Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Divine Interuptions.....

As anyone who follows my blogs knows about me, I have requested of the Higher Realms to be of assistance to anyone who needs it, as directed by my Angels and Guides. The other night I had a dream. I dreamed I was in a room and was giving out healing energy to a woman who I did not know, either in the dream or in real life. I was in the process of channeling healing energy to her when, suddenly, she and I were shifted into a different scenario. We were standing on the sidewalk of a busy road and were witness to a major car accident involving a large truck, who had smashed into several cars and then capsized. In my mind in the dream I was annoyed at the interruption. We were watching the scene from the sidelines and were in no danger, but the scene was very vivid and there were many cars involved in the accident.

Upon awakening from this very vivid dream, I immediately began to ponder its meaning. Cars usually represent our paths in life. Obviously the dream was not talking about my path, because in the dream I was an observer. I was actually focused on sending the woman in my dream healing energy, despite the interruption.

When I think of interruptions, I immediately think of my dad. He has this favorite sermon that he likes to repeat about how God sends us "Divine" interruptions, that we may find annoying sometimes but may be a matter of life and death to those who are doing the interrupting. This seems significant in the case of this dream.

That morning, while getting ready for work, there was on the news a story about a large truck that had hit a small car and actually dragged it for a mile before stopping. The woman was apparently unharmed. I mentioned to my husband that I had had a similar dream the night before.

Later, upon reflection and asking my Angels if they had any input into my dream and its meaning, this is the answer I received. "You were put here to be a beacon of light in a world of car crashes. You are a buffering agent so that the events you were sent to observe are not as devastating as they possibly could be. You are to hold a higher vibration of light so that the local area that you inhabit is able to raise its vibration to match yours. You are not alone. There are others also whose job it is to hold a vibration of light and love in world and local events so that the possible devastation does not occur. Yes, you attended the event of the car crash before it happened and held a vibration of light to the event to lesson its effects."

I was also told later that the woman in my dream was the soul of the woman in the car crash I witnessed on TV and that her soul had come to me in advance asking for intervention. Just by requesting of the Higher Realms to be of assistance, I had been summoned to hold a vibration of light so that the event would be less traumatic than it possibly could have been. Why was I not able to stop the event from happening all together? Who knows. I have not been given all the answers. My job is to hold the vibration of light and it is the job of the Higher Realms to do the rest.


  1. The event probably happened anyway to teach you and the woman a much needed lesson. You may never know the lesson consciously but your subconscious and hers most probably does. Your intervention probably saved her life! Wonderful work!

  2. Wow I never thought of it that way. Thanks Terri I always love your input!!