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Hello, there, wonderful soul seekers!! My name is Joy Andreasen.

I am so excited to be sharing this journey with you!!

Obviously, you have clicked on this page because you have been led to my blog, and wondered, who is this person who shares everything from tarot to numerology to shamanic healing?

I call myself a messenger. Some labels that may apply are psychic, medium, shamanic practitioner, energy healer, spirit communicator, tarot card reader.

I have been offering messages and soul healing from the Spirit world through my gifts as a psychic, medium, shamanic healer and spiritual intuitive for over twenty years. You can contact me to schedule a reading here.
Here are the various aspects of my spiritual work:
1.Using my natural intuitive abilities, I am able to channel messages from Benevolent Helping Spirits as well as loved ones on the other side.
2.I can also access wisdom using tarot and other oracle cards. I offer a message of the day based on tarot and other divination cards on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram
3.I offer spiritual and emotional energy healing, soul retrieval, chakra balancing, house clearing, extraction and cord cutting  through my training as a Reiki Master Teacher and Shamanic practitioner. When we heal the often unseen and unidentified aspects of our essence that have become damaged or out of balance, we often experience a shift in the way we experience our lives, both physically, mentally, and emotionally. I do these healing experiences in person in Winchester, Virginia, but I also offer them through Skype or other web-based options.
3. I have been teaching classes on various spiritual modalities since 2010. If you live near Winchester Virginia, you can attend my classes in person. However, I also offer the Skype alternative to attending in person.
4. I write blogs on various spiritual subjects here at the Wellness Universe as well as on my blogs here and here.
5. You can catch me on social media! (links below)
I can assist you in reconnecting with loved ones who have passed, as well as healing generational patterns. I can offer you advice and guidance on your love life, your career, and a myriad of other questions about your life. Remember Spirit never tells you what to do! Spirit offers guidance and suggestions for the best course of action. I will never tell you to divorce your husband or when your grandmother is going to pass. I am not going to charge you an enormous fee to remove a curse, although I can help dispel and neutralize the effects of non beneficial energies. Over the  years of direct mentoring from my Non Physical Guides and Helpers, as well as being taught in various schools of Spirit work, I rely on ancient spiritual rituals as well as more modern spiritual tools to shift energy, break ancestral patterns and tendencies and renew your soul to its natural state of well being.
Here is what one of my clients texted me the day after he received a soul healing: "I want to share some feedback with you. I consider my visit with you yesterday to be a gift. You are genuine and what you tuned into has left me slack jawed and amazed. I think your healing made a difference. At one point early this morning I woke to feeling a "tingling" sensation over much of my body that lasted about 5 seconds. I am feeling better today than I have all week. Thank you!"
You can read more testimonials on my work over the years here.
My story? I was born to a very spiritual family. In my younger days my dad was a Pentecostal minister, along with my uncles and some of my cousins.  I was spiritually aware and intuitive at a young age, but the ability to sense spirits was not accepted in that belief system, so I learned to shut it off. In my mid thirties I had reignited the ability to receive and deliver spiritual messages through my affiliation with a sect of Christianity that encouraged the gift. Over time, I began to expand my awareness through the study of various spiritual modalities, such as Shamanism, Buddhism, and New Thought. What has evolved over time is the ability to sense those not in physical form and help if needed, receive information and guidance, and communicate the information given.
If you feel stuck in your life, are wondering about your love life, your career, your health, or are ready to expand your awareness and ignite some spark into your journey through life, contact me and let's get going moving you to the next best expression of your soul!
In 2010 and 2014 I self published books expanding on the information I was given. At present I am working on republishing updated versions of the books and two new ones not yet available.  These and more will be available this year so check back!
On January 19,2020 I will be in Fairfax Virginia doing readings at Illuminate Fairfax. You can check out the event here.
If you live near Winchester Virginia or are interested in attending one of my classes via Skype, you can check them out here.

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