Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Angel Names

I find it fascinating when reading material about Angels all the exotic names attributed to the Angels. When I am communicating with my Guides and Angels I never have been able to get names like other people seem to get. A lot of times what I see is just forms of light, not bodies with wings, not male or female. Sometimes They will take form, but They always tell me that they can take any form they want to, and usually they just take a form that I will be comfortable with, or one that I will relate to. When I communicate with Jesus He usually looks like what I am used to seeing, but sometimes He appears to me in jeans and a leather jacket riding a motorcycle. I remember I once asked the Ganesha ( a Hindu God with whom I have developed a relationship) if He really had the head of an elephant and all those arms. He just laughed and told me He appeared that way so that I would recognize Him. I think that is what names do. They help us recognize Deities. In truth all is one. I am one with the Dieties and they are one with me. They say when one reaches enlightenment is when one recognizes that there is no separation, that we are all one. Most of us still believe that we are separate. When we recognize that the feeling of being separate is just an illusion, then we will have obtained enlightenment. In the meantime, I find that I can imagine myself as being one with the blade of grass and one with the squirrels and the fish, and even one with the Angels, but somehow it seems blasphemous to think of myself as one with God. But we are.

But I digress. When I communicate with my guides, They tell me that they have no names. They are just beings of love and light. And that is okay with me, most of the time. I just say out loud, would the beings of love and light please join me as I find lost soul parts or ask for messages for those who come to me. Usually I can feel their presence and know which ones have joined me just by the feeling. It seems They all have a particular frequency.

Recently I had a client who came to me wanting to connect with an Archangel. She wanted to know who her Archangel was and what was his name. The first message I got was.. how many more helpers do you want? The room was already full of her helpers. They told me that a lot of times our egos want to be able to say that we are connected with Archangel Michael or Gabriel or so forth. Sometimes the help that we get just tells us that they are Archangel Michael or Gabriel or whoever just so that we will listen. How many people are going to listen to an Angel named Joe? So we decided that we would call her Angel Joe. That does not make him less of an Angel. That just honors his request that we not get satisfaction out of having our personal Angel be a famous Angel. There are multitudes of Angelic help out there. Why limit ourselves to the famous five or six that we know of?

So a couple of days ago I was at a gathering. As soon as we began our meditation to start the meeting, I noticed that I had a different Angel standing behind me that I had never seen before. She was dressed all in purple and had long flowing white hair but even the tips of her hair was purple. She had no wings that I could see and I wasn't really even sure she was an Angel, but I knew she was a Divine Presence. She stayed with me the entire day and I could feel her power surge through me as we came to the part of the gathering where we flowed healing energy to another person at the gathering. It felt good feeling her healing energy come through my hands into the next person. But she never gave me a name. After telling a friend we decided she would like to be called Amelia.

So I guess what I wanted to say is that we have all kinds of help. Why limit ourselves to the ones we are familiar with? As long as we feel safe and good in Their presence, then they mean us no harm. What if we all just called upon the spirit of  Love? That covers it all.I am sure if we call Jesus by a different name, He is still Jesus. And I don't think He would mind. He may even prefer it. There is a particular feeling that we get when we call upon Jesus. There are all of our preconceived ideas of who He is and what He is about. And it is the same for the Angels or any other Dieties with whom we are familiar. Let us all walk in love and do our best to do good to others and we are doing the work of the Angels. And whether we call them Joe or Michael or Love it is all the same. And that is the message for today.

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