Friday, November 11, 2011

Short Thought

Okay, so blogs are supposed to be short thoughts and I know my blogs are sometimes long because it takes me awhile to make my point. Here is a short thought (at least I think it is going to be short).

I am talking to my daughter via text messaging and facebook messaging and I am also at the same time browsing my facebook friends status updates. My daughter is about ready to give birth and the circumstances surrounding the pregnancy and birth are less than ideal but despite this we are welcoming the new life into the world with open arms. However, Felicia has been having a great deal of pain for much of the latter part of the pregnancy and today was no exception. We are speaking of this and along comes a post from one of my favorite mediums, James Van Praagh.

He says, "Fear stops energy from creates restrictions and eventually pain. Love is the only energy which can open up the restrictions and bring healing to the pain."

OH good one. So I copy and paste and send it along to Felicia who responds, "So what are you suggesting?"

My reply," So send love to Trinity (unborn child... so far), send love to your living situation and your body and the father of the child (and this does not mean you have to be in agreement with all of this stuff), and to yourself and all of the events that have led up to this point in your life. You can't love your future until you love your present."

I am sure the Angels told me this stuff. I am not that good......That's really good stuff!!

It reminds me of the past when I was a miserable person living a miserable life and my spiritual advisor, at that time a pastor, told me the exact same thing. I remember going into my tiny little cinder block house whose walls were covered in mold, periodically infested with mice and ants and sometimes fleas, in an unhappy marriage, poor, sometimes sitting on lawn furniture because that is all we had, eating peanut butter and jelly sandwiches because that is all we could afford, and I remember walking through that house and loving every inch of it: yes the mold on the walls, the lack of furniture, the critters, the one heat grate that sat in the middle of the floor that heated the whole house, the husband, the child, the cars that sometimes worked enough to carry me to work and sometimes did not, and I loved it all.

And no, the next day I did not wake up in a new life. But eventually I did. And the life that I had was not so hard to bear. And when people would say things that were sympathetic to my plight, I almost did not know what they were talking about. And one day I woke up and I was living a new life, and the old one felt almost like it had happened to someone else.

That is what love does.


  1. Lovely...lovely...lovely. (You meant James Van Praag right?) And your blogs are never too long....who told you that?

  2. Thanks Terri.. fixed the name, thanks