Thursday, August 30, 2012

Messages From the Tarot

Recently I have been instructed by my Guides to study the Tarot. Now I have had a couple of different sets of tarot cards for several years and up until now I had not been successful really connecting with the energy of the tarot. As you know I have been hearing messages for many years, but mostly my messages come directly from the Angels and Guides or through other methods. When I first got the message that I was to study the tarot, I was a bit resistant at first. The Guides had to send me many signs over and over again until I finally agreed. My resistance was not due to any misguidings about the tarot, I guess I just had never had a real connection to them up until now.

It started with a recent meditation when I heard the name "Isis" while I was meditating. I was not sure who she was but I knew this was the name I heard. Later when I did some investigating, I found that she was an Egyptian Goddess of magic. This was something new for me. However, she made it known that she was going to assist me in connecting with the energy of the tarot. I began to connect with the cards, one at a time.

I thought that I would address the issue that the tarot is somehow evil or attracts negative energy. Being brought up a born again Christian I was taught that any sort of consulting with energy of this kind attracted evil spirits. Let me assure you that any time I connect with my Guides or I am introduced to a new energy I always make it a point to ask them if they are of the Light. It is easy to tell if the energy is of the Light because of the way I feel. My inner guidance system lets me know if the messages I receive are of the Light because if they are then I feel good and if they are not then I feel not so good. If I feel "icky" then I know that the energy is not of the Light. This time I was repeatedly assured that this was my current path and so I embarked on this new adventure.

After having connected with the cards one by one I was recently instructed that my next step was to take thirty days and pick a card every day for thirty days and post a message connected to the card I picked that day. I thought that since September was about to begin it might be a good month to start. So for the next thirty days I will be picking one card and connecting with that card and giving a message from Spirit in connection with the meaning of that particular card. Now the tarot has 78 cards and so far I have only been instructed to do this for thirty days. After the thirty days then I guess I will receive instruction as to whether or not to continue. But this is the plan. Starting in September I will pick a card and post a short message every day pertaining to the card I choose. Since the actual cards are copyrighted I am not sure if I will be able to post a picture of the card but I am going to maybe post a link to a picture.

If you remember at the beginning of this year I did a similar thing when I posted a message a day for thirty days. This is a similar undertaking only this time I will be doing this in conjunction with the tarot. I am looking forward to this new adventure and I hope you will check the blog frequently to see the message for the day!!  Enjoy!!

Monday, August 20, 2012

Letting Go of Anger

Today I received some words of wisdom for a client dealing with some anger issues, and the words that came forth came from a higher place, so I thought them worth repeating.

Some people seem to walk through life always angry about something. Someone cut them off in traffic. That dang mail man gave their mail to the neighbor again. Their significant other won't pick up after himself or herself. Their boss deliberately gave the position they wanted to someone else. Or something.

The most important thing to remember is that on a subconscious level, we create our life. We create all the experiences we call life. If we don't like what we have created, then it is up to us to create something different. We can't always choose all the experiences we have in life. Obviously we don't choose to be raped, or robbed, or laid off from work, or experience an illness or a death in the family. But we choose how we react to those events. Anger is a natural response that it is necessary to work through. However, this is not what I am talking about. There are some who just seem to be angry all the time.

When we walk around in a pool of anger, even if the anger is justified, those to whom we are projecting our anger can feel those feelings even if they are not in our presence when we are expressing our feelings. Even if we never say a word but are thinking angry thoughts, those thoughts are projected onto the object of our anger and on a soul level, they know. We almost perpetuate the actions of those individuals. We are creating in our minds the experience before it happens. We are expecting the object of our anger to behave in a way that justifies our feelings. Even if on a conscious level the person knows nothing of our feelings, on a soul level they know.

The Angels told me that our souls feel things that our minds have no way of knowing. When we get angry, or have any type of negative feelings about an individual, that person's soul hears and feels those emotions. It is almost as if we have cast a spell on that individual and they have no choice but to respond in a way that we expect them to respond. It is time now to change the spell we are casting!!

Instead of focusing on the events or actions that make us angry, think instead about living in a happy environment and all the people in our lives complementing that environment. Create in your mind that all your interactions with others are peaceful, and expect that to be the case. You could even think of the person with whom you are in a primary relationship and recreate in your mind all the things that attracted you to them in the first place. Was it their smell, their smile, the way you felt when they walked into the room? Think about those things. You might expect to come home from work and see the house picked up or the laundry done, you might expect the mailman to deliver all the mail correctly, you might expect that every interaction you have is a pleasant one. This is not living in a fantasy world. This is creating the life you desire!!

Here is a profound statement. Energy follows thought. What are you thinking about? Are the majority of your thoughts filled with worries, or anger, or fear? Do you stay awake at night thinking about what will you do if this occurs or that occurs or do you repeat over and over in your mind all the things that make you angry? How many times do you repeat either in your mind or out loud to others stories that make you feel justified in your anger? It is time to stop all that!! Stop repeating stories of  injustices!!

Imagine instead that the emotions you feel are audible and that the people to whom you are projecting your emotions can feel and hear those emotions. What messages are you sending them? The amazing thing is, this is exactly what is happening!! Their souls do hear and feel what you are projecting. When you change what you are sending out, then the energy that comes back to you is obligated to change as well. It is time to change the silent messages we send out every day. Decide today to change you thoughts and your feelings and your expectations and your life is obligated to change.

Yes I know this is an old message, but one worth repeating. Let us reinvent ourselves and our lives by changing our thoughts and our words. Let us send out the energy of love, and expect that energy to come back to us. Let us be the change we wish to experience.

Just for today, decide to let go of one grudge, one thought of anger or worry or fear. Let go of one resentment, one wound. If we all do that, the world suddenly becomes a little brighter. There is one less grudge, one less insult, one less resentment. And we feel better. And isn't that what it is all about?

Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Soul Loss

Anytime someone says I have never been the same since a certain event and they don’t mean this in a good way soul loss has probably occurred. ~ Sandra Ingerman 
Soul loss is when you give away or lose a piece of yourself, or your soul. This often occurs at traumatic events such as the loss or ending of a relationship, an accident, an illness, the death of a loved one. At some point in time a part of yourself detached from the rest of you and either stayed with someone else or went into the non physical world and became trapped there.
Often soul loss occurs when an important relationship does not continue or does not occur the way you would prefer it to occur. Many times we give parts of our soul away to people or even animals that we love. When that object of our love either dies or ends the relationship, we lose that part of our soul. It is so important to have all the pieces to our soul in order to be a healthy, functioning human being. The idea that we are incomplete without that other person in our life is completely unhealthy!! In order to have and maintain positive, healthy relationships, it is so important to retrieve all the pieces of ourselves which over the years we have lost or given away. 
It is also possible for a part of our soul to be stolen by someone when they desire a relationship with us in a way that is not healthy or reciprocated. If you constantly find yourself thinking about someone with whom you do not have a healthy relationship, then that person probably has a piece of your soul or  you have a piece of theirs. 
I have found pieces of souls also attached to locations. If a traumatic event occurred in a location, then it is very possibly that someone lost a part of their soul that has gotten stuck in a location. Also, if there is a place that someone really loved, then it is also possible their soul stayed there. Often hauntings happen because pieces of souls have remained in a particular location. It doesn't always mean that there is a spirit that has not crossed over. It could be the soul of someone who has crossed who left a piece of themselves behind or it could be a piece of a soul who is still alive!! 
If you feel you have lost a part of your soul or that someone has knowingly or unknowingly stolen a part of your soul, you can get it back!! If you know who has it, it is not difficult to contact that person's soul and ask for it back. If you need help doing this, I often do sessions to retrieve lost pieces of souls. Many times they do not realize that they have given a piece of themselves away or that they are not whole. 
Here are some signs that soul loss has occurred or that someone may have a part of you that you need back:
You feel like sometimes you are not all there, like part of you is somewhere else.
You find yourself thinking about someone constantly with whom you may or may not have frequent contact.
Inability to stay present
Feeling fuzzy or detached from everyday life
Now if you have any of these symptoms, it does not necessarily mean you have soul loss, but it is a possibility. It is important that you have and maintain all the parts of your soul so you can live a full and rewarding life. Once I even recovered some soul parts for a client who later told me that the scenes I saw in my meditation did not occur until two years later!! It appears that I did a soul retrieval in advance of the soul loss. This is a concept that is difficult to understand but when the events actually occurred, then she remembered the soul retrieval and was grateful that the Universe knew in advance what she would one day need. It also tells us that when we are in a session with a healer and we do not understand the things that come up,just wait. In time we may understand the significance.
You can start the healing process by contacting me or a shamanic practitioner who will recover these lost pieces of your soul. Or if you are a seasoned meditator, it is possible to recover parts of yourself on your own. 
It just makes sense that in these times we need to be whole in order to experience our lives to the fullest and be at peace. Let us look outside of our realm of understanding and reach for the best possible life we can achieve. 
Here is another wonderful blog on the same subject...

Sunday, August 12, 2012

Some Random Thoughts

Sometimes I get a message and it might be a few days or a few months or even a few years until I know what it means. I am not so sure of myself that I think I have the corner on intuitive wisdom. I am just a channel for the messages. I can only relay the information I am given.

Some messages I have been given I had no idea at the time what they meant. Once I was given the message that I had a helmet on my head which prevented me from hearing from Spirit. This was given to me probably thirteen years ago. I am just now realizing how true this was. It was necessary that the helmet be in place so that I could experience those things that I needed to go through for the growth of my soul so that I could be where I am now at this point in my life.

Take heart if you are going through a time when you feel your Angels and Guides have deserted you. They have not. There must be something you need to experience that you would benefit from that you may not experience if your Angels and Guides were close at hand directing your steps. Sometimes you will not feel Spirit around you for awhile so that you will know that when you are hearing from Spirit that it is not just your imagination. I hear this all the time.

"How do I know that what I am hearing is not just my imagination?"

Okay. Just for kicks. Try making something up. I know for myself when I try I come up blank. When I come up blank then I know. When I am hearing I am not just making it up. My imagination is not that good.

Once I had an appointment with a client for the following day and the night before the appointment I had this very vivid dream of the client and I was sure what the direction for our session together would be like. Guess what. She cancelled. Never think you have all the answers. You don't.

All I can ask of Spirit is that I be a clear channel for Spirit to come through to minister to the person for whom I am helping. When I get out of the way then I am at my best.

Never think you know more than someone else.

 Sometimes I get my best messages from people who have no intention of giving me a message in the first place. It may be the person who is in the next aisle in the grocery store who happens to be talking about something I am thinking about. It may be a song on the radio. Never discount a message if you think it is a message. Just write it down. Days or weeks or months or years later you will pick up that piece of paper you wrote it on and it will be just what you need right now.

Always thank the Angels and Guides out loud when you get something you asked for. Always give gifts in return for the kindness of the Angels. Today I gave a fly a gift for not bothering me while I ate my dinner outside. No form of life is too small to appreciate kindness. Intention is the key. Every blade of grass and every form of life can feel our thoughts and intentions. Do no harm.

Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Red Lights Don't Necessarily Mean Stop

A while back I was out running and I ran into Jesus. Not literally, mind you. If you have read any of my previous blogs you know that I frequently connect with Higher Beings when I am exercising. I wasn't intending on connecting with Him, but I was made aware of His presence when I got to that place during my run when my mind is out of the way and my spirit is cognizant of the world beyond this one. It is my belief that the unseen world is not millions of miles away, but just beyond our ability to physically see and sense it. There is a thin veil that separates us from the multitude of presences that are not in body, and this particular time it was Jesus who intercepted me.

At that particular interaction He reminded me from where I came and how much my thinking had changed in the past few years. I had gone from a traditional Christian viewpoint to now a much more expanded one and there were several messages that He gave me at that time which I felt needed to be put in print. I had published a few of the messages into blogs but was trying to compile the rest into what I thought was to become my second book.

Here it is several months later and it seemed that I had come to an impasse. I was unsure of how much to reveal in my story of how I got here from there and wondered if I should even be writing it. I had felt after this contact from Jesus that day during my run that He had wanted me to expound upon some of the information He had given me that day.This weekend was to be my writing weekend, since my husband was out of town and I should be facing several hours of quiet time. The material was struggling to come forth in written form. While I was struggling with the story, I got a message for my blog which I took time away from the writing of the book to publish. I was amazed at how the message had just flowed through my fingertips and what a difference from the struggling I had been facing with the book.

I remembered a message I had gotten a couple of weeks back as I was driving from one side of town to the other. I was headed to my husband's place of business and I had been instructed by Spirit that if a traffic light was red I was to take the alternate route. There were several ways to go to my destination and it seemed that every time I was faced with a red traffic light, there was an alternative. I could turn a different way and keep moving forward. The message I had gotten that day was that if I hit a red light, then I was to take an alternate route. I was told by Spirit that I would always have an alternative if I came up against an obstacle to moving forward.

I am one who believes that if faced with a closed door, then another door must be open somewhere. I do not believe that my path forward is engraved in stone or that there is only one way forward. The message that I have gotten is that if something isn't working, then something needs to be changed. I am therefore putting the book to rest until Spirit gives me the go ahead or shows me an alternative way to spread the message.

My message from Spirit for today is that there are others out there who are struggling with what they felt like was their instructions from the Spirit realm. They have been trying to put into action what they felt at the time was direct instructions from Source on their best plan of action. Sometimes we may feel like we have been led by Spirit in a particular direction and then the path seems to disappear from view or be overcome by obstacles. Spirit says not to have your path set in stone. Be willing to change your direction if the way forward continues to elude you.

There is a story in the Bible about Abraham and how he felt like he was led by God to sacrifice his son Isaac on the alter. Isaac represented to him God's promise of a nation that would be born of his seed and Isaac was that seed. Then God told him to kill his son. On his way to obey what he felt was the instruction from God, an alternative plan from God emerged. This story could be a parable of how sometimes what we feel like is direct instructions from God may not be exactly what we thought or that there may be an alternate plan that comes forward after we have moved forward with the original plan. The message is... be willing to change your course of action if the original course of action is not working.

One lesson I have learned in my study of Shamanism is that one of the ways to get stuck on your path is to think that there is only one way forward. Be willing to have your plans change. This represents flexibility.

Just for today, think about how something you have been working on has not been bearing fruit or moving forward. Think of an alternative plan of action and take a step in that direction. Sometimes a closed door may mean that there is a better way. Let us all be open to a change in plans. This year is a year of changes. What you think is your best path may be open to change. Let us all move forward in the way that is best for all concerned.

Saturday, August 4, 2012

Ants and Jesus

This is a bit of a humorous story to illustrate how our friends in the animal kingdom often come to relay messages to us.

About a week or so ago I came into our kitchen to the sight of an army of ants marching across my kitchen counter. A couple of years ago we had engaged in warfare with the ant kingdom and lost. We were forced, after an unsuccessful attempt to contact the soul of the Ant and negotiate, to call an exterminator. After that, we had only seen them on occasion outside. It seems that they had returned. My husband sprayed some sort of spray and rid the kitchen counter for the time being, but I knew that we had tried that before and they just returned with a vengeance. So I decided to try again to communicate with them.

I will mention that I have had success communicating with the animal kingdom in the past. I was able to negotiate with the squirrels to stop eating my tulips. I telepathically communicated with a mommy cat who had either had kittens under our shed or moved them there from somewhere else, and convinced her to move them again. I frequently communicate with my ally the Crow. But the Ant has always been resistant to my efforts. This time I tried a different approach.

I asked the Oversoul of the Ant kingdom if there was a particular message it was trying to communicate to me. Ants represent community and working together. They also represent moving forward on a project, and the warnings against laziness. They also speak of planning ahead. In this particular case I felt the Ant was telling me to move forward on the projects that Spirit had been leading me to do, and not to procrastinate. I have begun to hold classes in my home on spiritual subjects, and this speaks of community and the need to work together with others. I thanked the Ant for the message and asked them to please move their projects outside. I told them I would give them a gift in return. I took the jar of honey that they had located on the counter and poured the contents outside in the garden, thanking the Ant for the message and inviting them to partake of the honey outside of the walls of my home. I also told the Fairies and any others of the animal kingdom that they could share the honey with the Ant as long as it was okay with them. No more ants have appeared in the house!! Success!!

But this is not the end of the story. A few days later I had a dream of ants crawling up the basement walls. Although we don't have a basement I thought this may be symbolic: possibly relating to something hidden or underneath or subconscious? Maybe.

The next day an interesting thing happened. I was at work at the Post Office when I was privileged to wait on a street preacher. I had waited on him before and we exchanged pleasantries. He left but then came back in and told me that for some reason he felt he had a message from the Lord for me. He told me that he had had an experience that he wanted to share. He told me that he was in his basement the other day when he came upon an army of ants crawling up the wall of his basement!! He felt like it was a message from the Lord and had gone to the Bible to look up any references to ants. He had found a verse in Proverbs that speaks of the ant and its message of working hard and not being lazy. He told me that he would pray for me and he asked me to pray for him. At first I was puzzled and was unsure of the meaning of the message. I am not of the opinion that I am lazy or need to be encouraged to work hard.

The next morning I was out on my run and decided to send out a "prayer" for this street preacher. Normally I just pray for whatever a person's highest and best good is that it will be done. I felt the presence of Jesus and he told me not to judge this man because his beliefs were different from mine. He told me that he has a special place in Jesus' heart and that he loves him very much. I realized that working together in community means that we love all our brothers and sisters, not just the ones we agree with. I deliver messages from Spirit and so does this man. He is dearly loved by Jesus and who am I to think that my beliefs are any more evolved or spiritual than his?

It is easy to be tempted to judge someone because their interpretation of spiritual laws is different from our own. Our news the past few days has been full of the Chick-Fil-A incident, and I have friends on both sides, some who flocked to the Chick-Fil-A and some who boycotted it. The message I received from the spirit of the Ant and from Jesus was that I am not to judge someone who is different from me or whose beliefs do not match mine. We are all loved by our Creator.

Thanks to the Spirit of the Ant for the message and thanks to Jesus for explaining its significance. May we all love one another, even as Christ loved us and gave himself up for us... ( that is somewhere in the Bible...if I remember correctly)....