Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Day Six... This Book Changed My Life!

If you are just beginning to read my blog, the whole month of August I am  participating in a blog challenge from Amethyst Mahoney and her group .. Spiritual Badasses.. You can find a link for it HERE.

Every day she sends a suggested topic, and we can choose whether to blog about the suggested topic or come up with one of our own. So far I have pretty much stayed on topic.

Today's topic is books. What books inspire me, or I can share about my books and why someone should want to read them.

Let's start with books that inspire me.

I have a very  long relationship with books. When I was small, my mother was always challenged to find me another book to read. I read all the time. I read instead of going outside to play. Looking back, I am pretty sure I was an adult in a child's body.
 One of the things she did was sign up for Reader's Digest Book of the Month. Usually the book that came had an abridged version of three or four books. I read them all.

Of course, being brought up Born Again Christian, the Bible was always a book I dutifully read. Over and over. Even the boring parts.

But there was one book that completely changed my life.

Here is a short version of what happened. (you can find the longer version HERE.)

I was attending a Charismatic Born Again Church. There was a woman in the church who did "inner healing." I began to go to her on a semi-regular basis. This woman was amazing. She used some really unorthodox methods for her practices. We did regressions, we did anger therapy, we did dream therapy. She would assign me books to read. Some of the books were Christian, and some not so much.

Are you chomping at the bit yet to find out what book changed my life? Not yet? Okay. A little more information.

Okay, so, one of the books she assigned me to read was Louise Hay's You Can Heal Your Life.


This is it. This is the book that changed my life.

If I was stranded on a desert island with only one book, this is the one I would take with me.

Why? Because if you believe everything in this book, you will find a way off that island.

At first my little born again Christian brain did not fully latch on to all the principles in this book. I was a slow learner. I had to chew on some of the principles. But now this is my Bible. I have given away more copies of this book than any other book, other than the ones I have written myself.

Okay, so here is the fun part of this story.

I was dirt poor. Yes, I worked at the Post Office. However, due to some REALLY  bad decisions, I never had any money. My bills were always late. So I would go down to the local Books a Million and go to the Self Help section of the store and pull a book down that looked good and sit there on one of their very comfortable chairs and read the book, and then put it back.

Guess what happened.

Eventually things changed.

Now I am writing my own books.

I guess my point to this story is that if you want to change bad enough, there is a way to do it.

Yes, I could have used today's theme to plug my own book. (okay, so if you are really interested, HERE
is a link. I think my books are amazing!)

But what I really want you to do is look within yourself and ask your soul, what do YOU need? If you need to read some messages from Spirit, or you want to read an AMAZING story of how this super conservative Born Again Christian began to receive messages from the Spirit world and how she overcame her prejudices and upbringing to finally answer the call, then you need to read MY book..

But if you need healing in your soul, or you need to find out why that nasty cold just won't go away, or why you keep having car accidents, then you need to read YOU CAN HEAL YOUR LIFE. If you need to overcome shame, then I recommend HEALING THE SHAME THAT BINDS YOU by John Bradshaw.

Here is my recommendation. Go to the bookstore. This might be hard if you shop online, but maybe not. Stand in front of the SELF HELP section or the METAPHYSICAL section or even the SPIRITUALITY section. Then just look and see what jumps out at you. I have had books actually jump off the shelf and land on the floor in front of me. Talk about a message from Spirit.

Your life will change. 
When you change your mind, you change your life.


  1. I love that book by Louise Hay. I bet that is a game changer for many people.

    1. There are so many good ones but that one completely changed me. Thanks for stopping by, Mary!

  2. We're similar in more than one way for sure: I too grew up reading like I had to consume books in order to stay alive. I lived at the library. I'm not even kidding!

    I was also introduced to Louise Hay before the age of 10. My mom was a metaphysical nut. Not literally a nut, but she loved the subject and all of that rubbed off onto me.

    Hooray for strong literary beginnings, great moms, and Louise Hay!

    1. Hi Nicole! Sometimes I wish that I had had a different upbringing. But we all choose what we will come here to experience, right? Eventually I think we will all get there, but with different perspectives and different stories to tell.

  3. I never read her book, but did receive a video tape on her inspirational life story once. Now I want to read her book, and yours as well! I too escaped in books, escaping a not very happy childhood. It wasn't anyone's fault ... my sisters were happy. It was just me. As I got older, I decided my impatience had gotten the best of me, and I didn't wait for the right family to return to earth! Thank you for sharing your story.

    1. Ha Ha Linda I know the feeling! I think we have a lot in common!

  4. Awesome article, I will definitely check out that book by Louise Hay, I think it would be very helpful for me!