Monday, August 30, 2010

some messages

Previously I have written about how Spirit sends us signs to give us direction or teach us lessons about ourselves. All we have to do is look, listen, and pay attention for the signs to appear. Sometimes they are so obvious that we miss them.

Recently a friend came over and she was relating to me the message she had gotten from her car. Her car has (or had) a habit of occasionally not starting. Her mechanic told her that it was a problem in the communication between the electrical part and the mechanical part of her car. She said it seemed to only act up when she had plans to come and visit me, so she had asked herself what message her car was trying to relate to her relative to her relationship with me. She related the electrical part of her car to her spirit and the mechanical part to her ego. She said that she realized that her spirit was ready to go, ready to move forward with her life and go, but the mechanical part, her ego was resisting. When she realized the message and was able to address the ego part of her that was comfortable with the status quo, then she knew that her car would cease to give her problems. Sure enough, she was able to start the car and come over with no problems whatsoever this time.

That particular day my friend must have had a really clear connection with Spirit because she also was able to give me a message. She related to me that it was humorous of Spirit to give me a job at the Post Office, where it is my job to make sure people are able to connect with others and send messages from one place to another. Every day I am able to assist people in the sending and receiving of "messages" in the form of letters and packages. In the physical world I have been acting out for twenty two years what my spirit has been crying out to do for almost as long. It may be that now that I have realized the "message", my relationship with the Post Office may undergo a change. For years as I worked nights sorting mail with my hands, my mind was free to tune into Spirit and receive many messages. It has only been recently that I have begun to write the messages down and make them available to the public.

Another friend asked my assistance in finding some keys she had misplaced. I will be the first to admit that I am not adept at finding lost objects, but I am pretty good at discovering the significance of the lost object and the message it may contain. Keys represent our entrance or access into something that is locked. In this case the keys were work related, so I suggested to her that her relationship with her employer might be undergoing a change. With a minimal amount of effort, I was able to assist her in finding her keys, but not without a little bit of investigation on my part. I am thinking there may be some interaction with others necessary in relation to her job.

Spirit is really good at giving multiple signs until we get the message. If you notice a recurring event showing up in your life, there is a good chance that Spirit is trying to send you a message. Think of the event and what it may represent. When you find the message, there is a good chance that the event will change. Interpreting signs is fun. It is like putting together a jigsaw puzzle. The finished picture is wonderful, but putting it together is the fun part.

Thursday, August 26, 2010

Soul Ties

I want to talk a little bit about soul ties. Soul ties are invisible strings or cords that hold you emotionally to another person. This person could be living or dead, but it is like an invisible umbilical cord in which that person's energy is flowing to you and your energy is flowing to them. Some soul ties are okay, such as between a couple or between a parent and child. However, even these soul ties can become unhealthy. It is unhealthy when a person's energy makes you feel tired or emotionally drained. An emotionally healthy person is secure in their own skin, not needing the emotional support of another person to feel whole. In unhealthy relationships, one or both of the people in the relationship is dependent on the other for emotional support, or to feel like a whole person.

How can you tell if you have soul ties with another person, especially if this person is no longer in relationship with you? Do you feel tired or emotionally drained for no reason? Do you have dreams of someone who, when you awake,make you feel anxious or sad or fearful? This is a good indication.

Last night I had a dream of an acquaintance and when I awoke I felt anxious and emotionally drained. I immediately knew that I had unconsciously allowed this person to attach soul ties to me. I envisioned this person in front of me and told them that this was unacceptable. I envisioned cutting the cords and I sent their energy back to them. This is relatively easy to do but at times some people may need help with this. If you try to do this yourself you will feel immediate relief after doing what I just described.

We all need each other, and I am not suggesting that we in any way are not to have connections with others. This is just a description of a solution when the ties between people become unhealthy, or even sometimes when there are unconscious cords between people and one of those people may not even be aware. As I said, sometimes the person is no longer even alive. Unhealthy soul ties will make you weak, anxious or even physically drained. It is important to release those ties so that you can live your life and be a whole person. Relationships are much more healthy when the people in the relationship are both emotionally healthy and do not feed off each others energy.

You will feel much more alive and present when you cut soul ties with people who are not in a positive place emotionally. You will still be able to interact with these people. But the emotional ties will be severed. The other person at first may not realize the difference but their soul will recognize it and you will notice a difference in your relationship with them. It is important not to allow the soul ties to reattach themselves and to fill the empty space where the soul ties once connected with love and light.

Remember that a healthy relationship with yourself is your most important asset. Your connections with others are dependent on your relationship with yourself.

Tuesday, August 24, 2010


Lately I have been hearing a lot about purpose. People I have been running into or working with want to know what they are meant to do. Many times I think that in our minds we think that our purpose in life also has to do with our chosen career path, but this is not always the case. There is an old Buddhist mantra that goes something like this: before enlightenment I chopped wood and carried water. Since I have become enlightened I chop wood and carry water. I think the point of this mantra is that sometimes our career path remains the same even after we discover our purpose in life.

Why is this? Common sense tells us that if every person on earth becomes enlightened, there will still be a need for all the cooks and the carpenters, the ditch diggers and the garbage collectors, the tax attorneys and the lawyers. We can all fulfill our purpose in life while working "regular" jobs.

I consider every interaction with another living being my purpose in life. What if each one of us walked through our days with the intention of spreading love and light wherever we went? I try to spend as much time as I can focusing loving energy to people I wait on at the post office, to those I work with, to the plants and animals I come across, to the birds that fly over my head and the grass that grows under my feet.

Sure, I would love to make my living selling books and doing journeys for people, helping people find lost pieces of their souls, so that I didn't have to get up every morning and go to a regular job, but so far I have not manifested this dream. Maybe one day this will happen. Sometimes I like to see Louise Hay or Wayne Dyer picking up my book to read it, and suddenly showing up in Winchester wanting me to sign a contract for them to publicize my book. But every day until that happens I will get up and go to work and spread love and cheer to all the people who happen across my path. By doing this, I am raising the vibrational energy around me. I think this is our Universal purpose.

If you have been wondering why you are here or what is your purpose in life, I suggest to you that you get up one morning and decide to send the energy of Love and Light to all that comes across your path that day. Send love and light to the Mother Earth, to the Father Sky. Whether you do this by playing Angelic music on the piano, taking orders at McDonalds, or sitting at a computer all day, you can fulfill your purpose. If we all spread a little love every day, the world will be a happier place to live. I suggest to you that eventually you will be a happier person. Focus on the good stuff. Focus on being happy. And isn't that our real purpose, just to be happy?

Saturday, August 21, 2010

Lost Objects

This week I have become aware of several people who have lost things that were precious to them and have consulted me, either directly or indirectly to find the lost objects. As many people know, I am a person who journeys into the non physical realms to find lost aspects of people's souls, so finding lost things should not be difficult to me. I don't claim to do these things on my own, of course, I am always accompanied by my Guides, Power Animals, and sometimes even my Angels.

I would like to relate the message that I received this week while attempting to connect with my Guides to inquire about the location of a couple of different lost objects.

Not always, of course, but many times we lose things that are valuable to us when we are getting ready to go through a change. Usually the lost object is in some way significant with the aspect of the change. Last year my husband lost his wallet, not once, but twice, and, although he insisted it was only because he was careless, I insisted that it signified a change in his identity. A wallet symbolizes who we are. It carries within it our identity, our means of exchange, our value. When a person loses a wallet it often signifies that a person is about to undergo a transformation in who they are as a person.

One acquaintance lost a baby book, carrying within it a letter from her grandmother, who had died when she was a child. Her mother had recently passed and her relationship with her mother was a bit strained, and she felt that maybe her mother had moved the baby book. I felt that, yes, the baby book came up missing because there were unresolved issues between her and her mother. I encouraged her to go to a place where her mother spent a lot of time, and talk to her mother as if she were there, because she would be, and tell her mother all the things she needed to say but never did.

Another request came to try to locate a ring that had been lost. My suggestion was to meditate on what emotions were attached to the ring. Who had given it to her? How was the relationship between her and the person who had given it to her? Or if it was not a gift but was monetarily valuable, how were her finances doing? Was she having issues with finances?

Sometimes we lose things that are valuable to us because Spirit is trying to send us a message. Sometimes our loved ones who have passed on will move things when they are trying to contact us, or because they may have an emotional attachment to an object. Sometimes if we are missing parts of ourselves our souls will send us a message through the avenue of lost objects. Many times if we deal with the emotional attachment then the lost object will magically reappear. Sometimes we may never find what we have lost. This may have significance as well, especially if Spirit is telling us that it is time to move on from a particular emotional attachment.

One time on the day I was getting ready to do a soul retrieval for a friend, I found three items in my house that I had previously lost. This was a message to me that I would be finding three aspects of my friends soul later that day. In this case the items that had been lost were not significant in themselves, but the number of items. That is why it is important to be sensitive to Spirit to tell us the significance of seemingly unimportant or unrelated events.

I guess the most important thing to remember in relation to lost things is that nothing ever stays the same. Sometimes we may find our lost objects, and sometimes we may not. There is nothing that is completely permanent, except for that things always change. The more we are resistant to change, the more it will come looking for us. The best we can do is embrace change and know that our Guides and Angels always have our best interests at heart, and whether we ever find our lost objects or not, there is a lesson in it for us. If we listen closely, we may find the real significance in the lessons that are there for us. Remember that nothing that is of real value can ever be lost, although our relationship with some people or things may change. As we embrace change, and release our attachment to things, we grow. Then the things that are really of value can show up in our lives.

Here's to change, and all that it entails!

Thursday, August 19, 2010

Two Parrots

Last night I dreamed that I was the owner of two parrots that lived in a cage. In my dream I happened to walk by the parrots and remember that I hadn't fed them in awhile. I went over to the cage with the food and one of the parrots was almost dead and the other one was barely standing up on its perch. I felt so bad because it had been so long since I had fed the parrots or given them water and I knew that I was responsible for their near demise. Immediately I filled their little water bowl and put some food in a little bowl in the cage. The bird that was standing immediately started eating but the one that was laying down I had to hand feed until it was strong enough to recover. I apologized to the parrots for neglecting them and before the end of the dream both parrots were on the road to recovery and had forgiven me for my behavior.

Upon awakening, I contemplated the meaning of the dream. I looked up parrots in my animal meaning dictionary and got no help at all. Believing that Spirit was trying to tell me that I had been neglecting something or someone, I tried to think about who or what I had forgotten about. I faithfully call my dad and my daughter almost every day. I always make sure I am making time for my husband, who faithfully fixes me dinner almost every night and helps me with the business of being a published author. I work a full time job, and I am always there for anyone who calls or emails me for assistance. Who am I neglecting?

Eventually I thought how in the past few months I have realized my dream of being a published author and I have been doing a lot more shamanic journeys for people and seeing some real results. I remembered that many years ago I was taught to hear messages and that at some point in time I put my gift on the back burner and went on with my life. I realized that the two parrots represented the two gifts that have recently been "reborn" in me. At a certain point in my past, I had walked away from giving messages and writing and that in the past year or so I had "noticed" the dying gifts and had begun to feed them. I now realize that it is just recently that I have noticed the gifts getting stronger and more accurate.

I guess my reason for relating this dream is to remind us all that whatever we feed will grow. If we feed the gifts we were born with then they will grow stronger and stronger, but if we ignore them they will die. Just because a person is born with a particular talent or gift does not mean it will never go away. We have to nurture our Divine gifts and use them and the more we do the more we will find ourselves gaining skill in whatever we have been called to do.

In the same way if we constantly feed our negative qualities or tendencies those things will grow in our lives as well. The parrots could represent the good things in our lives or the bad things. What are we feeding? What are we neglecting? Just as we cannot expect to have a strong, muscular body if we sit around and eat chips and watch television all the time, so we cannot expect to have a strong spirit if we are not exercising the spiritual aspect of ourselves. One of my favorite affirmations is .. What I focus on grows...

Ask yourself ... what aspect of yourself are you feeding and what aspect are you neglecting? What does the parrot represent to you?

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

The Angel in the Church

This past weekend I was asked to go out to a church where a good friend of mine plays the organ. It has been reported that a ghost inhabits the building and my friend wanted me to see if I could pick up on anything. She had had some experiences of lights shining in the windows where there was only a graveyard outside, shuffling of the hymnals in their homes behind each pew, shadows, and once she had an experience of the keys on the organ slamming down in unison while she was practicing. Although this is not my forte, I decided to go out and see what I could pick up.

Now anyone who knows me well will know that I am not a regular church attendee. My church is the earth and I find God in every plant, rock, and flower in my garden, in the songs that the birds sing, in the whispers from my Guides and Angels, and my prayers are the thoughts and meditations that I send out to the Heavens. However, I am not opposed to any rituals that bring a person closer to God, so it had been awhile since I had entered any church. I did not know what to expect, but, upon entering the church, I was filled with a calming sense of peace and love. I walked through the church and asked any entity which might reside there to send me some sort of message to let me know that they were there. I do regularly hear messages from Angels and Guides, and the Angel of this particular church is the one I was able to communicate with.

This particular church had a cornerstone which indicated that it was founded in the 1700's, so it had been around for quite awhile. I soon got the feeling that the Angel connected with this church had been looking out over the property for quite some time, perhaps since it was founded. I asked her whether there were any "ghosts" there.. ( I know Angels have no genders, but I am referring to "her" because my friend sensed the presence was female), but the answer I got was that it was in fact the Angel herself who had made her presence known to my friend and others on occasion. So in relating this to my friend, who turned out to be a little disappointed that I did not connect with any ghosts, I got the message that the time when the organ keys crashed down in unison was actually a warning from the Angel that it was time for her to leave. Perhaps there was some impending danger related to the fact that it was late and she was there alone.

What I have learned is that everything is not always as it appears. Just because a person experiences paranormal movement in a place does not automatically mean it is haunted. Sometimes maybe we need to consider the possibility that our Guides and Angels are very adept at making their presence known as well and it could be that they just want a little attention now and again. Of course someone more adept at picking up on humans who have passed on from this life may visit the same place and sense the presence of someone who I did not happen to connect with, and I am okay with this. I just know that when I was there I connected with the Angel associated with this location and she assured me that she is watching out for the place and has become very attached to it.

Saturday, August 7, 2010

The Pen

Previously I wrote about a new meditation that I have been practicing in which I stop during my normal routine for just a few seconds or a minute and focus appreciation on the first thing that comes into my field of vision. I try to do this several times a day but sometimes I forget or I get busy. I do not get mad at myself if I forget. I just start over and go from there.

Today my focus fell on my pen which was just lying on the desk in front of me. If I had not observed it and focused appreciation on it, the pen would have just remained on the desk, until it was picked up and used countless times without a thought, unthanked and unobserved. The pen holds within it the potential to write, but until I pick it up and think about what I want to write and then write, the pen is useless.

It occurred to me that the pen can be compared to our potential. We all hold within us the potential to be amazing and do great things, but without the focus and intention to use our potential, it will just lie there, accomplishing nothing. Just as the pen requires a hand to pick it up and the thoughts and intentions to create something in writing, so are we, with all our potential, useless, unless we focus and hold an intention of what we want to create with our lives. One thing cannot function without the other. No one thinks that if they focus enough intention that the pen will just get up and write by itself, but how many of us think if we just meditate or pray hard enough, the heavens will open and the world will be right, without any action on our parts.

In other words, we can't just meditate or pray hard enough and expect our mortgage or our rent to get paid without any action on our parts, such as acquiring a job to pay our bills. While I was writing my book, I thought and focused on the writing, then I submitted my manuscript to a publisher, then, in my case, I paid them to publish it. I could not have written the book without the thoughts and inspirations, the action of writing and the potential within me that was the writing itself.

In one way, we could say that the pen represents all we could accomplish in our lives. What will we do with it? Will we visualize all that it could write and never pick up the pen to write it? Will we pick up the pen with no thought to what we want to accomplish? Or will we use our thoughts, intentions, and focus to pick up the pen and create something beautiful that is uniquely ours?

What does the pen represent to you? Pick it up and use it wisely!!

Wednesday, August 4, 2010


Today I started this new practice that I hope will become a habit. I stopped just for a second, several times during the day, at random moments, and noticed something that was in my field of vision and just appreciated it. So many times during our day we are on cruise control. We do the same things, over and over, without giving them much thought. Especially in my job at the Post Office, I wait on customers, one right after the other, and I repeat this script that I have been taught to say. So today I decided that whenever the thought came to me I was going to stop, even if just for a moment, and appreciate the first thing that came into my field of vision when I had the thought. So I appreciated the printer that wouldn't print, the money in my hand as I counted it, the customer standing in front of me, my sore feet, the ring on my hand, my coworker standing beside me, the person who stole my magic marker, and I guess you get the idea. I learned a few things. One of the things I learned is that when I appreciate something that is annoying me, it seems to not annoy me as much anymore. The other thing I learned is that I could almost feel a change in the energy around me as I appreciated my surroundings. I could almost feel how tired my printer felt as I realized how many receipts it has printed out in its career and how few people appreciate it for what it does everyday without so much as a thank you from any of us "thinking" beings.

I would venture to suggest that a great deal of us go through our daily lives not paying attention to the people and things that surround us on a regular basis. We never stop to appreciate all the people and inanimate objects that serve us regularly. Sometimes we may think to thank the clerk at the grocery store, or the mail man, but how many of us appreciate the non- thinking objects that serve us every day? Today I attempted to connect with the energy in all things and thank each object that came into my awareness for the contribution that it was making to my life. I believe that everything benefits from love and appreciation. The people and situations that annoy us the most are probably the things that need the most love, and are also probably our greatest teachers.

This is my suggestion for today. Stop what you are doing, just for a moment. Look around you and focus on the first thing that comes into your field of vision. Appreciate it. Thank it for its contribution. Appreciate the things in your life you take for granted. Imagine what it would say if it could talk. Would it appreciate you back? What is your contribution to the energy around you? Are you a beacon of light and joy, making others feel better when you are around? Or not? And if not, what are you going to do about it?