Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Divine Interuptions.....

As anyone who follows my blogs knows about me, I have requested of the Higher Realms to be of assistance to anyone who needs it, as directed by my Angels and Guides. The other night I had a dream. I dreamed I was in a room and was giving out healing energy to a woman who I did not know, either in the dream or in real life. I was in the process of channeling healing energy to her when, suddenly, she and I were shifted into a different scenario. We were standing on the sidewalk of a busy road and were witness to a major car accident involving a large truck, who had smashed into several cars and then capsized. In my mind in the dream I was annoyed at the interruption. We were watching the scene from the sidelines and were in no danger, but the scene was very vivid and there were many cars involved in the accident.

Upon awakening from this very vivid dream, I immediately began to ponder its meaning. Cars usually represent our paths in life. Obviously the dream was not talking about my path, because in the dream I was an observer. I was actually focused on sending the woman in my dream healing energy, despite the interruption.

When I think of interruptions, I immediately think of my dad. He has this favorite sermon that he likes to repeat about how God sends us "Divine" interruptions, that we may find annoying sometimes but may be a matter of life and death to those who are doing the interrupting. This seems significant in the case of this dream.

That morning, while getting ready for work, there was on the news a story about a large truck that had hit a small car and actually dragged it for a mile before stopping. The woman was apparently unharmed. I mentioned to my husband that I had had a similar dream the night before.

Later, upon reflection and asking my Angels if they had any input into my dream and its meaning, this is the answer I received. "You were put here to be a beacon of light in a world of car crashes. You are a buffering agent so that the events you were sent to observe are not as devastating as they possibly could be. You are to hold a higher vibration of light so that the local area that you inhabit is able to raise its vibration to match yours. You are not alone. There are others also whose job it is to hold a vibration of light and love in world and local events so that the possible devastation does not occur. Yes, you attended the event of the car crash before it happened and held a vibration of light to the event to lesson its effects."

I was also told later that the woman in my dream was the soul of the woman in the car crash I witnessed on TV and that her soul had come to me in advance asking for intervention. Just by requesting of the Higher Realms to be of assistance, I had been summoned to hold a vibration of light so that the event would be less traumatic than it possibly could have been. Why was I not able to stop the event from happening all together? Who knows. I have not been given all the answers. My job is to hold the vibration of light and it is the job of the Higher Realms to do the rest.

Saturday, March 27, 2010

Inspiration or Imagination?

After my last two blogs about my two encounters with Ascended Masters I started contemplating how to tell the difference between a real encounter and something I have just imagined in my head. I guess when I wrote about the encounter I thought to myself that some people reading my blogs might find it a little unbelievable that I could have such an encounter while outside running or even that such an encounter could occur at all. That caused some doubt to arise within me and make me wonder myself how such a thing could occur or whether I was just off in my imagination while running.

A thing occurs within me when such an encounter occurs. It is not something I can just make up in my head because the energy within me changes. My heartbeat changes, my breathing changes, and if I try to duplicate it later, nothing happens. I know that my heart rate and my breathing would change anyway during the process of running, but it is a different change. It is not one I can just conjure up at will. Just to be sure, later I attempted to recreate the experience and nothing occurred. I asked the prophet Daniel to make Himself known to me to help me with some dreams I had been having, and still, two days later, nothing. The dreams keep coming, however, and when He does show up I am going to have some major questions for Him.

In the meantime, I will keep writing it down when I get an inspiration, and if the reader feels it has value for them, then that is good. Maybe the message was intended for them. If not, then that is okay too. I have a feeling that the Higher Powers have messages for us and They are just looking for voices willing to speak those messages out. I have to have faith that the messages I get were given to me for a reason.

The biggest thing to remember is that I don't just think this stuff up myself. I couldn't possibly have enough knowledge or wisdom to give anyone advise or messages from my own mind or from anything I would have on my own. The messages or insight I receive comes from the Unseen Realms that exist both within us and around us. I always ask to receive guidance from the Highest Source available to me so that I am not receiving messages from entities that may not have any more enlightenment than I do. I ask to be a pipeline, a conduit of information, healing, love and light from the Higher Realms.

So this request is from me to the Angels, Ascended Masters, and Higher Beings of Love and Light: I am available to you to bring your messages of love, light, healings,and inspirations to anyone in need of your energies. I will say what You need me to say and I will not doubt the Source. I know that Your Messages will always be filled with Love and Enlightenment, so I need not worry that I am hearing incorrectly. So be it.

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

The Masters, Part Two

In my blog this morning I wrote about a visit into nonphysical reality during my run. I would like to add a few tidbits of the conversation that I did not mention in the previous blog.

I had mentioned this was my second visit with the Ascended Masters. As today has progressed I have tried to remember the particulars of the first visit. I remember the Ascended Masters telling me that each of Them carried a particular vibration unique to each of Them, although in reality, all is one. It is similar to different notes in a chord of music. They each had particular gifts to give mankind and each vibrated at a different energy level. Jesus' vibration has to do with love and forgiveness, the Buddha's vibration was one of joy and inner peace, and the Ganesha had to do with manifestation and the removal of obstacles. At this point I am not sure if there were five figures in my first visit, I can only remember these three. I do remember asking the Ganesha if He really did have the head of an elephant and all those arms!! He laughed at me and said that He had appeared that way so that I would recognize Him. Jesus didn't necessarily have long hair and a beard either, or wear the same robe and sandals that I always saw Him in. The important thing for me to remember was how I felt when They were around. They have a particular vibration when They are around and if I closed my eyes and felt Their vibration, then I would recognize Their presence even if they did not appear to me the same way physically each time.

In the second visit I knew that there were five Masters, but I was not sure who the other two were. I could feel the presence of five, but two of them were not made clear to me who they were. So when They knew my question, Jesus said to me, who would you like Them to be? Can you think of any Masters whose vibrations you would like to receive assistance from? Immediately I thought of two Old Testament figures, whose gifts I'd admired. The first one was Daniel, an Old Testament prophet who was skilled at interpreting dreams.Lately I have been called upon to help with the interpretation of dreams, and I could use some help. Yes, he was the one who got thrown in the Lion's Den and came out unharmed. The second was Elijah, a prophet who never died but ascended into heaven in a chariot. I have enjoyed a lot of Elijah's words, although some of them were tough. He was not all that well liked in his day, but he never shrunk back from saying what he felt needed to be said.

I perceived that my requests were granted, and that my immediate task at hand is to sense the distinguishing vibrations of these Masters, so that I sense Their presence when I am being used as a conduit of healing to others. Was I actually in the presence of these Masters? Who knows. Maybe I just have an active imagination. But if I can be a force of light and love and healing on this planet to one or to many, who cares?

The Ascended Masters

This morning I decided it was pleasant enough outside to take a run and out I went. As anyone who has read my blogs know, I often connect with the Higher Realms during my runs. After a few minutes a crow flew overhead which is a sign to me that there is a message. He landed on a roof nearby and called to me. I acknowledged him and said to him, "is there a message for me?" Crow said back to me, "it has been awhile since you took a journey with me. The Ascended Masters wish to speak to you." I imagined myself shapeshifting into the crow's body and flying with him past the clouds into the Higher Realms. I had met with the Ascended Masters before. I never wrote about it because after coming back, I had gone on with my day, forgetting to write down what they told me. Later I could not get the message to come back to me, so I knew I needed to write down what They had said to me before I forgot.

Just as the first time I had met with the Ascended Masters, there were five and they were sitting in a semicircle and I was seated in front of them. Jesus was on my right, the Buddha next to Him, then the Ganeshe, and then two more who I did not recognize. I thanked Them for inviting me to speak with them. They asked me if I had any questions or requests. I said that I was a little concerned about the paths that some of my loved ones were on and could they please send some extra Angels to hold them in the Light so they would make better choices. We talked a little about their paths and how although we cannot interfere with their choices, we can certainly hold them in the light so it is easier for them to make better decisions.

I mentioned to them that I was concerned at my frequent occurrences of being "scatterbrained". It seems I forget things a lot and many times have to go back to work because I have forgotten some keys in my pocket or have left a heater on or so on. They laughed and told me that the reason I was "scatterbrained" so to speak, was because I was a "walker between the worlds". I was not completely focused on this earth experience, so I frequently would forget mundane details. They told me that when I was in the church, I was labeled to be an "intercessor" which is one who stands before God on someone else's behalf. When I had left the "church", I had walked away from this, believing that one should not or could not interfere in another's life experience. I asked if I had been mistaken. They told me that just like in a court of law, some on the earth need some help. It was my job to stand in the gap for them and hold an energy of light so that they could make better choices and insights for themselves. In doing this I was not interfering with their free will, I was making it possible for them to make more evolved choices and grow in their spiritual walk more quickly. We all learn from each other, and by holding them in a higher frequency, they would be enabled to follow their path more easily.

Before coming back to physical reality, they sent me a frequency of their energy, and reminded me of the fortune cookie I had opened up the night before at the Chinese restaurant. I had not understood the value of the message until now. The fortune said "Imagination is better than knowledge." They told me that the knowledge I was always seeking was there, right in my imagination. If I wondered if my nonphysical experiences were just my imagination, just remember that I am a creator and my imagination is what creates within me the knowledge I seek.

Thanks to the Ascended Masters for Their input into my life and for the wisdom They impart to me. I hope to be able to put into words correctly the things They tell me.

Saturday, March 20, 2010

Spring is Here!

Today is the first day of spring, and also, it is the spring equinox, when there are exactly twelve hours of daylight and twelve hours of darkness. I was reading this morning that today is a good day to set intentions, and to connect with Spirit with some kind of ritual, getting in tune with the Higher Realms to come to an agreement on what new things lie in store for the next several months. March is a "3" month and it is also a "3" year and there are three "3" days in the month of March as well. Three is a manifesting number, but also a number of fun and Doreen Virtue in her Angel Numbers book says 333 is the number for connecting with the Ascended Masters. So I decided since the Higher Realms decided to orchestrate it for me to have this day off from work without me having to ask for it off, it must be a sign that today was a special day and I was going to spend some time communing with the Higher Realms. As I started to meditate, a song started flowing out from within the womb of my spirit. It had no recognizable words but, being alone, I sang it out. I then began to commune with Spirit and announce my intention and request that I be a conduit of healing to the world around me. A conduit is just a channel. The healing would not come from me, but rather flow through me from Source to whoever is in need of the healing energy. I want my channels to be open and flowing freely. I imagined the channels flowing clearly from the higher realms. At that very moment as I was communicating this request to the Higher Realms, all of the electronic equipment in the house started beeping, like would happen when the power flickers on and off. I did not see the lights flutter, but the phone beeped, the computer powered off, the printer started talking to me. I felt like it was a sign from the Higher Realms that They had heard my request and they were sending a power surge to jump start me into manifesting this request.

I feel like my body has been sending me the message through my cycle which has been out of whack this month that there is something within the womb of my spirit which is waiting to be birthed. Maybe this is a sign from the Universe that the time has come to begin to birth that which is in there waiting for the right timing to spring forth into manifestation. My last blog was about timing and I had decided to just lay back and wait for the flowers to come up and bloom on their own. I have stated that my intention is to be a conduit of healing, in whatever form the Universe would like to use me. That could be, like I have stated before, just loving everyone that comes across my path. That could be actually sending healing energy to others through different methods that I have been learning about. It could be bringing healing messages to others from the Angels. In raising the vibration of the planet one notch, we are bringing healing to the planet as a whole.

I now feel like the time for moving forward is now. The time for following our dreams and doing what makes our hearts soar is now. The buds have been waiting in the ground and now they are popping up. The old dead leaves have been cleared away. The sun is shining and the flowers inside of us are eager to bloom!!

Thursday, March 18, 2010

Timing and Daffodils

Having spent my day off this week working out in my yard, I wanted to write a little bit about timing. I very often get messages while outside in nature, usually when I am running but also working out in the yard I feel an affinity with the Mother Earth and the plants, flowers, trees, and the cycle of life and very often Mother Nature has words of wisdom lying deep within her soil and when I get close to the earth, digging or raking or planting flowers, I can hear her soft voice whisper messages to me, ever so softly.

This week I was so excited to be outside, rake in hand, getting rid of the old dead leaves and twigs which had outlived their usefulness and replacing them with fresh new mulch, carefully avoiding the tender shoots of the daffodils and tulips which were starting to pop their heads up but many were hiding under mountains of dead leaves, wet from days of rain and months of snow. I discovered that the rake was often too abrasive, that I could not avoid damaging the tender plants under the leaves unless I got down there and picked up the leaves with my bare hands, feeling around for the tender shoots under the leaves. Mother Earth seemed to whisper to me that many of us have new growth inside of us, just bursting with anticipation at the thought of blooming, but had to push through wet soil and dead leaves to find the fresh air and sun waiting for us through the darkness of the womb inside of us, not unlike the womb of Mother Earth, holding her plants until the perfect time, which only Divine Timing, warmth, sun, and rain would bring forth the perfect blooms at the perfect time. Mother Earth reminded me that each plant only blooms when its perfect time comes, not a minute sooner or later. You never find daffodils blooming in January or August. The Divine Stuff inside of each daffodil reminds each individual plant when it is time to start pushing up out of the soil.

We may in our anticipation want to see the flowers bloom before their time, but it would not benefit us or the daffodils. I thought about the many things I would like to see come to pass in my life and how I eagerly wait with anticipation, I visualize, I say affirmations, I meditate my intentions, and still I get up every morning and go to work and come home and I wonder, where have I made a difference today? Where have I made the world a better place, where have I sent light into the darkness, where have I brought healing to the sick or done something to make someone's life a little better? And I see no change.

So this evening I asked the Angels, what message do you have for me today? And They said to me, Do not try to force doors open that are closed. Look for the open door and walk through it. In other words, do not try to make your daffodils bloom.They will bloom on their own.(The Angels and Mother Earth seem to have the same message for me!) But who is to say what benefit I may bring to someone just by smiling at them at the Post Office and assisting them with their needs? Just by raising the mood of one customer I have assisted the earth in raising its vibration by one notch. This appears to be my open door for the moment. I am to bloom where I am planted. And I have apparently been planted at the Post Office. My Angels told me that I am a healer. But I just happen to work at the Post Office. I hesitate to call myself a healer. But anytime one of us assists another one of us in raising our vibration a notch then we all have the potential to be a healer. If I make you feel better about your contribution to the world, then I have healed a small place inside of you. And you can do the same for someone else. If, while I am working, I am meditating on peace, then I am raising the vibration of the planet one notch toward peace. We do not manifest peace by going to war, by complaining, arguing, or judging others. We manifest peace by being peace. Does that make me a healer? In a way, I guess. Not the kind of healer that I thought. But who's to say which is better? We cannot know what good we have done just by being the one who radiates peace or love or joy in our everyday workplace.

And so I am happy that it is spring. I am happy the air is warmer and the daffodils are getting ready to bloom ( I actually have one that has bloomed in the yard, the rest are getting close.). Does this mean that the dreams inside of me are getting ready to bloom as well? Maybe. In the meantime I will just do what I do. I will meditate on peace and love and I will send love into every package that is mailed at my counter. I will send thoughts of love and healing to every person I wait on at the counter at the Post Office, even the ones who are mean to me (not always easy... a person tends to attract the energy that is inside of them.. waiting on mean people tends to bring out the meanness in me... mmm I think that is a blog for another day...)And one day I will look at myself and say.... hmmm my daffodils are blooming!

Friday, March 12, 2010


The last few days I have been thinking about manifesting. What is it I want to manifest in my life and what are my next steps to doing so? Also what are the things that hinder me from manifesting what it is I desire in my life?

It is my belief that we are our own worst enemies. There is a constant voice inside that says that you can't do this or that for any number of reasons but the only real reason we don't accomplish in our lives the things we desire is because of that little voice inside of us telling us that we can't.

In writing down my list of things I would like to accomplish in my life, I realized when I wrote down my list of what I would like to do, then I wrote a list of what was keeping me from doing those things that the only thing keeping me from doing the things I want to do in my life was me. I am the creator of my life. I am the one who decides. If I truly believe that our thoughts create our reality, which I do, then the first step in creating the life I desire is to dig out those hidden thoughts that keep me from doing the things I want to do. Imagination is our biggest asset or our biggest enemy.

So the first step in manifesting the things I desire is to imagine that I am doing them. Imagine that there are no obstacles, no reasons why there should not be the reality I desire.

My biggest desire is to help people. Right now the biggest way I help people is wrapping up their packages and mailing them at the Post Office. I would like to help people with the bigger issues of their lives. I would like to help them hear from the Higher Realms if they can't hear for themselves and I would like to bring healing to those that are in need of healing and peace to those who are in need of peace. I am reminded of my days in the church and I used to say to myself all the time the verse that says... The Spirit of the Lord is upon me, and He has anointed me to preach the gospel to the poor, to heal the brokenhearted, to bring deliverance to those who are held captive,to set at liberty them that are bruised, to preach the acceptable year of the Lord.. and I know that in context this verse was speaking of Jesus but I think this could be speaking to all of us and our mission on this earth. We are all here for each other. We are here to bring joy to the brokenhearted, to bring life to those parts of us that are dead.

How do I plan on accomplishing this mission? Every day I am going to be kind. Every day I am going to send love and light to the people I come into contact with. I am going to speak love and light and Angel messages into people's lives who will allow me to and I am going to send healing energy to anyone who desires it. And I am going to imagine myself doing these things more and more until one day I will not feel that the only way I serve people is my helping them mail their packages.

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Spring is on its Way

As the weather starts to warm up and we see hints of spring, I am reminded of how our lives reflect the changes of the seasons. For several months now here in Virginia we have been hunkered down under several snow storms. We spent a great deal of our time shoveling snow and trying to get out and live our normal lives amidst the chill that made our bones ache and our perspiration from the exertion of shoveling snow freeze to our eyebrows. Finally! The past few days we have emerged from our coats and hats and actually have seen sunshine melting the last hints of snow still piled up in some parking lots around the area.

With the sun bidding me to come out today and spend some time in nature, I emerged with rake in hand and decided to tackle the piles of leaves that had been hunkered down under piles of snow until recently. Last fall I had done my share of leaf raking, however, three nests of bees in my yard had forced me to leave several areas of my yard untouched. After meditating and requesting of the bees that they let me clean up my yard, and also with the knowledge that the bees are probably still quietly resting under the ground, I began the task of freeing my yard from mountains of leaves. What did I discover but buds of daffodils under all those dead leaves!! Spring has indeed popped her head out of the ground and announced her arrival!

I am always the philosopher and often find messages from the my Higher Powers and Angels just jumping out into my awareness as I perform mundane tasks, so it was no surprise that as I filled up several bags with piles of dead leaves, I heard my Angels telling me to take notice and do some inventory in my life and see what old dead stuff needed to be eliminated from my life so that the new beginnings of spring could pop their heads out of the ground. The truth is that the new stuff is already there, under all that dead stuff. I just couldn't see it! The leaves that were green and vibrant just a few months ago now lies dead under my feet but it is my job to rake it up and eliminate it.

The seasons teach us that each season of our lives is a necessary part of our evolution, but our job is to not hold on too tightly to one season over another. If we hold on too tightly to the bright green leaves and flowers of summer, time will eventually cause the flowers to wilt and the leaves to turn brown and fall to the ground. Then it will be time to rake them up and hunker down for winter. In winter we go within and find our warmth from the inside. Many animals hibernate and the trees and some plants seem dead, but are just resting. We all need times of rest and rejuvenation. In spring, it is time to plant and enjoy the new buds of life springing forth. We enjoy the days getting longer and the sun seems to shine brighter. In the springtime of our lives we start planting and moving forward with the new beginnings of our lives.

The flowers that are now popping their heads out of the ground are ones that I had planted in months past and some even years past. It reminds me that the seeds I plant in my daily life, my thoughts, emotions, and attitudes will eventually spring up and make themselves known in the garden of my everyday life. What seeds have grown up that I need to pull up and replant something else and which ones am I looking forward to seeing bloom? It is still very early in the season and I am sure we will still have some cold days and nights and it will seem like winter has returned. But we have the promise of nature that the seasons will always be there and eventually the spring days will grow more frequent. I will look with anticipation to see what new little buds are popping out of the ground in my physical yard and also in the garden of my life.

Saturday, March 6, 2010

Dreams of Bees

In previous blogs back in the summer I had written about some experiences I had had with bees who had taken up residence at my home. In my yard last summer I had at least three separate nests of bees in different sections of my yard. At one point one of the nests of bees, yellow jackets I think, had attacked my tush while I was out pulling weeds. I had contemplated in my blogs last summer what messages the bees might have for me or why the Universe had chosen to allow three separate nests of bees to take up residence in my yard. Bees are often a symbol of the afterlife, and my husband had recently taken an interest in investigating the paranormal.

Last night I had a dream about bees, and they were following me from room to room and getting in my hair. No matter what I did I could not get away from the bees. Upon awakening I remembered my experiences with them last summer and how annoyed I was that they were infringing on my territory. I realized at once that the bees were not finished with me and that I better make peace with them. I remembered what I had recently learned about asking the Angels questions and then writing down the answer. I have had some success with this method of communication and so I thought I would try it again in relation to the bees. First though, I thought I would look up animal messages on my search engine and see what the internet turned up for me.

The sight I landed on said that when you dream of bees it symbolizes communication. This coincides with my original investigation which said that bees symbolize the afterlife. Recently I had written a blog where I asked my mom if she had anything she would like to communicate from the other side and I wrote what I felt like she was communicating to me. Since the bees in the dream were following me around from room to room and getting in my hair, it appears that maybe there might be some message in it to me about maybe some forms of communication with the Other Side was getting in my hair, so to speak.

My questions to my Angel of Communication is, is there anything You would like to share with me about the symbolism of the dream in relation to the bees? In this case I feel the Angels telling me that the Higher Levels of Entities on the Other Side will never follow you around and bug you and get in your hair. They realize that the whole concept of free will is in charge and unless you request Their help, they will stand by and watch you live your life in the way you choose. If there is communication from entities that seem to follow you around and bug you, it will always be from something within yourself that has allowed an opening. However, if you request help from the Higher Realms, they will jump to your assistance. You, Joy have a lot of ideas in your head and sometimes you feel like they are buzzing around in there and creating chaos, but in reality they are there because the ideas want out into the open and they have chosen you to bring them to the world. You are afraid the things you have to say have already been said, but there are things that you can say that others will benefit from that would never hear them from any other source. You also have a lot of memories of past lives and sometimes they come to you in your dreams. Remember in your dream that the bees never stung you, only your fear of them kept them coming back. It would benefit you to journey to the bee in a nonphysical journey and ask the spirit of the Bee what message it has for you. In the meantime, remember that you can always send love and light to the essence of the bee and its symbolism will come to you in a peaceful way, and not in a way that would cause you distress.

There may come a time when the communications you start receiving will seem like bees buzzing around in your head, and at that time you will remember the dream and its symbolism. The same will be true of sending love and light to the entities trying to get your attention. They just want to be heard. Someone needs to tell their stories.

This message I got as I was typing. The wording changed like they were talking directly to me. I hope this is appropriate for a blog.

Friday, March 5, 2010

Clues from the Universe

I believe that the life we live and the things that happen to us are a direct result of the life we are living inside of ourselves. Things often happen on the outside of us that is a reflection of our thoughts, attitudes and emotions. If our thoughts inside of ourselves are chaotic, then our lives are likely to be the same way. The Universe is always listening to our inner thoughts and reflecting them back to us in the day to day experiences of our lives.

I am a big believer in signs. I am not always right in my interpretation of signs, but they are all around us. This also is a reflection of what is going on inside of us. Often when I get a cold, I turn inside of my self to see what is bothering me, what is clogging up my inner life, what is in my face? If my throat is hurting or especially if I lose my voice, I am asking my self what am I afraid to say? I used to get a lot of instances when my back would go out and I would find myself bedridden for a week or so and I found that my body was trying to get me to slow down. Sometimes it was necessary for the Universe to stop me in my tracks so I would spend some time in quiet reflection. I often found that right before a really big jump in my spiritual evolution, I would find that my back would go out. This is because it was the only way to get me to stop going. Lately I have really tried to spend time in quiet reflection often so the Universe does not have to do it for me.

Often when people lose their wallets it is a sign that the person that they are is changing in some way. Their identity may be going through a metamorphosis. I was talking to a friend today who is thinking of buying a new car and had lost the titles to her old cars. I said that cars represent a person's direction in life. Often when people buy new cars they are getting ready to have a change in direction. Often when a person has car problems it signifies some sort of dissatisfaction with the direction their life was heading in. Losing a title to a car could represent that the new direction that was coming was not a comfortable change. Maybe the old direction was not happy to be changing. All is not lost, however. Our Guides and Angels are always looking for ways to get our attention. Maybe they just wanted to teach her a new way of communicating with them so they could show her where the title was.

This belief of mine can work proactively as well. If there is something I want to create in my life, I can create some sign of it in a particular place that will make me think of it often and create what it is I want. This is the whole philosophy behind the ancient Asian practice of Feng Shue: placing furniture and articles in the household in particular ways to attract the most positive of energies flowing throughout the house. It is also the basis of the practice of creating vision boards. Do I think that if I don't know about the art of furniture placement and I arrange my furniture in a way that is not energetically pleasing to the Gods that I will have bad luck? No but I do believe that within us is an unconscious guidance system that compels us to arrange our furniture a certain way or place objects in our home in a certain way. I know that when my home is in a state of disarray usually there is a part of me that is also in disarray.

The good news is that we are all works in progress and the fact of the matter is that if we had reached enlightenment we would probably not be here. We all have areas of clutter or areas of our lives that need work. It is awfully nice of the Universe to give us clues by the things that happen to us what areas of our lives we need to work on...now if we can just read the clues and act accordingly.....

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

For Mom

Today is the anniversary of my mother's passing from cancer. My mother was a very vibrant woman, full of life and always caring for others. Just a couple days before she passed she was driving some elderly ladies to their doctor's appointments and picking up their medicine. While she was alive we didn't always see eye to eye. She was very strong willed and liked to make her views known to others. Most people never questioned her, just letting her have her way was the easiest way. When she passed, we had a memorial service for her where people could get up and speak and tell what she had meant to them. Many people got up and spoke, and told of the countless times she had ignored her own needs and even the pain that she suffered from to minister to the needs of someone else.

Since her passing, I often feel her presence and even hear her advice coming to me in a still small voice. Today I decided to make a lamb roast in her honor, one of her prize dishes. She was an amazing cook, especially of the Norwegian dishes that my grandmother, my father's mother, had taught her.

So I asked her if there was anything she would like me to write today that would be her message to the world. My mother always dreamed of writing books, even though this was a little known fact. She never pursued this interest to my knowledge, but now, after her passing, she has told me that my ideas are often ones that she has inspired me to write. I put on her sweater that I confiscated from her closet after her passing, and imagined her sitting here with her fingers on the keyboard instead of mine.

I think she wants us to know that she is happy where she is, and that she sees things from a different light now that she has passed. Things are not so much black and white like she thought when she was alive. Love is the answer to all our problems and all our battles that we fight here in this life. Whenever we find ourselves wondering how to deal with situations we find ourselves in, just remember that love is the healing balm that soothes over all our wounds and all our misunderstandings. In our dealings with those we love, and even those we just tolerate, remember to always say.. what would love do? Our judgements will fade away and our opinions will not seem so important when we realize that seeing others through the eyes of love always changes our perspective. Yes, there are always our opinions that those we love could be doing things better or dealing with the situations in their lives in a better way, the way we think they should do things, but in reality we can't live other people's lives for them. Each of us has to live our own lives, and learn and discover truth for ourselves. Mom says the biggest mistake she made in this life was trying to make people conform to the way she thought things were supposed to be, instead of letting people learn for themselves.
That old saying, "mom always knows best" comes to mind.

Mom says that when she looks back over her life, she is satisfied for the most part with the things she did and what she accomplished in her life. Yes there are things she could have done differently, but for the most part, she lived life, she learned her lessons and she helped as many people as she could along the way. She is happy now, watching from afar as we learn our lessons and move through life.

I am sure that mom is always around, and I hope I was able to convey the message she had to share as accurately as I could.......Love you mom....