Monday, December 12, 2011

The Brick in the Wall

This morning, a chilly 19 degrees outside, and no weather for running outside, I decided to get up and go to the gym. I got on the treadmill and put my headphones on, as is my custom. Usually my routine when running on the treadmill is to focus on an object in front of me and meditate while running. In front of this particular treadmill was nothing but a brick wall. Of course every treadmill is equipped with a television, but I prefer to connect with the higher realms while exercising, or at least get my meditation time in. After programming the treadmill, I was on my way.

In front of me, as I mentioned was a brick wall. I decided to focus on one of the bricks, and just think about my breathing. After a minute or so, I decided to access the part inside of me that is pure love and focus love coming from inside of me into the brick. Now, you may ask me, why waste time sending love to a brick? Why not, I say? I am on the treadmill; I could be just watching the television so easily accessible in front of me. Would it not be better to send out love than to zone out on the news?  After a few minutes of sending love to the brick, I noticed love coming back to me. It seeemed to ooze into my aura and just fill me up with the feelings of ecstacy. Some may say that I was experiencing runner's high, but I had not been running for that long yet. Just a few minutes. What I was shown next was that the love that I had sent into the brick was not just stored up in that one brick. I focused on the little holes that are inherent in the bricks, and I seemed to noticed a smile form from the little dots contained within the brick. I say everything has a spirit, even a brick, and everyone and everything can benefit from love. Then I felt the spirit of the brick taking the love that it needed, and then passing the overflow to the other bricks that made up the wall in front of me.

I smiled and continued my run, returning my focus to my breathing. Then I noticed a change in the brick and the small holes contained in the brick seemed to form into what looked like the head of a horse. Now I know that everyone has done this. Take an object, or even look at the clouds, and see what appears to you, or what the shapes look like. To me this was the spirit of the brick coming alive to give me a message. Now I have a person in my life whose power animal is a horse, and it seemed that this person's power animal was appearing to me to ask me to send him some loving energy, which I did. For awhile this brick appeared as the face of the horse, and as long as it appeared that way to me, I continued to send love to the person through his power animal.

In a split second as I gazed at the brick, it once again shapeshifted into what appeared to me to be the face of the Ganesha, a Hindu god who often appears to me. I welcomed his presence into my meditation, and asked if he had a message for me. He said he just wanted me to know that he was there and was removing any obstacles that I needed to be removed so that I could move forward into the next stage of my path. I expressed my gratitude, and continued to send love to the brick that now appeared to me as the Ganesha. I felt the energy of the Ganesha enter my body as I ran, and felt stronger now, and more love seemed to enter into my energy field.

No there were no world changing revelations. No message for the world. Just a feeling of love and gratitude. And isn't love life changing? Could we not all benefit from more love? So this is my world changing, life altering revelation. Everything and everyone needs love. When we choose to access that place inside of us that is pure love, and send it to whomever or whatever crosses your path, whether it appears to need love or not, guess what!! Love is returned, pressed down, shaken together and running over. Messages from the higher realms appear. Other opportunities to send love appear. And we are left feeling nothing but ecstasy. Try it today. Access that place inside of you that is pure love. It is there. We all have it. When you have enjoyed the presence of love, do not just keep it inside of you. Give it away. You may be amazed at what happens next.

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