Saturday, September 5, 2015

Message from an Out of Practice Blogger

Since 2009 I have been sharing messages from the Spirit world via my blog. Sometimes the messages came directly from my Guides, Angels, Higher Beings of Love and Light, or Whoever was talking to me. Sometimes the messages were just my own thoughts inspired by Spirit.

Lately life has gotten in the way of my blogging.

This does not mean I have not been tuning into Spirit or that Spirit has not been talking to me.

Last year I took a part time position at my long time career as a clerk at the Post Office. This was to facilitate my "other" work. I began to supplement my income with weddings, readings, classes, and events. It was going very well. Except for one thing.

I was exhausted.

I was getting up at 5 am Monday through Friday, going to work for six hours at the Post Office, then in the afternoon I saw clients, marketed myself, prepared for classes I was teaching and wrote wedding ceremonies for the weddings I performed mostly on the weekends. On the weekends I taught classes, did events and weddings.

At the beginning of this year I took a position at the Post Office which would allow me to sleep a little longer in the morning. It was a full time position, so I had the intention of postponing all my "other" stuff until I retired. I finished up the series of classes I had already started, performed the weddings I had already booked, and discontinued most of my marketing and advertising. Guess what.

Spirit did not need me to advertise my services apparently.

When I told Spirit I was done "putting myself out there" and that I would only take clients that "They" sent me, the doors seem to swing wide open.

People found me.

As a result, this year I have had to schedule time to spend with family, grandkids, and myself.

My blog has suffered. I barely have time to check my emails in the morning before heading out to work. I glance at them at lunch and in the evening. I check my social media. I have shared lots of inspirational quotes and blogs written by others because I have been too busy to write any blogs myself or create any posters containing my own quotes.

I love the work I do for Spirit. I love reading for people, connecting with clients Spirit Guides and loved ones on the other side. I love finding lost pieces of clients souls through the Shamanic practice of soul retrieval. I love joining couples in marriage. I love teaching classes on psychic development and shamanic practices.

If I am not posting on social media and writing blogs with messages from the Spirit world, don't assume I have quit or am no longer connecting to Spirit.

Here is the message in this long and maybe too detailed description of my life this year.

Sometimes our plans are not Spirit's plans.

Sometimes we feel that our career and our spiritual work should be one and the same. I have met so many people who want to earn a living doing their spiritual work and YES I love this idea. However, a lot of people who I meet at the Post Office I would never meet in a session in my living room or on the phone or via Skype. They could not pay for a reading, or a Reiki session. Maybe all they need is for someone to help them find a missing piece of mail. Maybe all they need is for me to send them love and light while talking to them during a routine call to the Post Office. I always start the day by asking for love and light to go through the phone lines to anyone who I talk to and for love and light to go ahead of me to anyone I interact with while performing my duties at the Post Office.

When I told Spirit, and I tell Spirit this all the time, that I want to be of service, I do not qualify that statement with, I want to be of service giving readings, teaching classes or doing soul retrievals. I say, I want to be of service.

When I surrendered to Spirit the how and the when and all the other details, life has opened up so many doors for me.

I am very grateful to Spirit for the opportunity to spread love and light to those who would never come into contact with love and light under any other circumstance.

At some point maybe I will shed my Post Office career for a full time position doing readings and soul retrievals. This has not yet occurred.

So when I get up in the morning now for my before work run, I am sending love and light to the inhabitants of the houses I pass, to the critters who are out and about in the early morning hours, and to every person I will interact with during the day. I am sending love and light to the hurricanes that are forming out in the Pacific, to the people who will find themselves on the news, to the political candidates, and to you, the reader of my blog.

May you find love and joy today and have an experience that allows you to feel the presence of Spirit.

May you find the answer to a question you have asked of the Spirit world.

May you love every cell in  your body and release anything that is not love.

May you find the freedom in standing in your own power and embracing the power that is YOU.

And may you find love outside of  yourself by first finding love within yourself.

Yes I am planning some classes in the fall. I am always available for phone consultations and also in person. You can contact me HERE.

Love and Light and JOY to you, right now in this moment and in all the moments to come.