Monday, July 15, 2013

Name It and Claim It

I was certain that at some point in my past I have written this message down. But I couldn't find it. My first thought was to find it and just repost it. For some reason while I am doing some paperwork for my husband's business, this message came back to me.

I don't know why.

I know now that when I remember a message from the past for no apparent reason, there must be a reason why. I will relay the old message that just came to me after I give you a little insight into how my day has progressed.

I woke up this morning from a dream. I had dreamed of a terrorism attack. I was in a car trying to get home and on the radio I heard that the attack had happened about 800 miles from a centralized location in the US that controlled all of the electricity for the entire country. I don't think this is accurate. I would imagine that electric cannot be controlled from a central location, but that is just my thought. Anyway, in the dream this was significant. On my drive to get home there were countless obstacles in my path. I was worried about my family. I had the thought that I should go buy some nonperishable food items in case we did lose electricity. Then I woke up.

Throughout the day today, I thought a bit about the dream. I emailed some of my friends and associates and asked them just to send out positive energy throughout the planet. It may have just been a dream. I may have been dreaming of something personal or maybe for someone close to me... Or maybe not.

At some point as the day has progressed I forgot about the dream. I then started to get the feeling like something really good was about to happen. A complete turnaround from the dream. Almost a giddy, feel good feeling that you would get if you were destitute and someone gave you a million dollars. That kind of feeling.

So anyway, I am sitting here doing some paperwork, and I remembered a message I got many years ago. I know at some point I have written this message down and published it in my blog. I looked back through my old blog posts.

Anyway, I couldn't find the old post, so I am retelling this message with an addendum from Spirit. Here goes.

It was...oh.. about thirteen or fourteen years ago now, maybe more when I got this message.

My life was a living hell. I was depressed. I was poor. I was miserable. I will  not give the reasons for my misery, but at some point, I got this message. At the time I was calling my messages.. "words.. from the Holy Spirit." This is a message from a story in the Bible.

I can't remember where in the Bible this story is, but somewhere in the Old Testament, there was a city that was surrounded by an enemy army. The enemy army had cut off all the food supply and the people were inside the city starving. Inside the city there was a prophet and a king. The prophet went to the king and told him that as of this time tomorrow, there would be riches and food enough to spare! The king got angry at the prophet and told him that it wasn't possible and he shouldn't be raising up the hopes of the people that way! Well, this made the prophet angry so he told the king that the prophecy would indeed come to pass but the king would not see it happen!!

That night right outside the city gate there were two or three beggars. Talking amongst themselves, they decided to try to go over to the enemy camp and beg for food. This they did. However, when they got there, amazingly enough, the camp was empty! The enemy army had run away, but they had left all their food and supplies intact! Of course the beggars ran back to the city and told everyone! There was a rampage of people running out to the camp to gather up all the food and supplies!! In their hurry, they trampled the king! So the prophet's words came true!

The message came to me years ago when I was destitute! My message from God (or Source, Universe, hey I have already written in a previous blog my thoughts about the names for God) was that I was destitute now (at that time in my life), but that I would see a reversal of fortune within a short period of time.

No it did not happen in a day. I had to go through some difficult times. But in a relatively short period of time, I looked back one day and I remembered the message. And I knew it was true!!

I wanted to post this message just in case there is someone out there on the end of their rope. All hope is gone and they don't know how they will survive. I am sending you the message that hope is not lost!! You have attracted the attention of the Source of All That Is and you have found favor in His/Her eyes!  There will be a reversal of fortunes!! It will come speedily and surprisingly!! And my Angels specifically said to me that the blessings will come from a surprising source!! It will not come through the route you will expect it to!

Now I am always looking for an unexpected blessing so I am taking this message to be personal for me too!! But I wanted to extend the blessing to my readers as well!! You can claim this blessing too!! No you do not have to mail me a donation for a specific amount of money to benefit or for me to put your name on the blessing list! Just say.. out loud or in your heart... that is for me!! I want that unexpected blessing!! Yes I am saying .. name it and claim it.. (ha ha.. can you tell from whence I came??? Yes I used to be a holy roller..I come from a heritage of holy roller preachers, it must be that generational thing jumping on me)..

Expect your unexpected blessing! Look around every corner thinking.. it may be right around the corner. No, don't spend your whole paycheck on lottery tickets. Don't do anything stupid. Just have an expectant heart.

One day, you will look back and remember this post and remember you "claimed" this blessing. And it will have come to pass.

Just remember to say thank you.


  1. Joy,
    Thank you for passing on this message. I've had a few stones thrown in my path lately, but have still had a feeling that all will be just fine. This confirms it - and I am thankful that you felt the call to share.
    With love


  2. Thank you ♥


  3. *soft smile* - I love your description of "having an expectant heart", Joy...

    I like to let the Universe know that I am TOTALLY open to receiving its blessings, and then wait to see what surprises it has lined up for me. I think it's a similar mindset.



  4. Thank you for posting this, Joy. I'm saying a big YES to it today. :) xo

    1. Yay!! Me too!! Looking for those delightful surprises from Spirit! And anything meant to harass,starve, or otherwise hold us back is running away in fright!

  5. Thanks for the message and the blessing, Joy, it is received with gratitude and what I needed to hear.