Thursday, November 24, 2011


A few days ago I went outside and began the task of pulling up some dead flowers and raking up and discarding some dead leaves. This is not an easy task since there are eleven trees in my backyard. I don't try to get them all, but I wanted to tidy up around the main part of the house. Very often my connection with the outdoors is conducive to receiving messages, I guess because of my proximity to the earth and its energy, and this day was no exception.

I guess my Unseen Support System knows that this is not my favorite time of year. I am a spring and summer girl. I love warm weather and sunshine. I love working in my yard, planting flowers, watering them, watching them grow and watching the fish and the frogs in my pond. I love being outside and I do not like being cold. So when the days get shorter and the leaves start to turn, it is beautiful, yes, but it is a reminder that soon I will be wearing more clothing and struggling to keep warm. This particular day was pleasant and I was enjoying my outdoor tasks of gathering and discarding the old dead foliage.

So my Guides decided it was a good time to address my aversion to winter. And this is the message I received.

"Do you think that the trees start to worry or be upset when their leaves begin to fall off? Do you think the flowers grieve the loss of their beauty?

"What if the trees began to wonder if they would ever get leaves again? Here they are, bare and standing out in the cold, and they are not the least bit worried!! They are not upset that they are not producing leaves and the plants are not upset they they are not blooming!! They know that the time will come when the leaves will grow back and the flowers will once again bloom. Even those flowers that do not return the next season are satisfied with the knowledge that they will just change form and go back into the earth, making the soil rich for whatever comes after them.

"You, Joy, need to be like the trees. Embrace the winter season of your life. Embrace every season. What you resist, persists. When you are not producing, you are growing stronger roots, you are growing deeper within yourself. Do not be upset when you go a few days or a week and do not see any results. Do not be upset if you go a few days or weeks with no apparent messages. You do not need to be producing all the time.

"All it takes is a small change in your focus. Don't focus on the cold and how much you prefer warmth. Embrace the cold. Be one with the season in which you find yourself. There is a whole world out there to enjoy. Don't limit yourself to only those places that are warm. When you only find pleasure in one particular season of your life, you are missing out on all the rest. Those times in your life which you would look back and consider winter seasons are those in which you became stronger and deeper. Winter is all about going within, finding your strength within yourself. There will be plenty of time to enjoy summer. Don't wish away your life wishing or thinking about what you would rather be doing. Enjoy the present, whatever season you find yourself in."

So my message for today is......enjoy the season of your life you find yourself in today. Do not mourn the past or pine away for some time in the future when things will be different from how they are today. Enjoy today.  Today is a gift. That is why it is called the present.

Not Necessarily a Thanksgiving Blog........

Anyone who reads my blogs understands that I am one who is open to nontraditional ways of communicating with the unseen realms. I take journeys into the nonphysical world through the avenue of shamanism, I communicate with Angels, Guides, Power Animals, even the plants and animals who cohabitate with me around my home. I have communicated with those who no longer walk the physical realm, such as loved ones and even people I don't know. I never guarantee that anyone will show up for me, such as when people ask me to contact their loved ones who have passed. Sometimes I can get contact and sometimes not. Recently I have been reading and learning about some of the Gods, Goddesses and Ascended Masters of other religions and cultures and also of nature spirits, and I thought I would tell a couple of short stories.

There is a Norse god named Forseti who I read about recently. Apparently he is the one to contact with issues regarding relationships, legal matters, and just basically people getting along with other people. I have had the need to call upon him recently regarding that very thing!! Imagine that he just showed up when I needed him!! When I anticipated a possible need for some help in the relationship area, I just called his name and asked for his help....amazing results......

Today my husband and I went to the park to our favorite spot for communicating with those who are unseen and I felt the presence of a nature spirit. The word that came to my mind was a leprechaun but in my mind they only live in Ireland. Anyway I seemed to connect with him and asked him his name. He told me the name that most closely resembled his name in my language was Timmy. I asked him if he lived at the park and he said yes. He said he also had some of his kind that lived in my backyard and really like what I had done with it. I guess the reason I wanted to share this was that at this point in our conversation I began to doubt myself. I wondered if I was imagining him or maybe my imagination was a bit too active today so I asked him to give me a sign I was not just making this up in my head and immediately the connection disappeared. The lesson I learned was that doubt is the biggest disconnect in our communication with the other realms. We have to believe that the communication is not only possible but that the other realms desire to communicate with us. We have to have pure motives, however, and the nature spirits can read us like an open book. They know who to trust and who they can reveal themselves to. I will try again to contact Timmy and I hope he will show himself again.

A day or two before my second grandchild was born, who I mentioned in my previous blog, her soul came to me and made contact. I wanted to make sure she knew that we welcomed her into the family and that she was safe. I knew that she really wanted to be born and was looking forward to connecting with us, especially her mom, my daughter. I was present at the birth and when I held her she looked at me through those deep eyes, and we connected. I knew that we had connected before and she knew that everything was okay. They say that newborns do not smile, but I do not believe it. My grandson smiled at me when he was born and now she did the same thing. I felt both times that their souls were on a mission, and birth was the first step in that process.  I had contacted Mary, the mother of Jesus, to be present at the birth and to watch over both her and her brother, their relationship with each other and the relationship with all those who are involved in the family dynamics. I also asked Forseti to assist with the healing of past relationship issues, and so far the family seems to be settling in nicely.

It is comforting to know that we have a great cloud of unseen help available to us, and They will show themselves to us when we need them. If we are not aware of their particular names or their specialties, They wanted me to let you know that you can just call on the Highest Available Being of Love and Light who specializes in.... (you name what you need help with)........and they will come. Come in humility and never ask for things selfishly.  Never ask for things that will interfere with the life choices of other people. Always ask for whatever is best for the good of everyone concerned.

I can't close without saying thank you to all the Highest Beings of Love and Light: for their presence in my life and for their help. Thank you to Timmy who taught me today to believe in myself and to Forseti and Mother Mary for your recent help. There are some more Ascended Masters who I will write about later in another blog. And thanks to the turkey who gave its life for my meal as well as all the vegetables and grains. On to the next!!!

Friday, November 11, 2011

Short Thought

Okay, so blogs are supposed to be short thoughts and I know my blogs are sometimes long because it takes me awhile to make my point. Here is a short thought (at least I think it is going to be short).

I am talking to my daughter via text messaging and facebook messaging and I am also at the same time browsing my facebook friends status updates. My daughter is about ready to give birth and the circumstances surrounding the pregnancy and birth are less than ideal but despite this we are welcoming the new life into the world with open arms. However, Felicia has been having a great deal of pain for much of the latter part of the pregnancy and today was no exception. We are speaking of this and along comes a post from one of my favorite mediums, James Van Praagh.

He says, "Fear stops energy from creates restrictions and eventually pain. Love is the only energy which can open up the restrictions and bring healing to the pain."

OH good one. So I copy and paste and send it along to Felicia who responds, "So what are you suggesting?"

My reply," So send love to Trinity (unborn child... so far), send love to your living situation and your body and the father of the child (and this does not mean you have to be in agreement with all of this stuff), and to yourself and all of the events that have led up to this point in your life. You can't love your future until you love your present."

I am sure the Angels told me this stuff. I am not that good......That's really good stuff!!

It reminds me of the past when I was a miserable person living a miserable life and my spiritual advisor, at that time a pastor, told me the exact same thing. I remember going into my tiny little cinder block house whose walls were covered in mold, periodically infested with mice and ants and sometimes fleas, in an unhappy marriage, poor, sometimes sitting on lawn furniture because that is all we had, eating peanut butter and jelly sandwiches because that is all we could afford, and I remember walking through that house and loving every inch of it: yes the mold on the walls, the lack of furniture, the critters, the one heat grate that sat in the middle of the floor that heated the whole house, the husband, the child, the cars that sometimes worked enough to carry me to work and sometimes did not, and I loved it all.

And no, the next day I did not wake up in a new life. But eventually I did. And the life that I had was not so hard to bear. And when people would say things that were sympathetic to my plight, I almost did not know what they were talking about. And one day I woke up and I was living a new life, and the old one felt almost like it had happened to someone else.

That is what love does.


Okay so I am going to jump on the bandwagon and talk a little bit about the significance of this day. I have been reading a lot of the posts out there about the significance of today in our evolution and many say it is a portal to a higher realm of existence. It is important today to get quiet sometime during the day and connect with your Higher Power and really accept the energetic frequencies that apparently are more available today with the significance of the number 11 being repeated three times. Eleven is a high spiritual number as is the number three and to have the number eleven repeated three times is apparently significant. I am not sure if there is really a portal opening today that will usher us into a higher realm. I am not sure if our DNA is being altered like some say. I am not sure if there are all those dimensions that I have been reading about and I am not sure if the messages apparently channeled by these people are authentic. I have never met any of these people but the messages seem to be similar.

This is what I know. There are a lot of people out there who are taking today to connect with their Higher Self and their Higher Powers, whether they be Angels, Gods, Goddesses, Ascended Masters, or just their Higher Self. I do believe in the power of Collective Consciousness. This is to say that when a group of people connect with each other for a common goal, then the power of that group is stronger than the power of just one. Today, whether or not you believe in the power of 11-11-11 or whether or not you believe that today is different from any other day, or if you believe in the power of the full moon, which is also today, I believe that it would be advantageous to find a quiet place today and just connect with your soul or your Higher Power, just because the energy of today is expected to be higher. And that expectation creates the reality of it being just that. I believe that the collective belief that today is a high spiritual day makes it so. I believe that when we call upon the Angels and Guides then they come. Today we believe that it is a significant day. Many people have called upon their Higher Powers to visit them today and to affect their souls in a positive way. I believe that our thoughts and prayers are heard and answered.

How is this different from the day that the year turned over to 2000 and many believed it was the end of the world? Many people stocked up on food and water and alternate energy supplies and hunkered down for a meltdown of our computer systems, which, as we all know, did not occur. Yes, this is different because we believe something positive is going to occur, not something negative. Yes, I do believe that if we all believe something hard enough we end up creating it at some level. And many people believed that the world was going to change in some way on January 1, 2000, and nothing happened. But who knows. Something may have occurred on an energetic level that we are not consciously aware of. And who knows. Maybe today, if enough people open their hearts and think of love then we can create a greater manifestation of love in the world. There is no harm in thinking that if we all think about love, then we will create a manifestation of it at some level on our earth. We all could use more love.

Just for today, I choose not to think about others in a harsh or judgemental way, no matter what they have done. I choose to send out the energy of love to everyone, those who deserve it in my eyes and those who do not. Everyone needs love. I also send out the energy of love to my Higher Powers and to myself as well. I create the energy of love even when I think loving thoughts about my houseplants, my breakfast, my warm bed covers which I was able to snuggle up to a little longer today since I did not have to go to work. Oh and we can't forget those news stories which have us all up in arms. Yes, send love to doctors who are maybe unethical in their practice of medicine when it comes to a certain celebrity.... to presidential candidates who we may or may not like and who may or may not be champions of integrity..........yes and even to football coaches......hard as it may be to some of us to send love.......yes.........send love.....unconditional........and know that unconditional love does not condone bad behavior but it shows that sometimes karma does not need our help to work.........

Okay so the tv is on while I am writing and I had to insert that..........

All we need is love......All we need is love.....All we need is love......Love is all we need.......

Thursday, November 10, 2011

"Ghost Hunting"

Last weekend my husband Clay's spirit investigation team hosted Ghost Hunter's Dustin Pari for an event. Now you will notice in my blogs I don't write much about hunting for spirits because it really isn't my thing. Usually I don't go along with him on his investigations but I had accompanied him on two occasions to the Wayside Inn where this event occurred. I was joined by my good friend and psychic medium Susan Lynne on both of those occasions. We were taken to various rooms to see what we picked up in the various rooms without knowing the history or the stories. This is kind of fun and occasionally I am able to help a spirit if they ask for help.

My view on spirit investigations is that there is indeed residual energy left behind in the earth realm once a person's spirit has passed. Sometimes we who are sensitive can pick up on that energy especially if there is a great deal of emotional energy that occurred in a specific place. In the work that I do with shamanic practice I often go into non physical reality and retrieve lost pieces of my client's souls that detached either in this life or a previous life due to some sort of trauma usually. Or it may be that a person's soul was very happy in a particular time or place and a piece of themselves stayed behind for that reason. Nevertheless, we need all of our soul parts in this lifetime and especially during this particular phase in our evolution in order to complete our soul's purpose for this time in our existence.

So I guess what I believe about spirit investigations is that there is indeed another realm of existence beyond what we can see and hear and sometimes we can tap into that other realm and capture pieces of that on certain types of equipment. What is picked up can be the energy of people's emotions that has been left behind in a place or it could be just a bleed through from another time period. Time is layered one layer on top of another and sometimes other times bleed through. Intelligent hauntings where spirits communicate with those of us asking questions? Sure, sometimes spirits can come back and forth from the other side when we call on them, just like when we ask for our Higher Powers or Angels to come and join us, also people who have lived and died in a particular spot can surely come and go. Are there spirits that are stuck in a particular location? Sure, I don't doubt that possibility. I have assisted many spirits in the task of crossing over, but on reflection of those events, I sometimes wonder if their whole soul was stuck in a place or time, or just a piece of themselves, and all I did was assist that piece of their souls in reuniting with the other part of themselves that already went to the light and was either on the other side or already reincarnated into another body in another place and time. Who knows? I do know that on the times that I assisted a soul in crossing over, I noticed a definite change in the energy in the room. I have entered rooms where I immediately felt a sadness attached to either the place or an object in a room and upon connecting with the energy I found a non living person who had suffered trauma and was grieving there. When I connected with them and helped them come to terms with the events they were able to see the light and I felt the emotions in the rooms lift and I heard many times a "thank you". So I don't doubt that there are souls that need help in moving their energy to the next place. However, I also believe that we who are in our bodies have the ability to create. The Law of Attraction states that we create our own reality. What if we go into a place where we have heard there are spirits and we really want to experience the things we have heard about? Sometimes just by our intention we can pull back spirits into a place simply by our desires and our talking and thinking about them. On numerous occasions I have connected with those who have passed who have told me that they have had trouble going on to the light because the people who are living who are grieving them keep pulling them back due to their grief and their constant thinking about them. That is why it is so important to allow our loved ones permission to move on to the next phase of their existence. I have also encountered spirits while on these "ghost walks" in places like Gettysburg where the spirits there told me that their energy was continually drawn back simply because these tour guides talk about them several times a day and every time a group went through their energy was drawn back into the location. So sometimes I believe that it is our own fault that places seem to remain haunted.

I was pleasantly surprised this weekend while listening to the lecture by Dustin Pari of the Ghost Hunters that he shared many of my beliefs. Sometimes I am unimpressed with these shows I see on TV and I am glad that there is at least one of these "ghost hunters" who respects the dead and has no desire to use them for his own gain. Sometime in a subsequent blog I will recount the stories that the spirits I have encountered in the Wayside Inn told me and how I was able to help.

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

The House on the Hill

Recently I dreamed I was out driving in my car, with no particular destination, that I could ascertain, but just out for a drive along some pleasant country roads. At some point it started raining, just a light mist, and after driving for quite sometime, I started to wonder where I was. I saw a beautiful expansive mansion to the right with a large covered parking lot, so I decided to stop. It looked like it could be some sort of museum, or one of those historical sites that are open to the public. I wandered in and began to stroll through the large, beautifully decorated rooms, with ornate wall hangings and exquisite antiques embellishing every room.  At some point I sat on one of the lush Victorian couches, when I was approached by a doting older couple, who struck a conversation with me and even took me through the house, pointing out to me some of the highlights of the decor. At some point in the dream I began to realize that this house seemed to belong to this older couple, and that it possibly was not at all one of those estates that are open to the public. When I asked them they agreed, that, yes, this was their house. I asked why they had not escorted me out or even asked me why I had just come into their home uninvited and began looking around. They just smiled and said that it looked like I had been driving awhile and could use a little respite from my journeys. I was completely embarrassed that I had just barged into a private home and quickly began to leave, but the couple was so entertaining and friendly, and made sure I knew my way back home. I assured them that I did, and made my way out the door. I knew that I had my GPS on my phone and could easily find my way home, so it wasn't one of those dreams where I am in my car and lost with no idea where I am or how to get home, which I used to dream frequently years ago.

Upon awakening I contemplated what this dream could mean. In the past when I have dreamt of  being in my car and wandering aimlessly, I am lost and am usually quite beside myself with grief trying to find my way, but in this dream I was perfectly content and calm, with no thought of anxiety or panic. I thought that possibly the older couple could be Angels, who intersected my journeys through this life with a little piece of heaven and friendly conversation, just to let me know that while I journey through life, there will be places of rest and comfort that will be offered to me where I can recharge, before embarking on my path home. This could also be one of those astro traveling dreams, where my soul actually traveled to a physical place and visited an actual couple, either living or dead, and engaged in conversation with them. At this point my Angels have not revealed to me who they were or why I had the dream.

Sometimes when we are traveling through life it is nice to just be able to stop and rest, get recharged, and be sent on our way. Our dreams are one way the Angels choose to accomplish this task. Thanks, Angels, or whoever you were, for your hospitality and pleasant conversation. Maybe we will see each other again.