Tuesday, March 21, 2017

Goddess Rising

I am a spiritual message junkie.

For most of my life, I have been addicted to all things spiritual. My dad was a minister, and for the first thirty five years of my life, my exposure to the Divine was within that belief system. We did believe in receiving messages from Spirit, and truthfully, that is where I learned to connect with the Divine.

It wasn't until my late thirties, early forties, when I received my first experience with the feminine aspect of the Divine, or Goddess. I guess you could say I was a late bloomer. During meditation one day, the Goddess Isis came to me and told me She was going to teach me the tarot. I did not know who she was or if she knew anything about the tarot, and truthfully, at first, I was not interested. She was persistent, however, and, finally, I agreed and thus began my first relationship with a Goddess.

I related that story to tell you about a new book ready to be released soon that is all about the feminine aspect of the Divine called Goddess Rising by Lyn Thurman. In this book, she assists us in connecting with 52 Goddesses, some well known and some more obscure.

It is my belief that there are many aspects and expressions of the Divine, and many are feminine! We have been possibly over exposed to the male aspect of Divinity, and I believe it is time to balance the scales. In this book, you are invited to spend a year connecting with a different Goddess each week. I have already pre-ordered two copies!

Check out Lyn's website, lynthurman.com and get ready to change your perspective on God/Goddess, and all things spiritual!

Wednesday, October 26, 2016

As the World Turns..

When I first began writing a blog, I was quite obsessive with making sure I posted a blog of some sort once or twice a week. I was quite successful for, oh... about five years.

And then life happened.

If you haven't heard from me lately, it is not because I have not been hearing from Spirit.

To the contrary.

Spirit talks quite often. I just haven't had time to write about it.

I am still working a full time job.

The three cuties above are frequently found at my home. I come home from work and they are there, and hubby is umpiring their interactions, which most of the time are quite loving, but, you know, they are kids.

I also have the privilege of being a wedding officiant, so many weekends I am joining happy couples in marriage.

In between all of that, yes, I have been giving readings to clients and doing events. Hubby and I are trying our hand at some video interviews. Every morning on my Facebook page, www.facebook.com/whispersofjoy I post a tarot card of the day.

At some point I hope life will settle down and I will once again begin writing some messages from Spirit and posting them here.

In the mean time, you can connect with me on Facebook.

One day I will write about this year and we will all have a good laugh.

Tuesday, August 16, 2016

Eight of swords

Today you may feel you are alone, and you have no options or means of escaping your dilemma. You cannot see a way to free yourself from this dark place. Remember that you have an infinite supply of strength within your soul! Although there may be no visible assistance outside of yourself, you have the inner strength to find a solution! Begin to visualize yourself happy and free and enjoying your life without restraint! You can do it! This is only temporary! I am sending you an extra dose of love and light today to realize the solution to your situation. 

Sunday, August 14, 2016

Message from the Tarot

Every day I post a card of the day on my facebook page. I tried to do it from blogger, but it seems to be a bit more work.

This morning I thought the message that came through was important enough to post on a larger scale. Here it is.

Traditionally this card has to do with giving to those less fortunate but it also has to do with a feeling of inequality. In reality, we are all equally amazing souls. We are all on our own path to bliss, and we all have chosen different paths to get there. Sometimes we may feel terribly lacking in the presence of someone who we feel is in some way superior to us, and at times we feel superior in some way. We should all realize that each of us has a gift to share with the world, and none of us are better than or worse than anyone else. Today, take off your glasses and look at life through the eyes of someone different than yourself.

Wednesday, August 10, 2016

What I Have Been Up To!!

You may or may not know that, oh, around May or so, I decided to take a little haitus. I had been burning the candle at both ends, working full time, marrying people, teaching classes, doing events, private sessions, and, oh let's not forget family time with a hubby, daughter, two stepchildren and three grandchildren.

I was beginning to feel a bit out of sorts. I knew I needed a time out, but obligations I had already booked and regular clients prevented me from completely going off the grid. However, I did slow down tremendously. I removed myself from every event that I possibly could and increased my meditation time and sitting out in nature time.

Right about that time my hubby was approached by a local guy  named David Perry who is the owner of a local intenet television studio called WinLife TV about the possibility of doing a semi-regular television show about various paranormal subjects. My hubby jumped at this opportunity and, oh yes, told me that it was a joint venture and we would be interviewing guests and visiting various sites together. So much for my haitus!

I have enjoyed a summer of weekend trips to various locations, and, yes, I did get to chill at the beach and in the mountains. One hiking trip to an abandoned community  put us in a possible vacarious nearness to what could have possibly been a bigfoot encounter. HaHa and I had no interest really in the possiblity that bigfoot existed but, hey, it is a paranormal show, right?

Our new internet television series is called "Alternate Realities" and so far we have already filmed six shows due to air about once every two weeks on Thursday evening at 8pm.

I am in  a personal year of rest and reflection, and deciding what is worth holding on to and what I am letting go of. I do enjoy teaching classes on various spiritual practices, and, if there is interest, will start doing that again. I do see the need for some connection between those of us in the nontraditional spiritual community, so I am considering once again starting up a once a month get together in my home. This will not begin until next year, only because I have been instructed by Spirit not to plan anything too far in the future right now.

I would love some feedback on what kinds of things you are interested in and would like to see in the near future and if you would be interested in attending in my hometown of Winchester Virginia or at my other location in Herndon Virginia.

In the meantime, here are the links to the two already aired "episodes" of our new show, "Alternate Realities". I hope you will watch and give us some love and support on this new venture!

This link will take you to the first episode, where we talked about our vision for the show and bringing awareness of different "paranormal" subjects out into mainstream.. paranormal being not just ghosts and monsters but anything that is out of the ordinary...

Here  is a link to the website of WinLife TV where you will see our show and the other shows on the site. As I went on to the site I notice that we are at the top of the page! Yay! Our first episode, other than the one in which we talked about ourselves, is an interview with the president and co-founder of the Monroe Institute, Nancy McMoneagle. We talk about out of body experiences, remote viewing, astrology, and so much more!

Clck Here to watch the first episode with Nancy McMoneagle.

I hope you enjoy watching our show and stay tuned for what is coming up soon, not only on this show but also in life! I hope to connect with you soon!

Monday, April 18, 2016

When All Else Fails, Call In the Big Guns!!

Okay so I meditated. I connected with Divine Love. I sent out Love and Light to the Thunderstorm in Houston, the pilots, the other people on the flight, my hubby, my family, the people affected by the rain, the people affected by the earthquakes in Ecuador and Japan. A little family drama hubby took care of over the phone as we sat waiting and waiting here at the airport for our flight that is supposed to eventually take us to Cabo for a well needed and well deserved holiday.

We have now been here at the airport for 15 hours. I admit I had a melt down at around ...oh I think 12 hours or so. A short meltdown.

I had to confess to hubby that I have apparently not yet reached enlightenment while he calmly sat and said... let it go, Joy. A lot of people have it worse.

At some point I remembered.. I think it was after that second glass of wine.. that there were some pretty amazing rocking chairs in the sun right down the way.

And then I remembered my really cool Ganesha finger puppet in my purse. Ahhh.. Ganesha.. the Remover of Obstacles.

The message? No I don't always have all the answers. Sometimes I have meltdowns. THERE IS ALWAYS HELP. SOMETIMES THE ANSWER IS.. PATIENCE.. NOT RIGHT NOW. Other people have bigger problems than you.

I am still sitting at the airport. Right now it looks like our flight is going to leave on time. 

And I am okay either way.

Moving Forward Despite Obstacles

At the moment I am sitting on an airplane that is delayed due to the thunderstorms around Houston where hubby and I are supposed to get a connecting flight taking us on a holiday to Cabo San Lucas Mexico. We have been planning and dreaming for this day to come for months now.

Working full time, doing weddings, events, classes and seeing clients, not to mention family drama, grandkids, and life has exhausted this girl. My plan has been to sit on the beach, meditate, and allow people to wait on me hand and foot for five days.

I have been posting a card of the day for several months now on my Facebook page, and I actually drew them and scheduled one for each day so even that was off my plate. So this morning when I was contemplating my day, and I was holding my cards, I said to Spirit: please not the chariot card, please not the chariot card.. and guess which one I got???

You guessed it!! The chariot.

Chariot obviously indicates movement, so it often has to do with travel, but most often it indicates the need to overcome obstacles to get you where you need to go.

What to do. I am sitting in an airplane on the runway, going nowhere.

I always say, when you can't control what is going on outside of you, you can always control what is going on inside.

What a perfect time to go within, connect with Divine Love and go with the flow.