in secret..."

I like to find mantras that match my activities. It is like I am acting out my manifestations!!

And now the new moon is upon us! Can you feel the energy shift?

We are coming out of a particularly difficult Mercury Retrograde, in which anything unsettled in the area of communications came out to be dealt with! Here in Virginia, winter has been particularly difficult. I have almost felt like I have been hibernating. I am reluctant to come out of my covers in the morning, and I can't seem to get enough sleep. And now here comes new things, new beginnings. It is time to wake up and get moving!

 In February, a nine month numerologically speaking, was all about completing unfinished projects. I have been tweaking my upcoming book in anticipation of a meeting with a literary agent in March. I am still not sure if it is in its finished stage, but it is feeling complete, anyway. I really took some time to look within, and sit with the moon stages, and ask for guidance. And now, March is here! It is like a horse and her rider must feel as they sit at the gates right before a race, waiting for that signal to charge out of their waiting spot.

What lies within you that you have just been waiting for the right time to begin? Now is the time!

Of course, we all have personal numbers and personal tarot cards that may be a bit different from the universal ones of which I speak. If you are interested in knowing where you are numerologically or what is your ruling card, contact me and we will set up a session! It is amazing how accurate our numbers and our cards are. In my sessions I always connect with your guides as I do your cards and numbers so that they can guide me and give me any additional information.

Just for today, find some time to sit and connect. Meditate on what the next stage of your path looks like. You may only get the next step. If Spirit says, go to the grocery store and buy some beans, then do it. It is like making soup. Sometimes Spirit only gives us one ingredient at a time.

I remember years ago I was in a group of ladies who liked to make what is called friendship bread. One person would give the "starter" to the other ladies. We would add one ingredient or two, and then pound on the dough and let it sit. Twelve hours later, we would add another ingredient and pound it down and let it sit. Eventually the result was the most amazing bread you ever tasted.

Spirit is the one with the "starter." You get an idea or an inspiration. You add an ingredient and let it sit. Then you add another. Timing is everything. You can't decide that you want to add the second ingredient before the twelve hour sitting time. Well you can, but your bread is not going to taste very good.

Today is the day to get your starter from Spirit. You will get instructions for when to add the next ingredient. Sometimes there  may be some pounding on the dough. Don't get impatient! Eventually your bread will be baking in the oven and everyone in the neighborhood will be smelling the most incredible aroma coming out of your very own kitchen!

Remember, if you need assistance as you navigate your journey, you can contact me through my website and set up a session. I am always at your service!

Blessings to you on this new moon, first day of the rest of your life!

Thursday, February 27, 2014

So I Was Talking to this Rooster the Other Day.....

I do not advertise myself as an animal communicator. The truth is, however, that I have been communicating with animals, insects, and other species for, oh I would guess, about twenty years give or take a year or so...

It all started way back in my Holy Roller days.In the very beginning, God had created Adam and Eve and had given Adam dominion over the animals. I interpreted that to mean that humans were superior to the animals and that we were in charge. That meant that the animals were put on the earth to be subject to me and I was their master.

So when I found myself sharing a low rent house with mice, ants, fleas, spiders, and other little critters, this did not set well with me. I had a small child at the time and the thoughts of my little one's underwear drawer being used by the mice to make a nest for their little ones was just not something I was willing to tolerate.

Did I mention this was a low rent house? Did I mention I was not living the dream life at the time? That money was scarce? That I did not have money for food, much less an exterminator?

Okay, so, at  the time, God was my exterminator. I went to Him for anything that I did  not have the means to fix myself, and some things that I probably could have changed, but I didn't know how until many years later. But that is a different story.

That is when I began to talk to the animals.

I told them that we could not all live here together. That according to the book of Genesis, God gave Adam the job of caretaker of the animals. It was my observation at the time that I was living in this house and that I had a small child, and that we could not live in the same house with fleas, ants, spiders and mice. I asked them nicely to please find homes elsewhere. I did also tell them that my  husband at the time was not that concerned with their benefit and would most likely be coming home with some sort of poison and mouse traps, and that my way was probably more beneficial to them.

Guess what. They all left. Before the mouse traps were set, before the poison was released, we got up the next morning and poof! No critters!

I did not consider it animal communication at the time.

Fast forward a couple of decades later.

My holy roller days had long since been left behind. I had been exploring many different belief systems. Many of them had taught me that animals and humans are here sharing the earth. That all things have consciousness. I remembered my days of communicating with the little critters.

I was already communicating with Angels, Guides, and even sometimes the loved ones of my clients on the other side. Some of my clients began asking me about their beloved pets. Some were on the other side, and some were still here. I found that I could access their consciousness, and have conversations with them, just like I could the Angels, and the people on the other side.

So anyway, back to my story.

Yesterday morning I was at work at my "other" job, the Post Office. It was early in the morning. Some of you may not know this, but at times people mail certain animals. The most common of those is chickens. So  here it is, the crack of dawn, and there is a caged rooster out on the dock just carrying on. I am in a different part of the building, but I can here him just cock a doodle dooing away.

I decide to attempt to communicate with him long distance, since I can't go out there on the dock and leave my work station.

"Is everything okay?" I asked him.
"Yes, why wouldn't it be?" Rooster replied.
"Well, I heard you carrying on and I thought you might be distressed."
"I am just doing my job."
"Excuse me?"
"My job for millennium has been to wake up the world in the morning. I am the alarm clock for the world."
"I hate to break it to you, but we are already awake. We have alarm clocks now."
"You humans take too much credit. You think you have everything figured out."
"What do you mean?"
" Do you think we do not know that you raise us to feed yourselves? Some of you think that we get all stressed out about these things. The truth is, we know our job and we do it well. We kind of feel sorry for you humans because you think you know everything but we know that we have a job and we just do it."
"So are you trying to tell me that you do not get upset when animals are mistreated?"
"Yes, we do feel bad about these things but we know that you humans are just learning about life and that you do not know any better. One day you will learn and we will all live together in peace. Remember, this too shall pass."

I know what you are thinking. Wow what an intelligent rooster!

Okay so these are some of the questions I can already hear you asking about this conversation.

"How is it possible that roosters know English? How does a rooster know what an alarm clock is? A rooster could not possibly know that phrase.. this too shall pass... "

First of all, animals do not talk in sentences the same way we do. They communicate ideas, and our human brain translates that into sentences and phrases that I can understand.

The message that the rooster was trying to get across to me, I think was, "you humans need to get over yourselves!"

We think we have everything figured out. We don't.

Just because we now have alarm clocks to wake ourselves up does not mean that the rooster will stop doing his job. His job is to wake us up, and he will continue doing that whether he is on a farm somewhere or on the dock of the Post Office. That is just who he is.

One day we will realize that we are all in this together. That we all have consciousness. The trees. The flowers. The stones. The water. God/Goddess. Whoever Else is out there. And we are all one.

Just for today, find a little critter of some kind and send him or her some love. It is easy. Just connect with your heart and then send a little wave of love to the little critter' heart. Or maybe a big critter. You do not have to be standing face to face. Just imagine them in your heart and then send some love. And then see what happens.

Today is blog hop Thursday! Be sure to hop on over and share some love to my fellow bloggers as well!

Saturday, February 22, 2014

The Year of the Chariot

Back in January, I posted a blog about the energy shift I had been sensing. I mentioned that in the tarot, universally we are experiencing the year of the chariot, which is symbolic of the energy of great movement, despite obstacles. It is a year to forge ahead, to embrace those parts of your inner psyche which would try to hold you back, and with love move forward in your life despite any fears of what that movement might generate in your life.

I want to continue this theme a bit today.

In numerology, the month of February is a month to bring things to completion. Get ready for new things next month. Adding the numbers of this year, 2+0+1+4 =7, which corresponds to the tarot card of the chariot. If you add the month of February to this, or 7+2, you will get the answer 9. Nine is a number of completion. Add to that that we are currently in a Mercury Retrograde, which is lasting most of the month of February, which affects communications, but also beckons us to look back at those communications we have had in the past and make amends when there are unfinished issues, I believe the Universe, or Spirit, or the Divine, or God, whatever your favorite name for our Higher Power, seems to be telling us that it is high time we settled some old  unfinished business, completed our unfinished projects, and got ready for new things to come in March.

Today is also the waning quarter moon. A waning moon is when the moon is going from full to dark, and symbolically, this represents that what has been in the light is now moving out of our lives. In other words, it is a really good time to let go of the past, especially those things which are no longer serving  you or creating joy in your life. From that closet full of clothes or shoes you no longer wear to the refrigerator full of yesterday's or last week's dinner, it is a really good time to clean out closets, balance your checkbook, organize your files, release anything that you no longer love. Even if it is guilt or shame, release the patterns that have created those emotions within you! I believe it is no coincidence that the new moon, which represents starting anew, and creating a new beginning, is occurring on the first day of March.

That being said, we still have about a week to complete our old projects, throw out the old things in our lives and get ready to start new things!

Here is my suggestion. Get into a quiet place, the place where you are able to connect with Spirit. Ask your Higher Powers what is no longer serving you, what you may need to release so that you can move forward in your life. Even if your closet is clean, your refrigerator spotless, and your checkbook is balanced, I am sure that we all have areas in our lives that contain remnants of past emotions, past fears, or past regrets that would serve us to release. When you are in your quiet place, write down what comes to your mind and make adjustments. Did you shortchange a grocery store clerk? Did you get short with a loved one? Did you kick the dog? Make amends! Get rid of any leftover guilt or fear from past mistakes and get ready for a new beginning in March!

In order for new things to manifest in our lives, or for us to move forward on our highest path, we have to be in a place where there are no obstacles holding us back. Sometimes our paths get blocked by debris of all kinds, and it is up to us to clear away that debris!

Just for today, I encourage you to locate and begin to remove that emotional baggage, that fear, or even that tendency to be disorganized and get ready for new things to come! If you wait, then you may not be ready for all of the wonderful things coming your way!

If you are unsure what is next for you on your path, or if you need some personal guidance from Spirit on that relationship, that goal, or the best way to move forward on your path, I encourage you to contact me and set up a personal session. I have a multitude of tools available to connect with Spirit and receive the Highest Guidance available for you at this time. If you would like to learn to connect with Spirit in a greater way yourself, I am also available to show you some tools to improve your own connection with Spirit and receive guidance for yourself. Wherever you are on your path at this time, feel free to contact me to set up a session. I am always at your service!

Friday, February 14, 2014

Thoughts about Valentine's Day, the Full Moon, and Snow

Lately I have been thinking about one of my hubby love's favorite things to say to me.. "not everyone lives in Joy's world."

In Joy's world it would only snow on days I don't have any other plans.

In Joy's world the full moon would always come on a weekend, so I could stay up late and do the ceremony the right way!

In Joy's world every day would be Valentine's Day, because LOVE is the best!

I have discovered that not everyone likes Valentine's Day.

Those whose hearts are going through disappointment in matters of the heart seem to find today particularly difficult.

I have learned that some people actually like the snow. Imagine that.
If only we could realize that despite our ideas that the world truly does revolve around us, really, that is an illusion.

It is going to snow on days I have to go to work.

We can enjoy our days, no matter what day it is, what phase the moon is in, and what the weather happens to be.

I am so excited for this particular full moon. I have been sitting with the moon at each phase, and I have been feeling her growing from dark to light, and She has been telling me that it is so important to embrace all of the phases of our lives, and embrace the darkness we try to hide as well as the light parts we show to the world. She has been telling me that it is time to bring more and more of the side I try to hide out into light. That all of it is good.

So I am thinking that even though I could enjoy the snow better if I didn't have to think about getting out in it to go to work at 6a.m. I can still embrace that part of my life.

I can embrace all the phases of my life, in the same way the moon is fine with Herself whether She is full, or dark, or somewhere in between.

I can embrace every day, whether it is Valentine's Day, or Groundhog Day, or drive your car in a ditch day.. (no that didn't happen, it just came to me... must have happened to someone reading this.)

I personally love Valentine's Day. I have a wonderful hubby love, who, despite his rantings and ravings this morning at the prospect of getting me to work, got up at 4:30, shoveled while I was showering, had the car warm and ready to go, and drove me to work, (begrudgingly, but he did it, nonetheless). I know not everyone has a hubby love to do this for them, and so maybe they see Valentine's Day as a reminder of something that at the current time, they do not have in their lives.

I say, if you are alive and breathing, then Love has come to you! Divine Love is always there, and sometimes if you just change the focus from what you don't have to what you do have, you will realize how many blessings and how much love you really do have in your life!

So try this..

What are you thankful for? You can comment here and tell me what you love about today... about the full moon, Valentine's Day or the snow.. What is good about today?

My gratitude list for today...

I did not have to go out and deliver any mail.. unlike some of my coworkers, bless their hearts.
I do have a wonderful hubby love ... thank you honey for all you do and all that you are..
The things that are in my heart I do have a place to share them (here)
I have a warm home, a fireplace, food in my belly, (probably a little too much)
I have a wonderful family who I love and who I am so proud of
Spring is coming, despite appearances..

Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Blog Hop Thursday

I am so honored to be the guest host for the Blog Hop Thursday, hosted by the Village Hearth Community!

We are all in this together, this adventure through life, walking our individual paths while navigating all of the challenges life throws at us!

Some of us feel led to share our stories: our stories of how we overcame, what we did to overcome, and how you can overcome too!

Of course there will never be one of us who has all the answers to every question. We have all experienced different phases of the journey. We have all navigated our paths in different ways.

In an effort to share my story with the world, and to help others who are also sharing their stories, I have joined a blogging community. Each Thursday, we hop around to one another's blogs and share the stories that resonate with us and the ones that we feel resonate with our core readers.

Join me on this adventure! Click on the banner below and find some blogs and love them, share them, and help get the messages out to the world!

What is the  message? We are all one. There is not one of us in particular that has all the answers, but together, we can share our spirit and our soul with the world, and hopefully, bring peace to someone whose life is in chaos, bring joy to someone who is grieving, bring healing to the heart of one who is brokenhearted. In this way we heal each other, and in turn, heal the world and the planet!

There is a tenet in Reiki which says, When one is hurt, we are all hurt, when one is healed, we are all healed.

Here are a few of my favorite blogs from the past, ones that I particularly liked, that I hope you will like too!!

This one I wrote at the beginning of this year, when I noticed a major shift in my own personal energy. After some connection with spirit, I realized that there was a universal shift happening:

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And on that hush hush subject of money, and why should healers charge for their services:

All that being said, I know that everyone loves a deal!! To this end, I wanted to offer a deal for this blog hopping Thursday! If you comment on this blog, I will draw a tarot card for you and give you a short message related to it! and all for free!!

Be sure to click on the banner and check out all of the wonderful blogs posted there as well!!

You can check me out on the "about" section tab at the top of this page! Be sure to check out my website, Like me on facebook and twitter, and in this way we will begin to forge a link that will connect us to one another and also to Spirit!

Remember: We are all one.

Saturday, February 8, 2014

Sitting With the Moon

Recently I embarked upon a new adventure. Every phase of the moon, new, full, and quarter, I have been connecting with her energy to get a feel for her energy and the differences in each stage of the cycle. Moon energy is very feminine, and centuries ago women were so in touch with the feminine aspect of her energy that even their cycles occurred in sync with the cycles of the moon. I have been feeling very drawn to the Sacred Feminine, to the extent of having connected in meditation with some of the ancient Goddesses, so this was just another step in the process.

 I will have to admit that this was not my idea. I had recently connected with my shamanic mentor, and she suggested this ritual to increase my awareness of the feminine aspect of spirituality, and to get me ready to conduct moon ceremonies.

 Each time I have connected with the moon, intense and powerful messages have come forth. I have wanted to post them on my blog, but my hesitation has been that by the time I sat down and wrote the messages and posted them, the particular phase of the moon I had connected to was over.

 Right now we are approaching a full moon. It will be full on the 14th, and we just passed the waxing quarter moon on the 6th. Each day we can see a little more of the moon as it seems to grow in size until it is full. When the moon is full we are accustomed to thinking about or doing ritual to manifest things into our lives. The moon being full represents the fullness of the light of the moon giving her energy toward our intentions. Many do rituals to manifest desires or goals.

 As I sat with the moon on the sixth, my desire was not to necessarily manifest anything. I just wanted to feel her energy, and to connect with her. I contemplated the fact that just because we could only see a portion of her, that didn't mean that the rest of the moon had gone somewhere. The moon was only showing us a portion of herself, but the rest of her, the side we couldn't see, was still there, out of view. Each day, I felt her convey to me, more and more of her was coming into view, but the fact remains that it was really there all the time.

The message that I received from Spirit in relation to this phase of the moon was that every day more and more of us are coming out into the light. The dark places inside of us are still there, but it is time to recognize that the dark side of ourselves is still a part of us, and we need to embrace all of the parts of ourselves, not just the "light" side, the side we show to the world. The moon does not reject those parts of her that are hidden from the light. She completely embraces all of the "phases" of herself. Sometimes there are parts of her that are hidden from view, but she is not ashamed of those things, those parts that she chooses not to show us. She is whole, even though it may appear to us that she is fragmented.

There comes a time when those dark things have to be brought into the light to be healed. The time for hiding parts of ourselves that do not "fit" into the image we show the world is over. We must embrace all the sides of our soul and all the "phases" of our lives.

For centuries those with healing abilities or "knowing" abilities were shunned, and even persecuted, or killed. In our "cells" we remember the pain of being rejected for our longings to help heal the world, and our fellow earth travelers. It is time to bring to the light the ways in which we judge one another, and our desires to bring healing to those who come to us. It is time to shine our lights and say that we want to help bring healing to individuals and to the planet.

The main message I got this week as I sat with the moon was that we are all one. There is no dark side and light side. Just as the dark side of the moon is the same moon as the light side, it is just not visible to us here on the earth, so it is with each of us. We each have dark sides and light sides. None of us are always on all the time. Everything has a season, and we as humans have seasons and phases as well. As we embrace those parts of our soul that have been kept in the "dark", we find that our soul heals.

Just for today, release the judgement which you have held against the dark, or hidden things. When you judge, you are focusing your energy on something, and actually giving it power. When we love those dark places, those hidden things, then the darkness loses its power. Love heals all.

Remember that I am always available to assist you as you begin to heal those dark places inside of you and bring them into the light. We as a human race seem to be racing full speed ahead, and the time of coming out into the light is approaching. It is so important to embrace all that Spirit brings to us for healing, so that we can move forward into what our souls have chosen for us to experience next!

This next week, as the full moon approaches, I suggest that you think about those things that you are trying to bring to the fullness of the light. Ask your soul or your Highest Self what is coming out into the light this week. Embrace whatever comes up for you! Even the tough things, the challenges, are there for your own good!! They are coming up because it is time!

If you would like to schedule a personal session, you can contact me HERE. Blessings to you as you navigate your journey through this life!!! What an adventure we are on! And it is all good!!

Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Message from NCIS

I have been getting messages from Spirit via movies and television for years.

When my daughter was a child, my most common means of receiving messages from Spirit was through the Disney movies that I took her to see. But that is another story.

So I will give a little bit of background so this message makes some sense.

Lately I have been really studying on marketing. My second book is about finished and I want to do a better job of marketing it and myself. I have signed up for every free marketing seminar and email list and have been reading ecourses on marketing.. everything I can get my hands on.

So much so that hubby love complained the other day that I was on the computer for five hours and I guess he was feeling a little left out. Other things have been taking a back burner to this obsession with reading everything I can get my hands on and doing worksheets and self analysis on everything imaginable.

So last night hubby love and I were able to catch the last few minutes of one of our favorite television shows, NCIS. The end of the show came and in the last scene the new girl on the show is hitting balls at one of those batting cages. She is missing all the balls that are thrown at her.

Mark Harmon's character walks up behind her and tells her she is trying too hard. Instead of going after the ball, she should try just relaxing and letting the ball come to her. Connect with the ball.  It is all about timing, I think he said.

Mind you, I am not a sports aficionado. Yes, I do realize that my last blog was a message from Spirit based on the game of baseball. I have not missed the synchronicity of the two back to back messages.

Well, Spirit, I had to reply. This suggestion goes against every marketing strategy I have been reading. I have to go for the gusto. I have to promote myself. I have to .... etc etc..

Now I am not saying that Spirit is telling me that everything that I am reading is horse shit.

Sometimes you just have to go against what all the experts say and do what Spirit says.

What does this have to do with me? you may be asking me..

Yes, we should go after what we want. If we want to lose ten pounds, we have to go to the gym, stop eating junk, drink more water, etc etc. However, if we see ourselves as fat, we will never lose the weight no matter what we do. Losing ten pounds is probably 90% what we think and 10% what we do.

It is the same with whatever you are trying to manifest into your life.

I remember when I first got attuned to Reiki. Reiki is a healing energy that is passed from a master to a student through an attunement. I thought I would feel different. I thought I would get "hot hands" like I was told I would get. I didn't. I was worried that it didn't "work": that I didn't get the attunement, because I didn't feel any different. Not so much different from when I was a child and I got "born again," and I was worried that it didn't "take" because I didn't feel anything.

So eventually I just started using the Reiki as if I got it, and after awhile, I felt the energy in my hands. My hands never did get "hot", but now I do get sensations when the Reiki turns on. However, that did not come right away. I had to use the Reiki first, and then the feelings came later.

My  point is that sometimes you just have to let the ball come to you.

Is there something you have been trying to manifest? Perhaps a better job, a relationship, maybe even a connection with one of your guides. You have been trying and trying, but to no avail. Nothing seems to be happening no matter what you do.

Let me encourage you right now to stop trying so hard!!

Let the ball come to you!!

I am hearing from Spirit that there are  many of you who are trying so hard to grow spiritually. You go to every class, go to sessions, go to healers, to every workshop you can find, and you are not seeing the results you would like. You want to wake up one morning and instantly be able to sense the thoughts and feelings of everyone around you and hear Angels talking to you or perhaps even see one standing at the foot of your bed when you wake up!!

Spirit is saying, cut yourself some slack!! One day when you are not "trying" to connect with Spirit, you will get the most amazing connection ever! Maybe at first you will not recognize it because that was too easy! Or maybe that amazing prompt from Spirit came in the form of a message through a television show!

Just for today, Relax!!  Go soak in a tub, or take a walk. Hug a child, go shopping. Stop thinking so much. Everything is going to be all right!!

Most of the time, guidance from Spirit comes when we least expect it. I have come to expect the unexpected when it comes to Divine Guidance. When I am trying too hard, the answers elude me. When I surrender, the guidance comes knocking on my door, or greeting me through the television set.

Remember, if you would like some help discovering your path or finding the healing to your soul that you have been seeking, feel free to contact me! We can chat a bit and discover what your soul has been longing to tell you!  

We can set up a skype call, a telephone chat, or an email session, or, if you live in the immediate vicinity of my home town, Winchester, Virginia, we can get together in person. I also do private sessions once a month in Leesburg Virginia. You can connect with me here.

Blessings to you as you relax and allow Spirit to toss that ball in your direction!