Friday, May 28, 2010

Early Morning Journey

A few days ago I was doing a soul retrieval for a man whose missing soul part was hiding under a chair at the age of four. I was trying to coax that part of his soul back and convince him to rejoin the rest of his soul who was missing him, now an adult. I was having trouble convincing this four year old soul part to come out from under the chair when an unusual thing happened. Another part of another person’s soul that I had journeyed for showed up. This second person did not know of my journey for him in the natural realm. He had been missing and his parents had asked for assistance in finding him. In the spiritual realm I had connected with his soul and communicated with him. But in the conscious world I still did not know if he was alive or not. When his soul showed up in another person’s soul retrieval, I was startled! I said to him, “what are you doing here?” to which he replied, ” I know who you are and what you are doing. I can help.” He then proceeded to coax the young soul out with candy, which brought the child soul out from under the chair immediately.

Upon telling my contact later about the incident, I learned that the young man was not dead, but had chosen to become inaccessable. That part of his soul that helped me may have been a missing part of his soul. I was asked if I could retreive his missing soul part without the permission of the young man himself, who was not communicating with his family. My immediate answer was, “I don’t know.” I could probably contact his soul and send him love and light, but other than that I think I need his permission.

So I did a journey for the young man early in the morning while his consciousness was probably still asleep. I travelled to his room where he slept and I saw his soul rise up out of his body. I asked that part of his soul if he would like to do a journey to find missing parts of himself. At first he was reluctant but then he agreed. I had my power animal with me which this time appeared as a black panther. His spirit animals also appeared, in the form of many household cats. At first we found ourselves at the beach. There was a bridge and part of his soul was sitting under the bridge. I introduced the two parts of this young man’s soul and asked if they would like to be reunited. We spent some time there, because the young man seemed to be afraid. Evidently he had possibly made some bad choices, and seemed to be hiding out here. I called upon the Angels and Beings of Light to surround us with their presence and imagined Love and Light all around. There were many forms of light, I assumed they were parts of his soul, and they entered into him in a line one right after the other. Then we traveled to when he was very young and we found ourselves surrounded by beings of Light. There was always love there and he remembered. Somehow the Love had gotten separated from him but when he remembered he said, Yes but it is too hard. I am tired of running and being afraid. I do not know any way out.

I took his soul with me on a journey into a story in the Old Testament of a city surrounded by enemies. The people inside the city were starving because the enemy had cut off all entrances into the city. The prophet had just gotten up and spoken and promised that this time tomorrow there would be food and provisions and the enemy would be gone. The king had reprimanded the prophet. But the people rejoiced. They had taken up singing and dancing all throughout the city. We joined the procession of dancers and singers and danced around the city walls. Then nightime came and there was a great noise. At dawn the beggars sitting outside the city walls had decided to take their chances and go into the enemy camp to try to beg for food. At their arrival they realized that there was no enemy. They had gotten up and fled in the middle of the night, leaving all their provisions, their weapons, and even the tents they slept in! There was great joy as the people in the city ran into the camp and found food enough for all as well as any kind of provisions they needed. There were even jewels and treasures from the enemies previous exploits. All the people danced and sang and rejoiced! This journey let this young man know that they key to miracles was not in hiding in fear but in trust and faith and the raising up of the vibration of hope and joy. The singing and dancing the day before had caused the fear of the people to subside so that the salvation of their city could be orchestrated by the Higher Realms.

After this I was able to take the young man back to his bed and rejoin his soul with his body. I may never know what becomes of this man. I may never meet him or hear anything about his outcome. But I know we journeyed together this morning and the rest is up to him.

Monday, May 24, 2010


Yesterday I was on the elliptical machine and listening to my music and the song "Blue" came on. I remember it from several years ago and always loved this song. It talks about a man who lives in a blue house and drives a blue car and his grass is blue and his wife and kids are blue. All he sees is blue. The gist of the song is that the man's thinking was blue so it affected everything he saw and experienced.

How true this is! How we are brought up and the beliefs we grow up with and are taught as children have a great affect on how we view the world. How many times do we choose to view things with only one perspective?

What if there were only blue crayons in the crayon box? What if there were only apples and no oranges and no pineapples?

I think sometimes we get a case of the "supposed to's" Life is supposed to be this way and there are no other options. Many times we think that our lives are supposed to turn out one way or another and when it turns out that something happens that upsets our view of how our lives should turn out, a part of our soul flees to the spirit world to sulk. Or perhaps a portion of our spirit stays with a person who left us or stayed in a house that we loved but for some reason had to move from. Maybe there was some sort of accident that left us or a loved one injured. Have you ever felt like some event happened and after that, you just weren't yourself anymore? Your world was blue and all of a sudden the Universe threw in a pink or a yellow and you didn't know how to cope?

All of us can think of events that completely changed our view of the world and how it worked. The key when something like this happens is to completely be present in the event and grieve it and then move on. Do not let part of your soul stay in that place. And what do you do if you just can't get past it? You have to be willing to move on. You have to be willing to accept that your life did not end after that event. You have to welcome the part of yourself back that you lost. You have to convince that part of yourself that it is safe to come back. You have to love yourself and the part of yourself that you lost.

The world is not just blue. It is full of pinks and purples and yellows and greens. We may like blue best but to experience life to the fullest we have to be willing to experience the greens and the yellows as well as the blues. We have to learn to think outside the box that we ourselves built. And we have to be willing to accept the fact that people around us may not see any blue at all. Maybe they only see in yellow and their whole world is yellow. It's okay. One day the blue will show up and life will change for them forever.

So don't be surprised if one day you wake up in your blue world and suddenly see pink. I told you it was coming.

Sunday, May 23, 2010

The Sixth Sense

Years ago there was a movie called the Sixth Sense that became wildly popular. In the movie a psychologist was counseling a child who had the ability to see dead people. In the end it was revealed that the psychologist was himself dead and didn’t know it. It is said that often spirits that are wandering around on the earth have no idea that they are dead. This, however, is not the subject I want to undertake at this time.

I remember at the time of this movie I was often getting messages from watching movies. I was quite an annoyance to my daughter, who, upon taking her to see some movie, I would constantly interrupt the watching of the movie to give her my spiritual interpretation of the meaning of this movie or that. She would often lament to me… Stop it mom.. I just want to watch the movie!!

I remember the message the Angels had for me when watching the Sixth Sense. It had nothing to do with dead people or people who thought they were alive but were really dead ( oh, where I could go with that one! The whole world is full of people walking around who don’t realize that they are dead inside!!) No that wasn’t my message. The message I received was near the end of the movie when the psychologist finally realizes that he was dead. The child in the story told him that he could communicate with his wife by talking to her while she was sleeping. He could tell her goodbye so that she could go on with her life! When that part of the movie came, which by the way was a minor scene, and when I remind people of that scene, they usually don’t even remember it, but when that scene came, it was like lightning flashed across the sky and I realized the power of that statement. I knew instantly that I could communicate with people souls while they were asleep. In particular I could say things to people that I had been unable to say in their presence.

This has been a valuable tool for me over the years. I have been able to communicate with people that I have been unable to communicate with face to face, for various reasons. I always try to communicate love, because usually when there is a lapse in a relationship or when there are issues that cannot be talked about face to face, it is a lack of love in one way or another. However, in some instances it has been to break off soul ties that have kept one or both of us in bondage. I have found in my own life that I have the tendency to attract souls that are emotionally needy, and I can actually feel their souls feeding on me and draining my energy, and at times it is necessary to tell those souls to back off. This is also an act of love, since it is never healthy for one soul to feed off of another. On the other hand, I have also been the needy soul at one time or another, and I have had to deal with those relationships also while the other person slept, apologizing for my neediness and breaking off any emotional ties so that both of us could heal and move on with our lives.

I do want to communicate that it is never a good idea to try to control or manipulate a person’s soul or their will by communicating with them while they are sleeping. This will only backfire. One of the cardinal rules of the Universe is that we can never manipulate the will of another person. This is always forbidden. We can send a person love and light and ask our Source to administer that love in a way that is most beneficial for that person and according to the will and plan of that person for his own life, but we can never decide what is best for another person. If you try to communicate with another person while they are sleeping and it is something not in their best interests, then look out. The Universe will see that your will is manipulated in the same degree you attempted to manipulate someone else. Always have that person’s best interests at heart when communicating with them.

I have never heard or read of anyone else ever trying this method of communication. I am sure the Angels revealed it to me because I was ready for it. I have even used it when I have an appointment of one kind or another to communicate to the person I would be seeing exactly what I would like to see happen or what my expectations are of the meeting or appointment. It is always in the best interests of both parties to be in sync before any type of meeting. It saves valuable time for both concerned. At times after communicating with a person before an appointment, I will get a call cancelling said appointment. I always know it is Spirit telling me that this meeting was not going to be beneficial.

There are always messages out there for us and the Angels are always finding new ways of expressing them to us. We just have to be open to their whispers.

Saturday, May 22, 2010

Missing Parts

It seems that lately Spirit has had me focusing on nonphysical journeys to recover lost parts of people's souls that seem to have separated from the person's body and retreated to a place in the spirit world. As I mentioned previously, usually this is due to trauma, usually in this life but sometimes there are parts of souls that have been missing since a previous life, or before a person is born while they are in the womb.

I am noticing at the present time that sometimes the part of the person's soul that has separated is the direct opposite of the main personality traits of the person standing in front of me. In other words, using myself for an example, I have noticed that the part of me that I found to be missing was the playful, fun side, in direct opposition to the hard working responsible person I wake up with every morning. Sometimes Spirit will overcompensate for the missing part, surrounding a person whose playful side is missing with people who are over- related to their playful side and under- related to their responsible side. This is not always easy for a hard working, responsible person to take, especially if they are missing that part of themselves who likes to play.

When my husband and I first moved into the house where we now lived, I immediately noticed upon meeting all my neighbors that they are were very in tune with their Christian side. Having disowned this part of myself, the Universe had compensated by surrounding me with them. Now I would like to qualify this statement with the fact that they are all wonderful people and treated us royally. But I could only see their cars pulling out of their driveways on Sunday morning to go to church and I was sure that they all thought that we were heathens, especially given the fact that I placed a large Buddha out in the back yard by my newly built pond. I have been forced to confront that part of myself that had retreated when I separated myself from mainstream Christianity and welcome that part of me back, integrating that side of myself with my present set of beliefs in order to be whole.

How do we know what parts of us need to be recovered? I never try to figure it out myself. My Guides always reveal to me which parts are ready to be recovered. Sometimes a person may know themselves and tell me what they are looking to accomplish in a session. I have mentioned before that I often can go into nonphysical reality during exercise. This is mostly for myself or a relative. Usually if I am doing a recovery for another person they have to be there with me. I have various ways of going into that place of discovery in the other realm. The Guides always reveal to me what needs to be revealed and no more.

We can all do inner inventory to see if there are parts of our souls that need to be recovered. If we are out of balance in any area of our lives or if we notice in others that we seem to attract a certain quality in our relationships that we don't like, then that is a good sign that there is a part of ourselves we have disowned. That hardworking side of me I mentioned before has been somewhat unbalanced and I am looking to find that spontaneous, adventurous side that I am not sure I have known in this life.

The good news is that we are all works in progress. We don't arrive at enlightenment. Each step forward is a reason to celebrate!

Welcome back to all the parts of myself I am recovering. Thanks for coming out of hiding.

Monday, May 17, 2010

Birthing New Things

I am learning that the process to giving birth to new parts of ourselves or new things in our lives is somewhat like giving birth in the natural to a newborn baby. I believe that we can learn lessons from all of the wonders of the natural world, and this is no exception. I was given this analogy yesterday as I was driving home from a hiking trip with my daughter and grandson. They live about two hours from me so I had lots of quiet time on the trip down and back to contemplate life and connect with Spirit and ask if They had anything to relate to me.

I like to listen to electronica music. I have been told by my Guides and Angels that this is because it most closely resembles the music that I am used to hearing in between lives in the particular part of the Universe where I am from. It is a lower version of the music of that realm, but it is the one that most closely resembles it. I don't try to filter the messages, I am just relaying what they told me. Anyway, I was driving home yesterday and listening to my electronica music on my satellite radio,and I could almost feel a chant coming up from inside of me. The words were unrecognizable to my English speaking brain, but I thought, oh well, I am by myself other than the other drivers on the road, I am just going to let it flow.
I felt myself chanting to the beat of the music, and I was asking Spirit, what is this? I heard the reply from Spirit that I was giving birth in the Spirit to what was about to occur in the physical realm. All that happens in the physical realm happens in the Spirit realm first.

I asked Spirit to explain. My Guides told me that when a woman first finds out she is pregnant, she doesn't expect the birth to happen overnight. Many times when we are implanted with a desire in our lives, we think that we can bring it to pass in very little incubation time. But a pregnant woman knows that there is a particular time frame involved in the birth of a baby. Even when she is obviously with child and it is only, say seven months into the pregnancy, she doesn't wonder why she hasn't given birth yet. She doesn't give up and say, oh, well, maybe I wasn't really pregnant, maybe I wasn't meant to have a baby after all. She knows she will give birth when the time is right. She buys furniture and clothes for the baby. She prepares a room or at least a part of a room for the baby. She decides on a name.

In the same way, when you or I have desires and dreams, we have to let the incubation period run its course. We can't decide that maybe it is not meant to be, or maybe I made a mistake, maybe God or Source changed His mind, maybe I am not ready. It is up to me to decide if indeed I want to birth this new thing, and think about it, and prepare for it until I can feel like it is already here.

Whether it is a new job, or a new relationship, or a new home, or a change in direction, realize that this new thing is like an embryo inside the womb of your spirit. You have to nurture it, prepare for it, love it before it even happens. You have to know it is going to happen when it is the right time and no sooner. Get the room ready.

What about the chanting thing? What does that have to do with birthing a baby? I think it may be that I was preparing myself for a new realm of journeying in the nonphysical realm. I was birthing that new part of myself. Maybe I was hearing the language of the Angels, unfiltered into English and I was just repeating what I was hearing. Maybe the Angels or Beings of Light are preparing me to hear more accurately.

Whatever it is that you want to birth, or change in your life, see yourself doing it. See yourself working that new job, or enjoying that new relationship, or living in that new home. Remember that every thought is a prayer to the Unseen realms. What are you thinking about? That is what you are praying for. That is what you are birthing into your life. Choose those thoughts wisely.

Non Physical Journeys

Lately I have had the opportunities to make some trips into nonphysical reality. I learned this technique from a book by Sandra Ingerman and it seems I am pretty good at it. I am sure that I have done these trips into nonphysical reality in previous lives because Sandra suggests going to classes to get real hands on training, but when my attempts at gaining access to these classes seemed blocked, I took it as a message that this was not the path for me at this time. I have written in previous blogs about some of these trips I have taken and some of the information I have gained, but I wanted to kind of describe the process a little.

Usually for traditional shamanic journeys, there is a drummer or some drumming music on a cd. This is supposed to put your brain in a certain wavelength to be open to these non physical journeys. As described in the book, usually a person will lie down and listen to the beat of the drum, and complete darkness is recommended in the book. However, when I tried this method, I tended to fall asleep, so my inclination is to think that this is not the best method for me. I have described in previous blogs how I seem to be most open to non physical journeys while exercising, either running outside or on the elliptical machine. I can go into nonphysical reality easily while running outside with no music, but on the elliptical I usually like music with a fast beat and little or no meaningful words. Some music distracts me, but sometimes words will come through the songs as a message. If the words seem to stand out to me or feel like someone is saying them directly to me, then I know it is spirit using the words in the music to communicate with me.

I started out doing journeys for myself or my immediate family. I once did a journey for my grandson who was afraid of the water. His mother, being part fish, did not feel this was acceptable behavior for someone who was going to be exposed to water on a regular basis just by being her son. I was able to do the journey without him being present with me, and, being only four in his physical age, this was probably a good idea. I asked my Guides who appear to me in animal form to accompany me and I went on a journey into the nonphysical realm in search for the part of his soul that is connected to water. This part of his soul was easily retrieved and the next day my daughter took him to the river where they regularly swim and he jumped right in.

Recently my daughter was having some other issues with him and asked me to do another journey. My grandson is a very old soul even though in his body he is only four. This time when I journeyed I accessed that part of his soul that is wise and evolved and in previous lives was a healer. I reminded him that his hands contain healing energy and that he should only touch others with hands of love (he was having some aggression issues.) I kept hearing in the journey that he needed to be told, Remember who you are!! The next day I saw him and asked him if he remembered the journey. (he was not there. He lives two hours from me and I did the journey while he was asleep so I could access his soul which is more in charge when his personality is asleep.) He said he did remember the journey and I told him once again to remember who he was. I also told my daughter to say this to him as well whenever she had issues with him and to remind him that she would always be there and would never leave.

Recently I was at a social event with a friend who I have done journeys for and she introduced me as her shaman. This was very flattering to me but I am not sure I have earned the title. She has assured me that the journeys were very powerful to her and I am sure she would not have introduced me that way if she didn’t think it was true. I am looking forward for the opportunity to be used by Spirit in this way.

Tuesday, May 11, 2010


I've been paying attention lately to mirrors. It seems that there is a message there for me. When I open a book to read, I will often not start from the beginning, but open up to a page randomly and read what is there. Lately when I open a book, the work mirrors will pop out at me. More than once. Mirrors represent a reflection of ourselves. How do I see myself? Do I look into a mirror and see all the flaws or do I see a reflection of the Divine?

It is said that our outer life is a reflection of our inner life. If we are living a life of quiet desperation, could it be that there are issues inside that are needing some attention? If our outer lives are filled with chaos and confusion, could there be some inner work necessary?

Recently I was doing a meditation and one of the parts of this meditation was that we were to accept ourselves. Accept the things we like about ourselves, and then accept the things we don't like. If it is true that what we focus on grows, could it be that until we accept and love those things we don't like, but focus on trying to change them, that we will continue to do battle with those parts of ourselves? What do you see when you look into a mirror? Are you happy with what you see? If not, why not try loving and accepting those parts of yourself you are not happy with? Accept those areas of your life that you maybe try to keep hidden, from yourself or others, and then just let them go.

While I was doing this meditation of accepting myself, I could see myself walk into the room and sit down on the bed next to me. I welcomed this part of myself and invited her to stay. I could feel her enter back into my body. It was a mirror of the person I am now. She didn't look any different, she wasn't a me from my past. Evidently there was a part of me that had separated and needed to be welcomed back home. I have learned that there are fragments of our souls that sometimes separate from us and wander off, usually during periods of trauma, but not always. I have a part of my soul that has told me that she sometimes wanders off because she is bored. It is important to get those fragments back, so that we can be whole. I have learned how to journey into the realm of the non physical and retrieve those parts of souls that are missing.

The next time you look into a mirror, I invite you to accept yourself. Remember that everything that is happening in your life on the outside is a reflection of what is going on inside. Ask yourself what lessons you need to learn at this time so that you can move on to the next level. Remember to love all those parts of yourself so that you can be whole.

Thursday, May 6, 2010

Birds and Squirrels

The other day I was sitting at a traffic light waiting for the light to turn and I was just sitting observing life. I happened to notice a young man walking across the street while the light was in his favor. There would have been nothing unusual about this except for that I happened to notice at the same time that a bird had been sitting or hopping around in the grass just doing what birds do, looking for worms or whatever. At the very moment the young man crossed the street the bird took flight and flew directly behind the young man, completely out of his view. He obviously did not notice the bird or think anything unusual was happening. When he got across the street the bird flew up high and sat on a wire. I really don't know why I happened to notice this incident except for the fact that I immediately got the message that this particular bird was actually this young man's spirit guide who had shapeshifted into a common blackbird. My Guide assured me that our Spirit Guides often take the form of common birds and animals who happen across our paths.

After I received this information from my Guide I began to think back and I seem to remember that a couple of years ago I had a frog who sat around my pond. Unlike normal frogs, he never jumped in when I approached. He allowed me to come within a couple of inches from him and even allowed me to take photos. Now that I think back, he may have been one of my Guides or Guardian Angels. I am sure he was somewhat of an enchanted frog, whoever he was.

At another time, my husband took notice of a squirrel who we eventually named Molly. She was not like other squirrels. She came down close to us and eventually ate peanuts out of our hands. She became so tame that she liked to sit on our laps and eat peanuts. Who knows. Maybe she was also an enchanted squirrel. After some time she eventually stopped coming around. It is comforting to think that maybe she was one of our Guides who was taking form and interacting with us, occasionally even kissing us( my husband taught her to take peanuts out of our mouths.)

There are so many incidents we all can think of that involve animals interacting with us. Who knows. Some of our interesting experiences could be interactions with our Guides or Angels. Ever since this revelation from my Guide, I have paid more attention to the birds and animals with which I come into contact. I am not saying that every bird is a Guide, but who knows which ones are. I am sure we are all closely connected. Sometimes I can feel the trees in my backyard have wisdom to share with me. I like to sit at the base of the trees with my back up against them and listen to see what they might have to say to me. I often feel the crows calling out to me when I am running. I know when they are around that a message will soon follow.

As we travel through life, we must know we are not alone. We are all interconnected. Our Guides and Angels can connect with us without us even realizing they are around. It is fun to imagine where they might be.

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

the Red Shoes

The other day I was out shopping with my daughter. I really was just passing time with her, as I didn't really need anything. While perusing the mall, I came upon the most beautiful red high heel shoes on the clearance rack. Now, clearance rack or not, I had absolutely no need for a pair of red high heeled shoes. But, being the lover of pretty shoes that I am, I just had to try them on. OH they felt so good. They were not excruciatingly painful like most high heeled shoes and they looked so good!

Oh but I don't need any red high heeled shoes, I said. Where would I ever wear them? The first thought that came to mind was that I would wear them to my first book signing. Yes, book signing. I have recently decided that I would start to work on a book including some of my blogs and maybe some new stuff too, so that people who read my blog would have a reason to buy the book.

Why am I telling you what shoes I am going to wear to my book signing before I have a book, before I have anyone interested in publishing the book, or any readers interested in buying the book? Because that is how it works! I want everyone to know that before your dreams become reality, you have to believe in them yourself. You have to see yourself as a finished product, book in hand, or whatever you have decided your dream is. I have visualized my book on an end rack at Target. I have seen myself signing books. I have seen what the cover looks like and smelled the fragrance of the paper it is printed on. And now I have bought the shoes I am going to wear at my first book signing. It might not be tomorrow. But it may as well have been yesterday, because it has already happened in my dreams. And I have the shoes to prove it.

A Radio Frequency?

I've noticed, especially since I started blogging, that sometimes my channel is clear and I can just focus in and immediately start receiving messages, and sometimes I hear nothing. Absolutely nothing. Sometimes I hear messages, but when I start writing them down the message doesn't flow. I know when this happens that it is not time for this message to be heard (or read). I still have messages I am waiting for it to be time to write them down.

Recently I was asking my Guides why this was the case. Why do I sometimes hear so clearly and sometimes I hear nothing? This is the answer I received. I thought it might be helpful to others because I am sure that others hear messages from their Guides as well, and maybe others might want to.

Hearing messages from the Non Physical realms is like tuning into a radio frequency. You have to tune your inner signal to receive the signal from the other side, and you have to tune into the frequency from which the Other Side is transmitting. The best way to do this is through meditation. How a person meditates varies from individual to individual. I mentioned before that I was hearing messages long before I ever learned how to meditate, when I was practicing Christianity, but I had my own form of meditation, I just probably called it something else. The best way I can explain it is to say that each of us has our own frequency, and we must be familiar with our own frequency in order to be able to fine tune it so that we can tune into the Other Side. The Angels and Guides also vibrate at their own frequency, and the way to hear their messages is to tune into the frequency from which they are broadcasting.

Just like a radio has a multitude of stations from which we can choose, so it is with spirit. There are a multitude of vibrations out there, and the higher we can tune our own personal signals, the higher the messages we will receive. Believe it or not, there are stations out there broadcasting messages that are not in our best interests. If our vibrations are not finely tuned, we may mistakenly tune into a station that may lead us astray. It is very important to focus on love and light and ask for the highest possible guidance available to us. It is also important to make sure that our own personal vibrations are not being compromised by the lower energies of hatred, anger, unforgiveness, revenge, or bitterness. It is almost impossible to get messages of love and light if our own personal vibrations are full of these lower emotions. Before attempting to contact the higher realms, make sure you do an inner inventory to rid yourself of any lower emotions that may hinder the broadcast.

The last thing my Guides told me was to make sure I always come into their presence with respect. When they are assisting me in my life, it is always because I have requested their assistance. They never come in to save the day if I don't ask for Their help. They would appreciate the same consideration. No, we are not going to come in and save the day for our Guides and Angels, but we must respect their territory. Don't demand certain outcomes or break the Universal rules. One of the biggest Universal rules is that we can never manipulate the will of another human being. So don't bother asking for things that contradict what someone else may want in their life. We can always ask for the best possible outcome for everyone concerned, but we can't say what that outcome is. We must respect the rules, respect each other, respect the earth we live on and the other inhabitants of the earth as well, whether human, animal, or mineral.

Just like a radio signal, communication with the Other Realms is always available, just like a radio signal is always broadcasting. Sometimes there is interference, sometimes the signal is too far away, sometimes the transmitter is weak.Sometimes our emotions, our health, our lives get in the way of our ability to pick up the signal. Sometimes we might not like what we are hearing. We might want to change the channel.

There are many reasons why messages come through loud and clear at times and then other times there is silence. It is important during those silent times to maintain the practice of going within. In time the transmission will clear up. It may be necessary to "tweak" the dial a little. But the Angels and Guides are always there.

Thanks to all the Angels and Guides for their continued support. Thanks to listening to my questions and responding.