Friday, September 30, 2011

Me and Jesus in Greece

Yesterday I was sent an email from a reader of my blogs asking me how she could know that believing in Spirit Guides was not evil or sinful. She wanted to connect with her guides and it seems that they were trying to make contact, but a part of her was hesitant.

I am familiar with the belief system that says that anything other than Jesus is from the devil or evil. I was raised in a Christian home and lived a very Christian life for my first thirty five years. I went to church three to five times a week, prayed sometimes for hours a day. I felt very connected to Jesus, and never explored any other belief systems. However, I was almost always depressed. I didn't know I was depressed because I had never felt any other way. It was inconceivable to me that I could be a Christian and be depressed. Isn't knowing Jesus supposed to be the way out of a miserable life? I know that for many it is, and I am happy that they have found a belief system that works for them. But inside of me I was not content. Sometimes I wondered how other people believed but it was taught to me that I didn't need to know any other way of thinking or believing. But how could I know that Christianity was right for me if I didn't know what any other belief system taught or believed?

One night I had a dream. I was standing in line to be baptized. It was a long long line and I had a while before I would get my turn. I was patiently standing in line when suddenly Jesus was standing beside me.

"What are you doing here?" Jesus said to me.

"I am waiting in line to be baptized," was my reply.

Jesus then said something that surprised me. "You can stay here if you want to, but I am going to Greece," he said.

Well of course I got out of line and followed Jesus. Upon awakening I wondered why Jesus was going to Greece. At first I thought I need to go to Greece. But then I remembered that in the Bible when Paul went to Greece it was there that he was unable to get many converts because the people there loved to study different philosophies and Christianity to them was just another belief system to consider. I soon realized that Jesus was saying to me that it was okay with Him if I studied other belief systems, in fact, He was going there whether I chose to or not.

Looking back, I had that dream a couple of years before I decided to leave the church and explore other ways of thinking. My belief system has changed and evolved over the years and Jesus is still an important part of my life. This morning while I was running my Power Animal the crow was the one who told me that Jesus wanted to talk to me. I am sure all of our Helping Spirits are connected with each other and there is no competition between them. Jesus does not consider Crow to be evil or sinful. Jesus reminded me this morning that He was the one who went into Samaria to minister to those who his family the Jews did not associate with. He hung out with drunks and prostitutes and spent a great deal of time challenging the dominant belief system of his day. He told me he did not understand how he could be so misunderstood. People think that in His name it is okay to wage war on other groups of people who do not share their philosophies. This is so unacceptable to Him. He wants us all to love each other and forgive each other and stop fighting.

I remember once a Christian friend of mine said to me that we ought to just go over to Iraq and kill them all off because they were the ones that were against Israel in the Old Testament and the Israelites should have just killed them all off then and we wouldn't be having these problems. OH REALLY.  Does that sounds like something Jesus would say? I don't think so.

Let us challenge the things we are taught and the things we believe. If they are not loving and kind, then throw them out the window!! I have many more examples Jesus gave me this morning, but they will come to print in time. For now Jesus just wants us to love each other. Stop fighting and thinking that if someone is not exactly like you then they are wrong. Let us all be kind and gentle with one another, loving one another ........

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Angel Names

I find it fascinating when reading material about Angels all the exotic names attributed to the Angels. When I am communicating with my Guides and Angels I never have been able to get names like other people seem to get. A lot of times what I see is just forms of light, not bodies with wings, not male or female. Sometimes They will take form, but They always tell me that they can take any form they want to, and usually they just take a form that I will be comfortable with, or one that I will relate to. When I communicate with Jesus He usually looks like what I am used to seeing, but sometimes He appears to me in jeans and a leather jacket riding a motorcycle. I remember I once asked the Ganesha ( a Hindu God with whom I have developed a relationship) if He really had the head of an elephant and all those arms. He just laughed and told me He appeared that way so that I would recognize Him. I think that is what names do. They help us recognize Deities. In truth all is one. I am one with the Dieties and they are one with me. They say when one reaches enlightenment is when one recognizes that there is no separation, that we are all one. Most of us still believe that we are separate. When we recognize that the feeling of being separate is just an illusion, then we will have obtained enlightenment. In the meantime, I find that I can imagine myself as being one with the blade of grass and one with the squirrels and the fish, and even one with the Angels, but somehow it seems blasphemous to think of myself as one with God. But we are.

But I digress. When I communicate with my guides, They tell me that they have no names. They are just beings of love and light. And that is okay with me, most of the time. I just say out loud, would the beings of love and light please join me as I find lost soul parts or ask for messages for those who come to me. Usually I can feel their presence and know which ones have joined me just by the feeling. It seems They all have a particular frequency.

Recently I had a client who came to me wanting to connect with an Archangel. She wanted to know who her Archangel was and what was his name. The first message I got was.. how many more helpers do you want? The room was already full of her helpers. They told me that a lot of times our egos want to be able to say that we are connected with Archangel Michael or Gabriel or so forth. Sometimes the help that we get just tells us that they are Archangel Michael or Gabriel or whoever just so that we will listen. How many people are going to listen to an Angel named Joe? So we decided that we would call her Angel Joe. That does not make him less of an Angel. That just honors his request that we not get satisfaction out of having our personal Angel be a famous Angel. There are multitudes of Angelic help out there. Why limit ourselves to the famous five or six that we know of?

So a couple of days ago I was at a gathering. As soon as we began our meditation to start the meeting, I noticed that I had a different Angel standing behind me that I had never seen before. She was dressed all in purple and had long flowing white hair but even the tips of her hair was purple. She had no wings that I could see and I wasn't really even sure she was an Angel, but I knew she was a Divine Presence. She stayed with me the entire day and I could feel her power surge through me as we came to the part of the gathering where we flowed healing energy to another person at the gathering. It felt good feeling her healing energy come through my hands into the next person. But she never gave me a name. After telling a friend we decided she would like to be called Amelia.

So I guess what I wanted to say is that we have all kinds of help. Why limit ourselves to the ones we are familiar with? As long as we feel safe and good in Their presence, then they mean us no harm. What if we all just called upon the spirit of  Love? That covers it all.I am sure if we call Jesus by a different name, He is still Jesus. And I don't think He would mind. He may even prefer it. There is a particular feeling that we get when we call upon Jesus. There are all of our preconceived ideas of who He is and what He is about. And it is the same for the Angels or any other Dieties with whom we are familiar. Let us all walk in love and do our best to do good to others and we are doing the work of the Angels. And whether we call them Joe or Michael or Love it is all the same. And that is the message for today.

Monday, September 26, 2011

Angel Messages

Messages come in all shapes and sizes. Usually if I get a message and I am not paying attention, it will happen again and again until I take notice. Sometimes I have to do some research to discover what the message means.

Recently I have been seeing the number 222 a lot. I look at the clock and it is 2:22. A customer will purchase postage that comes to 2.22. My odometer will read 222. I will see a route number as I am driving. Yesterday I was showing someone a picture on my phone and I noticed I had 222 pictures in my phone.

Luckily I have a book written by Doreen Virtue on the Angelic meanings of certain numbers. I looked this one up and it said.. you can stop worrying about your family members . The Angels are watching out for them and they are going to be all right. Well I am not going to go into detail about why this was significant for me but this is not the end of the story.

Soon after I had looked up the meaning of this particular number I was waiting on a customer at work. Now I usually don't share my "stuff" with my customers. Usually if  I get a message for a customer I will just put it into the context of regular conversation or I will just silently send them love and light. This particular time this customer was mailing a large box and the postage came to $22.22. After other transactions he gave me his money and the change came to $2.22. I commented on the coincidence of the numbers and he agreed that it must have some significance. He said he was not one to play the lottery and wondered what it might mean. Okay so I just couldn't keep my mouth shut (my husband says I frequently have this problem). So I just threw caution to the wind and told him that I had a book at home that gave all of the Angelic meanings of numbers and it just so happened that I had recently looked this particular number up in my book and would he like to know what it meant? He seemed very interested. When I related to him the message, he responded immediately.

"Would you like to know what is in this box I am mailing?" he asked.

"If you would like to tell me, sure." I responded.

"This package contains some scrapbooks that I have made of my family members. I am sending it to a relative to let them know that my family is doing okay."

He thanked me for the message and went his way. I don't know if the significance of the message blew him away like it did me, but I learned something. Sometimes when we get a message that we assume is personal, it probably is. But chances are one day you will come across someone who needs the same message. You will know when and if the other person is receptive to hearing the message. If they are then go ahead and tell them. The Angels want them to have this message and know that they are being looked after.

Sometimes I hear different people assign different meanings to numbers. Someone else might say that this number means something else. It doesn't matter. The Angels gave me this meaning for this number and it meant something to me and it meant something to someone else.

We can all be light to the people we come into contact with every day. All you have to do is ask to be of service. The Angels will take care of the rest.

Monday, September 19, 2011

Message from Spirit

Okay so this is the blog I was supposed to write when I decided to write the one about the fan. Earlier that day I was talking to Spirit and I commented that I would like to post a blog but I had not had any time to get my recent messages typed up or even time to get some of my thoughts together. I made the comment to Spirit that if They had a message for me to get out there then they would have to give me some time to contemplate and write. It was just  a passing comment and I promptly forgot about it. A couple of hours later the opportunity presented itself. I was surprised at such a quick answer to my "prayer" (my belief is that everything we think is a prayer, whether we intend it to be or not). I was given the opportunity to have some moments with my thoughts and even time to transcribe a message directly from Spirit. However, I was a bit hesitant to publish it. I don't know why. So later when another opportunity to get alone with Spirit presented itself, I guess I thought, maybe They will tell me something else. Maybe I need some time to "test" this message to make sure it is a legitimate message from Spirit. After I relay the message I was given I will give a couple of "tests"  that I put out there and how they fared. Anyway, the second time I got alone with myself and Spirit, that is when the "fan" message came through. And I think the reason I had a bit of a hard time that particular time is because They had already given me a message. I just wanted something else. Something light. Something easy. Nevertheless, here is the message I got earlier in the day, directly transcribed as I heard it from Spirit. It has to do with my thought that I had just mentioned to Them in passing that I would like a little quiet time to get my thoughts together relating to writing a blog and within a couple of hours my schedule changed and I was offered the opportunity for a quieter atmosphere.

"Time indeed seems to be speeding up. In the past you made a request and then waited patiently for weeks or even years to see the seeds of your requests grow up and manifest. By that time a lot of the "prayers" had long been forgotten. It is not so now. You will notice it to be more commonplace to make a request of Spirit and see the manifestation of that request within a few days or even hours. Be careful what you ask for!! Of course, make sure your requests are not selfish in nature and that they do not hurt anyone else in the process or even infringe on someone else's free will. These requests are never honored. Come to Us in humility. Your requests may not alter the natural course of your existence or that of others in a negative way or interfere with your life's purpose or calling. You will notice that those with a pure heart and self-less motives will see answers appear much more quickly than others. But yes, although time does not exist for Us, it does for you and We have noticed that you as a collective group of souls have been learning how to change the course of history through your collective agreements on the soul level. That creative spark within you all is changing the course of history!! It is time now to make sure your heart is pure and your desires reflect the best interests of everyone around you. The key when making requests of Spirit is that your desires reflect your vibration. When the two match then the desires manifest. The reason in the past that your desires seem to take so long is that you would ask for things that did not match the things you were thinking about the other twenty three hours a day. Make sure you are thinking about the desires and that you can see them come to pass. And then they will do so quickly. And so it is."

This was a little scary to me to share. What if we all started making requests of Spirit and started seeing the answers come within a few days or hours? Pandemonium!! But Spirit assured me that the reason for the quick answers to requests is because we were learning how to line our own vibrations up with the vibrations of the things that we desire. So I made a couple of test requests. I asked that I would sell a book that day. My book has the ability to enhance others lives so I did not consider this to be a selfish request. No book sale occurred. Maybe this was a bit selfish. But then I made the half- hearted request that it start raining five minutes before I closed up shop so I could close on time and miss all those last minute customers. Hmmm. A bit selfish I guess but it wasn't made with the intent to hurt anyone. Well that request backfired a bit. Yes it did start raining five minutes exactly before I closed but I already had a customer who ended up staying five minutes past my closing time. So I think Spirit was saying okay the weather itself did not hurt anyone- in fact it is actually a good thing, but We are just going to show her that it is a bit selfish to want to keep away your last minute customers so we are going to give her one anyway.

I think the key to this message being relevant to us today is that it is imperative to have a relationship with Spirit and tune in to make sure our requests are the best for everyone concerned. Of course world peace will probably not occur in a day or two. But if we can bring peace to one person each day then we are taking steps toward world peace. Let us make our requests with the intent to bring love and healing to each person we come into contact with each day. Let us find our most difficult encounters be opportunities to shine our love and light to those who need it most. Let us make our requests in humility.

The message? Yes the answers are there. Just be aware of your motives. Don't ask selfishly. The Angels want to answer our requests. Tune in to Spirit and be sure your requests are in line with the side of good.It is important to make sure we are guarding our thoughts and matching our thoughts with our desires. Let's create a world of love and peace, and we can do it. Let's love one person and one city or neighborhood at a time. The Higher Realms want to help us. All we have to do is ask!!

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

The Fan

Yes I know I haven't posted a blog in a couple of weeks. It is not because Spirit has not been communicating with me. Sometimes I think the communications have been stronger. Most of the time, recently, however, the messages have been for particular people who have come across my path. Sometimes these people are alive and sometimes not. Interestingly enough, yes, I have gotten messages for the nonliving that I have come into contact with as well.

So this evening I found myself alone in my house and I thought to myself, this is the perfect opportunity to meditate and listen and see if there is anything that Spirit wishes to communicate through my blog. After about twenty minutes I found myself drifting off to sleep, despite all my anti- sleep tactics that I have incorporated into my meditation times. So I opened my eyes, disappointed that no interactions with the Higher Realms had occurred. Upon opening my eyes, the first thing that came into my field of vision was my floor fan that I have in my healing room. Nothing spectacular. But I remembered a little game that I have played with Spirit in the past. I look at the first thing that comes into my field of vision and ask Spirit for a message relating to that object. Okay, so nothing else seems to be working. Let's try that.

The floor fan was not plugged up. Just sitting there. The first message was that in order for the wind of the Spirit to blow, I must make sure I am plugged up. I thought I was, I responded. Okay, the Voice of Spirit responded, then just pretend that you weren't and imagine yourself plugging into the wall socket of the Spirit Realm. So I did that. I imagined my spirit plugging into the Spirit world. The next thing I noticed was that my floor fan has four buttons. One is off, one is slow speed, one is medium speed and one is high speed. The Voice of Spirit said that just like the floor fan there are different buttons for different vibrations. I have to make sure that the vibration I am tuned into is the same vibration for the Higher Spiritual Beings I want to connect with. I have written about this before, I said. I know these things. I have not felt disconnected, I have not felt out of vibrational attunement. So the last thing Spirit told me is that sometimes I just don't need the fan on. Sometimes I just need to disconnect. I don't think I can do that, I responded. I don't have an off button. That is why sometimes We disconnect for you, the Voice of Spirit responded. We know you don't have an off button. So We turn off to give you a break.

So this is the message. Spirit is like a floor fan. Sometimes it is plugged up and running, and sometimes it is not. If you want to feel the wind of Spirit blowing in your life, make sure you are plugged up. But you don't have to be plugged up and running all the time.

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

This I Know....

I am thinking today about things you automatically know and things you don't. Things that you may think everyone should automatically just know are things that are a part of you and probably have been for most of your life. Some people are born nurturers. They just know that people and animals need love and touch. They know that when they touch their children or their animals that the touch communicates love and a sense of belonging. We who have been brought up with loving touches automatically know when we are touched whether or not it is a loving touch or not. Those who are born mothers know this also. But not everyone knows this. I remember when I was a young mother I tried staying at home for a short period of time, babysitting for extra money. There was this one baby that I sat for that would not stop crying unless I placed her in the infant swing and set it to automatically swing. She did not like to be touched. Most babies when held will cuddle right up to you. Not this infant. It was like holding a porcelain doll. I hope that someone at some point in this soul's life took the time to introduce her to loving touches. I am not sure that I automatically knew the value of loving touches. This is something I had to learn. I remember that sometimes all of the babies (there were two besides my own) would get hungry at the same time, so I would line them up on the couch and prop their bottles into their mouths. I didn't realize the value of sending loving energy to the babies as they fed. Sometimes I wonder how a mother of multiple babies is able to send loving energy to the souls of each child. Those few months that I babysat in order to earn enough money to stay home with my child taught me that just because I was at home with my child did not necessarily mean I was spending quality time with her. Because I had two other infants in my care, each additional child took away from the time I was able to spend with any of them individually. Their physical needs were met, however, I am not so sure their emotional needs were always addressed. Somehow now my older wiser self thinks that I should have automatically known that the souls of these children needed nurturing just as much as their physical bodies did.

Now recently I have been made aware of the emotional needs of folks and I try not to assume that people know things that I seem to automatically know. Sometimes my husband reminds me that just because I work at the Post Office that I should not automatically assume that my customers know the same things I know about mailing packages. It is easy to assume that if I know something then other people around me automatically know these things too.

Recently I have become aware of the need of our Mother Earth to feel love and appreciation from her inhabitants. We as human beings have ravaged her land, drilled for her oil,  and dug holes to bury our trash. How many of us have said "Thank you" to her for her patience with us? Many of us think nothing of dropping our trash along the side of the road or flicking our cigarette butts into the dry brush along our highways. No wonder She has responded with many recent weather changes. I am thinking that many of us do not automatically think of saying thank you to the Soul of the land which perpetuates our existence.

This weekend I was blessed to get a trip to the beach. Granted, it was a beachy area somewhat inland from the actual ocean, but there was sand and there was water. I felt compelled to connect with the land and say to Mother Earth, "I am sorry for our sins against You. Please forgive us. Thank you for your gifts to us. I love you." We cannot  assume our Mother Earth knows that we love Her. It is important to tell her. It is important to apologize for our sins against her. It is important to send the energy of love into Her earth, whether we are at the beach or in the woods or even in the concrete city. Perhaps she needs to know we love Her even more in the city where we have removed most reminders of Her Presence.

Just as a new mother I had to be taught the value of emotional bonding when other new mothers automatically knew this, I am guessing that many of us as children of the Earth have not considered telling our Mother Earth that we love her. Also in our actions it is important to show her that we value her gifts to us, by recycling, cutting down on our waste, and using our energy wisely. This is not something that many of us automatically know.

In your day to day interaction with the other inhabitants of the planet, think about things you know and remember that not everyone automatically knows the same things you do. It may cause you to interact with more compassion.