Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Travels Into the Other Realms..

As a shamanic practitioner I often visit the nonphysical realms to find out information for a client or rescue parts of their souls that have gotten stuck in other places. Sometimes I get information about the reason those pieces of their souls are stuck and sometimes I just see the missing soul parts hiding out in dark corners, closets, caves, or other places where those soul parts may feel safe. Sometimes the pieces of a soul look like the person I am journeying for, and sometimes they just look like sparks of light.

Today I had decided to journey for myself. I love to journey when I am running, and it was a perfect day. I put on my favorite running shoes and out the door I went. The sun was shining but not to the point of discomfort. There was a cool breeze blowing and immediately I felt that giddy feeling that I get when I know I am going to have a good experience. I contacted my angels and guides and asked them to accompany me to the astral planes to see if there were any missing soul parts that were ready to come back. No matter how spiritually mature we think we are and no matter how wonderful our life seems to be, there always seems to be room for improvement. I knew that I had some soul parts that were ready to come home because I had been made aware of some common symptoms of soul loss that I had been noticing for some time. Some of these "symptoms" include memory loss, feeling "spacey", having a desire to be someplace other than the earth realm, and aches and pains that do not have a natural physical explanation. There are many other tell tale signs, but these are the ones that I had noticed recently.

I had been noticing an ache in my left knee for a little while, and yes, I know that this is common for a runner, but one day during a self healing session on my knee, I had seen a very large man with a very ancient weapon that looked like a baseball bat with a large heavy metal ball on the end containing sharp points. I didn't feel like this man was attacking me but that he was me, or I was him in another lifetime. I saw some sort of altercation and I saw this large weapon hit the inside of my knee. So it was no surprise when this man showed up first when I asked to reclaim some lost soul parts. This is how it occurred.

I reached the astral plane and I saw a mirror. I looked into the mirror and saw another version of myself. My guides told me to walk through the mirror. As I did the image I saw in the mirror joined me in my body. She said in this plane her name was Deborah, after the warrior judge in the Old Testament who ruled Israel for a time. She took me to a lifetime very long ago and showed me that man who I had seen before when I was doing a healing on my knee. His name was Rolf. He was very large and very strong. And there was that weapon that I had seen before. I asked him if he would like to rejoin me in this lifetime. I asked him why he had stayed behind. And then I saw two women. He pointed to them and told me that he had stayed to look after them and he was not leaving without them. I recognized them at once as two close family members. They were living in a large dwelling and Rolf told me that they were enslaved there. He told me that we had to rescue them if we were to leave that place. Of course I never rescue souls without their permission so I asked their higher selves for permission to rescue them from this large dwelling where they were enslaved. They both agreed. One of them was sitting at her desk at the office where she works in real life and the other was resting at home. So off we went to save their enslaved souls.

I noticed that they had a sort of shackle on their ankles to keep them from escaping but the shackles were not attached to anything. It was revealed to me that they had been enslaved for so long that now they were free to come and go but had made no attempt to escape. The hardest thing would be to convince them that they were free to go. Eventually I was successful in getting them out of the dwelling where they lived but the psychic bonds were a little more difficult to remove. I was able to release them from the shackles around their ankles with a key that was given to me by the Angels. Then psychically I was able to see that there were also shackles on one of the girls wrists, on her head, and on her female parts. As I put the key in the lock that held them in place, they immediately opened and fell off. Then out of the shackles rose this very large entity the likes of whom I had never seen in any sort of reality. He was gooey and large and green. I asked the Angels to escort him away from the young girl and eventually he agreed. I acknowledged that he had completed whatever assignment he had taken and was now released into the hands of the Angels. I made sure he was gone and then I had to clean the goo off of the girl and wash her from head to toe with this sort of spiritual soap.

Rolf now agreed to rejoin me in this lifetime. We came back into my body that was still out running on this beautiful day. At first it was a little strange because immediately my body felt so much larger than it is in this lifetime. I felt like I was running carrying a large coat of armour. I told Rolf that I did not need this armour in this lifetime nor did I really need this  large body. I would like to keep the body I had, thank you very much. Immediately I once again felt at home in my body, but with more strength than before.

I am hoping my two family members feel the effects of this rescue as well, although I have no yet communicated with either of them. I thought I would share this experience so that someone interested in a journey could get a feel for what to expect. A person does not have to be present with me as I journey for them, as you can see by this story. I get a lot of good information while I am running and my clients would have a hard time accompanying me on those particular visits to the unseen realms. However, I also gather a lot of good information with the client present with me. Both experiences are healing and liberating to many people.

I am happy to welcome this lost soul part home to this body in this lifetime. We need all the parts of our souls to completely experience our lives to the fullest and complete whatever our highest selves have determined our purpose is for this lifetime. Welcome home, Rolf. On the next adventure!!

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