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Hello, there, wonderful soul seekers!!

I am so excited to be sharing this journey with you!!

Obviously, you have clicked on this page because you have been led to my blog, and wondered, who is this person who shares everything from tarot to numerology to shamanic healing?

I call myself a messenger.

Working at the Post Office, I am all too familiar with messages. Every day I sort out and deliver letters and packages to many people. We all love to receive personal messages from loved ones. They may be in the form of packages filled with goodies, or letters expressing thoughts of endearment. I have one customer whose only correspondence is the one letter every couple of weeks from his brother who lives several states away. He stands in front of his Post Office box and waits every morning to see if a letter has arrived for him.

At some point in my life I began to receive similar messages, only they came from the Spirit world. Sometimes they would be in the form of dreams. Sometimes I would be watching a movie and a message would come screaming through the screen at me. At times the messages would come from books or even lectures or sermons from ministers with whom I was in contact. The messages were as varied as the letters I sort out at the Post Office. Some would be from loved ones who had passed, some from what many call Guides, Angels, the Holy Spirit, or whatever you may call your Loving Unseen Helpers who guide and protect you.

For years I wrote the messages down in my journal, or just forgot them. I have always been a spiritual junkie, devouring all the knowledge about God, the Universe, or spiritual thought that struck my fancy. I used to wonder, what in the world can I do with all this wisdom I am acquiring? I work at the Post Office. I have no one with whom to share all this wonderful stuff?

And then along came a psychic named Susan Lynne. I sat down at her table and she said to me, "sweetheart, you are a healer and a messenger, and you are not using your gifts!" She inspired me to start writing a blog, which I did. Eventually I published some of the messages into what I hope to be the first of many books of messages.

Along the way I have studied many philosophies, some which have stayed with me for awhile and some have just become ingredients in my own personal spiritual soup.

It is this soup that I attempt to share on my blog and in personal sessions with clients, and classes on various subjects. You can contact me here, through my website, and set up a personal session via the phone, internet, or, if you live in my area, in person. I would love to connect with you!

I am also a proud member of the Wellness Universe, a directory of resources to expand your well being!

Wellness Universe Member

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