Sunday, May 31, 2015

Full Moon in Sagittarius and Mercury Retrograde

Have you been feeling the affects of the Mercury Retrograde? We are about half way through now, with Mercury going direct on the 11th, but we may feel the affects of it for the most part of June. I know a lot of you, me included, don't really look forward to Mercury Retrograde. Communications and travel tend to be affected. That includes electronics and other communication devices.

Last year my hubby and I booked a trip to Cancun. I mistakenly didn't check the chart before booking the trip and the day of our trip was the first day of a Mercury Retrograde. We had some setbacks in our travels and some annoyances with communications with hotel personnel. We also had some issues with internet access. However, all in all, we had a wonderful trip and I came back with some amazing memories and probably the best vacation ever.

That being said, I still believe that for the most part, we create our reality. Yes sometimes the moon and the planets and the stars affect the things that come across our path. Yes, Mercury Retrograde brought some challenges our way, however hubby love and I overcame the challenges and had the best vacation of our lives!

Sometimes I think the Universe or Spirit sends us things like Mercury Retrograde so that we have the opportunity to take a step back from the hustle and bustle of life. Perhaps our electronics act up so that we will look up from our computers and our phones and our tablets and look at the life that is right in front of us. I like to leave my phone at the house when I go out for a walk or a run or to work out in the yard. I want to be completely present in whatever I am experiencing. Yes sometimes I like to have my phone around to capture a picture of what I am experiencing but how many times do we miss out on so much of life that is right in front of us because we are too busy checking our phones?

The full moon on Tuesday is calling on us to celebrate our lives. Think deeply about life and our purpose here at this time and this place. We have come to this time and this place for a purpose. The highly spiritual number 11 is playing a huge role in the stars and planets at this time. Look at the things that are going on in your life with the thoughts of the big picture. What is the higher purpose of those things that are going on in your life at this time. What signs and symbols are showing up in your dreams and in your everyday life?

If you choose to honor the full moon with a ritual, be sure to use the element of fire in your ritual. Sagittarius is a fire sign. You can honor the full moon by lighting a candle or dancing around a fire pit in your backyard. Meditate on those things that you are drawing into your life and thank Spirit for the power of the moon in your intentions.

Remember to set your stones and crystals outside. They love the power of the moon and you will find their energy restored as they bask in the glow of the moon!

Most of all, don't dread any stage of the moon or the planets. Our intentions and expectations play a big role in what we end up experiencing. If we expect to meet up with all the crazy people when it is a full moon, guess what will happen! If we expect to have communication mishaps and misunderstandings during a Mercury Retrograde, the Universe will not disappoint.

Let us honor the planets and the stars and the moon no matter what stage they are in. Yes, we are affected by the planets and the moon, but more importantly, our beliefs and our expectations affect our experiences day by day.

Expect to greet each morning with love and joy, and meet each new experience with the expectation of growth and evolution. We are here to enjoy our lives and to grow from our day by day experiences.

Saturday, May 30, 2015

The Labyrinth

Sometime last year I went to visit my good friend Hali. She is a labyrinth enthusiast, and has one in her yard. She and I have been friends for many years, but the idea to put one in my own backyard never crossed my mind until our last visit sometime last year. I had decided to walk her labyrinth and suddenly felt inspired. I knew it was not one of those projects you can start and complete in one day, and somehow this is a challenge for me. When I get inspired, it has to be done, and it has to be done right now! (here is my good friend Hali's BLOG)

My first job of course was to connect with the Spirit of the Land and ask permission to put a labyrinth in the yard and then to ask where the labyrinth wanted to be placed. I always ask permission of the land and any items that I use such as rocks,sticks, flowers, etc before taking it upon myself to start a project. I love flowers and sitting in the backyard. One of my favorite ongoing projects is my pond. 

Today my goal was to put some flowers in some pots in various places throughout the yard. I had asked each plant where it wanted to be placed and which pots they wanted to be in. I asked Spirit if there was anything in particular I should do. Spirit told me to make sure that everything was to be in threes. So I went about arranging the flower pots in groupings of three. I put three flowers in each pot.

 Three is the number of manifesting and is a high spiritual number. In Christianity there is the Trinity: Father, Son and Holy Ghost. We are made up of three parts: spirit, mind and body. Last night hubby love and I were watching a show that was talking about the constellation Orion and its significance and what I noticed was that there were three stars grouped together in a row. I am sure other belief systems also have three as a significant number. However, this was the message I received, so I went about honoring Spirit's request.

After I was done, I sat down to connect once again with Spirit and after awhile my gaze went over to the pile of rocks I had been collecting over in the part of the yard where I had been contemplating placing the labyrinth. I went online and got a pattern.

I had wanted to have the opening to the labyrinth in the east, but after a bit of contemplation, realized that if I did that the focal point would be facing away from the house, I realized that there were two trees that offered me the perfect opening to the labyrinth. I know that if you read directions on how to create a labyrinth, there is a somewhat complicated system for marking out the path with tape or string, but I began to use the power of my visualization and just began placing rocks.  I would walk the proposed path and move them accordingly, after asking if they wanted to be part of the project of course.

You can see the two trees which will be the beginning of the labyrinth and the two stones which will eventually be the center. I have called out to the labyrinth to show me what is to be in the center. 

Stay tuned as I will post pics on occasion as I make progress!

My goal is that the labyrinth be a place to connect with Spirit, however you may define that. Most of my neighbors are Christian, and of course I want them to feel welcome to walk the labyrinth and connect with Jesus. However, I honor all paths to the Divine, and I want any seeker who comes to visit to feel welcome to walk the labyrinth and connect with that Power that connects us all to the Bigger Picture. As long as LOVE is the focal point, I see no reason to draw lines of separation between us.

If you have rocks that have not yet found a purpose, ask them if they would like to be part of a spiritual project. If you live near me and feel that you have a rock that is asking to be part of this labyrinth, feel free to come over and place it in the labyrinth.

Let us all lay down the things that separate us and let us connect to Spirit in ways that give us joy and meaning. Let us honor one another and whatever ways we find to connect to Spirit, or to our own soul. We all spring from One Source, and we are all brothers and sisters walking the path to the center of our own soul.

Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Soul Retrieval 101

Most of us have experienced soul loss at one time or another. We have all lost pieces of ourselves through lost loves, trauma, or many other experiences in life in which we have given parts of our soul to situations, people and experiences.

We have made vows to others .... "till death do us part"... "I will always love you"... "I am nothing without you".. "you complete me". These sentiments, although we meant them at the time, put us in danger of giving a piece of our soul to someone else. I am not saying that we cannot love another person without giving them a piece of our soul, but when the relationship ends, or changes, your soul does not just automatically come back to you.

What about childhood friendships? Have you ever found yourself frequently thinking about someone from your past who you haven't seen in years?

Remember that we are all connected. Our words and our thoughts create our experiences. If we constantly think about a person from our past, or we talk about them, or we pine over a lost love, or even if we badmouth them, we are in danger of either losing a piece of our soul or stealing a piece which belongs to someone else! We create these invisible strings tying us to our past. I am not saying that every time we pine over a lost love or think about a hurt or a loss we lose or give away a piece of our soul, but once we find ourselves in the habit of thinking or speaking about an event or a person from our past frequently, it is a real possibility.

Remember that everything in life has its own energy. The chair you are sitting on, the trees in your backyard, your favorite shoes. Anything that you have experienced in your life that has generated a strong emotion has left an imprint upon the chair, the tree, and the favorite pair of shoes. So in addition to its own energy, there is a small piece of you that remains with each thing you touch. The emotional response any particular memory emits is a good sign as to whether you may have left a piece of your soul behind.

One really good indication is our dreams.

Do you ever have that dream about being lost?

I think we all probably have that dream at one time or another. Now this dream does not always mean your soul is lost, but frequently this is the case. We are such very large multidimensional beings. There is so much we do not know. I will find myself having this dream over and over during particular times in my life. Sometimes I know intuitively that a piece of my soul has wandered off or gotten stolen, and sometimes I just know that as wanderers on the earth we are all looking for our home, and sometimes we forget that home is not somewhere off in the stars. Our home is here, inside our body, inside our consciousness that is here and now. Life becomes so much more enjoyable when we are not looking for fulfillment or joy in some other place and time. So often we send pieces of our soul into the future.. to "someday, when I find my true love, I will be happy," or "someday, when I have the perfect job and the perfect house and the perfect children... then I will be fulfilled."  May I suggest that it is entirely possible that we may never meet up with the pieces of our soul which we have sent away into the future. It is so important to be here, now. You need all the pieces of your soul with you, today, and every day.

As you can see, there are a multitude of scenarios which could have precipitated the experience of soul loss. We all could probably benefit from a session with someone trained in getting back those pieces of our soul which we have lost. However, there are some steps you can take to get back your own soul!

Every morning... well okay not every morning but most mornings when I think about it, I call back my soul from any universes or realities in which it may have wandered off. It is pretty simple, really. I just say..

"I call back any pieces of my soul that may have been lost or wandered off...and I give back any pieces of souls that may have attached to me or that I may have stolen unintentionally."

You should instantly feel more like yourself. If you still feel like a part of you is missing, or that something is off, you should ask your soul to call to you the healer that is right for you. If you feel that person is me, you can contact me through my website.

We all  need to be in our bodies experiencing as much joy as we can handle. Every second in our bodies should be a joyful expression of our soul in ecstasy. We don't need artificial stimulants to live a life of joy every day. We just need to be in our skin, looking out of our own eyes with joyful expectation.

What gives you joy? Just for today, look within yourself and see if all of you is in there. If not, go on a hunting trip to find yourself. It is worth the effort!

Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Soul Retrievals and Jesus

People often ask me what a soul retrieval is and how does it benefit us.

A couple of years ago, I wrote a couple of blogs explaining some of these terms. you can read about it here. In a short version, a soul retrieval is when a shaman or shamanic practitioner goes into the nonphysical world to get back pieces of your soul which you have lost during traumatic or emotionally charged events, or pieces of yourself that you have given away or lost through deep soul connections.

We are familiar with the many love songs out there which talk about giving our soul away to someone who we love. At some point the relationship may end, but our soul stays with that person.

Or possibly there was a traumatic event in your life in which you felt like a part of your disappeared, or got lost.

Have you ever had that dream where you are lost and can't find your way home? It may be a message from your soul that a part of you can't find its way back to you.

How about a belief system in which you are asked to give your soul to some Higher Power?

Yeah. About that. I know about that.

I grew up a born again Christian. The whole philosophy I grew up with was the fact that if we didn't give our soul to Jesus we were doomed to Hell. I did that. I gave my soul to Jesus. Many times. (I was afraid that the first time didn't take. I didn't feel any different afterward and thought I should have.)

Now may I interject here that I have no issues with Jesus. He and I talk frequently.

As a matter of fact, the other day, (before my recent experience with appendicitis), I was at the gym on my favorite piece of equipment, the elliptical. For some reason I find it easy to connect the the Other Realms while on that machine. I haven't figured out the why, but I am not one to argue with Spirit.

So anyway, here I am, pumping my arms and my legs on this piece of gym equipment, when the number 333 pops up on the screen in front of me. This is a sign to me that Someone Upstairs wants to talk to me. Okay like it is a phone call from the Ascended Masters..and Jesus is one of only a couple of Ascended Masters I communicate with.

So I went on up to the Upper Realms. And there is Jesus. We talked a bit about some pretty cool things, which I may talk about some other time. This is a blog about soul retrieval.

So Jesus says to me, Oh by the way, I have something that belongs to you.

OH yeah? What?

You gave me this a long time ago and I wanted to give it back to you. It is a piece of your soul.

Say what? Jesus stole a piece of my soul? NO I gave it to Him. And He wanted to give it back.

Don't you want to keep it? I protested. You probably should. I did give it to you.

No, I want you to have it back. You need all the pieces of your soul.  This is your soul. This is your life. I am always here to help you but I don't want your soul.

Really? That doesn't really fit with Christian philosophy, I protested. I thought that giving you my soul was my only way of securing salvation.

Hmmm. Jesus said. But you don't really believe that anymore, do you?

Well, no. But you are Jesus. You might know a little bit more than me.

Yes, well you know very well that what you say and what someone hears are very often two different things. A lot of the things I said were misinterpreted. So many people think they are doing themselves a favor giving me their souls. I have them all here. When they are ready I will give them back.

I think that most people think you are probably better at running their lives than they are. Maybe they are looking to you to guide them so that they don't make any mistakes. Or maybe they want to make sure they get into heaven.

Would you please tell everyone that they are doing fine. Yes I am always here to help them. I am always here to guide them. But they need their souls. I am here to show them that they can access Divine Wisdom themselves.

So there it is. I did a soul retrieval on myself while on the elliptical machine at the gym and Jesus was the one giving me my soul back.

What happened after that?

Well, to be honest, for the next couple of days I found myself being very angry, saying words I don't normally say, losing my temper, yelling at other drivers on the highway, and being a rather nasty little bitch. Hmm. I have never ever been that person. Maybe the soul part I gave to Jesus was not a very nice person. Or maybe she was just angry that she had been gone away from me for so long and had missed out on so much of my life. I did give her away at a very young age.

So after a couple of days, I finally figured out that this little nasty bitch that had come into my body needed to be comforted. I told her that I was sorry to have given her away. I told her that surely being with Jesus was not that bad that she had to act out this way.  I told her that I had a pretty good life now and that I would like her to be a part of it, but the angry part needed to be dealt with and let go.

So I did. I let go of all the anger. Anger at the things that I had believed that I had learned were not true. Anger that the things I expected Jesus to take care of He had not done. Anger that in His infinite wisdom he had realized that I needed to do some things for myself. Anger that Jesus had not lived up to my expectations. Apparently He did not like the job of making my life work. Some things I needed to do and learn for myself.

I suddenly realized that Jesus had given me the gift of myself.

I now believe that Jesus never wanted to be given our souls. He never threatened to send us to eternal damnation if we didn't. His message was one of love, and forgiveness, and acceptance. He wants us to know that we have the power within ourselves to create a wonderful life of love and happiness and joy. I know this because I live it. And Jesus is not mad at  me for taking my soul back. Hell, He is the one who gave it back to me!

I know for some of you this is dangerously close to heresy! The whole concept of salvation is in question! I say, YES! Question everything! Only keep those parts of your belief system that feel good in your soul! If you feel wonderful with Jesus holding your soul, then I am sure He is safely watching over it for you!  For me, I feel good having all my soul parts with me. Jesus is always there for me to turn to for advice or help, But the choice is mine. I believe that we are here on this earth experiencing this life not to benefit Jesus, but to benefit our own souls. Not to fight demons and win the earth back from the devil. Any devils we need to conquer are mostly within ourselves.

Let us lay down all of our thoughts and beliefs about God, and life, and really look within ourselves and feel what rings true to our souls. When we really feel joy in our existence on this earth plane, then we will know we have found the answer.

Do you sometimes feel a bit lost, or that some part of you is stuck in another plane of existence? Do you sometimes dream of being lost and can't find your way back home? Have you had a traumatic experience, when after it was over, you never quite felt the same afterward?

You may benefit from a soul retrieval! Although I prefer to do them in person, I also offer soul retrievals over the phone if you are not in my area. There are many wonderful healers who also offer this amazing healing experience. Find the healer that rings true to your soul, and go looking for those lost pieces of your self. We are meant to be whole, happy, and present in our bodies and in our life on this earth plane,

You can contact me on my WEBSITE and let's get started finding YOU.

Monday, May 18, 2015


I do not claim to be an astrologist, but I do keep up with the phases of the moon and certain events in the skies that seem to have an effect on my life and the life of those around me.

So this morning on the east coast, a little after midnight, we experienced a new moon in Taurus.

Taurus is an earth sign, and has to do with self worth, personal values, and things that are related to our life in the earth realm.

Depending on whose blogs you read, new moons can be about manifesting new things or letting go of old stuff.

Here is my understanding.

The dark moon and the new moon are a bit different, although they are sometimes used interchangeably.

The dark moon is when there is NO moon, It is dark.

The new moon is right after that. When the darkness of the moon begins to pass and the next phase begins its trek across our sky and our experience.

Symbolically you may correctly ascertain that the best time for releasing things out of your life is when the moon is waning and going into the dark stage and the best time for manifesting would be when the moon begins to become visible again!

This particular new moon is accompanied by a Mercury Retrograde which lasts approximately three weeks. Mercury is all about communication, Traditionally Mercury Retrogrades affects anything having to with our communications with others. Since in modern times we often communicate via the internet, phones, and other electronic devices, be sure that these items may not always function the way they should during Mercury Retrogrades.

However, Mercury Retrogrades are not necessarily a bad thing,  We get to revisit our communications with others, We get to bring closure to outstanding issues in our lives. We get to take some time out and look at our recent past and see if there are some things we have been avoiding. With the new moon in Taurus, this is a perfect time for revisiting our relationships with others, our relationship with our money, our values, and things that are important to us. If there is an imbalance, now is the perfect time to set things right.

This past week my body indicated to me that there was an imbalance. I found it necessary to experience an emergency appendectomy. Up until that day, I will admit that I had allowed my life to become a bit imbalanced. I was charging forward like Taurus the bull, accepting every invite, every opportunity that presented itself. Working full time again at the Post Office, doing weddings and readings and classes on weekends and sometimes after a full day at the Post Office, I was headed toward a screeching halt.

This week is my week to recharge. To decide which opportunities to take, and which ones to release. What a perfect week to do this!

I am planning a double whammy ritual this evening. The actual dark moon has passed, and the new moon is now upon us. However, I have a two fold agenda. I am making two lists. One list contains the things I am ready to release, and the other list contains the things I am ready to invite or manifest into my life.

May I suggest you do something similar in your time with Spirit as well.

I like to incorporate the particular element that is related to the moon when doing my rituals. In this case Taurus is an earth sign, so I will bring the earth into my ritual. I will take my two pieces of paper containing my intentions. The one that  contains the things I am releasing, I will stand outside (weather permitting) and say something like this:

Higher Beings of Love and Light, Universe, Higher Self and My Own Soul, I thank you for the experiences of life that have brought me to this moment, I thank all of the things that I am now releasing for the lessons you have taught me and the value you have had in my life up until this point. I am now ready to release you to the earth and out of my life.

I will then dig a hole in the earth, asking the Earth for permission first of course and asking where in the Earth to dig the hole. I will tear up the paper into tiny pieces and bury the pieces into the earth, thanking the Earth for accepting the energy of those things to the betterment of my soul.

Now to the second part of my ritual. I will take my second list of things I want to manifest into my life. I will say a similar incantation, or prayer, something like this:

Higher Beings of Love and Light, Universe, Higher Self and My Own Soul: I now humbly ask your help in manifesting these things into my life. As I team up with you I thank you for your partnership with me in bringing into my life my intentions. 

Now is the fun part! Being spring and time to plant new things in your yard or whatever space you have available, find a pot of dirt and a plant that you would like to grow. You can tear up your piece of paper into little pieces and place it in the bottom of the pot. Fill the pot with dirt and the plant and water it. Thank the plant and the dirt for its partnership with you as you manifest your intentions!

If you do not possess a green thumb or the ability to grow a plant, for whatever reason,you can do your ritual in whatever way speaks to you. Place your paper under a rock. Rocks are very powerful earth elements. Go to the mountains somewhere and plant your intentions. Use the element of earth. Even if you burn the paper and then spread the ashes into the earth somewhere that is still using the element of earth in your ritual. Have fun! Use your favorite spiritual tools. Remember to make your ritual speak to your soul.

The earth, the stars and the planets, whether you believe that they have real power over your life or not, are there to remind you of the things of the Spirit. Nothing really has any meaning unless it has meaning to YOU. Rituals are for your benefit. They bring your thoughts and words and actions together for a specific purpose.

Have fun and relax! Remember that life is on your side! These tools that I suggest are for your benefit and are meant to bring joy into your life in a greater way! Whatever means you find to bring joy into your life is good!

If you would like some personal attention, I am always available for phone, Skype or email consultations. If you live near me, I am available at specific dates and times listed on my WEBSITE.

Blessings to you on this special day!