Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Playing to a Different Audience

I was brought up believing that we could expect direct communication with God, the Holy Spirit and Jesus. It was not uncommon to ask for direction and messages from the Higher Realms. However, we were also taught that those who received communications and messages from any sources that were not recognized to be that of God, were, by default, coming from the opposite source, the Devil. All psychics, mediums, "fortune tellers", or anyone who claimed prophetic powers outside of the confines of the church were labeled sinful and we were instructed to stay away from those types of people.

Fast forward several years to adulthood. I became pretty proficient at receiving messages from the Higher Realms, both personal messages to individuals and also those messages that were directed at larger groups of people. Sometimes my messages were embraced, and sometimes not so much. After I was informed that my messages were no longer welcome in the church that I attended, I went through a period of silence, when I assumed my gift had been taken away due to my detachment from organized religion. Also, since I had no relationship with any group of people, I felt like I had no one to tell my messages to anyway.

Eventually I learned that my gift had not been taken away. I began to receive messages again which I wrote down and made public via the internet. I became aware that my messages were coming from the same place deep down inside my spirit like before but because of my detachment from organized religion, I didn't necessarily tell people that the messages were from God Himself. I began to ask these Voices who they were and all I received was that they were Higher Beings of Love and Light. This could interpret to mean Jesus and the Holy Spirit, or it may not. They told me  it didn't really matter who I said the messages were from. I could say that they were from the dog next door if I wanted to as long as the message got out and someone benefited from it. I then realized that we humans are the ones who like to use labels. We like to say I received a message from Jesus or maybe the Ganesha ( a Hindu God) or the Great Spirit, or the Archangel Gabriel. The actual Higher Beings are not so much concerned with labels. Over time I have realized that there is spirit within all of us and that it is all One Spirit. We are connected to the Higher Beings, to the frogs in the pond, to the bats and the squirrels and the crow. Spirit can use anything to give us a message if we will only listen. The Higher Beings told me that tuning into Spirit is like tuning into a radio signal. Some like to tune into country music, some pop, some bluegrass. They can tailor the messages They want to get out to appeal to the audience They want it to be sent out to.

Recently I remembered a message I had given many years ago to a good friend who is also a talented musician. At that time he had been somewhat discouraged because he had been given so many wonderful lyrics to popular songs, but many people in the church did not like the songs he was playing. I had told him he was playing to the wrong audience. He had been given lyrics to popular songs because those songs would be recognized and appreciated by those outside of the four walls of a church. The thought came to me that the same was true for me. I had been receiving messages while I was in the confines of a particular religion. That religion was taken away. When I began to receive messages again I knew that the messages were coming from the same Place in the Higher Realms, but I felt uncomfortable saying I was getting them from Jesus Himself or even the Holy Spirit. Instead I said that I was receiving them from the Angels. Who knows. Maybe I was receiving the messages from the Angels all the time. Maybe it was always Jesus. Sometimes I still see Jesus when I am visiting the Other Realms. I no longer think he is mad at me. However, I also no longer think that if I don't give Jesus credit for being the Source of my messages, that I am going to burn in hell. Now I believe that if I feel love and joy when I am receiving my messages, that it is coming from a good place. It occurs to me that I am like that friend the musician who is playing for a different audience. His songs are still coming from his heart. My messages are coming from the Higher Realms, just like before. I am playing for a different audience now. I have changed the wording a little. I am more in tune with the energy of love and light now than before. I am not afraid of the Devil anymore.

So if I say I got a message from the frog in my backyard or if I say that I stood face to face with Jesus, know that both messages are coming from a place of love. And it is all good.

Sunday, August 21, 2011

The Enchanted Frog

I am sitting by my pond getting ready to delve in and retrieve the pump for its frequent summer cleaning. I happen to notice a young frog sitting on one of my many lily pads. I am so close, within inches of the tiny frog. I decide to try and touch this little blessing sitting next to me. To my surprise, he does not jump in. I pet the little miracle for a moment or two until I run inside to get my husband. Bringing him outside, I show him the frog, and, once again, he allows me to pet him. I am beside myself with excitement. In my eight years of having my small pond, every year having at least one frog and sometimes more, never in all that time have any of the frogs allowed me to get close enough to touch them, and this one allowed me to pet him more than once!!! I finally got the pump out and proceeded to do my task of cleaning the filters. I walk a few feet away and begin spraying the filters with the water hose. I happen to look down, and what do you think I saw? That little rascal is hopping right over next to me!! He sits there a moment and then hops away. I couldn't tell where he went, but I am well aware that this is a non ordinary event!!

No out of the ordinary events get past me without me contemplating what message there might be from the Higher Realms. Yes I believe that all events have messages, if only we ask what the message might be. Recently I have been thinking and studying about shapeshifting, and in my visits into the non ordinary realms in the Spirit I have often taken the shape of animals in order to converse with them. I once took on the energy of a bee and asked the Spirit of the Bee to please make their nests in other people's yards and not mine so I could walk outside without being attacked. The next year the bees would come to visit but they didn't make their home in my flower beds. Frogs symbolically represent inner healing and transformation, among other things. The Chinese believe that they represent prosperity, but in the Bible they were one of the plagues that were visited upon the Egyptians when the Pharoah refused to release the children of Israel to Moses. In my recent studies of shapeshifting, however, the frog would be a perfect representative, because frogs can adapt to water and land. This also may symbolically hold some meaning for me since I have recently been taking swimming lessons which I wrote about in a previous blog.

In my most recent blog I wrote about the "shift", a field of thought going around concerning how we as humans are adapting to a higher frequency to bring about a change in the world as we know it. I wrote how I personally had not really felt a shift, but this could be related to my upbringing, and my aversion to a related topic. Frogs could also represent this shift, because they transform from tadpoles to frogs, and transformation is really what we all are attempting to do just by incarnating into life at this time.  So I went into a light meditation state and attempted to contact the Spirit of the Frog, to ask if my recent interaction had any particular meaning. And yes, the Frog answered me.

Now some may find it offensive that I seek wisdom from the Spirit of the Frog, instead of the Creator of the frog, however, I say that they are one and the same. The Spirit that created the frog is the same spirit that I commune with when I converse with him. And this is the wisdom He gave me.

"Now is the time when the things you have been seeking will seem to be sitting right next to you, and you will just look and say, are right next to me, but I say, I was there all the time. But because you were at a different place in the Spirit, you did not see Me. Yes, things are shifting. Sometimes you will feel them and sometimes you will not, but more often than not, one day you will just notice that things are different than they used to be. Your vibration is a little different which causes the connection to seem a little easier than it was before. And some will feel a difference and some will not, but it is okay either way. Two people can be in the same place looking in the same direction and each one will see something different. That is the way it is meant to be. One person may see a frog and see healing and transformation, and some will see a plague. And some will not even notice the frog, but will notice the fish swimming in the water or the mosquitos flying about their heads. Each person alive is living with a different perspective. And the thing that each person notices is the thing that is important for them to notice at that particular time. The important thing is to notice something. To you, this connection with the Spirit of the Frog means that your connections are getting stronger and your frequency is getting closer so that touching other realms is becoming easier. The veil that separates the worlds is getting thinner for you. And know that you are safe and all is well."

Thanks Frog, for allowing me to enter your world. And thanks to all for reading of our interaction.

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

The Shift

The other day someone asked me what the Angels were telling me about "The Shift." If anyone who reads my blogs also reads the writings of others who are listening to the messages of the Higher Realms, it has been a theme lately that the earth is going through a shift, that our bodies are being shifted into a higher frequency, and that this frequency would eventually bring about a world of more peace, understanding and love. I had not asked the Angels about the shift, although I have been reading what others are saying and contemplating how I felt about this message.

Let me give you a little background of my life as a child. I was brought up in the Christian faith, specifically in the sect of Christianity that taught "the Rapture." This was a similar field of thought, one that maintained that Jesus was coming back to earth to take all those to heaven who had accepted Him as their Lord and Savior, leaving all the "sinners" here on earth to fend for themselves. Apparently since the earth would be void at that time of all of the energy of good, evil would run rampant until the time when the earth was destroyed and a new earth would emerge for all those good people that Jesus took with him. As a child I must have accepted Jesus as my savior a hundred times just to make sure I made the boat. Why did I have to do this so many times? I never felt any different after I said the prayer. Shouldn't I feel something? If I was born again, shouldn't I feel like a different person? Shouldn't I glow or something? After years of struggling in Christianity to "make the grade", I guess I have been shying away from this talk of the "shift." It sounded a little too familiar.

One of the "channelings" I read said that we would actually start to glow a little. There were articles that gave symptoms we should be feeling, thoughts that we should be thinking, changes in our bodies, etc. I am not opposed to these articles. Obviously if I thought there was no validity in these channelings I would not be reading them. However, I was still trying to maintain an objective mind. You have to understand, I spent years waiting for Jesus to come back, trying to be a good enough Christian that Jesus would not leave me behind.

Fast forward forty years or so. Now I am face to face with another story of a better life, a better world, a more loving place. This story is a little different but has a lot of the same aspects. A new heaven and a new earth. A more loving environment. Is there anything I have to do to be worthy of this new world? Well apparently you just have to choose. Hmmm ... sounds familiar. Only this time your soul has chosen already and you may not even be consciously aware that you have chosen anything.

Hey I am up for anything that will make the world a more loving place. Have the Angels specifically told me anything about the Shift?  This is what my Angels have told me. "Joy, you just concentrate on living your day to day life in a loving way. Be open to new things, but don't believe everything you read or hear. Things are changing. Those that are on the earth are the ones who have the ability to change the earth into a better and more loving place. Don't be looking around saying.. this person is shifting but this one isn't. Also don't look at yourself  and say, I wonder if I am shifting. I am not feeling these symptoms I am supposed to be feeling. Or maybe I am. Or maybe I just have a cold. Or maybe I am tired because I have been doing a lot of stuff."

Bottom line. The more we think about a better world, the faster our collective consciousness will create it. Hopefully we do have help from the Higher Realms. I do know that the higher my thoughts are, the better my life goes. Sometimes I get good messages, sometimes the messages are challenging. They all make me a stronger person. Is there an actual shift going on? I hope so.  So far I don't feel any different. Now after I read all those articles, sure I could say, oh yes, I have been tired. Oh yes, my muscles have been aching a bit, but I think it's because I exercise every day. I don't want to be one of those people who just believe anything because someone "channeled" it.  I don't disbelieve it, but my Angels have told me nothing about a new heaven and a new earth yet. Maybe my Angels are out of touch, but I prefer to think that they maybe think that its something I don't need to concentrate on right now. Right now I just need to be kind to my neighbor, love my customers, love my husband, love myself, my frog in my backyard and my trees and all the things that touch my life everyday. And as I fill my life with more love, then I just "shift" without thinking about it. 

Right now, to me, the "shift" is just learning to love more, doing the things I am meant to do and the rest will take care of itself.

Monday, August 15, 2011

The Shoe

I was sitting at the front desk at the Post Office where I work. It was one of those rare moments when the phone was not ringing and there were no customers needing assistance. I happened to notice a baby shoe sitting in front of me on top of the computer monitor. Obviously it was dropped accidentally by a customer, or I should say, by the newborn child of a customer. I am sure when mommy or daddy noticed that the shoe was gone, they had been long gone from the Post Office and have no idea where the shoe disappeared to.

I received a message from my Angels about things that we lose. We are navigating our way through life, and along the way we lose a piece of ourselves. Sometimes we may not know where we lost that piece, we just know that there is something missing and we don't know where it is. It may be through no fault of our own. If we lose a piece of ourselves as an infant, or possibly in a previous lifetime, we may go through life feeling like there is something missing, but not knowing exactly what it is or how to get it back. Eventually we may get used to not having it and we compensate for the lack of it. We may notice that other people seem to have their lives all together and we just seem to have trouble functioning normally.

How does this happen? How is it possible that we lose pieces of our soul? How do we get them back if we don't even remember losing them and have no idea where to go and look for that missing piece?

It may be that certain activities or relationships or events trigger that feeling of something being missing. It may be that a painful relationship left a piece of ourselves with the person with whom we had a painful relationship. It may be that some sort of trauma caused our souls to flee into the non physical realm, where that piece of ourselves now resides, waiting for the time when we come looking for ourselves. Remember several years ago the popular phrase.... I need to find myself? Many times we lose ourselves in events or relationships and have no idea who we really are deep inside.

Sometimes it takes someone trained in visiting the non physical realms to assist us in the location of those pieces of our soul that are missing. I once found a piece of a woman's soul in a cartoon movie, primarily around cartoon rabbit figures, because her inner child did not want to be around adults. She felt that adults were not happy and it took some convincing on my part to bring that part of this woman's soul back, so that she could enjoy more completely her life as an adult.

Finding lost pieces of ourselves seems to be an ongoing process. Every time we have a very emotional event, or a strong connection with another person, our souls connect to that place in time or that other person and form a soul tie. We have to consciously want to heal those places within ourselves that are wounded and find those pieces of our souls that have lost their way.

When we find those lost pieces of our souls we are catapulted forward as we travel our path through this lifetime and we regain a portion of the joy we were meant to experience as we journey through life. And isn't that the point? Having joy and remembering our true essence, that is ultimately what our souls are traveling toward.

When you are out and about and see an object that someone has lost, or you lose something yourself, think about what message that object may have for you. If it is a shoe it may be that you have lost your way. If it is a wallet, then maybe your identity or your means of supply has been lost. Remember that the Angels want to help you find your way. All you have to do is ask.

Thursday, August 11, 2011

Five Changes of Clothes and a Hairdryer

Recently I posted a blog with this same title and after a few hours I removed the post, rethinking my decision to write about a difficult time in my past. However, during those few hours that it was public, apparently it was read, and enjoyed, so, even though I deleted the post, I am going to try to recreate the story to the best of my memory.

With the recent events concerning another stock market crash and the uncertainty of life in general, I am reminded of a time in my past when my future was uncertain and how I dealt with the circumstances to which I found myself. My reason for sharing this story is to show that whatever life has dealt us, we can choose to react with fear and anger, or we can choose to react with resolve and love. This is the determining factor that leads to how these stories resolve themselves.

In my early years I was frequently exposed to lack. This lack seemed to occur during my first marriage. We struggled financially during our entire marriage. We went through times when we spent weeks living on hot dogs or peanut butter and jelly sandwiches. We spent a portion of time when all our furniture got repossessed, forcing us to sit on lawn chairs and sleep on mattresses on the floor. Eventually things got a little better, but the struggling financially seemed to always haunt us.After eighteen years of struggling, for many reasons, including the ones previously mentioned, I decided to move out. Because my daughter had chosen to remain with her father, I chose not to take a lot of "stuff" with me. At the beginning, I was marched out of the house with five changes of clothes and my hairdryer. I remember at that moment feeling like I had just been released from prison. With nowhere to go and nothing to my name, I felt free.

From the very beginning, I chose not to fight. I did go back for a few things, including a mattress to sleep on and my treadmill (hey, a girl has to have her priorities). However, I had decided from the very beginning to always say affirmations (prayers, positive confessions, whatever you want to call them) that whatever was best for everyone concerned would be accomplished. I have learned that if it seems that something is good for someone else but is not good for me, then it is not the best for everyone concerned. I have lived years denying myself for the good of everyone else, and this ends up being a toxic condition. In the end, ten years later, it seems that everything that I gave up for my freedom has been replaced.

This is the moral of my story. Always look for the good in every circumstance. Always thank God and the Angels for your blessings, no matter how small. Always consider yourself to be worthy of being happy. When you have a tendency to feel sorry for yourself or worry about something, I bet there is a time in your life when things were worse. Remembering those times makes whatever you are going through now seem not so bad. If not, then it is possible that getting through whatever challenges you are facing now will be what you remember in the future when you are facing hard times. Always pray for the best for everyone concerned. ( I saw on the news today about a divorced couple and the husband has a blog called .. My psycho ex wife... I can imagine what he is like to be around and what energy he is inviting into his life.....just saying......)Sometimes what is the best for someone is not what they think it is, especially if it is to the hurt of someone else.......

I remember during those times my Angels constantly said to me.. You can choose to be bitter or you can choose to be better......choose better.......let it go.....let it go......

Last but not least....whatever does not kill us makes us stronger.......

Monday, August 8, 2011

Swimming Lessons

How is it that a woman gets to the age of forty eight and still does not know how to swim? How is it that she is somewhat athletic, has a pretty good full time job, not to mention she frequently spends time with those that do not walk the earth in physical form, but has never mastered the seemingly simple art of swimming?

Recently I scored a deal with a local swimming teacher for her to teach me to swim in exchange for some nonphysical journeys. So far I have had two lessons and she and her daughter have gotten two messages from the nonphysical realms in exchange. I am not sure this is an even exchange, but I am thoroughly enjoying my swimming lessons. I am learning things that of course, the Angels are using to teach me spiritual lessons as well.

That breathing thing!! When you blow air out of your mouth, no water can get in. I am thinking about multiple things at once. My arms are doing one thing, and I have to remember to kick, and turn my head at just the right moment when my arm is doing this.

Today my Angels said," you know in previous lives you were a wonderful swimmer."

"Ahhhhhggghhh," I retorted. "Then why am I having such a hard time?"

"You know dear, you have limited access to water. When you are only practicing once every couple of weeks, you cannot expect to be an expert swimmer."

This makes perfect sense to me. It takes practice to get good at anything. When I was a child I was very good at drawing. I think I was born with a pencil in my hand. Pencil drawings were my specialty. But at some point I did take some lessons and gain some insight that my natural talent hadn't taught me. It is the same with anything we choose to have an interest in. People ask me how I hear from the other side. I say, I don't know how, I just know things.  I hear things. I see things. But at some point I did receive some instruction. I am still learning new things. My Angels have taught me to trust the messages I get whether or not I receive validation from the person to whom I am giving the message or not. But the point I guess is, I spend time with my guides. I talk to them when I am driving. Sometimes at work. When I am running. Sometimes I just listen.

One thing my guides told me is to imagine myself swimming. Imagine how I am breathing, moving my head and my arms and my legs. Even when I am not in water, to spend some time practicing in my head what I will do in the water. This is a great lesson. Anything you want to manifest, imagine it. Imagine lots of customers visiting your business, imagine money in your bank account. Imagine yourself enjoying perfect health,  positive relationships, a flat stomach, whatever it is that you want. Don't see yourself without it. See yourself doing those very things you dream of doing.

So whatever it is that you want to manifest in your life, whether it is learning to swim or losing twenty pounds, or scoring a good paying job, or having a love relationship, imagine yourself doing it. Practice practice practice. Practice it in your head. Succeeding. At first it may be difficult. There seems to be so many steps and having to remember all these things. Practice. Practice. Eventually it will get easier. And then one day you will wonder how you ever thought that this was difficult.

Friday, August 5, 2011

The Post Office

Okay. You know I work at the Post Office. You know I also hear messages from the Angels. I also sometimes communicate with the dead. Sometimes I know things. Hopefully I know things that could help someone. Yes sometimes I can channel healing energy from the Higher Realms.

I was sitting at the Post Office recently at a desk answering the phone and doing passports. This particular day I had no customers and the phone was not ringing. I was hearing multiple messages from the Angels. One right after the other. Here is another message I got.

I happened to look out the window and across the street were some row houses. Beside the front door was the mailbox. The Angels said to me.... "Joy, physically you work at the Post Office. The Post Office delivers messages. You are our Post Office. We send messages and you deliver them."

"Sometimes the sender of mail wants their messages sent out to every one and sometimes they only want a particular message sent out to a particular recipient. You do both. Your blogs are like mail sent out to everyone. Then also you have messages sent out to one person in particular. We are the Senders of the messages. Also, don't worry whether or not the messages are getting "read". The Post Office is responsible for delivering the messages, not whether or not the receiver of the messages actually opens their mail.  In the same way, when you deliver a message, it is not your responsibility whether or not the recipient of the message receives what you have delivered. Sometimes they will refuse their "mail" and send it back. That is okay too. You are only the messenger.

I was not sure whether to post this message since it seemed directed mostly at me personally, but I thought about how interesting it is that I just happen to work at the Post Office, and that it is symbolic for the spiritual work that I do as well. What if we all went to work with the attitude that the work that we do in the physical realm is somehow symbolic of our spiritual lives. Plumbers could go to work with the attitude that they are flushing out waste from the planet and their lives as well. Carpenters could think that they are building new things in the realm of the spirit. Waiters or waitresses are serving others things that will nourish them and bring about a pleasant environment for communication and interaction. Landscapers are making the world more beautiful and serving the plant and animal kingdom as well. Even those who pick up our trash our doing mankind a service by removing that which is no longer needed.

Think about the job you do in the natural world and how it could mirror a spiritual purpose as well. Maybe this could be a message to you concerning your life purpose. Just as many times we change jobs from time to time, this life purpose isn't necessarily what you will be doing the rest of your life, but for the time being this is your purpose. Will this cause you to look at your job differently? Will it challenge you to maybe treat your customers or your boss differently?

There are a myriad of ways of looking at our lives that we live day to day. Every moment is a gift. How are you using your moments to enhance your life or the lives of those around you?

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

The Keys

I recently related that I had received no messages from the Angels in quite some time. Initially this did not alarm me, because summer was approaching and I was desiring a break to enjoy the summer, my favorite season. My husband and I enjoy spending time in nature, hiking, picnicking, or going to the beach, and last summer most of the summer was spent either working or doing healing work for friends and clients. This year I had determined that I was going to make sure I made room in my appointment book for myself. Evidently the Angels heard my request even though I did not voice it to Them. The silence began. No messages. No dreams. I did have a few healing sessions booked which were very successful. Also I had learned a technique for crossing over souls who were stuck in the in between realms and needed assistance crossing over. This was also a successful venture. But no messages for blogs.

I did spend time meditating as usual, going on nonphysical journeys into the spirit realm but most of the time I would end up falling asleep or not feeling like I had touched the other side. I did know that apparently there was some "stuff" going on the spiritual realms, and that our bodies were being synchronized with a new energy, and I thought maybe that was what was happening.

I did receive one message recently that in order to move forward I needed to see myself as a healer and a messenger, not just a Postal employee who occasionally heard messages from the Angels. This was confirmed a couple of times in a couple of different ways. Then came Saturday morning. I had gone to work around 6am and was taking a break around 8 or so. I was sitting in my car and I happened to look at my keys sitting there in the ignition of the car. I heard the Angels loud and clear. They said this to me.

"Joy, what if you tried to put your house key in the ignition? Would that key start your car?"

  "Of course not," I replied.

"So in order to start your car you have to put the correct key in the ignition, is that right?"

"Yes, so what is the point?"

"So many times you have the keys in your hands to start your car, and you try to put the wrong keys into the ignition, and then you wonder why your car won't start. You can have a whole handful of keys, but only one of those keys starts your car. You are going to have to remember that you have in your hands the keys to anything you want. But you have to use the right key for the right situation. You have a key to start your car, and a different one to open the house, and a different one to use at work. Different keys are for different uses. It is so important to use the right keys."

They continued. "If you or someone you know is having trouble in a certain area of their lives, maybe it is because they are using the wrong key to open up that area of their life. Tell them that if one key does not work, then all they have to do is try another key."

I thought about that old saying that if a door closes another one opens, but so often we look so hard at the door that has closed, that we pay no attention to the one that has opened. I guess this is just another analogy of the same message. So it seems that a door has closed. The key I am holding in my hand does not open this door. So I guess the message is that I am to go look for another door that the key in my hand works for and open that other door.

What the Angels told me was that yes, indeed, they heard my request for summer off. And they shut up. I did not make my request directly to them. But I thought to myself, I want to have some fun this summer. I want to hike, I want to swim, I want to sun myself at the beach. I do not want to be spending all my time doing this "stuff".  And the Angels heard. I then I wondered where they were. My thoughts were indeed prayers that were heard. I had to rescind that unspoken request and ask directly for the lines of communication to be opened again. And then I could not stop the floodgates from flowing through with messages. This is the first one. And also maybe the second.

There is a "key" that unlocks the door to what you are desiring. It is important to find the right key. The "key" is your thoughts. What are you really thinking about? What you want or what you don't want? They are both keys. They both unlock the doors. Be careful which keys you are using. You can tell which keys you are using by noticing which doors are opening and which ones are closing. It's time to use the right keys.