Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Shake Off Those Blues!!

In my previous blog I wrote how I was having a little problem with disillusionment. The word disillusionment should give me a hint to how to overcome it. Life is basically an illusion. The things we dream about and hope for ourselves are our illusions. When they seem to take their time coming to pass we can become disillusioned. I wrote about how a dream told me one of the ways to overcome disillusionment is to notice all the things around us that are there for us to notice and enjoy.  Put that disappointment on the shelf for a little while and just enjoy the moment we are in.

I have a friend who recently went through a similar problem. She had moved into a new location and was full of anticipation as to what that move had in store for her. She had received what seemed like clear direction from her guides that this move was to be beneficial to her. Upon her arrival at her new location, she began to have second thoughts. Things were not exactly as she had anticipated. The water was not as good as her old home, there were other problems or obstacles that made her question her decision to move. I remember I got a message for her that she had indeed made the right decision and that if she just remembered the messages she had gotten from spirit regarding her move, she would forget about her second thoughts. The last time I heard from her things had greatly improved.

Sometimes we receive what we feel is clear direction from spirit, but the walking out of the message is not as clear cut as the message seemed to indicate. Time may pass and we do not see the manifestation of what we had believed for right away. We may question the messages we thought we heard. We may become disillusioned. I am here to say that it is so important to pick ourselves up and move forward anyway. Remember that old saying that the darkest moment is just before the dawn? Sometimes our greatest obstacle is our greatest gift.

The day I wrote the blog about the dream, I remember going before my guides and asking for some kind of message of encouragement. My guides told me that I had picked up some negative energy from somewhere (they were not specific as to where it had come from), and that I needed to ask Archangel Michael to remove it. They also told me to cut the invisible cords of discouragement that were holding me back. They let me know that all was well and there was nothing to get discouraged about. That very day I sold two books and had a successful past life regression session with a new acquaintance. I also received a wonderful email of encouragement from one of my blog's readers.

All of  us have those days when we feel less than spectacular. Shake off those blues and get up!! Send love and gratitude to all the Angels and Guides who are constantly there, encouraging us and working on our behalf. Life is out there waiting.

Dreams of Disillusionment

The holidays are about over, and we are about to embark upon a new year. This time of year brings anticipation for a new start, but sometimes there is sadness or maybe regret over the past year, what we did not accomplish, what relationships may have ended or changed, those resolutions we never finished, or possibly disillusionment with a goal that never manifested in the way we thought it should have.

A night or two ago I had a dream. I dreamed I had traveled a long way in the pouring rain to go to an insurance agent to file a claim. When I finally reached the building it was very large and impressive. Inside there were multiple levels with many attractions: stores, bars, restaurants, which I noticed in passing as I approached the office for which I had come. I had come a long way and had traveled in adverse weather conditions just to see this insurance agent. I went into the office to file the claim and there was only one person ahead of me and I waited. And waited. And waited. Eventually it would be my turn, I remember thinking. I waited a very long time. (I am not a patient person by nature.) After a very long time I decided I had waited long enough and I turned to leave. Just as I was about to leave, a man called me over and began talking to me about my claim but I did not get the answer I was hoping for and it seemed a long and arduous process. Disillusioned, I left. I just wanted to go home. I passed by all the shops with interesting wares and the quaint restaurants and decided just to browse a little before leaving. I woke up from the dream very sad. It seemed like it was so familiar to me. I guess I felt like sometimes I try and try so hard to get somewhere and then I wait and wait and I never seem to reach the goal for which I had set out in the first place. I realized that this is probably a common problem for many people this time of year. The year is ending, we look back on the year and what we hoped to accomplish, and have not attained to what we had dreamed of. Sometimes we just want to go home and stop the madness. But then our attention is drawn to some interesting things on our quest to go home.

I asked the Angels why it was so hard to shake off this dream and get back to my normally positive and perky self. Normally if I am hit by a sad emotion, I can quickly offset it with a happy thought or a choice to just be happy anyway. Gratitude is also a wonderful antidote for the blues. I did not want to share this dream because someone might realize that I am not always on top of things. I am not always the happy guru and sometimes I get grouchy. But then I realized that others might need to know the antidote for the blues. It may not be a dream that got you in the doldrums, but a goal not realized, a relationship gone bad, a realization that something that you thought was important was not so very important anymore. I remember years ago realizing that the belief system that I had held my whole life was no longer holding water anymore and it took several years to get over that life changing moment. What to do?

The dream held the answer. On our quest to go home, there are many interesting shops and quaint restaurants to notice on the way to the car to take you home. Life has within it so many things to enjoy. Maybe the dream was telling me I was trying too hard. Life is meant to be enjoyed. Stop and look in the shops. Notice the things along the way that grab your attention. Sometimes when we are consumed with a problem we do not notice the things along the way that are there calling out for our attention. Yes, life has disappointments. Things do not always go the way we had hoped. But there is always an alternative. There is always the choice to pick ourselves up and move forward. Usually it is so easy for me to be happy and positive and I think this dream showed me how sometimes it is just hard to shake the blues. When you are in a low place, you just have to make one step forward to a better place. Choose to feel one degree better than you do right now. You don't have to be dancing a jig right away. Just take one step up from where you are right now. And then one more. And then one more. Soon you will forget about what upset you in the first place.

Remember your emotions are your guidance system to let you know how far on or off track you are. It is time to get back on track. There is no judgement if you are not completely on track at the moment. Experience the emotion and then choose to feel one degree better. Get out and take a walk or go shopping or play golf or whatever makes you feel better. If things are not exactly what you had seen for yourself a year ago, that is okay. A new year is coming and a new chance to live life to the fullest. Be thankful that you have experienced another year and you have learned and you have grown. You have loved, you have laughed, you have cried. You have written another chapter in your book of the  human experience. And no one lived it quite like you did.

Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Gifts We Give Ourselves

It's Christmas time and I know other years I have received messages from the Angels and Guides relating to things that I experience or feel this time of year. This year it has been rather quiet. Of course I could write about how the whole story of Christmas can relate to our own personal life experience. How the birth of the Christ child can symbolize the birth of something new in our lives. I have actually had two dreams in the past week about pregnancy and I told the person I dreamed them about that it doesn't necessarily mean that she is going to have another child. It could mean the birth of a new time in her life (or mine, since I am the one who had the dream, even though it was not me who was pregnant), or it could be a warning dream, to make sure if she does not want another child she needs to use some preventive measures, or it could mean that at this time of year we are all collectively thinking about the birth of a Savior, one who for centuries we have hoped would save us from our sins. Now that I look at the story objectively, as one who is kind of looking at the story from a distance, instead of one locked into a certain belief system, I realize that the whole story is the story of hope. A culture who was in a way enslaved by the Roman government was hoping for a way out, but when Jesus grew up and began preaching, he repeatedly said that salvation came from the inside out, and that he was not here to overthrow any governments, but only to show us that no one could enslave us as long as we were free in our hearts.

So how does this relate to our story today? There are those who claim that the government is responsible for all our ills, just as they did when Jesus was born. However, if we are to believe the message, we are all free or enslaved only by ourselves, by our loving hearts or our bitter hearts, respectively. By forgiving ourselves and those who we perceive to be at fault for our predicaments, we free ourselves from the slavery of blame and guilt. Just as the wise men and the shepherds came to give gifts to the Christ child, in the same way, if the Christ Consciousness resides in our hearts, we can give gifts to the Christ child by loving ourselves. This is the gift we give ourselves.

Friday, December 16, 2011

Are You Still There?

I would assume that those who read my blogs consistently are at least remotely interested in connecting with the unseen world, whether it be Angels, Guides, Ascended Masters, Power Animals, or God. We all at times go through our day to day existence and wonder what is the purpose for all the things we experience, and whether anyone out there is watching over us or helping us out in times of need. This is a recurring theme in why we participate in a spiritual practice, whether it be the observance of a particular religion, or a specific ritual, or whether we just like to tune into nature and commune with the plants and animals. Frequently I get up to go to work, and go through my day, and I come home, relax a bit and go to bed and wonder, did I make a difference today? Did I make anyone's life a little better, did I commune with the unseen world today, did I spread any love today? Did Anyone Out There remember I was here?

This morning I got up and went to the gym, got on my favorite machine, the elliptical, and dove right into the unseen world. I went through a cave with my power animal, the black panther, whose name is Cal, and we traveled to Norway and met up with some of my ancestors. There was my Shaman guide, and my Reiki guide, and some others who I did not recognize, and we performed a ritual in the snow, dancing on the ice, symbolically breaking ice that had formed over a part of our Mother Earth's heart. The ritual thanked our Mother Earth for Her participation in allowing us to habitate on her body, and her endless patience with our ignorance. It was a powerful ritual.

When I came back to the seen world, got off the elliptical machine, and was walking toward the locker room, a thought passed through my consciousness. What if I am just making all this up in my head? And I heard a Voice immediately who said to me, "Joy, so what if you are? Whenever you think of Us, we are there. Whatever you conceive of, think about, meditate on, it all has energy. You spend a great deal of time thinking about Us. We feel it, and we immediately respond. Don't worry so much about whether you are making it up or not. We are here. Isn't that what you are asking?"

When I came home, the message was repeated to me in a facebook status, which I will repeat here, because I love it. Just know, the Angels are here. They are near you when you think of them, when you ask them to help, when you yearn for their presence. Just know this. They want you to know that They are here, and never feel alone.

"Pooh!" whispered Piglet. "Yes, Piglet?" said Pooh. "Oh, nothing." said Piglet. "I was just making sure of you." ~ Sometimes we don't have anything to ask our Angels/Spirit, we just want to know that are still there. You are not alone! ~Christina Lunden ♥

Monday, December 12, 2011

The Brick in the Wall

This morning, a chilly 19 degrees outside, and no weather for running outside, I decided to get up and go to the gym. I got on the treadmill and put my headphones on, as is my custom. Usually my routine when running on the treadmill is to focus on an object in front of me and meditate while running. In front of this particular treadmill was nothing but a brick wall. Of course every treadmill is equipped with a television, but I prefer to connect with the higher realms while exercising, or at least get my meditation time in. After programming the treadmill, I was on my way.

In front of me, as I mentioned was a brick wall. I decided to focus on one of the bricks, and just think about my breathing. After a minute or so, I decided to access the part inside of me that is pure love and focus love coming from inside of me into the brick. Now, you may ask me, why waste time sending love to a brick? Why not, I say? I am on the treadmill; I could be just watching the television so easily accessible in front of me. Would it not be better to send out love than to zone out on the news?  After a few minutes of sending love to the brick, I noticed love coming back to me. It seeemed to ooze into my aura and just fill me up with the feelings of ecstacy. Some may say that I was experiencing runner's high, but I had not been running for that long yet. Just a few minutes. What I was shown next was that the love that I had sent into the brick was not just stored up in that one brick. I focused on the little holes that are inherent in the bricks, and I seemed to noticed a smile form from the little dots contained within the brick. I say everything has a spirit, even a brick, and everyone and everything can benefit from love. Then I felt the spirit of the brick taking the love that it needed, and then passing the overflow to the other bricks that made up the wall in front of me.

I smiled and continued my run, returning my focus to my breathing. Then I noticed a change in the brick and the small holes contained in the brick seemed to form into what looked like the head of a horse. Now I know that everyone has done this. Take an object, or even look at the clouds, and see what appears to you, or what the shapes look like. To me this was the spirit of the brick coming alive to give me a message. Now I have a person in my life whose power animal is a horse, and it seemed that this person's power animal was appearing to me to ask me to send him some loving energy, which I did. For awhile this brick appeared as the face of the horse, and as long as it appeared that way to me, I continued to send love to the person through his power animal.

In a split second as I gazed at the brick, it once again shapeshifted into what appeared to me to be the face of the Ganesha, a Hindu god who often appears to me. I welcomed his presence into my meditation, and asked if he had a message for me. He said he just wanted me to know that he was there and was removing any obstacles that I needed to be removed so that I could move forward into the next stage of my path. I expressed my gratitude, and continued to send love to the brick that now appeared to me as the Ganesha. I felt the energy of the Ganesha enter my body as I ran, and felt stronger now, and more love seemed to enter into my energy field.

No there were no world changing revelations. No message for the world. Just a feeling of love and gratitude. And isn't love life changing? Could we not all benefit from more love? So this is my world changing, life altering revelation. Everything and everyone needs love. When we choose to access that place inside of us that is pure love, and send it to whomever or whatever crosses your path, whether it appears to need love or not, guess what!! Love is returned, pressed down, shaken together and running over. Messages from the higher realms appear. Other opportunities to send love appear. And we are left feeling nothing but ecstasy. Try it today. Access that place inside of you that is pure love. It is there. We all have it. When you have enjoyed the presence of love, do not just keep it inside of you. Give it away. You may be amazed at what happens next.

Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Some Thoughts.........

This morning I was reading some material a friend of mine had sent to me regarding a book she is publishing, and I came across this quote that spoke to me.......

We often make the mistake of thinking we have to know how to do something instead of thinking we are going to do something. Intention creates direction. The what dictates the how. Julia Cameron, The Artists Way.

When I first became interested in shamanism, it was after attending a "circle" where a medium, Terry Rodabaugh, contacted friends and loved ones from the other side. During the circle she mentioned that a family member could benefit from a soul retrieval. I was not familiar with soul retrievals and she said it had to be performed by a shaman. When I got home I got on the internet and ordered some books on shamanism and soul retreavals. While reading the first book I was totally convinced that I knew already what to do and that I could do it. It was instant familiarity. Immediately I began to look for a shaman to teach me, since I felt that I needed some instruction, if for no other reason, to have some sort of credibility. After some research, I found that most of the teachers were far away and expensive, and did not coincide with my schedule at the Post Office. I began practicing on friends and family members, and eventually did find some classes which instructed me in some of the rituals not taught in the books. Eventually I found my own style, and do not always follow the same pattern as outlined in most of the books and instruction I have received. Also, there is no time when a person reaches a certain point where they can say, okay, I have done this much study, I am now a shaman. No.

True shamans are part of a community where the title is bestowed on them by their community, usually a Native American community but not always. There are many tribes in many parts of the world where there is a person in the community who is the medicine man, the healer, the spiritual adviser of that community. That title is normally bestowed on them after they have been mentored for many years by the elders of that community. They have been trained in many things which are not available in suburbia America. No I do not consider myself a shaman. Perhaps in a previous life in a different time there was perhaps an incarnation of myself which enjoyed that title, due to some past life memories and some of the familiarity with this form of healing which I now incorporate into the work that I do for others and the earth.

I guess what I have taken a great deal of time saying is that sometimes you have something inside of you that is just there. This quote that I came across suggests that if you have something inside of you screaming to get out, do not wait to figure out how you are going to manifest it. Just mentally or out loud proclaim the intention that you are going to do it!!!  Go for it. Paint that painting. Write that novel. I know that I can help others find physical and emotional healing and I know that I hear messages from the Angels and I know I can communicate with those who are not in physical form. I don't always know how I am going to use those gifts. But I still go to work everyday at the Post Office. I give love to all my customers and occasionally offer them some sort of tidbit of information which can help them along on their path. And sometimes they do the same for me.

Intention is everything. Just move forward on your path. You don't have to quit your job and sell crystals or make jewelry for a living. Living a spiritual life does not mean you do not live and work in a physical world. Many of us would rather quit our jobs and make jewelry or sell crystals. One time my Angels said to me that we are all like candles in a dark world. The problem with us is that we all want to hang out in the same room!! We are needed in the dark world, not in the room with all the other candles!!

My intention is that I am going to bring light and healing to whomever might need it along my path. I am still going to get up every morning and go to work, until that is no longer necessary or available to me. I am not going to worry about how I am going to get my message out to the world. I am just going to be a candle. What is your intention?