Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Life is Medicine

Yes I realize it has been almost two weeks since my last blog.  No the Angels did not take a vacation. I have actually been very busy receiving some messages and information for the next step. I am very excited for the things which are to come, both personally and collectively.

The major message I had gotten at the beginning of the year to guide me through this year was that this year was to be a year of great change. Those who study numerology know that this year is a 5 year, 5 being the number of change, movement, and surprises. In a five year things often happen unexpectedly, which, as you well know, can be good and it can be not so good. My personal numbers correspond with the universal numbers, so I have been expecting some changes as well. I made up my mind at the beginning of the year that the changes were going to be good ones, and I believe we have the power over our own lives to make those decisions. Even if things happen unexpectedly to knock us off balance or surprise us, nothing happens by accident. Even challenges can lead to positive outcomes. Sometimes you could experience a challenge and say, " this is not a positive change. How can you say that you just decided that the changes were going to be positive?"  I say that life is all about change, and growth, and what is around the corner. Yes, sometimes change is painful, but it is all good.

Recently I have been learning about the Native American concept of the medicine wheel. The theory is that everything that happens in our lives happens in a particular order, or cycle. Sometimes we would like to circumvent some of the necessary steps in that cycle, and skip over the more painful or challenging aspects of the cycle of life, but that is not to be. We all have to be willing to move through each part of our lives, and fully experience all the aspects of our lives so we can come to the end of our lives and say... "I get it." This is actually a position on the medicine wheel of life. Some of us will go around the cycle only once in our entire life, and some of us will go around several times. Each time we go over a cycle we learn something new. Sometimes when we don't learn it we have to experience it again, as some of us can attest that we seem to go through the same difficulties over and over. We may have relationships that are eerily similar. We may go through bankruptcy or job changes, or health challenges over and over, and it seems we are on a treadmill, always moving but never going anywhere.

Of course what the ideal situation would be is if we would come to a place where we embrace each step we take on the medicine wheel of life. If we are going through a challenge, let us ask ourselves, "what is the lesson here?" We can also look back on the seemingly dark times and realize that the darkest of moments led us to a place of total surrender, where we had no choice but to move out of the darkness into the light. After that, we could honestly say, "I get it. I understand the lesson."

Let us embrace wherever we are on the medicine wheel of life. Medicine is that remedy we take to make us feel better. In Native American terms, life is medicine. Sometimes the medicine is bitter, and sometimes pleasant, but it is all for our benefit. It is possible to stuck somewhere on that wheel and not move forward. We can become despondent. We can decide that things we want have to happen in a specific way or according to a specific plan that we have made out for ourselves. Let me tell you that it doesn't work that way. Let us be open to all the Universal Life Force has for us. As we embrace life and all it has to offer, every day becomes an adventure.

I am looking forward to anything life has to offer me, and I am expecting that all change is going to be positive. I am looking forward to moving forward and my statement to the Universe is that whatever is best for me and all those who I love around me is what I want to happen. It doesn't have to happen exactly the way I expected that it would. Life is medicine. And it is all good.

Friday, February 17, 2012

Where Is That Coming From?

I was kind of looking forward to taking a couple days off from messages but this one came to me loud and clear yesterday and so I had to share.

Last weekend I was listening to a recording of some manifesting techniques and the woman doing the broadcast suggested that in order to clear ourselves of negative thinking, which is a big obstacle if you are trying to manifest something, that whenever a negative thought comes through your mind, you disown the thought by saying, " I wonder who that thought belongs to?" Well, I will have to say that most of the time I am a very positive person, but yesterday it happened to me twice, with surprising results.

I was at work at the Post Office. It was a slow day. I was standing out in the lobby, just standing there, really, and there were just a couple of people milling around. The thought crossed my mind that someone there didn't like me. Immediately I disowned the thought, thinking to myself, "I wonder who that thought belongs to?" My next customer came up to me, and after I waited on her, I suggested she go into the office and see if a supervisor could help her with her issue. Imagine my surprise when she went into the office and complained to my supervisor that I was rude to her, and that I was rude to her every time she came into the Post Office!! Now I will admit that sometimes I am not always full of love and light, but I honestly do not remember this woman or ever being rude to her. However, the synchronicity of the event was not lost to me. I had just had the thought that someone there didn't like me, and immediately after asking the question "I wonder who that thought belongs to" I was given the answer to the question.

Second event. It is about half past midnight. I am half awake, half asleep, and I wake up in a panic. On occasion I awake in the night and feel panicky as if there is someone in the house. I get up, take a quick walk through the house. There is no one in the house. I say to myself, "I wonder who that thought belonged to?" It was more of an emotion, really, not a thought, but immediately I felt the presence of a woman. She told me that she had drowned in a pond of some kind in Front Royal. She showed me the road where the body of water is, which is a road which is directly beside another road, both of them gravel or maybe dirt roads. The road to the left is a public road, possibly a park or a something like that. There is a white SUV and a pickup truck. She wants me to find her body. I told her that she needed to cross into the light. I am assuming this just happened recently but it is possible it happened a long time ago and she just found me. She said no, she was not ready to cross. She is in a dark place. I send her love and light. She has dark brown hair and maybe from Israel? I don't know. I just heard Israel. I also heard Alice. I am not sure if that is her name but that is the name that came to my mind. Anyway, if anyone reading this is familiar with any missing persons in Front Royal that this sounds familiar with, this is what I got. Maybe one day I will get my husband to drive with me to Front Royal and look for the road I saw. It could be anywhere but I know it is near Front Royal.

If you have empathic tendencies, it is easy to mistake random thoughts for your own. By disowning these thoughts, you realize that we are more connected than we think. I am sending love and light to both women in my story, both the one who is alive and the one who has passed. I hope that both of them find peace. Thanks to Spirit, who has taught me this little sentence to use to distinguish my own thoughts from those of others around me.

Peace to all who read this.

Thursday, February 16, 2012

Message Number Thirty

If you have been reading my blogs, you know that back in December the Angels told me that I was to write a message a day for thirty days the month of January. I didn't listen at first. I was worried. Worried that no one would read them every day. (my husband says to me, "not everyone lives in Joy's world.") Worried that I would not have enough time every day to get still and get a message (I did miss a day here and there.) Worried that maybe I would not get a message or that if I did it may be misunderstood or unappreciated. Worry worry. So anyway, two weeks into January my Angels brought the subject up again. Okay, so better late than never. I listened to them,  got still and wrote a message a day. It was a lesson in trust. At first I was trying to receive more than one message at a time, just in case one day I didn't have time or maybe the Angels forgot or maybe I was not tuned in properly and did not get a message one day.

Now that today is the last day of the thirty days of messages, I am happy to have accomplished my goal and I hope the messages have spoken to those of you who kept up with them. I will go back to my previous habit of writing a message one or two days a week, whenever the Angels give them to me. I have received some additional instructions for the next step in this journey with the Angels, which I will announce when the time is right. In the meantime, here is the message the Angels wanted me to give you today.

The Angels wanted me to explain to you what I mean when I claim to receive messages from the Angels. Who are they? Do they have names? Are they really Angels?

I use the term Angels when I refer to receiving messages because it is just easier than saying .. well today the message is from Gabriel or so and so. They don't always tell me their names. When I was active in the church I felt that the messages were from the Holy Spirit. The place from which I heard the messages then is the same place I hear them from now. When I ask Them who they are they just tell me that they are Beings of Love and Light. When I am with them I feel love. I feel lighter. They cannot be from a bad place, which is a question I also sometimes receive. Those in some religious circles claim that if I am not in relationship with a particular religion then the voices I hear have to be from the Devil. Well, clearly, the Devil, if he even exists, could not possibly come up with messages that make people feel good, and why would he want to? I say, don't live in such a small box. God is big. The Universe is big. Yes, I talk to Jesus regularly.. But He does not mind when I talk to other Ascended Masters as well. Actually, I regularly meet with a group of five ascended masters and they talk to me about many things.

I guess the message for today is that the truth will always make you feel good and lighter and lies will make you feel bad. I will talk more about that at a later date but if you are hearing messages from Spirit and you are afraid because of your religious upbringing that they are coming from the dark side, ask yourself how do you feel when you are connecting to them? Do you feel light and happy or do you feel heavy or fearful or sad? If you feel fearful is the fear coming from the religious teachings that have made you worry about connecting with dark angels that claim to be of the light? Some time I will talk about the years of religious exposure I had that left me feeling fearful and sad all the time. Let me ask you this. When you turn on a light bulb, does it pretend to be dark? Does the dark pretend to be light? How absurd!! Does the dark say, don't turn that light on. Does the light say, watch out for the darkness? No. You turn on the light and the dark goes away, completely on its own. End of story.

If you are afraid of the dark, Turn on the light. Let go of all you think you know about good and bad, right and wrong. Listen to your heart.

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Message Number Twenty Nine

The message the Angels have given me for today is a big one. Yesterday I had the opportunity to share this with three different people just as I went through my day so I felt like my message number twenty eight in my daily message from the Angels was fulfilled, it just got fulfilled in person instead of via my blog. This is a Huge message.

The message is... who do you think you are?

Scenario number one... a woman has left her husband but is feeling guilty. She was not happy. The husband was not meeting her needs. He was not showing her affection or attention. My response. Do you think you deserve to be treated like a queen or do you deserve to be treated poorly? Who are you? How do you feel about yourself? When you come to the place that you feel so good about yourself that you know that you are special, you are wonderful, you deserve to be happy, then you will do whatever is necessary to make sure you are treated well. People around you can only treat you as well as you feel about yourself.

Scenario number two.. a man wants to be an entrepreneur. He has done the research. He has talked to investors. He has formulated the dream in his head. All he needs is the money. My answer. Do you see yourself as an entrepreneur? Who do you think you are? Do you see this happening way in the future or do you see it, feel it taste it, as if it is happening now? Where are you in those visions in your head? Are you the observer or are you right in the midst of it, feeling it, tasting it, smelling it?

Scenario number three... similar story. A woman struggles with always feeling that she never measures up. She says she felt it from her mother and now she repeats it all through out her subsequent relationships. I said to her.. others cannot feel about you any differently than you feel about yourself. Who do you think you are? Do you see yourself as someone who never measures up? Then you never will. Change how you see yourself and you change how others see you.

Do this ... finish this sentence.....I am......?

What or who are you? Are you wealthy or are you poor? Are you healthy or are you sick? Are you happy or are you depressed? How do you see yourself? How do you finish the sentence?

Years ago I went to a psychic and she said to me.. You are a healer. Why are you not using your gift? And I said, how am I supposed to do that? I just work at the Post Office. And she said to me... Never say that again. From now on when someone asks you .. what do you do? You say... I am a healer. I just happen to work at the Post Office. The Post Office is not who you are.

Now all these years later I just figured it out. I have been trying to attain to the title of healer. I have been studying and writing and working with clients and yet I always saw it as something to attain to, something that had not yet happened. I just realized that as long as I am looking to the future for something to happen, it never will. I just got it. I am a healer. I am an intuitive. I talk to the dead. I talk to the Angels. I write books. That is who I am.

Who are you?

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Message Number Twenty Eight -Part One

I was asking my Angels to give me a message today about love. Well the day is still early, but so far I have not gotten my thoughts together on which angle to pursue. However, I was reading my friend Hali's blog for today and I decided I couldn't have said it better myself. So here is a link to her blog about love. Of course I maintain my right to my own message if it comes.

Monday, February 13, 2012

Message Twenty Seven

Last night I had a dream. I dreamed of two houses. The first house was very large and ornate. There were many rooms with expensive decorations and exquisite furnishings. However, in every room, there was what appeared to be pandemonium. It appeared that a large party had occurred the night before and there were empty bottles and trash everywhere. In the bathroom there were two people asleep in a tub full of water. In the dream I was trying to solicit help from the other people in the dream to clean up the mess. It appeared that the house belonged to me but it was not one that I recognized in real life. I also did not recognize any of the people in the dream. I would think at first that I recognized someone but then when I addressed them it was not who I thought it was. Then I had a second dream or the second part of the same dream. I am not sure. In the next dream I had just purchased a small cottage. It was quaint and appeared to be a New England style beach house. It had just appeared on the market and in the dream I had snatched it up when it had barely hit the market. It was in pristine condition. As I walked up the sidewalk I noticed an ornate cherry jewelry box sitting by the front steps. I recognized it in the dream as something that belonged to me that I loved. I went inside and noticed it was completely empty, but clean. On the wall was a wooden box that contained locks to all the rooms. The rooms were all locked but I held in my hands the keys to all the rooms. When I got to that point in the dream I remember wondering why all the rooms were locked. I also remember hearing a message that this house was empty and I was to fill it only with things that I loved. Then I woke up.

It seems to me that we all have choices. Houses in dreams often represent our souls or our lives. Very often we fill up our lives with many things that we think will bring us happiness, but along with those things come pandemonium and destruction. We often spend much of our time cleaning up messes that we probably didn't make ourselves but allowed to happen. The second house represents a choice. The choice to clear my soul of things (in my case limiting beliefs or perhaps vows) that do not serve me. I have been writing about vows but it could represent other things in our lives that clutter our "house" and cause disasters. (I still am not sure about the men sleeping in the tub). In any case, I have chosen a different house. It is empty and clean and Spirit was telling me to only fill it with things that I love. The rooms in my house are locked but I have the keys to open the doors.

This message is personal to me but also speaks of choices to clear out cluttering thoughts and beliefs and start new. Whenever we become aware of things in our lives that are clutter to us then it is our choice and our responsibility to clean up the mess. Spirit will help us. It may be that we will "move" into a smaller and emptier house but it is our responsibility to fill our house, our our soul, with things and people that we love. In my case the clutter was thoughts and beliefs about who I am and why I am here.

The message in this is that this year is a year of universal change. There will be some upheaval in our lives but it is for our ultimate good. We are learning who we are and what has been holding us back from fulfilling our dreams for all these years. As we clear out the pandemonium, sometimes we may stay in the same place but many times we will move to a different place in the evolution of our lives. In any case we will all be better for the changes, no matter how much we have become accustomed to the clutter. In the end the changes will be peaceful and it will be up to us to fill our lives with things and people we love. Let us welcome the changes. We hold the keys in our hands to unlock the doors to our souls that previously have been locked up for such a time as this.

Sunday, February 12, 2012

Message Twenty Six

In my last message I talked about vows and I said that in a future message we would be talking about how to break a harmful vow.

First of all, how do you know if a vow you have made is in your best interests or the best interests of the other person with whom you may have made it, if the vow was made with another person? Think of a vow you have made. Let us take my previous example in the vow I made that I would never quit the Post Office. When I made that vow, the reason I made that vow was because previously to that I had been a waitress in a restaurant/bar atmosphere. My daughter was three years old. My husband was a self employed carpenter, which meant that sometimes he made really good money but he was frequently out of work and we were perpetually late on our bills. The Post Office was my chance at a steady income and benefits for the first time in my life. The vow was made in reaction to the reality I was living at the time. So even though I was having a hard time working at the Post Office, I vowed I would never quit because of the other factors in my life that were worse than a hard job. So the vow was not made with any degree of higher intention. The vow was made in reaction to a hard life situation. It was not a healthy vow. So did the vow make me feel good? No. Your emotions should be the guide to let you know whether a vow is healthy or not. A vow that makes you feel good when you make it will not necessarily mean that it will always make you feel good. The vow I am referring to in my own life should have showed me that I had created a pretty dim life. After years and years of working at the Post Office, I forgot about the vow. Until recently. I realized that if I wanted to create a life where I was not bound to the financial woes of the Post Office, which we know is not good at this time, then I would have to break that vow.

There are a couple of ways to do this. The important thing is the intention with which you break a vow. Always have the best interests of all parties involved when you break a vow. Now in the previously mentioned vow, I am sure the Post Office does not care one way or the other if I made a vow or if I plan to keep it. But this is not always the case. So I could just say, out loud, " I say now to myself and the Universe that I break this vow I made to never quit the Post Office. I release any invisible cords that tie me to working there. I release any beliefs I may have that the Post Office is the best job that I could have or that I will never be able to make a decent living doing anything else. I now open myself up to receiving income from other sources. I now proclaim that my income is not tied to the Post Office. I thank the Universe for bringing me lots of income from many sources."

There is another ritual that I have done in the past to release a vow. I have written the vow on a piece of paper and then burned it in a candle ritual, basically saying the same words or similar words out loud to the Universe. I thank the fire for burning out any remaining ties that would connect me to the vow and thank the smoke for releasing the vow to the Universe. I bless any people who may have been connected to the vow and release them to their own good in the Universe. It is important to bless any people who may be connected to the vow and ask your Higher Powers to facilitate the breaking of the vow for the good of everyone concerned. I release all of the perceptions of right and wrong, good and bad, that everyone concerned may benefit from the breaking of the vow.

If you feel uncomfortable burning the piece of paper, you can also bury it in the earth and ask the Mother Earth to transform the vow into fertilizer for the earth. Or you can flush the vow down the toilet, with the intention that the vow is being flushed out of your life. As I said, intention is everything. I have heard of people putting similar things on pieces of paper and putting them in the freezer, essentially freezing away their power. However, this seems to me to be impermanent. They are always still there, even though maybe not actively effective in your life. This may work if there is something you want to temporarily free yourself from, to give time for reevaluation.

Now seems to be a time in the Spirit realm for addressing things in our lives that remain unaddressed. We need to be free from anything that ties us down or holds us back so that we can enter into the next phase of our spiritual evolution. If you need closure or release from any situation, try these rituals.

Friday, February 10, 2012

Message Number Twenty Five

Last night I had a dream. I dream I was running away from something. What or who I was running away from I am not sure, but in the dream every time I turned a corner or went through a doorway to get away, I was faced with the presence of that person or thing that I was running away from. I woke up exhausted. I looked at the clock. 12:30. I had been asleep only about two hours. I think I must have been running away the entire time.

The next thing that came to my mind after waking up was the story of Jonah. God had told him to go preach in Ninevah and he did not want to so he ran away. You know the story. He ended up being swallowed by a whale until he agreed and did what God said. AAAHHH. Ok. Well I don't think that God is going to have me swallowed up by a whale if I don't talk about what He wants me to talk about but I knew what He, or my Higher Guidance System, wanted me to talk about.

Vows. I am resistant to talking about vows because vows are a part of our society. We vow to love and cherish that one we marry until death or even after death, in some cases. We vow things to God, to ourselves, to each other. We think that vows make our relationships with one another or to God more solid, more permanent. But I am reminded that Jesus said that we should not vow even to be at a certain place at a certain time because we are not guaranteed to even wake up tomorrow. Evidently Jesus took vows seriously and we should too.

Vows are a promise we make. When I was a child and in the church I made a vow to give my life to Jesus. My wants and needs then became subject to the will of Jesus and the things I read in the Bible. For the next thirty years or so I honored that vow. I did all those things I was supposed to do. I honored all the rules. I didn't even know what I wanted or needed because my needs and wants did not matter. What mattered was that my will was subject to the will of God. When I began to question my belief system, that vow was eventually broken, at least in my eyes. The rules became fuzzy and I needed time to reevaluate that original vow.

The first time I married I promised all those things we promise when we marry. But outside of that, and due to the insecurity of my husband who was constantly worried that I would leave him, I promised that I would never leave him unless he beat me or cheated on me, neither of which ever occurred. But eventually I realized that I had to break that vow or my soul would die.

Vows are very powerful and should be taken seriously. Yes, vows can be broken. But we have to do so consciously. We have to envision that vow and do some sort of ritual or ceremony to release ourselves from vows that we have taken. The easier thing to do is not make vows we cannot possibly keep. We don't know what things may change from day to day. We don't know if we will wake up tomorrow. What if we have promised something and that vow is taken into the afterlife? We may live the next two or three lifetimes struggling as a result of a vow. What if the vow is to love someone completely forever? What if we die, reincarnate, and the other person does not reincarnate into that lifetime? We will probably struggle in that lifetime with having a romantic relationship. We have already promised our heart to someone else who we don't even remember while living that particular life. Or what if the soul of that person reincarnates as someone with whom we cannot be in relationship, for one reason or another? As you can see, we cause endless suffering just by making vows we cannot possibly keep.

Here is a vow I think I can keep. I promise to love you as long as it is in the best interest of both of our souls growth to do so. When we have fulfilled our soul contract with each other, then I release you to whatever is best for you on your next phase of your life path. Anything else is based in fear. This can apply to a romantic relationship, a platonic relationship, even a relationship with a parent or child. This frees you and the other person to follow their life's path without fear.  If you or someone you love is insisting that you promise to love them forever, that promise is based in fear, not love. Fear of abandonment, fear of rejection, fear of being alone, fear of the unknown.

Now can you see why I was resistant to writing this message? This applies to all areas of our lives. When I first got hired at the Post Office, I was not very good at my job. My boss would follow me around, hoping to catch me making a mistake. I was a mail carrier in Fairfax, and every day they would send me out on a different route. It took me forever to deliver the mail because I frequently got lost. One day my boss said to me, "You know, Joy, not every one is cut out to work at the Post Office." I replied to him, " You can fire me, but I will never quit." That was a vow. A vow I recently remembered. That vow may be preventing me from succeeding in other fields because I promised to never quit the Post Office.

Just for today, think about vows you have made. They often begin with.. never.... or always... ( I will never do such and such, or I will always do such and such).... these promises can never be kept. We are not promised tomorrow. We don't know what each day will hold or what will unfold. 

The Angels have given me much more to say on this subject but I will save the rest for another day. I will give you a ritual to release yourself from harmful vows.

Not making vows to one another is not saying that you do not love the person who you are with. It means you love them more. You love them enough to allow them to walk their highest path without holding them to a promise to make you feel less insecure. It means you are allowing them to fly.

Let us love one another, but without restraint. Without those vows that we cannot possibly keep.

Thursday, February 9, 2012

Message Number Twenty Four

I know those of you who have been checking for my message of the day that it is kind of late in the day for message number twenty four. Last evening I got still and waited. No message. Ok. This morning I got up and went to the gym. Today was my circuit training day and I seldom get a message while working out on the machines. I did at one point get a sensation. I felt a presence kind of blow in, almost like a wind, but not a physical wind. Immediately I had the knowingness that it was Archangel Michael.

Now I am not one who communicates with particular Angels very often. My Angels tell me that they would like to be called Higher Beings of Love and Light. I am not sure if that is because the group of Angels I communicate with is different from the ones people are familiar with or if they just are not that concerned with names. They did tell me once that we humans were the ones that needed to associate them with names, not the Angels. They once told me I could name them anything I wanted to because they came whenever I called no matter what name I gave them.

But this time was different. I knew in my heart of hearts that it was Michael.  Now Archangel Michael is not usually the one we think of when we are getting messages from the Higher Realms, but I hadn't gotten my message for the day yet, so I asked Him if He had a message for me. No answer. And He was only there a moment. Then the Presence was gone.

I got done at the gym. Went home. Showered. Sat in my quiet place. Still no message. Okay so I thought I would eventually get a message. When I got my lunch break from work I came home and the computer wouldn't even let me log on. I took that as a sign that I would get a message sometime later in the day.

Well so I didn't get a message today. I got a wind. And the presence of Michael. And that is all. That is pretty incredible in itself but what to say? Michael is the Angel of protection. Perhaps I needed some protection today and even though nothing out of the ordinary occurred there is no way to know that if he hadn't shown up things would have been different.

Thanks Michael. For the stuff I know and the stuff I don't know and maybe don't want or need to know.

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Message Number Twenty Three

Last night I had a dream. I dreamed that I was at the Post Office working when I met a couple there who I liked very much and we seemed to hit it off. They invited me up to their house, and since I was getting off work early anyway that day, I agreed. They offered to allow me to ride with them in their car, and, once again, I agreed. I got up to their house, which was very nice, but there were a lot of people there. We socialized for awhile and even did a meditation together, which I enjoyed, but after awhile I was ready to go home. This couple had become involved with helping their grown children do this or that, and taking me home was an inconvenience. I realized that I should have driven myself. By this point in the dream I also had a baby with me (those things happen in dreams). After awhile they agreed to take me home, but showed their displeasure. They also refused to get the car seat for the baby out of their other car. They insisted I just come back for it later.

When I woke up I realized that the meaning of the dream was that I was to watch out when other people try to dictate to me what my path is or take me away from control of my time or my dreams. Babies often represent new ventures or projects. In this case it could represent my spiritual work, which is still in its baby stages. The dream was telling me to make sure I maintain control (my own car) of myself and my time and resources. I think this dream has a lot to do with boundaries and having enough self confidence to speak up for yourself when your boundaries are crossed. I think it also has to do with feeling supported in new ventures (thus the baby).

I thought this was worth sharing because we often run into people we enjoy spending time with but they seem to take us away from the things we need to do on our path. It is not a bad thing to socialize and even spend time together doing spiritual practice (in the dream it was the meditation time). Make sure you maintain control of your own life and your own path.  Drive your own car, so to speak. Don't get too involved with the drama in other people's lives or allow it to keep you from your own plans or dreams.

I felt good about the dream because I insisted that the family take me home. I did not allow them to dictate to me how I was going to spend my entire day. I stood up for myself.

In your day to day walk, you will run into many different people that you will enjoy spending time with. You may share with them your dream, your baby, so to speak, but it is up to you to make sure you have all the tools you need to get the baby home. Make sure you have the car seat and the other necessities. There will be people in your life who will be instrumental in helping you get where you need to go and then there will be some that will be a distraction. It is important to discern who is who and limit your time with the latter.

Thanks to the Angels who used this dream to let me know that I was doing okay. Some things had potential to distract me, but I would recognize them and get home okay.

Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Message Number Twenty Two

In my last message, I related a story of a woman whose spirit evidently followed me home from my trip away with my husband. I was not aware at first of her presence until I realized that the emotions I was feeling were not my own. A sure sign that she was there was that I was in a really good mood, coming back from a romantic weekend away with hubby, and then all of a sudden I was feeling low for no apparent reason.In this message I want to talk about how to raise your vibrations so you are always feeling good.

When I was a child, I remember always feeling sad. There was no apparent reason for a young child to feel sad. When I think back, I cannot point to anything in particular in my outside circumstances that would warrant such feelings. But I was sad on the inside. I remember feeling like I was in the wrong place. I just felt out of place. As I grew up these feelings did not go away. I was really good at pretending to be happy, because that was what was expected of me. I was raised believing in the born again experience, and it was taught to me that there is this empty place inside of our hearts that can only be filled by a relationship with Jesus. I had that relationship. So why was I not happy?

Fast forward. Years and years. Now I know what being happy feels like. To what do I attribute my happiness? I found my happiness by going within myself and connecting with my heart. Yes I could say that I am happy because I found a wonderful husband, a good job, my family members are doing well for the most part. These are all wonderful things. No major problems. But those things are all external evidences of what is inside my heart.

What I have learned is that when I connect with my heart and feel the love and the joy that is inside myself, then the things on the outside just seem to take care of themselves. Yes there is still work to do. Yes I still have issues I am working on. I still have things I want to accomplish during my lifetime. But I have learned that when I am still and connect with my heart, everything goes better.

Here is a little meditation my Angels showed me. I get still. I close my eyes. I imagine the place inside of myself where my heart is. I imagine that there is a warm, glowing, sun-like energy there in the center of my chest. I will feel the emotions of love, peace, or joy. If I am in a place emotionally where it is hard to feel those emotions, then I will just imagine the

If I am in a low place in my life when I do this meditation, then I will imagine the emotions that I am feeling being absorbed by the emotion of love and this glowing energy force. Or I will imagine that the love is growing bigger and bigger and the lower emotions are getting smaller or being eliminated by the emotions of love.

You can also do this meditation to connect with others. Always make sure the connections you have with others are those that come from the heart. When you are connecting with others out of guilt, obligation, fear, anger, or any emotion other than love, then the soul ties are unhealthy, as I mentioned in a previous message. Imagine those connections being severed and then imagine another connection with the same person coming from your heart to theirs. This will assure you that your connections with others are healthy ones. In your interactions with others, just go inside yourself and do a little check to see if the connection is coming from your heart.

You can also connect with your Higher Powers this way. Imagine a cord of light coming from your heart to the heart of your Higher Power. Imagine them sending you love and light through this cord.

The Angels wanted me to share this little visualization technique because it is so important to always be connected to your heart. You will have a much more positive life experience and things in your life will get better!! If you are in a place where it is hard to imagine this, then just say the words .... love ... joy....peace.....until the emotions connected with these words start flowing.....

You can do this little visualization anytime, anywhere. It does not take long to imagine that warm glowing feeling inside your heart. Thank the Universe or your Higher Powers or just thank the power of Love. 

Do this for thirty days and see if your life does not get better!!

Sunday, February 5, 2012

Message Number Twenty One

Yes, I know I missed two days in my message a day for thirty days. I had asked my Angels and Guides who have been providing me with messages for the last twenty days if I could take a couple of days off, so my husband and I could go away for our anniversary. They told me it was okay, which I expected. The Angels never force us to do anything. Their original suggestion that I post a message a day for thirty days came back in December, and they had suggested I do this for the month of January. I was a bit resistant, as I guess you can tell. I do have a full time job, and receiving messages for me does not normally happen like clockwork. Some days I am on my game and the messages flow, and sometimes life gets in the way. My spiritual eyes and ears are not always on. No if you come up to me at the Post Office, the Angels are not going to tell me your life story. I don't just automatically "know" things. Some people claim that they have these gifts, but I have not found my Angels to be tattletales. They don't tell me deep dark secrets of the folks I run into every day.

However, sometimes I can read energy. I can feel emotions that are present around me. Sometimes I know where they are coming from, and sometimes I don't. This evening was one of those occurrences. When we got home from our weekend away, and after we had both napped a bit, I decided to go into my room and get still. I felt a little out of sorts, and I was blaming it on the exorbitant amount of food and beverages I had consumed over the weekend. I connected with my Angels and Guides and my soul. I connected with the Mother Earth. I called back any parts of myself that had wandered off, and proceeded to send back any energy that was not mine. And that is when it happened. In the spirit realm I saw a woman of between sixty and sixty five years old. She seemed to be of the time period of perhaps the fifties. She had bright red hair and was wearing one of those mink stoles (I am not sure if I got the spelling right on that), and a black hat with those netting things that seem to be coming back into style now somewhat. I was told that she had committed suicide. I was wondering how she became attached to me. I usually don't bring spirits home from places I visit, but I imagine that is where she came from. At first I thought maybe I was seeing myself in a previous lifetime, because I had just asked any energy that was mine that had been lost to come back. But I soon realized that she had followed me home from Baltimore.

Now let me just qualify this statement with a little information. Normally if a spirit attaches itself to you, it is because there is something in your energy field that is familiar. They don't just attach to people indiscriminately. In other words, if you suffer from depression, then it is more likely that you would open yourself up to an attachment from a suffering soul that dealt with depression in their lifetime as well. In other words, as long as you keep your energy level high, it is unlikely you will pick up any restless spirits. But if you allow yourself to sink to a lower emotional field, or if you indulge in addictive behavior, then you open yourself up to this sort of thing. In my case, however, spirits sometimes come to me for help, and I am somewhat empathic, so I may feel an emotion and for a bit I will mistake it for my own emotion. With this woman I was feeling that she had been tired of being here in this lifetime. I remember having this emotion in the past, and especially in my childhood, but not in recent years. So the initial emotion was one that was familiar to me.

However, I soon realized she was a restless spirit. When I asked her, she was not interested in moving on into the light. She felt like there was nothing there for her. She was depressed and felt like her life had been spent doing what was expected of her, but she never got to live the life she wanted to live. She obviously had some money in her lifetime but it had not brought her happiness. So I called for her guardian spirit to come and help me to convince her that this was not the place for her. We convinced her that she had a soul group on the other side who missed her and wanted to share their experiences with her as well as help her to work through the issues she had faced in her lifetime. As I saw her going into the light, suddenly I saw her as a young woman in her twenties, the same bright read hair, and a similar hat, but wearing a huge smile and full of anticipation and hope. She smiled as she waved goodbye and then she was gone.

I know this ends up being a long message for today but I wanted to share this for a couple of reasons. One is to let you know that it is possible to pick up energy attachments when you are less than joyful in your human experience. People who are empathic have to be especially careful of this. If you find yourself feeling low for no apparent reason, then it is probably because you have picked up some energy that is not yours. It is important to keep your energy field clean, and periodically send back any energy that does not belong to you and call back any of your energy that you may have left in your travels through this life experience. But there is no reason to fear possession. If you keep yourself in a positive state of mind, the lower energies find this repulsive and will leave you alone for the most part. Emotions are the magnets that draw like energies to you. Keep yourself in a positive state of mind and you will find yourself drawing more positive experiences your way.

Today I was happy to be of assistance to this woman. I am glad she found peace. On to the next.....
(.... oh I didn't just say that, did I?....)

Friday, February 3, 2012

Message Number Twenty

In my last message from the Angels I wrote about my two word message, "get still," and how sometimes that is quite a challenge. That message came to me on Sunday, as I wrote, but it was Thursday before I posted it. So I have had a few days to fit getting still into my schedule. (sounds funny, doesn't it that I have to fit getting still into my schedule?)  So anyway, yesterday morning, after posting message number nineteen and then showering and getting ready for work, I found that I once again had about a half hour to "get still." I made sure my keys and all other necessities were ready to go, and off I went to meditate.

Everyone meditates differently. Even I do different things on different days. Some days I have a guided meditation that I walk myself through, making sure I am grounded to the Mother Earth and also connected to Father Sky. I make sure my Guides, Power Animals, and Angels are invited into my meditation. This time I was guided to just connect with my soul and the feeling of love. I called back any energy that was scattered over the universe that belonged to me and sent back any energy that was not mine. I made sure my boundaries were intact. Then I asked my guides if they had a message for me.
I was led to my Angel cards, which I use sometimes for divination, sometimes for inspiration, for myself and others. I use my pendulum to make sure I have the card I am meant to have for the day.

And the card said that I had a past life issue that, if addressed, would help me with my current problem. I had to think a minute to decide.. what is my current problem? (wow is that a wonderful place to be in, when I have to think of a problem!!) Oh yes. I guess my current problem is my issue with doing doing doing versus getting still.....

Immediately I was told that in previous lifetimes I had to work very hard for every little good thing that I experienced and I still have this belief that every step forward comes with a lot of hard work. And so They told me that I needed to release that belief. So here is my next statement of intent.....

I now release the belief that I have to work very hard for every step forward. I now allow good to come to me effortlessly. I feel relaxed and at ease.

I thought maybe those who read this may benefit also from this statement. All of us can probably relate to a belief similar to the one that was revealed to me. So now I am just expecting wonderful miracles to appear at my doorstep!!

Now I am not saying that we do not have to put any action to our intentions. Yes, we still have to act when it is appropriate. If we want a mate or a new job, we cannot just sit at home and wait for Prince Charming to appear at the doorstep or the phone to ring and the perfect job is waiting for us to just accept it. No, we still have to put feet to our prayers, so to speak, but I am talking about the striving, the attitude of ... this is so hard and it is a lot of work and I only seem to move ahead an inch at a time. That part is the part I am eliminating from my belief system.

I am wondering if anyone else could benefit from this shift in their belief system as well. I am saying that everything I need is provided for me, including the information I need and the wisdom to put action to my intentions.

Message for today.......what belief system is holding you back from experiencing your highest good? Ask the Angels.. they will be happy to tell you. And let's go out there and expect miracles!!

Thursday, February 2, 2012

Message Number Nineteen

Here is a sample of my day. Up between six and seven a.m. Off to gym depending on what time I got up, sometimes off to the other room to exercise. Hopefully I went to gym and got a message while on elliptical, especially since I have been doing this thirty days of messages. Home to shower, write blog while eating cereal. Off to work. Hour lunch spent checking in with daughter, checking messages, a bite to eat. Back to work. Off work between six thirty and seven,depending on what day it is. Home for dinner, spend a little time with hubby, dishes (okay, hubby and I split dishes duty), sometimes if I have not written blog yet, off to computer to write blog. Oh, yes, call dad sometime during that time. Off to bed.

Sunday morning, I was on treadmill, connecting with guides. I asked them if they had a message for me. In front of me is this brick wall. I am focusing on the bricks in the wall. (I learned to focus on something in front of me twenty six years ago while taking Lamaze classes). I distinctly heard my guides tell me sometimes I just need to get still. REALLY? And when is that likely to occur? I remember asking them.

Okay. So Monday morning I got ready for work a little early and I remember thinking okay, I have a half hour to get still. It was really great. Meditation.  Focused. Felt really great. I ask my guides if they have a message for me...."sit still."  (Not again, I thought)....... Opened eyes. Oh no. Fifteen minutes to get to work. Where are my keys?!!!

NO keys. Looked everywhere. Looked in purse. Car. House. Three minutes late to work. Still no keys. (I might mention work keys, not car or house keys.) Luckily there are spare keys at work for emergency. Lunch. Get home. Guess what. Keys were in purse all along......!! Really......hmmm. Normally I would have spent that half hour making sure I had everything and due to my Capricorn tendencies I would have been to work at least fifteen minutes early. But I was trying to do what Spirit told me and get still.....

Well. So I asked Spirit again. Get still? Really? When? And what about when I try to take time to get still then I am late doing normal stuff like finding keys and fixing my lunch and etc etc etc. And Spirit still says.. get still...

So the message for today is... Get I obviously need....and maybe someone else does too...

Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Message Number Eighteen

Today this verse in the Bible keeps coming into my mind. Now years ago I would say that this would have been a normal thing to happen to me, because I was very focused on my Christian beliefs and spent a lot of time reading and studying the Bible. Over the years I have expanded my viewpoints and taken into consideration a lot of other belief systems, so when this verse popped into my head it was not something that I took lightly.

This is the verse that Jesus referred to when he first started ministering to people. I am paraphrasing but it goes something like this..

The Spirit of the Lord is upon me, because he has anointed me to preach the gospel to the poor, he has sent me to heal the brokenhearted, to proclaim liberty to the captives, to open the eyes of the blind, to comfort those who mourn, to proclaim the acceptable year of the Lord.

It occurs to me that these are things we all can do in our everyday lives. I think that this verse was reminded to me today by Spirit because we all can be ministers of Love and Light. When we are spreading love to those we come into contact with everyday, then we are doing the things spelled out in this verse. I don't think Jesus has the corner on this mission statement.

When we help someone to see their way out of a hopeless situation, we are opening the eyes of the blind. When we give comfort to someone who is grieving, when we show someone how to feel just a little bit better than they did a moment ago, we are doing the things that this verse suggests. Let us all be mindful of the small things we can do to make someone's day just a little better.

Sometimes a smile or a kind word is all  someone needs to bring them back from the brink of despair. Sometimes we need to do these things for ourselves as well. Remember that there is a spark of the Divine within each one of us. I don't ascribe to the belief that some of us or all of us are born into darkness. I believe we are all children of the Light. We have just chosen to forget. Let us remember the Light that is within us and start spreading that light all around us. Not only will others begin to see the Light but there will be more light in our own lives as well.

No matter what our belief system we can all agree that love is the answer to any question. Each of these suggestions in this verse are just different ways of spreading love. Spirit reminded me of this verse for a reason. I think it was to remind me that there are hundreds of ways to spread love and that there is no corner on the market for that. One belief system or another is not responsible for being the only ones to spread the word on love. Let us all learn to love and accept one another, no matter who or what we believe about God and the Universe.

Message number eighteen......let us all love one another and be the ones who are spreading love and light into the dark corners of the world.