Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Aunt Mabel

Last night I dreamed my Aunt Mabel called and wanted me to come up for a visit. I was checking my schedule and trying to find a weekend when I could take off and go visit. The dream was a little more involved but after waking up I remember that Aunt Mabel just passed a couple of months ago. I wondered if she was trying to contact me.

So this morning I got on my treadmill and put on my drumming cd and tried to contact Aunt Mabel. She came through right away. I am always surprised when my family members come through, because they're all Pentecostals and don't really believe in this sort of thing. Mom has contacted me many times and she says her perspective changed after she crossed over and she saw things a little differently. I guess maybe after they cross over they don't all think I am as crazy as they thought when they were alive.

Anyway, back to Aunt Mabel. She said she was happy on the other side, but she missed her family. Family was everything to her. She was relatively happy with her life, but her family was most important. She sees her family from time to time from where she is, and always wants the best for them.

She said that she admits that a lot of the family questioned my choices. They all thought I was a bit off my rocker, but now that she has a different perspective from the other side, she is proud of me. She and mom were both cheering me on, and sometime if I wanted to tackle cumpa ( a Norwegian dish mom and her were famous for ) they would help me. Not that they wouldn't have a little disagreement about technique.

When I looked up into the spirit realm and saw her and mom standing there looking in on me, I could see a number of my Guides and Angels also standing around giving bits and pieces of advice as well. Aunt Mabel said, yes, there were a lot of Guides there with me, and that I should not worry so much. Let things come to me. She also told me that as a sign that it was really her, she was letting me know that a family member would be contacting me soon. Hmmm.....since it is unlikely that any of my family members on that side read my blog, we will see. The perspective of time is a bit different on the other side, so it could be awhile before I get a visit, but she says someone is going to run across my book at some point. (no I did not send a copy to any family member except my dad and my sister and my daughter).

Thanks for the visit, Aunt Mabel. It was nice talking to you.....

Sunday, September 26, 2010

Shopping Carts and Turtles

The other day I was on my way to work driving down the street in the neighborhood behind my house when I came upon a turtle attempting to cross the road. Always the rescuer, I stopped my car, got out, and rescued the turtle, picking him up and delivering him safely to the side of the road in the soft, comfy grass.

Then yesterday I was driving down the aisles in the parking lot of Costco when a runaway shopping cart darted out in front of me. Stopping my car, I jumped out and rescued the cart and the parked car in its path, replacing it where it belonged, with walking onlookers applauding me on.

I am a rescuer. I always go the extra mile when someone needs assistance or advice. If I see something that needs to be done, I am right on it. I assist many customers at the Post Office with their packages, mailing problems, personal problems sometimes too. I have always felt it was my mission on earth to make life a little easier for someone in distress. Now for my dilemma. When is enough enough? When do I stop doing for others? When do I stop feeling guilty when I just have nothing left? At some point there comes a time when doing for others means they do not have the opportunity to do for themselves, and that is not healthy for me or them.

The thought came to me after I rescued the turtle, what if he really wanted to be on the opposite side of the road I placed him on? Will he just wait for me to drive off, then turn right around and go back out into the road? At some point I have to realize that I cannot be God for everyone. I cannot stand guard at my pond twenty four hours a day protecting my fish from predators. I cannot wait to see if the turtle stays out of the road.

So today I decided that I am going to take off that invisible neon sign that says "Joy to the rescue." And I spent the rest of the evening feeling guilty. And then I realized the answer to the question, If God is really God, then why does he allow.. such and such. Because God knows we need to learn our own lessons. We need to experience the consequences of our choices.

I heard once that if a bird is hatching out of its shell and someone cracks the shell and lets him out, he will die. He needs the experience of cracking the shell himself. It makes him strong and able to survive. I am the person cracking the shell because I feel sorry for the poor bird who is pecking furiously at the shell. Today I stopped cracking the shell. And I feel really bad. And I will probably have to be reminded tomorrow not to crack the shell. And the next day. And the next.

When shopping carts stop darting out in front of my car then I will know I have finally learned my lesson. Should I have let the shopping cart crash into the unsuspecting car? No, silly, it was just my Angels again, teaching me a lesson.

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

The Intruder

A few nights ago my husband was out of town and I was home alone. I was a bit under the weather so I had chosen to stay home to rest. I fell asleep on the couch early and I dreamed that I had forgotten to lock the doors, which was probably true because I have always felt safe in my home and often forget to lock the doors. In the dream I got up off the couch and went into the kitchen to lock the side door when I noticed someone was attempting to break in. I crouched down out of his view and quickly locked the kitchen door before he noticed the door had been unlocked. Then I realized that I should hurry to lock the other doors. The front door was already locked and I creeped into the dining room before he could reach the back door, which was fully open with only the screen door closed. I rushed over to close the door but before I could he reached in through the screen door and grabbed my arm. I panicked and tried to slam the storm door shut on his hand. The sheer panic caused me to wake up. Of course the first thing I did was get up and check all the doors to make sure they were locked. The back door was standing wide open just like in my dream but there was no one there. I closed and locked the door but the panic did not immediately go away. I wondered if the dream was a warning. I am hardly ever afraid to be alone in my home but that night I heard every little noise.

The first thing I did was to take an inner inventory. In the dream the front door remained locked and the side door was able to be locked without incident so the back door was the significant door that was vulnerable to attack. I related the back door to the door to my subconscious. This is the door that I often used to enter into shamanic journeying. I often go through this door when doing work for clients or friends to help with subconscious issues so apparently, even though I thought I was protecting myself, the dream was telling me I needed to do more to protect my home, my soul, from attack. I called upon my Angels and Higher Beings of Love and Light to protect my soul and my home from unwanted intruders. I also called upon my Power Animals to keep watch outside. After awhile I was able to feel comfortable enough to go back to sleep.

After I had called upon the Angels to protect my home, I went back to sleep and had another dream. I dreamed that my home was so full of Angels and Protective Beings of Love and Light that there was no space between them to even walk or move around. My entire house was full of Protective Angels. I felt entirely safe and almost a little guilty for calling on so many of them and possibly taking them away from more important tasks. However, I am sure that there are so many Angels we never need fear that we are abusing our rights to call upon them for help. Eventually I heard my husband come in the door and I was almost surprised he was able to get in for all the Angels standing around.

I think it is so important to realize that our Angels are always there, just waiting for us to call upon them. They do not interfere unless we ask, but I think the first dream may have been a warning to get up and lock the door. There are natural things we can and should do to protect ourselves, but the Angels are always there to guard and protect.

Monday, September 20, 2010

The Merry Go Round

Recently I was on a shamanic journey into the nonphysical realm. I found myself with my client on a merry go round. She was a child and was going round and round and up and down. At first I thought I had found her there because of her love of horses, but after a couple of minutes I realized that she did not really want to be there. She was looking at the other rides at the carnival and wanted to be on the roller coaster or even the farris wheel, but found herself unable to get off the merry go round. Any time she would attempt to stop the merry go round and get off, there would be a stern voice behind her, urging her to stay on, that this is where she belonged. So in order to compensate for her distaste for the merry go round, she would tune in to the feelings of the children on the other rides. She could almost feel how they felt riding the other rides, and by doing so, found herself in a small way able to enjoy the other rides as well.

My client, when I had related this story to her, admitted that she had spent a lot of time daydreaming, while in school and other necessary activities. The adults in her life were always bringing her back to reality. As children it is quite normal to daydream, and probably even healthy. When we are children we are closer to our higher selves than when we become adults. Children are very in tune with themselves and their surroundings, and when something is unpleasant or maybe just not fun, are quite able to "check out", in a way, go to a place that is in a different reality.
I remember as a child I did this quite frequently myself.

My message to this person was that it is okay to get off the merry go round and experience different realities. I guess the message that I get is that so many times our lives unfold in a particular way. We are taught that this way is the right way and that all other ways are wrong. I remember being taught in Sunday School that the way of Christianity was the straight and narrow path that led to life and that the way to destruction was to follow the wide path, the path that most of the world followed. Only by following Jesus could we be assured of salvation. I believed that for many years, and never wondered what the other religions taught or believed, for they must all surely be wrong. But one day it occurred to me, what if I am wrong? How would I know who is really right if I have no idea what the other religions believe? Now my belief system has evolved even more than that. What if everyone is right? What if everyone is wrong?

This parable of the merry go round can reach even farther than our chosen belief system. What if it has to do with our chosen lifestyle. Just because we have grown up on the merry go round doesn't mean that those who have chosen the farris wheel are wrong. They have just chosen to experience life in a different way.

At this point in my life, I have to believe that love prevails. If someone believes that the tree in his backyard is God, and that someone loves that tree, and decides to go about the world saving all the trees, then that person is right. Love is the deciding factor. I think that what we believe about God or life is not as important as what we do about it. If no harm comes from someone's belief system, then it is okay. I think God is okay with that too. The deciding factor is "do no harm." Let all you do be done in love. I have found messages from God in all sorts of places. At a certain point I had to get off the merry go round of my belief system that told me that God only speaks to certain people and in certain ways. This opened me up to a whole world of messages that come to me in a myriad of ways. I have heard messages from God come to me as I am sitting out in my garden and watching the squirrels play and the way in which they play gives me a message about how my day is going to unfold.

What does the merry go round represent to you? Have you been feeling like you are going around the same circle you have been going around for years, unable to get off and experience the other rides in the carnival of life? I am here to tell you, it is okay to get off the merry go round. Try something different. See the world through someone else's eyes. Look at life through a different viewpoint. You may decide you like the merry go round and decide to get back on. But at least you will know.

Wednesday, September 15, 2010


As many of you know who follow my blog, I receive messages from Angels and Guides which I, in turn, write down and post them in my blogs. I recently compiled months of blogs into a book which I published. I wanted to share some recent experiences that I have had and some personal messages to give an idea of the kind of things that I receive when I have tuned into Spirit.

Recently I was with a girl who is very in tune with Spirit. She receives many impressions of past events from antiques that she has touched or places that she visits. She also has dreams of past events in familiar locations which she visits. I was spending some time with her and we were horseback riding in a rural location near Winchester where we live. She would take me to spots where she has felt strong emotions and asked me if I felt anything. In one location where we stopped I felt some Native American connection with the land but, as I had mentioned in a previous blog, many times events layer themselves one upon another. Our land has existed for thousands of years and sometimes we may pick up an event on a particular location that is layered upon something that happened in that exact spot many years before. I felt when we were in a particular rural location that a baby had been born there, maybe not only once but twice. The one time I picked up on was perhaps a Native American birth, which would probably been a normal event in this location, because Native Americans were very connected to the land they inhabited and giving birth in a wooded area might have been a frequent event. However, I also picked up on another birth, probably more recent and not as happy or normal an event as the first impression. I picked up on a young girl, probably a teenager, in the more recent past, perhaps the 1940's or so, when teenagers giving birth out of wedlock was not an acceptable practice. She had come to this rural area to give birth. I was not able to pick up on whether mother or child survived the event, but I did feel that it was a very traumatic event for both. The Spirits of the land that I had sensed let me know that they cradled both mother and child during the time of their tragic event at that particular location. Of course there is no way to validate the events that I sensed there, but the friend that I was with had sensed a sadness in the same area.

We traveled a little farther and we stopped at another location where my young friend had sensed some strong emotions and even had a dream of the particular location. She asked me if I had sensed anything there and after spending a moment tuning into the energy there I sensed four or five Confederate soldiers, with one or perhaps more of them wounded. I sensed them sitting around a campfire, nursing their wounds. I didn't know how they had gotten separated from their company, if by choice or by chance. My friend told me after I related my impressions that she had had a dream of the same location, with four or five Confederate soldiers, at least one of them wounded, with a Bible covered with blood. Once again there is no way to document or validate the impressions we had gotten, except for the coincidence of having the same impressions of the location. Curiously, the horse my friend was riding, after we had stopped to chat, absolutely refused to venture forward on the path after our conversation. We had to turn around and go a different way. Animals tend to be very spiritually sensitive, and I mused that probably as we conversed we had drawn an audience, perhaps the very soldiers we were talking about. It seems that we humans, whether living or dead, love to hear what people are saying about us.

Another friend was relating to me that, although she had lived in her "new" house almost two years, that she had not had any desire to unpack or even to hang pictures on the wall or decorate in any way. Now, after two years, she had decided to go through all the things she had left packed in boxes, and decide whether or not to keep them or to discard them. I was able to help her to see that her new home represented her soul. She was going through a change in how she viewed herself, just as she had gone through a change in her living arrangements. She had left her walls in her new home empty until she discovered who she really was. Her soul had been empty for a time, just as the walls in her new home had remained bare. Now that she was discovering who she was as a person, she would begin to discover what items from her past still spoke to her and which ones she really loved, and which items to discard. Just as she would be discarding many items that had decorated her old home and finding new things that she loved to decorate her new home, in the same way she would be discarding things from her past and keeping some things she really loved, and that the empty places in her heart would soon be filled with what she really loved.

The most important thing to remember is that all of life is a metaphor. We can find messages in our every day lives to give us clues as to what lessons our soul is ready to teach us. In the first two examples we can learn that imprints in physical locations give us clues to events that have occurred in those locations. We can assist the spirits that have gotten stuck there to move on, or we can learn that every event of our lives never really goes away.

In the story of the friend and her new house, we can learn that the things we experience in our daily life is a parable of the lessons we are meant to learn at this stage in our journey. All we have to do is tune in to what Spirit is trying to tell us.

In the story of the young girl giving birth in the woods, we learn that we are never alone. We can never hide and there is always Someone watching. Someone will feel our pain and someone will find out our secrets.

My hope is that in some way someone reading will realize that they are not alone. Maybe someone who has a secret will realize that they don't really have a secret. Someone is going to find out. Someone is going to feel your pain. Even the walls in your house have a story to tell. All we have to do is listen.

Saturday, September 11, 2010

Call for Help

This week has been a challenging week. It started off really well with the holiday weekend but as soon as the work week started back, it seemed like I was standing against one of those big industrial size fans like they have at work. Everything that could go wrong at work went wrong. It was the week for me to be overly emotional anyway. I couldn't sleep. Three nights in a row I was awake for an hour or more in the middle of the night.

The third night of not sleeping I was in that state of mind when I was aware of what was going on but not quite fully awake when I suddenly became aware of a presence in our bedroom. She walked right in as if it were her bedroom. She was a woman of about my age, maybe a little younger, but she had a short blond haircut and was wearing army fatigues. She came into the bedroom, laid down a bag of some kind and came walking toward the bed where my husband Clay and I lay sleeping, or in my case, not sleeping. I tried to speak but no words would come out of my mouth. I was unable to move my arms. She came over to Clay's side of the bed and looked at him. I was worried about what she was going to do. I tried to get my arms loose from whatever was holding them but they would not budge. She seemed unaware that I was there but she was very aware of Clay. As she got closer I realized that her skin was transparent. I could see right through her. She reached down inside of Clay's chest cavity with her transparent hand and seemed to pull something out, but I couldn't tell what she had taken. I looked over at Clay and at that exact moment he took a deep breath and changed positions as he slept. I was worried she had taken something important, but I was unable to do or say anything. As soon as she pulled her hand out of his chest, she disappeared. Immediately I could move my arms. My heart began to race as I wondered what had happened. I wanted to wake him up and make sure he was okay but I worried he would get upset for me waking him up and a part of me wasn't sure what just happened.

Clay assured me that it was just a dream. He said that no one could take his heart for it belonged to me. However, after relating the incident to one of my mentors, she encouraged me to protect myself and my home from psychic attack. This I hadn't done lately. I had come to believe that if I focus on the good stuff, then the bad stuff will just stay away due to lack of attention. However, the following night I called upon the Angels and Highest Beings of Love and Light to guard my home and my bedroom and to watch over myself and Clay as we slept. I proclaimed that only love could dwell in my home and that all unhealthy connections were to be broken.

That night I had a dream. I dreamed I was going to see a friend and I had my grandson with me. He was a baby so I wasn't sure if it was my current grandson who is four or a future one. On the way to see the friend I came upon an old acquaintance whose name was Hyatt (I don't know anyone by this name in my physical life). He accompanied me to see the friend and we gave her a gift. I was quite happy to be in the company of this acquaintance and he helped me find my way back home and even kept trying to give me large amounts of money which I would not accept, except for a small amount to buy something for my grandson. Upon awakening I realized that I had made acquaintance with one of my Angels. Apparently he has been with me for a long time but I had forgotten to call upon him for assistance. I immediately knew that he was always there to assist me, and wished to shower me with blessings, but most of the time I would not accept the help. I thanked him for showing himself to me in the dream and apologized for not accepting his help until now.

I think it is important to remember that our Angels and Guides are always around to assist us and help us find our way back home but we have to ask for assistance. Before I went to sleep that night I had asked for assistance and this dream was my Angels way of telling me that They had heard my cry for help and were there for me to accompany me on my journey but also to assist me when I need help.

I wanted to relate the two different experiences to show that no matter what we go through we do have a Support System that is Higher than we are. We are not alone in the world.

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Uncovering Hidden Pieces of the Past

Recently my husband and I were driving through the historic district of our downtown Winchester area where we live and my husband noticed that despite the recent renovations in the area, there were pieces of the newly paved streets which had cracked and the old bricks that once were used to cover the streets in times past had begun to show through the cracked pavement. It was interesting to see a piece of the past seeping into the present.

I am reminded of how past, present, and future layers itself one of top of the other. The earth we walk on today was once walked on by our ancestors, and the lives they lived sometimes seep through. There are many instances where it is reported that witnesses will view an event happening or sense an impression of something that may have actually happened many years before. This has been termed an "imprint". Many times this occurs in a place where a very emotional or heart wrenching event may have occurred, and the emotion of the event left an impression that seems to replay itself over and over.

We can also relate this to our own lives. How many times do past events seep into our present lives and color the events we currently experience? If we were treated badly by a parent, for example, are we reliving the event over and over again in our current relationships? Are we expecting to be neglected or abused in our connections with others because we came to expect it in our earlier relationships with someone important to us?

I am reminded of a house I once visited where I picked up on an event that occurred in the house in the late 1800's or early 1900's in which a mother lost a child and spent a great deal of time grieving over the loss of her child. This was validated by research, but it turned out that the current occupant of the house had in fact lost two children of her own at a young age as well. In this case the grieving spirit of the current occupant was somehow attracted to live in a house where a similar event had occurred many years before.

Is there a way to resolve these issues that seem to lie dormant in the recesses of our unconscious? Yes!

The first step is to admit that, yes, under the pavement of our consciousness there is a collection of "bricks" that actually forms a foundation for who we are. These bricks individually cry out to us to be recognized and valued for the contribution they have made to the evolution of our soul. As each brick peers out from the cracks in the pavement which we have worked so hard to pour over the path to our own soul, we need to thank each experience, each person, each event for the contribution that was made and welcome this piece of ourselves home. Whatever we run from or try to pave over will continually repeat itself in our present experience until we acknowledge and welcome it into our current experience.

I like to imagine myself standing in front of a cosmic mirror. The mirror represents what my Higher Self feels is ready to be revealed and subsequently healed. Whatever shows up in this mirror I acknowledge and recognize as part of who I am. I welcome this part of myself or this event from my past and thank it for its contribution and the lessons I learned from it.

Always remember that pieces of the past come and reveal themselves to us for a reason. It is important to recognize the lessons we can learn form the past, perhaps give some sort of closure to an event so the consciousness contained within it can find resolution.

Thursday, September 2, 2010

My Miracle

A few days ago I was given an assignment to put out the intention into the Universe that every day I would notice a miracle. The first one was easy. I saw a very large and very bright shooting star that lit up the sky for several seconds. The second miracle I wrote about simply stated was that even though while we are asleep our souls travel to many different planes of existence, our soul still seems to find its way back into our body each morning and we wake up, safe in our beds.

This morning I had gotten up, as is my habit, exercised, then went outside to water my backyard full of flowers. I was wondering about what my miracle for today would be when I had a flashback memory of several years ago. I went through many difficult times when I wondered where I would find money to buy groceries or pay rent. I would ask my Higher Powers to send me a sign that They hadn't forgotten about me. At some point I had asked the Mother Goddess to send me a flower in an unusual way. I remember how one day I came home from work and the cactus which I had had for years that had never bloomed suddenly was filled with blooms. One time I found a tulip blooming out in the yard when I had not planted any tulips and I had been living at this location for quite some time. One time I was at Food Lion and the cashier gave me a carnation out of an arrangement that she had for sale at the counter.

So this morning I was watering my whole backyard full of flowers and I remembered that I had not asked the Mother Goddess for a flower in quite some time. However, I did notice that in a group of petunias, one of them was a complete different color than all the rest. I thanked the Mother Goddess that I had not needed any reassurance lately. I sleep in a comfy bed every night, I never wake up hungry, I never wonder how I am going to pay my rent. I realized at that moment that my miracle for today was that I did not need a miracle.

How did I get from there to here? I got up and went to work every day. I changed the things within myself that needed to be changed. I focused on the good stuff and not the bad stuff. I eliminated the things in my life that were not healthy for me, emotionally, physically, and financially. Eventually I made to where I am today, content with my life and watering a whole backyard full of flowers. This is my miracle today.

But it does not end there. After I had written all this down and thanked the Mother Goddess for showing me my miracle, my husband came home from work with a bouquet of flowers for me. No reason. Unexpected. I had not told him my miracle for today.

There could not be a day better than this.

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Dream at an Airport

Last night I dreamed I was at the airport trying to get home in time to go to work. I was there with my husband Clay and my stepdaughter Kelsey. The airport was very busy and, as in the case with many dreams, there was a lot of commotion and subplots. However, in the main plot of the dream I got separated from my husband, who usually keeps me on course, so Kelsey and I had to find our way to the terminal ourselves. I could not call Clay on the cell phone to find out where he went and have him come looking for me because he had put his cell phone in my purse, which I had with me. I woke up just as I had decided I was not going to make it home in time to go to work. Completely exhausted from this dream, of course my first response was to ask myself what my subconscious was trying to tell me.

Airports often represent a time of taking off into new ventures. In this case I had gotten lost at the airport which could mean that a piece of myself has wandered off again. Yesterday I spent most of the day going around to different bookstores trying to place my books in local stores. I did come home exhausted and had the fleeting thought that it sure is easier just to get up and go to work in the morning and let the post office decide what I am going to do. But back to the dream. At one point in the dream there were a lot of terminal cancer patients who had come to one place at the airport to die. This makes me think that the airport represented the taking off place between this side and the other side. I often make trips to that in-between place, just to communicate with the Other Side or to locate lost pieces of people's souls. It seems that possibly in my sleep a part of me had wandered off to this place and now my soul was having trouble finding its way back home. The fact that my husband and stepdaughter were also there indicates that at times they travel to this place too. Kelsey had stayed with me so perhaps one day she will make some trips to this place with me. Clay travels there but seems to end up in a different terminal. The good news is I woke up in bed with my husband cuddled up next to me so we all must have made it back to reality okay.

I believe that while we sleep our souls travel to many different planes of existence. We don't always remember where we went or what we did in our travels. Sometimes toward the end of the night, in my case, our souls may have trouble getting back. No worries, we almost always end up waking up, maybe a little exhausted, but back in our bodies.

My husband always tells me that one day I am going to forget to come home. I wonder if he knows what he was really saying.